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10 Modern Wardrobe Design and Makeover Ideas

When clutters take over your mind, you can simply act blind and move on with your life. It is miserable, but since life won’t last forever, you know the pain will end eventually. But if you want to be less philosophical, consider one of the ideas a try and end your miserable days as soon as today. Most of the following ideas are affordable; however, don’t take our claim without irony. Like any other side of life, it’s always there.

If your bedroom feels conquered with chaos, it may be the time to do some makeovers, clean, and sort out your wardrobe. The terrific news is you can find many brilliant wardrobe hacks that uplift the design here. Whether you are thinking of giving your wardrobe a complete makeover or just refreshing your mind by adding a little twist, you can turn a boring or old wardrobe into a stylish one with the following ten modern wardrobe design and makeover ideas. As always, follow the reference section for more detail.

10 Modern Wardrobe Design and Makeover Video

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10. A Mirror on the Door Idea

10. Mirror on the Door by
Have you ever thought that your cupboard doors look old and boring? Well, you can select some alternative ways to deal with that situation. Cupboards are commonly manufactured with a laminate coating, which is, let’s say, pretty uninteresting.

To add more attraction, you can install mirrors on the doors to maximize natural light and make them more functional. You can do this job yourself or have an expert do it for you in a short time, as it is a moderately simple project.

9. Adding Another Rod to the Closet

9. Adding Another Rod to Closet by
If moving the old rod up and adding a new one below is possible, do it. Before securing the top rod, check the rootstock’s position to ensure enough room for most of your average-length clothing above and below.

After the job is done, this simple trick instantly maximizes your wardrobe storage.

8. Shoe Storage and Organizer Upgrade Idea

8. Shoe Storage and Organizer by
It is crystal clear that organizing your shoes neatly is essential. Not only does it keep your house tidier and cleaner, but it also allows you to find any pair you need at a glance.
We all know that shoe collection can quickly get off hand.

  • First, ensure all your shoes are cleaned from stinky dirt, and then tuck some shelves inside your wardrobe. This storage idea requires custom jobs and for that reason, make sure you already have the correct measurement before calling for any help you require to complete the task.
  • Once the project is done, you’ll have sufficient storage to store 30 pairs of shoes. More importantly, you don’t need to have a trip to the shoe rack you put in another room to access your lovely collection.

7. A Vacuum Clothing Hanging Product Idea

Sorting out your seasonal clothes will help eliminate clutter while creating more space in your wardrobe. This vacuum clothing hanging storage idea can be the best additional solution to it.
They are watertight and airtight, protecting your clothes from moisture, insects, and dust while keeping the atrocious odor at bay for a long time.
The zippers keep everything inside dry and dust-free, and, as it is waterproof, you can take it wherever you go. To know more, follow the link!

6. A Door-Less Free Standing Closet6. Door Less Free Standing Closet by

One of the characteristics of modern designs is simplicity. This closet is designed with a simple shape concept completed with a simple installation process. The heavy metal frame, combined with thick particleboard, absolutely turns the item durable and long-life.

It consists of two large shelves and four small ones, ensuring you have lots of storage to place clothes, shoes, bags, and more. The sturdy rods can hold up to 50 lbs of weight. There is also enough storage on the top that you can use to place other essentials.
This closet is portable and easy to disassemble too. The doorless design makes it easier for you to take anything you want without having to open its door. Check out this product!

5. Take This Sturdy Black Magic Hanger

This is another easy way to turn your wardrobe look more organized and purge all your old mismatched hangers somewhere safe. Not only do matching hangers create more space, but also they optimize your interior. Skip on the bulky wooden ones and go for some thin, sturdy, non-slip like these. And one thing, you can function them vertically or horizontally. Learn more!

4. A Modern Wooden Wardrobe Idea

4. Modern Wooden Wardrobe by

This wooden wardrobe has a basic DIY concept. You can add a back panel on one side to provide more security and make the structure more alluring. Following the idea, You can add a simple round mirror at eye levels or square, even light strips. Switch out the wooden clothes rods for a copper pipe if possible because everything is sophisticated in copper!

3. Arrange by Colors

3. Arrange by Colors by
Are you into dressing in matching colors? This is good news. Matching the colors is not only done when you are dressed, but also you can apply it in arranging clothes in your wardrobe.
Organizing your clothes by color will help keep your wardrobe looking cleaner and visually more appealing.
Start with the lightest neutrals, such as white and cream, and work your way through the color wheel, placing side-by-side colors from the lightest to darkest.

With this quick trick, you don’t need to be confused about which colors you should choose because you’ve already set it up. When you want to wear a blue skirt, you can directly see it next to the blue scheme. Later. You will probably find a blue t-shirt you haven’t worn for years. Want to try?

2. A Coat Closet Makeover Idea

2. Coat Closet Makeover by
You need to determine the items you wear daily, monthly, and even the rare ones. You can’t wear all clothes in your closet, right? We bet you no longer desire to wear or love one or some of them.
First, we suggest you resell them in an online shop, even if you can denote them for the poor or needy.

  • Deciding the placement of each item is the next step after sorting out your clothes.
  • Consider placing things you would like to move in containers within the garage, attic, or closet in another part of your home. Just ensure the items in your closet are worn as often as possible.
  • You can try adding more storage for shoes and boots by buying a birch plywood storage cabinet with 4 or 5 cubbies.
  • You can also put a gray pocket organizer with clear windows that hangs over the door to hold the accessories.

Lastly, Number 1. Rebuild this Hidden Build-in Wardrobe Idea

1. Rebuild this Hidden Build in Wardrobe Idea by
This might be a solution if you don’t want to overcrowd your limited space with different furniture. It is a conventional built-in wardrobe that merges a gorgeous dressing table into its feature. It offers a dedicated space for a mirror, some shelving, and a makeup table perfect for a beauty vlogger.
You can upgrade this fantastic idea with strip lights, too, if necessary, and we bet you won’t need complicated legwork to finish that little extra later after you finish the current wardrobe project.

So, we hope one of these ten modern wardrobe design and makeover ideas will help you get a better-looking wardrobe and bedroom interior. Good luck with your first trial, and stay curious!

To help you with that curiosity,
We have for you here twelve other relevant ideas you can take to complete your discovery here. It is around a thousand long and comes with a video too. The difference from the one you find here is the voice-over quality. If you find the one you hear here is too annoying, you’ll find the new one relaxing and fuller with confidence. From our biased perspective, we believe you are going to love it.



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