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10 DIY Shoe Bench Project Ideas

Shoes are everyone’s must-have fashion items. They come in different styles depending on their functions. The more shoes you have, the more storage space you will need. And you can’t just store your muddy and wet boots and sneakers right in your closet, can you? You can’t just throw them away in your mudroom and make a mess either. Therefore, you need a smart shoe organizer like a shoe bench.

Check out these 10 DIY shoe bench project ideas that will impede the mess made by the scattered shoes as well as improving the look of your mudroom.

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10. Shoe Bench with Four Crates

10 Shoe Bench with Four Crates via simphomeThis shoe bench is a perfect touch for your mudroom as it provides ample storage for your gloves and shoes and a generous space to sit down while putting on the shoes. The combination of navy blue and white finish makes the bench look stylish.
To make this bench, you’re gonna need 1 sheet ¾” birch plywood, 5 2x2x8 boards, 4 large crates, pocket hole screws, wood screws, and wood glue.

First, you need to attach the 17” legs to the top of the bench which 18 ¾” x 61” in size. Then, you can attach the center supports and base shelf. Make sure that everything is flush. And finally, you can put the crates under the top bench.

9. Artistic Shoe Rack

9 Artistic Shoe Rack via simphomeThis shoe rack may look like a bench, but it isn’t meant to be a spot for sitting as you will break it down into pieces. It is easy to make and the artistic look will amp your mudroom up.
To make this shoe rack, you are going to need to cut two boards into the shape that you like. Make sure the cuttings share the same size and shape. You can also sand them down to smoothen the edges. Then, cut out larger bits so the sticks can fit snugly to the holes. If you want to paint the rack, paint it before assembling all the pieces.

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8. PVC Shoe Rack

8 PVC Shoe Rack via simphomeThis is another simple shoe rack that you can do at home. It is quite affordable and will not take up a lot of your valuable time.
To make this rack, you’re gonna need to get PVC pipes, PVC elbows, PVC tees, PVC sockets, faux leather apron, brass eyelets, eyelet punch, leather hole punch, and scissors.
First, you need to cut the PVC pipes. Then, insert the long bars into the folded sides of the faux leather and secure them with brass eyelets. Finally, you can assemble the rack.

7. Built-In Shoe Storage

7 Built In Shoe Storage via simphomeIf your entryway is tight in space, having a shoe bench may not be a good idea. But you can’t eliminate the shoe storage either as the shoes will be scattered and mess the hall. Instead of a shoe bench, you can try this built-in shoe storage.
This built-in shoe storage is like drawers. You can pull them out to store and take your shoes and push them back so they can be flush with the wall rather than mounting from the wall.

To get this built-in storage, you’re gonna need to make a niche in your wall. You’re lucky if you already have one. Then, you’re gonna need to make the built-in cubbies, the insert, and drawers.

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6. Movable Shoe Bench

6 Movable Shoe Bench via simphomeThe great thing of this shoe bench is it has multiple storage spaces for different shoes. The key is you need to get the tallest shoes you have and measure them thoroughly so you can cut the dowels to size. Then, you can assemble the boards and dowels to get ample storage space for boots, sneakers, sandals, and high heels. And the best part of it is the casters that allow this bench to be movable.

5. Turn a Shelving Unit into a Shoe Bench
5 Turn a Shelving Unit into a Shoe Bench via simphomeYou probably have come across a lot of IKEA hacks on the internet. And this is one of them. By repurposing a shelving unit from IKEA, you’ll get a perfect shoe bench for your mudroom.
You’re gonna need to get some legs that will support the bench. You can try IKEA Capita Legs as they are sturdy and can be screwed to the bottom of the shelving unit easily. You’ll also need MDF board and upholstery for the top bench to provide the ultimate comfort any users.

4. Mudroom Bench
4 Mudroom Bench via simphomeThis mudroom bench offers ample storage space for shoes at the bottom and some other stuff on the top shelves. It also features five hooks that you can use to hang your jackets and bags. And, of course, sufficient space is available for you to sit down while tying your shoes.

To make this bench, you ¾” MDF, pine woods, screws, caulking, paint, and some other stuff. You will also need three wire baskets that help you keep your shoes tidy. You will also need to have some add-ons like corbels and crown mouldings to improve the look.

3. DIY Dresser to Bench
3 DIY Dresser to Bench via simphomeUpcycling unused thing is the best way to save more money and time. Just like these shoe bench. Who would have guessed that this chic bench is made by ripping some parts of a dresser off?
After ripping some of the drawers off, cover the flaws with a board and wood planks to form a comfy seat. After that, you can paint the bench the colour of your choice and replace the knobs with fancy pulls.

2. Shoe Dresser
2 Shoe Dresser via simphomeThis another great idea to keep your shoes stay organized. The shoe dresser can be pulled out so the top part is widely open while the bottom part still stays at where it is thanks to the belt that hold it well. You may want to install two straps of belts for each bin to make it sturdier.

1. Shoe Bench with Wire Rack
1 Shoe Bench with Wire Rack via simphomeThis is a very simple project that works like a charm. You only need to make a common bench by assembling some boards. Then, cut the wire mesh to make some compartments. Once you are done, insert the wire baskets under the bench and secure them with staplers. You will find it much easier to attach the wire mesh if you place the bench on its back.

So, Those are the DIY shoe bench project ideas that you can do at home.
They are easy and cheap, aren’t they? But they can help to get rid of clutter.
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10 DIY Shoe Bench Project Ideas via simphome Pinterest image

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