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10 Minimalist Closet Ideas

Planning on creating a practical indoor environment? Go for an understated look. We thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite examples of minimalist closets with you today. Minimalist design can help you make the most of your limited closet space and maintain a clean aesthetic.

The color white is ideal for a closet because it gives the illusion of more room and allows more light in so you can view your clothes at their best. To avoid wasting space on the ground, furnish the room with numerous lamps, lighting, and a large wall mirror. To make the closet feel larger, paint it white and add dark accents, such as grey or black shelves or a dresser. Going deeper into the minimalist concept, check out the trendy examples below to see how it’s done!

Your ideal closet may seem out of reach, but with little hard work and a modest budget, it is quite possible to achieve. Whether you’re looking to improve your current closet organization system, create a brand-new closet layout, or simply find more space to store your belongings, these do-it-yourself minimalist closet ideas will help. As always, Simphome curates you with the list.

10 Minimalist Closets Video

10 Minimalist closet upgrades

10. A Corner Custom Closet Idea

Make the most of your spacious closet with a personalized closet system. Don’t waste the space in your deep closets by only using one wall; instead, install additional shelves along all of the walls.

  • Put Holes Through Pockets
    Each piece of the horizontal shelf must have pocket holes drilled into it. The smaller shelf pieces have two pocket holes, while the bigger ones have three. You should then sand down rough spots.
  • Join Brackets Together for Shelves
    Shelving supports must be cut and attached to the wall and on both sides of the shelves. Keep your ‘L’ shelves from shifting around with this.
  • The Finishing Coat
    Mount the racks for hanging garments. Put the finishing touches on your brand-new closet and paint it. Before applying the final coat, you can use paintable silicone to patch any remaining cracks or holes.

9. The Minimalist custom closet idea with extra decals

You’ll need the ClosetMaid Suite Symphony organizer from Lowes, four drawers per closet, and some extra storage to install above the lower closet rod to implement the concept as described. Two of the closets in the example home are less than the recommended 6′ width. Construct the central tower of the closet system first.

Although the center tower may need to be adjusted to fit your height, it was still simple to assemble. If you need to fit the tower underneath an existing shelf, remove roughly 10 inches from the top. Then you should fasten the tower in the center to the wall. Plug the unneeded holes temporarily, or use wood filler to fill them in permanently for a more streamlined appearance. Cute drawer holders and decals are an easy way to give your drawers a unique touch.

8. Avoid Busy Colors and Clutter

The trick to not abandon the less is more concept in furnishing while maintaining your creative clothing is selecting the proper wardrobe or analyzing a clever nook for an open wardrobe.

The doors are the focal point of the building, so they need to be well-designed. Indeed, the design of the doors—whether they slide or swing—determines the wardrobe’s aesthetic. Moreover, there is a wide selection out there to choose from. Smooth doors or tiny geometric cutouts that double as door handles are a safe bet. Additional minor aspects can make a difference beyond the doors themselves.

First, consider the overall dimensions: a sliding door requires no space for opening, but a sliding door wardrobe is several centimeters thicker than a swing door wardrobe. You can conceal the mirrors within the closet by installing a basic leaf door, and you’ll have more leeway to create tailor-made solutions based on the space at your disposal.

Some finishing touches can improve the overall impact. A custom closet with built-in shelving and lighting is within reach with just a little plasterboard work. Painting the doors the same color as the walls is another foolproof way to achieve a sleek, modern look.

7. Less Is More

Minimalism is known for its clutter-free look. So, if it isn’t your very first closet, the first thing you can do is fix the chaos. Take out all the things and sort them. Identify which to wear regularly and put them in. Remove seasonal items and remove unwearable clothes to free up some more space. Fewer clothes mean less clutter.

If you lack a closet system, try making a makeover by installing rails and additional shelves. The railing system allows you to move the shelves whenever and wherever needed. Feel free to add baskets for your accessories or –in the kids’ room– for their toys.

6. A minimalist wardrobe transformation with custom instructions

The absence of extraneous elements is the main character of minimalism. If this isn’t your very first closet, the first thing you should do is bring order to the chaos that is now present. Take everything out of the closet and organize it. Determine the ones you will wear most often and put them in. To make some additional room, put away goods that are only used during certain times of the year and get rid of clothing you no longer wear.

If you wear fewer clothes, you’ll have more room to breathe. If you do not have a closet system, consider giving your existing closet a facelift by adding some rails and more shelves. Thanks to the railing system, you can relocate the shelves whenever and wherever you see fit. You are more than welcome to put some baskets to store your accessories or, in the case of the kids’ room, their toys.

Suppose you dislike wire shelving because it provides no functionality where it is required. Consider the freedomRail system (just like the owner of the room). The components of the freedomRail system are extremely simple to install, and an installation video is included.
  • After you order your system, you will work with an Organized Living representative who will input all of your space’s specifications and return a rendering you can tweak to your desire.
  • Once confirmed and ordered, the company will deliver the system in multiple boxes, including all the components required for installation.
  • A pencil, leveler, drill, and stud finder are the only tools required to install your system.
  • All the components are labeled, including the step-by-step needed to deploy your system.
If you want a simpler and cheaper option,
You can visit our featured content titled 10 Organization Ideas and DIY Projects Using Tension Rods. Although the idea won’t solve your serious closet clutters, you’ll be able to acquire new perspectives on how to give your wardrobe more storage boxes without complicated construction works.

With that said, let’s continue our entry with

5. The ideal ways to manage an Open closet

No matter how small, a minimalist closet should house only the clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories you love and use the most. And because each piece is both essential and flexible, you can use it to complete a wide range of ensembles.

When you have one closet, it’s typical to put the most often used items, such as the most frequently worn clothes, front, and center. Finding a spot where you can easily access your daily suit is the goal. To complete the outfit, place your footwear beneath the garments or on the shelves next to them. You can display bags and other accessories by hanging them, placing them in boxes, or leaving them on shelves.

In detail:

The first step is to start with a clean slate.

First, remove all your clothing and accessories from your closet, drawers, and other storage areas. You can better assess your resources if you gather them all in one location.

Second STEP: Cluster Similar Items

Depending on your preferences and routine, you can begin by grouping items into categories based on their function (pants, skirts, sleeveless tops, etc.). Separating garments into categories based on their intended purpose, such as “work clothes” and “casual clothes,” can make much more sense.

Additionally, it’s important to keep seasonal items apart. If you have a few sweaters and coats, you may wear most of my outfits all year round when living in a subtropical region. You can store these clothes when you don’t need them in warmer months.

Third, find and store your most essential items.

What are some of your go-to pieces of clothing? These items constitute the backbone of your preference, for example, if Jeans, t-shirts, and casual outfits are your go-to pieces. Those should be the mainstay of your wardrobe.

Find yours and store them conveniently, like the center of your closet. Since these are the items you put on most frequently, you should easily see your options.

4. How to pick the best accessories for your minimal closet

Don’t overlook these two necessities after you’ve figured out what to store and how to arrange your minimalist closet. To begin, you’ll need adequate night vision to know what you’re looking for once the sun goes down. Put another way, you’ll want to ensure adequate illumination. Second, a mirror is essential for gauging the overall effect of your ensemble.

Besides being functional, mirrors and illumination also serve as decoration in minimalist design. So you maybe want to skip traditional lamps and chandeliers. Instead, go with built-in lights, fairy lights, or LED with the mirror.

3. How to Keep your Minimal Wardrobe To their Mint condition

To keep your minimalist clothing, mix up your thrift shopping. In fact, treat donating, selling, or recycling your clothes are part of your custom. We recommend doing this closet cleanup every season to see your minimalist style and what new items you need (if any).

However, after the routine, don’t use your closet clean-out as an excuse to fill it up again quickly.

Maintaining a minimalist wardrobe is almost as hard as starting one. That’s why discipline is needed. It means avoiding buying sprees and impulse buys.

Frequently ask yourself:

  • Do I adore this piece?”
  • Will I reuse this outfit?
  • Should I go out and get brand-new stuff? Is it possible to fix it?
  • “What am I replacing if I purchase a new garment?”

When you need to buy something new and can’t settle for secondhand, think about investing in quality, adaptability, and sustainable clothing businesses that share your beliefs.

2. How do you Acquire the ideal closet for your bedroom?

A walk-in closet is becoming a standard feature in the layout of brand-new homes, and it can take the form of either a dedicated room or an alcove. The advantage is that it frees up the bedroom from clothing, accessories, and other items and lets you see your garments at once.

On the other hand, if a walk-in closet is a priority for you, having a spacious bedroom is not necessary. If you arrange the furniture in the room so that the bed sits in the middle of the space, you can utilize space behind the bed as a new storage area. You can also purchase a regular closet system and seal it off with a curtain. For the best results, it’s always best to invest in a closet system that’s been custom-built to fit your demands, challenge, and working area.

Lastly, No 1. A Minimalist Closet Idea for a new baby

Minimalism doesn’t only work with adult closets but also with babies’. Babies go through plenty of clothing daily, making many parents think of buying more clothes as the solution. But often, they’ll end up with more than the babies will use. Therefore, here are some tips for the minimalist concept you should consider.

  • Babies grow fast, so reconsider the amount and size of clothes you are going to buy.
  • Opt for one-piece clothing. This will give you less laundry than the separate ones.
  • The more you do laundry, the fewer clothes you should buy because they will always have something ready to wear.
  • Don’t waste on accessories, especially for a newborn. They don’t need shoes or a headband yet. Even for some babies, a headband is something irritating.
  • Hang their pieces. Like adult closets, picking the items, you hang on the wall or closet is much easier.



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