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10 Shoe Storage Project Ideas for Limited Space

Shoes are fashion items that many people are crazy about. No wonder their shoe collections keep increasing. And then, the problem begins to occur. You just realized that you don’t have much space to store your shoes which make you end up respond “ohh No” instead of “YEAYY”. In this video, I am going to show you 10 shoe storage project ideas for limited space by that will help you keep you clutter to another dimension.

10. Under Staircase Storage

under staircase

One of the best ways to optimize a house with limited space is by using up all of the available space including the most awkward one like under the staircase. But it doesn’t mean that you can throw everything carelessly in it as you will just make another mess.
To keep your shoes tidy, you can make some DIY shelves under the staircase. If you have any. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated. Some boards that are assembled using screws would be enough to make some open shelves. Don’t forget to paint the shelves the same colour as the staircase to bring harmony.

09. Wooden Crate Inspiration
09 Wooden Crate Inspiration simphome com
A good shoe storage is supposed to help you eradicate clutter, not burn a hole in your wallet. Therefore, upcycling wooden crates would be a cute option. Not only will they help you save more bucks, but also help you store your shoes efficiently.

This all-in-one rack is one of the clever solutions for a cramped mudroom. You don’t have to buy or make big bulky shelves because this storage rack can do everything for you.
The gaps between the wooden planks enable you to store your shoes in a quick by slipping the heels. The pole allows you to hang dry your clothes or jackets. It also features two hooks that you can use to hang your bags. And you might want to tweak it a little bit by adding a wooden board at the bottom of the rack so you can put your go-to sneakers there.

8. Staircase Drawers
8 Staircase Drawers Simphome com
This idea is everywhere. When it comes to small spaces, investing in multifunctional furniture is your biggest bet, just like these staircase drawers. They work like ubiquitous staircases that escort you to the upper level of your home. However, they are better than those conventional wooden staircases since they can also be used as drawers that enable you to organize your shoes. When you need to get the shoes, just pull the staircase out. No brainer. And when finished, push it back so the shoes will out of your sight.

7. Hidden Storage Rack
7 Hidden Storage Rack Simphome com
If you are addicted to collecting shoes, you might not be able to restrain yourself from buying new shoes, especially if they are on sale. Well, it seems your shoe shelves are going to explode. And that means, you are going to need another shoe storage. Try this hidden shoe storage rack.

This hidden rack will eliminate the mess created by your shoes instantly.Almost. It can be pulled out when you need to get your shoes, and tucked into the wall to hide the mess as well as allowing you to have more space to move through.

Instead of installing some boards to form compartments which take up a lot of time, you can just hang a pocket over-the-door shoe organizer. It would be better if you hang a transparent one so you can see what is inside each pocket clearly.

6. Cheap Shoe Storage Rack Idea
6 Cheap Shoe Storage Rack Idea Simphome com
Carpentry stuff is not your cup of tea? Don’t fret! There are a lot of amazing ideas for your shoe storage even if you are a complete novice in DIY or furniture hacking.

This idea is nearly as simple as breathing and it is affordable too. You are going to love it as you won’t have to break a sweat to make this rack. And it will surprisingly turn out well. You only need to get a transparent over-the-door shoe storage from the supermarket near you or Amazon. Then, hang it on your walk-in closet’s door or behind your bedroom’s door.

5. Wall-Mounted Shoe Racks from HGTV
5 Wall Mounted Shoe Racks from HGTV Simphome com

One of the unconventional ways to make a small room look bigger and feel less confined is by making everything float. It’s not like you need to cast a spell to make it happen. You only need to make some wall-mounted racks.

Raising your shoes a few inches off the ground enables you to have plenty of floor space, making a small room look more spacious. Besides, the wall-mounted racks can accentuate your shoe collection, making it look like a piece of art on the wall. As long as they are not dirty muddy. You’ll are good to go..

4. Upcycling Wooden Thread Rack
4 Upcycling Wooden Thread Rack Simphome com
If you have a wooden thread rack that you don’t use any longer, now it’s time for you to take it from your dusty attic or garage because you are going to upcycle it. A wooden thread rack can make a pretty good baby shoes. You only need to remove the legs so you can hang this rack on the wall, giving you an easy access to grab the shoes in no time.

3. Rotating Shoe Rack
3 Rotating Shoe Rack Simphome com
This shoe rack will make your closet look more stunning. The multilevel racks enable you to store as many shoes as you wish without taking up a lot of space and creating such a mess. Besides, it can be rotated easily, allowing you to find your favorite shoes quickly.

To make this awesome rack, you’re going to need plywood boards, PVA glue, turntable swivel mechanisms, nails, epoxy glue, and many others. Before making the rack, you’re going to need to cut six circles out of the boards into 700 mm squares. To get more precise cuts, you can make a homemade compass by using 350mm strip of plywood, nail it into the centre, and then rotate to draw in a circle.

2. Simple wire hack Shoe Hangers
2 Simple wire hack Shoe Hangers Simphome com
Anything that keeps your shoes off the ground can always give more floor space which will make the room appear to be visually bigger and tidier. And these shoe racks have proven it well. These inexpensive racks are the heroes that will help you save your day. But to be honest, I think they are only fit for those with low clutter tolerances.

To make these racks, you’re going to need some coathangers. Next, Cut each coat hanger into two. Bend the upper cut to form two hooks at the end of the cut. Do the same thing to the lower cut. Stretch out some ropes on the wall, and hang your shoes using the coathangers that have been tweaked previously.

1. Slip Them in A Bar
1 Slip Them in A Bar Simphome com
Last effortless idea to store your shoes ─ slip them in a bar. You only need to find a stainless steel bar, and cut some of the sides. Bend them outward to make some curvy design. And finally, store your shoes by slipping the toe part of the shoes in the curvy sides. That’s it.

That’s all the 10 Shoe Storage Project Ideas for Limited Space that will definitely help you to organize your shoes well without making you short on cash. These ideas are not only affordable and functional, but they are also doable and they can improve look of your small space efficiently.

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