How to Refresh Dirty Clothes, Smell Great Again, if Washing is Not an Option

It happens because you are living mobile or your living space currently suffers a severe water crisis. You mean no harm, but society tells you otherwise. Here, let’s sort that complication out.

There is nothing wrong with wearing stinky clothes when our society has to all wear gas masks or will be sentenced to federal prison. But that scenario mostly only happens in a Netflix series, and those films are nothing but a medium to escape reality most of the time. So, here we go again. Return to a judgemental community with a healthy sense of smell and voice prepared to hurt you when serving them odors, even when you have no intention of it.

Plan and Be Prepared in Advance

Like many others, you probably don’t have much experience preparing for emergencies, which means you could find yourself unprepared for something unexpected. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for any situation. Here are several ingenious tips to help you stay prepared.

You don’t have to be organized to enjoy life. However, there are times when you’ll need to think ahead and prepare yourself for unexpected situations. So here are some tips to keep handy.

The Drying Machine Sheet method.

Washable Drying Machine Sheets – Use these sheets to freshen up worn items before putting them into the washing machine. They work just like regular dryer sheets, but they’re made specifically for laundry. Just place them inside the washer along with your dirty clothes. After the cycle ends, remove the sheets and hang them outside to air dry.

If you have a clothes dryer, toss your items into it and add a few drops of essential oils. Your clothing should still be clean, but they’ll smell fresh and pleasant. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extensively, and many individuals are devoted to them because of their beneficial effects on health. They’re often added to bath water, lotions, and candles.

If you can plan (of course not! You wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place if you could!), buy “dryer sheet scent” and keep a box around for these emergencies.


“The quickest and easiest way to get the musty smell out of clothes is to lay dryer sheets between them when folding.” Just put a few sheets inside your suitcase, fold your clothing over top of them, and throw everything into the washer. That’s it! In addition to eliminating odors, dryer sheets absorb moisture from the air, assisting in the fight against mold and mildew.  After all the folding jobs are done, organize your clothes, unlike our ancestors did four decades ago.

Drying Machine.

Image: The Spruce

You can eliminate odors and bacteria in your laundry by placing your wet items into the washing machine and running hot water through the washer. Turn the dial to the highest wash cycle and let the machine run until the process ends. Dry your clothes on high heat and hang them outside to air dry.

  • Use laundry detergent to freshen clothes after washing
  • Febreze won’t remove smells from clothing, but it will cover them up temporarily. That’s fine if you’re heading off to a picnic or barbecue, but we don’t recommend it if you’ll be spending time at a formal event.
  • Spray the air freshener onto the clothes and let them sit for ten minutes before wearing the item.

Vinegar Can Help You Eliminate Unpleasant Smells.

Because vinegar has a low pH (acetic acid), it eliminates clothing odors. The ratio of vinegar to water is 1:1. Note: Avoid utilizing dark vinegar (red wine or balsamic).

Turn the shirt inside out. In a spray bottle, combine white vinegar and water in equal parts. Spray just a little bit of the clothing. Before applying the remaining spray to the garment, wait a few seconds. Try the vinegar solution on a discrete region, such as a lower seam out of sight. Utilizing the color throughout the work is safe if it does not bleed or change appearance.

Spray the vinegar onto the clothes without worrying that you will smell like the vinegar; the vinegar scent will dissipate as it dries. Preferably outside, hang the clothing up to dry and air out. A large closet, bathroom shower, or open window will also do.

Odor Control Products.

Try hanging your garments outside in the sunshine if you’re having problems getting rid of them. They’ll probably shrink over time, but at least they won’t smell like mildew anymore.

Remove your top layer before washing if you’re wearing a cotton T-shirt. Cotton dries quickly, but it takes longer for moisture to evaporate from clothing made of polyester or nylon. So, if you wear these shirts often, put them in the washer after each wear.

The Soda Solution.

Mixing baking soda and water creates a paste that works well at removing odors from clothes. Use a clean sponge to spread the mixture over the odor. Let it sit overnight before washing.

After washing your clothes, hang them outside to air dry. When they are entirely dry, take them off the line and use a clean towel to rub them gently against one another. This removes any remaining moisture and leaves behind a crisp scent.

Another way to clean clothes is to put them in a plastic trash bag and add half a cup of baking soda. Close the bag and vigorously shake the two together. Let sit for 10 minutes, remove the items, and shake off the baking soda.

Vodka Removes Body Odor.

Vodka is often used as a household cleaner, but it has another purpose, too – removing smells. To accomplish this, combine a few drops of vodka with the water and mist any odorous goods with the resulting solution. Before washing, let the item sit for a few hours.

Wash the garment thoroughly before wearing it. The alcohol evaporates quickly once exposed to air.

Let it loose with Lemon.

Lemons have been used for centuries to neutralize odors. Lemon juice is known to be the solution to a variety of issues. Lemon juice and water are combined in equal proportions. Spray the mixture onto stains and let sit overnight. Rinse thoroughly before wearing again.

Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Good

Use Newspapers.

Paper towels soak up odors like crazy. Soak your old clothes in hot water before tossing them into the washing machine. Or, try soaking your dirty laundry in vinegar instead of detergent. Vinegar has been used for centuries to cleanse clothes and remove stains.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Also Do Good For Your Shoes By Snuffing Out Foot Fungus

Steam the fibers.

Are you aware of the time-tested “hang it while you wash” tip for removing creases from your clothing? It also eliminates smells. Simko claims that the steam “causes the fibers in the clothing to relax, thereby removing the stench from the threads.” He claims that a hot shower and clean clothes will make you happy.

How to make a small bedroom smell fresh

Cat Litter.

Clothing items do not last forever. They become worn over time and eventually need replacing. To avoid smelling like cat urine, place your clothing items into a clean plastic bag or container filled with kitty litter. Shake out any excess litter before wearing it.

Re-use Coffee Grounds.

Coffee grounds can effectively absorb cat urine odors. Put old coffee grounds in a jar and cover them with a fresh towel to revive your clothes. Fold your clothes over the towel and leave them overnight. In the morning, check your clothing to see if there are any stains. Coffee grounds absorb odor molecules but don’t transfer onto fabric.

Get your Refrigerator to work.

Cold temperatures kill off bacteria that can cause odors. To prevent odor buildup:

  1. Wash clothes only once per week.
  2. After washing, hang items inside the closet door to allow air circulation.
  3. Don’t put wet clothes directly into the dryer; lay them flat on a towel and let them air dry.

Put your dirty laundry in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer overnight. Once frozen solid, remove the bag and throw it in the washing machine. Your clothes should smell fresh again after they’ve been washed.

Warm up your clothes before putting them on. They’ll be easier to wear after being warmed up.

How to Make your Kitchen Smell Fresh after Cooking

Or Using Spray deodorant.

Why not try something new if you’re sick of wearing the same old pair of jeans? Try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your laundry detergent. Lavender has been used for centuries to cleanse fabrics and freshen the air.


To remove that nasty odor:

  1. Put a handful of crushed charcoal into a plastic bag and tie it closed.
  2. Put the clothes inside the bag and smelly items like socks and underwear.
  3. Leave the bag in a dark closet overnight, and voila!

Your clothes smell fresh again.

Or With White Vinegar.

If your clothes stink in a specific place, try spraying the stain with a mixture of water and vinegar. Mix equal parts and shake well before applying to the stained area. Let sit for at least 15 minutes before washing.

Alternatively, Steam Cleaner.

You already knew a steam iron could remove wrinkles and make your clothes look like they just came off the rack. But it turns out it can also make them smell clean.

The hot steam helps kill odor-causing bacteria.
Certain fabrics, like leather, silk, and suede, should never be placed directly into a steam iron.
They must be turned inside out before being put through the ironing process.

If you don’t own a steam iron, hang your clothes over the bathtub faucet before stepping into the tub. That way, they’ll wrinkle less during the soaking process.

Or, Essential oils.

Essential oils are a natural way to refresh your clothing. Add several drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle half full of water. Mist your clothes before wearing them.

Essential oils are often used to remove smells from clothing. They work by covering odors with another scent. For example, lavender oil could cover the smell of sweat or mildew. However, they won’t remove those smells. Use them instead to hide unpleasant smells.

You can use any essential oil you like. Lavender, citrus, and peppermint are particularly effective at eliminating mustiness. However, using too many essential oils can make them hard to remove.

Finally, Have fun with Fabric Spray.

Your clothes will smell better and will be cleaner. There are numerous fabric sprays available in a wide range of scents. Just spritz your musty-smelling clothing with water, then hang it to dry. Your clothes will still smell fantastic, and the foul odor will disappear!

Make sure you double-check the perfume of the spray before using it because your clothes will eventually smell like it.

After that, open your eyes,
If the perfume cannot undo all the mess you leave inside your closet, it is time for some muscle work. But if your brain cannot give you something worth doing, something new, or something revolutionary. Here, we have a few clever suggestions. Or this one. Still not convinced yet? Play the following video and ask yourself what you need to do next.

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