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12 Small Bedroom Aesthetic Ideas (With Additional Extra)

Most people prefer having a larger room to a smaller one because they feel comfortable in bigger rooms. But when we are talking about bedrooms here, size does matter. You need enough space to move freely without bumping into things or feeling claustrophobic.

The ideal dimensions of any room should be proportional to its function. For example, if you plan to spend most of the day inside that bedroom, then the square footage will be more important than height or width.

If you want to sleep soundly every night, choose a bed with proper mattress support. When decorating a small bedroom, keep these tips in mind to maximize its functionalities while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that gives peace of mind and comfort.

1. Choose darker colors

Darker shades provide better contrast against lighter walls which makes them look spacious. Dark tones also absorb light from windows, letting you shut out unwanted sunlight during daytime hours. A study conducted at Columbia University found that people who slept in dark environments had fewer insomnia symptoms compared to those sleeping in well-lit spaces.

Also, since darkness helps us wake up naturally in the morning, this option may help encourage early mornings and improve productivity throughout the day. Light-colored walls reflect heat, increasing the temperature even though there’s no direct source of sunshine. This can lead to sleepless nights as people sweat under their blankets to stay cool. Choose darker hues like blue, green, black, or charcoal for a soothing effect.

2. Use natural lighting whenever possible

Use ceiling lights and other artificial lighting sources, such as reading books, only when necessary. Natural lighting provides ample daylight through windows, reducing the eye strain caused by excessive use of lamps. It has been scientifically proven that individuals exposed to bright light early in the morning tend to get brighter faster. That means getting up earlier to avoid waking up too late due to the overuse of artificial lights!

Moreover, exposure to sunrays boosts the production of the melatonin hormone responsible for inducing a deep sleep cycle. So go ahead and take advantage of natural light whenever possible.

3. Keep clutter away from your bed

Ensure you do not place anything heavy near your pillow, especially electronic devices. Keep everything tidy and organized. Remove items that don’t belong in the bedroom immediately. Avoid piling clothes, bags, or boxes anywhere near your bed.

Clutter gives you chaos and leads to disorganization. Be mindful of where you put each item, whether big or small. Store all non-essential items away from your bed, including shoes, purses, jackets, etc. Have separate baskets for laundry, toiletries, cosmetics, and towels. To reduce dust accumulation, clean your bedroom regularly using damp cloths.

Vacuum frequently before bed; otherwise, dirt particles get embedded within carpet fibers causing allergic reactions. Dust mites produce allergy symptoms after consuming dead skin cells shed off our bodies.

  • They thrive in humid conditions and feed on organic substances. Keeping your home adequately ventilated reduces moisture content allowing airflow, thus preventing mold growth.
  • Clean carpets prevent stains and soil buildups, whereas dirty ones attract spills.
  • Opt for hardwood floors instead of laminate or tile surfaces. These surfaces are prone to scratches and dullness over time. Instead, select rugs and decorative pillows made of soft fabrics.
  • Throw rugs and comforters add warmth to a cold bedroom, while cushions offer an extra seating area for lounging. Soft fabric covers protect furniture from wear and tear.

4. Create storage areas for clothing, accessories, and linen

Bedroom closets serve multiple purposes – storing bed linens and keeping folded clothes hidden from view. Most people underestimate the usefulness of this feature, considering its potential benefits.

  • Consider adding shelves, hanging rods, or cabinets to store bulky items like winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc.
  • Hang seasonal drapes to hide unused window treatments or curtains. In addition, consider installing closet organizers to organize and control access to stored items.
  • Add hooks and racks for belts, shoelaces, and ties.
  • Invest in a chest of drawers to display jewelry, makeup, brushes, and lotion bottles. Having a dedicated spot for keys eliminates unnecessary searching.

5. Select furniture pieces specifically designed for bedrooms

Furniture stores usually carry several products specifically designed for bedrooms. Pick beds, dressers, chests, and armoires that fit neatly within available square feet.

Since many homeowners opt to extend existing hallways rather than construct additional doorways to accommodate large pieces of furniture, shop for furniture complete with matching side tables.

The side table adds appeal to a plain-looking bedroom. Apart from providing additional surface area, it gives a focal point and produces visual interest.

  • Select chairs with seat pads to cushion the impact when sitting down.
  • Buy mattresses and box springs separately. Mattress thickness varies according to personal preferences, but 3 inches thick should suffice unless you’re planning on watching TV or working on laptops at night.
  • Box spring serves dual functions – supporting the weight of the mattress while accommodating room expansion. Although standard measurements vary depending on the brand, choose one that fits snugly within the floor frame.

6. Avoid overcrowded décor

Limit the number of accent pieces per wall. Too much artwork, framed photos, and figurines spoil minimalist design principles. Accentuate the positive features of the room.

  • Balance art with furnishings.
  • Place paintings above headboards to allow viewers to appreciate details like brush strokes, texture, and color gradations.
  • Invest in high-quality prints to ensure long-lasting impressions if you love interior design.
  • Stick to neutral colors such as tan, taupe, white, grey, beige, and cream.
  • Go easy on bold patterns and vibrant colors.

7. Play with additional mirrors

Mirrors increase the sense of open space and depth. Their reflective qualities help bounce back natural light and illuminate surroundings. However, mirrors should never cover entire walls or be placed behind furniture. Otherwise, you won’t see yourself.

8. Invest in textural elements

Textures play an essential role in visually enhancing a room.

  • Thicker materials like wood panels, paneling, and wainscoting add depth and character to a room.
  • Vary heights and textures to break the monotony.
  • Placing two different types of material next to each other highlights contrasting characteristics.
  • Mix pattern styles and pick unusual shapes.
  • Create unique designs by placing objects of similar sizes together.
  • Contrast the horizontal lines created by tall ceilings with vertical lines formed by short furnishings.
  • Play with shadows and highlight focal points such as bedding, artwork, pictures, sculptures, and chandeliers.
  • Install custom blinds to block out harsh light.
  • Curtains, valances, and shower curtains enhance the room’s overall appearance.

9. Embrace simplicity

  • Simplicity promotes relaxation and encourages focus.
  • Minimalistic interiors incorporate basic forms and geometric shapes.
  • Walls combine straight edges with rounded corners to form simple rectangles. Flooring follows the same principle.
  • Simple frames complement modern minimalism.
  • Do not fill your bedroom with excess decorations.
  • Less is more. Focus on key components and include complimentary accents.

10. Combine opposites

Opposites often appear simultaneously. Take inspiration from nature by incorporating both warm and cold colors.

  • Warm colors promote feelings of coziness and security.
  • Cool colors stimulate alertness and energy.
  • Combine red and pink to match the excitement level of the children.
  • Bright yellow evokes optimism and happiness. Green symbolizes health and prosperity.
  • Choose neutrals like tan, taupe, cream, and brown. These colors blend easily with various colors regardless of hue variations.
  • Neutralize strong smells by placing scented candles between fresh flowers.
  • Incorporate plants and trees to bring life and beauty to the indoors.

These tips will guide you toward transforming your small bedroom into a harmonious retreat free from stress and distractions. If you still have time to spare, follow the next ideas to achieve harmony in style and aesthetics inside your house.

12 Small Bedroom Aesthetics Video:

Sleeping in a small bedroom can be frustrating, especially if you have been doing it for years. You may wish you had a more spacious room to dress it up and make it look fascinating.
Let me tell you something. You do not need a spacious bedroom to make it look stylish and comfortable. If you can arrange the layout well and sprinkle it with some accessories, you will get all you need to brag about it on your Instagram.

We have summed up these 12 small bedroom aesthetic ideas to help you tackle the limited space. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 Small Bedroom Aesthetic Ideas Poster

12. Trick your window area for a more appealing interior @Caroccuschair

A large window is ideal for a small bedroom because it provides abundant natural light. As a result, your tiny sleeping space will look more spacious and airier.
A large window is also a privilege because it overlooks the spectacular landscaping. Thus, you need to round out it with a bench.

This built-in bench is a perfect addition to this small bedroom. It has two bookshelves flanking it in the middle. The bookshelves help you eradicate clutter, and the bench provides a cozy nook to read a book or even stare at the outstanding landscaping.

Since the bench floats and stays a few feet off the floor, you can use the space underneath to store items. You can also install string LED lights along the bottom of the bookshelves and bench.
You do not need to buy a side table because you can simply install a wooden board protruding from the bottom shelf. This board will be handy since you can use it to set down your stuff. Besides, it can make a great dressing table.


This trashcan is a simple yet fabulous addition to your small bedroom.
Every room needs a trashcan to prevent littering. You can take this ordinary idea to the next level by bringing a basketball court to your bedroom. It is not that gigantic pole with a hoop and backboard. Instead, you will create the mini version.

  • To make the basketball hoop, you need to get wooden boards and cut them into three different pieces that you will use for the backboard, pole, and base.
  • Then, sand the boards thoroughly and paint the three-point line on the base.
  • Next, assemble the pieces and put a trashcan onto the base. Now, you can toss papers or anything as if you were an NBA star.

10. How to transform your limited bedroom with an extra new cinema room inside @Bellablisshome

This bedroom is not only aesthetic but also functional despite the limited space. It can produce an ideal place to relax while enjoying your favorite Netflix series.
To make a functional bedroom like this one, you had better remove everything from your sleeping space to start fresh.

  • First, paint the walls white to open up space.
  • Then, add some interest by investing in wall decals.
  • Next, you must build a bunk bed to free up the floor space. If you are not sure about woodworking skills, you can always have it made.
  • Since your bed is close to the ceiling, you will need a ladder to reach it. Instead of a ladder, stairs with drawers would be much better because they can help you store more things.
  • To build the cinema room, you can place a futon for the seat. You can hide it under the floating shelves when you do not use it.

That is not the only thing that this bedroom can do. You can also have a cozy home office here. All you need to do is build a pull-out desk that you can hide on the shelves behind the futon.

9. How to Build Your Own DIY Dorm or rental house storage unit for your super limited bedroom

A dorm room is usually a tight space. Therefore, every inch counts.
Although the space is limited, it does not mean you cannot have a functional dorm room. You only need to build these multipurpose shelves using wooden boards, pipes, flange fittings, collar fittings, and 90-degree elbows.
You can use these shelves to store your books and files and make a convenient home coffee bar.

8. An inspiring 500 square feet bedroom management you can DIY

You might think you cannot do many things in a studio apartment because of the limited space. The truth is you can turn your tiny home into a super comfy place to dwell like the one in the picture.

Still, you need to arrange everything properly.
To save some space, you can build a loft bed vertically. This way, you can use the underneath area for something more practical, like the closet in the picture, along with a pegboard to store and display everyday items.
In front of the closet is the living room, which is the heart of this home because everything is practically within arm’s reach.

7. How to combine your living room and bedroom like those living in the year 3000 @Finishedbasementnj

If budget is not the obstacle, you can try having this bed made.
This bedroom is not DIY friendly since it requires complicated procedures and tools. This futuristic bedroom-living room combo can be the best solution for those who live in an apartment studio.
The bed features four ropes suspending it from the ceiling. The breathtaking part is that the ropes can pull the bed up to the void in the ceiling and make it gone, leaving a comfortable living room for family and friends.

6. A DIY leaning shelf project to organize your limited bedroom easier

This leaning shelf will surely add more charm to your bedroom. More importantly, it will be handy since it can help you organize your stuff. If you are interested in making it, you need two 1x4x6 pine boards, six 5″x2.5″x3′ pine boards, and ¾” plywood.

  • First, cut the plywood to length to make the shelves.
  • Then, cut the 5″x2.5″x3′ pine boards to create the back part and sides.
  • Next, glue the back piece to the plywood.
  • Then, cut the bottom of your 1x4s at a 10-degree angle.
  • After that, attach the plywood with their back pieces to the 1x4s. Remember to begin from the bottom.
  • Once the shelves are up, you can begin to install the sides and cut the end to stay flush with the 1x4s.

5. How to make one room feels like a two-room for two of your children @Roomdesigner311

This idea has proven that a small bedroom can pack a lot of fun. Moreover, you can ask your kids to share the joy with their siblings.
You can begin with making a bunk bed. Make sure it is sturdy. Then, add plywood to the siding and conceal the structure.

Next, here comes the fun part – painting. With the bunk bed in the middle, you can apply two different colors to the right and left sides of it. Then, place a ladder to access the upper bed. Finally, build a wall and door to split the room.

4. How to give your bedroom a non-squeaky bed frame while remain stay relevant with the nature @Quaggadesigns

A squeaking bed can be annoying because it can disturb your sleep. If your bed keeps squeaking, consider investing in this bed frame.
This bed frame does not feature bolts, which are usually the culprit of the squeak. But then you might begin questioning its sturdy since it has no screws.
Do not worry! This bed frame is sturdy because the slats fit like a glove. More importantly, it is easy to install.

3. Paint Your Bedroom Floor like @Katerosemorgan

Do you want a bedroom you can brag about on Instagram? This idea is for you.
An aesthetic bedroom is not always expensive. You can create one without spending much money.
To create this chic bedroom, you need to paint the floor the same color as your walls. Then, use stencil and rollers to create the pattern you want. It may take time, but the result will be worth the time and effort.

2. An antique-looking cabinet to keep your wife’s comic book collection, purses, or rolled-yoga mats

The versatility of wooden crates allows you to have limitless brilliant ideas, just like this multipurpose storage cubby.
To create this cubby, you need to gather some wooden crates. Then, sand and paint them as you please. Next, stack them together and top them with a wooden board. Finally, you are good to go.

Lastly, number 1. A Hidden Wardrobe and a new wall decor idea from @Agiat59

Visitors may think you do not have any wardrobes when they see your bedroom. The truth is you conceal your wardrobe.
To replicate this hidden wardrobe, you need to build a false wall. Instead of installing a standard sliding or swinging door, you can use a large artwork to conceal the entrance. No one would know that you have a walk-in closet behind that artwork.

You may not wish to have a sleeping space. Unfortunately, you have to put up with it because you do not have any choice. Instead of squawking about the tiny room, you had better jump into action by applying these 12 small bedroom aesthetic ideas and become proud of it.



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