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12 Kitchen Sink Transformation and Organizations

The type and style of the sink you pick makes a big overall impression on your kitchen. You’ll want one not only durable enough to last a lifetime but also suit your lifestyle.
It needs your special attention, especially when trying to design your kitchen around it. How easy it is to clean also needs careful consideration. The same goes for the fixtures you choose.
Stay tuned as presents you with twelve ideas, including the ever popular farmhouse sink, to help you get the right kitchen sink or keep your existing one organized.

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12. Black Modern Kitchen12

Elkay has a black quartz sink worthy of your attention. It has a nonporous surface making bacteria growth virtually impossible.
The round corners also make it easy to clean. It will be a perfect match for that black faucet you had your eye on for a while.
This black under-mounted sink would go well with any countertop, more so if you’re going for a modern look. Adding other black touches around the kitchen will help complete the theme.
It could be a few black dishes in your glass cupboard, a hanging lamp, vases, cabinet door handles, and more.

11. How to Hide Ugly Plumbing Under Your SINK11

Many homeowners leave the cabinet under their sink as is. Maybe they use it to store a trash bin or their cleaning supplies, and that’s about it.
Two “Bits and Bobs” drawer units from Kmart on either side can support a shelf on top where you can place up to five acrylic organizer boxes.
The drawer units are of MDF and have three drawers each to store other items. You can place tall bottles in the middle section. All of these additions are enough to hide any ugly plumbing at the back.

10. Black Farmhouse Sink10

Here’s another black sink, but of the farmhouse variety. It’s from Blanco and is called Ikon. A Farmhouse sink would be a terrific choice for narrow countertops such as those found in galley layouts.
They’re an ideal preference in small kitchens. Because they extend beyond the front of the countertop and the cabinetry underneath, they maximize the washing area.
This type is also more eye-catching than other sinks and can become the focal point in the room. In this example, the stainless steel fixtures contrasted nicely against the black sink.
This particular one is made of composite granite and is superior to porcelain. It’s more durable and stain-resistant. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean with a soft cloth and the dishwashing soap you use.

9. Get These Wall Mounted Kitchen Organizing Shelves From Ferretdise09

It’s a complete line of small wall mounted metal shelves of various shapes and sizes. They’re available in black or stainless steel. Install the mounting hooks either with screws or double-sided tape.
The shelves work particularly well in small corners and under cupboards near your sink. You can hang things such as kitchen utensils, knives, spices, among others.
With the unique mounting system, they’re easy to unhook so you can rearrange and store items more conveniently. And you can hang them back on the wall just as quickly.
Without the clutter, it will keep the washing area looking neat and well-organized.

8. How to Optimize and Organize Your Under-Kitchen Sink Door8

The cabinets under the sink are the most taken for granted. But you can maximize the space inside with various containers.
Why not take it a step further? By utilizing the cabinet doors, you can quickly access things you use frequently. The quickest way to increase their function is to mount towel bars behind them.
Of course, you can hang wash towels. But with s-hooks, you can also hang other items like potholders, brushes, gloves, etc.
Another useful container you can mount on the doors is a small acrylic wall pocket organizer. There you can put other brushes, scrubbing pads, sponges, and even a toothbrush.

7. Modern Farmhouse Sink7

A black farmhouse sink would add a modern touch to any kitchen. When paired with a black countertop, the transformation will even be more dramatic.
The combination will provide a sharp but elegant contrast to white cabinetry, especially those with simple lines like shaker style doors. The dark protruding front of the farmhouse sink would be the first thing to draw the eye.
It’s even better if you mount unique fixtures such as a Waterstone Wheel Pulldown faucet. It will further enhance the beauty of your washing area and match perfectly with the black sink.

6. Krauss Sink

This sink from Krauss is what you can describe as a workstation sink.
It’s not your typical dual-bowl with just a drain and faucet. It’s a pretty advanced heavy-duty stainless steel sink with all the bells and whistles that any home chef would appreciate.
What makes this sink unique are eight accessories that make working with it a joy rather than a chore. There’s a built-in edge that perfectly fits some accessory items.
Included in the pack is a solid bamboo chopping board, a roll-up drying rack for dishes, two stylish drain covers, two dish grids, and two strainers. Check the product here

5. Steps in Upgrading Your Kitchen Sink5

An excellent upgrade choice is a stone sink, but be sure to match the old one’s footprint.
Have a bucket ready, then turn the safety valves to cut off the water. Begin removing all the fixtures that include the garbage disposal, drain pipe, and the faucet’s hot and cold connection.
If clips are holding the sink, remove all of them. Carefully pry around the sink’s lip with a putty knife. Once it comes loose, you can remove it.
Be sure to clean the hole’s edges thoroughly before applying some plumber’s putty around it. Nudge your beautiful new sink into the hole and begin installing the updated fittings.

4. Galley Sink4

If you have a small kitchen or a galley layout, consider a full-featured galley sink. It would be perfect for more advanced home cooks who lack the kitchen space.
What sets it apart is the double-lip feature on opposite sides. The countertop doesn’t cover the top front and back edges, and a few inches below it is the second set of guides.
These edges allow you to set close-fitting accessories such as a chopping board or strainers on two levels. You can even slide them across the sink and out of the way.
It makes for a very efficient use of space and is ideal for chefs who can multitask.

3. How to DIY Install a Farmhouse Sink3

First, unscrew the doors, turn off the safety valves, and disconnect all the attached plumbing. Slide a putty knife under the caulk and carefully pry around the sink until it comes loose.
Saw off the front of the countertop along the width of the hole. If there’s a middle support post, cut it to the sink’s height plus a horizontal support trim you’ll add.
Next, build a 2”x4” frame high enough to support the sink’s front and back end. After that, you can mount the sink and install all the fittings. Install the new countertop or the old one and cover any gaps on the cabinet face.
Cut the doors and use the sawed-off upper frames on the new tops. Also, lower down the upper hinges.

2. Integrated Sink Idea2

An Integrated sink is a one-piece sink and countertop using only a single material like quartz, marble, stainless steel, etc.
An increasingly popular material – especially for DIY sinks – is concrete. You pour the mix into a mold and allow it to cure. After that, you’ll fill any holes or gaps with acrylic paste.
You then sand the concrete multiple times with increasingly fine grit of sandpaper until you achieve the right polish.
To protect the concrete, you seal it with either clear acrylic or urethane. After that, you can install the integrated sink on the counter.

Lastly, Number 1. Wall-Mounted Dish Racks Organization Ideas1

Do you find yourself wondering what to do with a stack of dishes near your sink? It seems to always be there, like a permanent fixture almost.
If so, you might want to consider a wall-mounted dish rack solution. An awkward space on the wall above your sink would be the perfect spot for it.
The thing to keep in mind is that it should blend well with your kitchen’s design. For instance, wooden racks are your safest bet. Stainless steel racks go nicely with the same material sink.
Or you could go for a taller design if the space is too narrow. It’s essential to organize your dishes but not let them be an eyesore.


Each of the sink types mentioned here is an excellent option for your kitchen.
Nevertheless, it’s vital to read reviews on a model that caught your interest rather than merely taking the seller’s word.
Other buyers’ feedback is crucial, especially when there are too many negative remarks. It should make you think twice and look for other alternatives.
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