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62 IKEA Furniture and Storage Creative Makeovers

IKEA Creative makeover or hacking has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more enjoyable. Listed below are 32 creative IKEA Storage and furniture hack which will cause you to need to hit the thrift shop!

FYI, this long list is split to 6 different sections and it also comes with a video that will probably speed up your learning process. Find video I refer to on the bottom of the post. Or browse next table of content below.

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Part 1:

1. Ikea Rast Hack by 2beesinapod

1 Ikea Rast Hack by 2beesinapod featured at simphome

To have this hack, first you need to prepare the PPG paint color. Dark gray is one best option you can use. You can also use the interior flat latex. Then trim the edges of the four sides. Paint the drawer eith Mod Podge then drill tiny holes to add the bronze castors . Source!

2. DIY Bench with Storage Compartments- IKEA Nornas look alike

2 DIY Bench with Storage Compartments IKEA Nornas look alike via simphomeFirst, cut the first 1 x 12 into 2 pieces of 4 foot for the bottom and cut it into 5 15’’ pieces. Then cut the 2 x 2 and drill the pocket holes on every piece. Build the eggs and paint it. Finally, attach the H into the 4 pieces. Read more!

3. IKEA Rast Hack: Industrial Nightstand by Serendipityrefined

3 Rast Hack Industrial Nightstand by Serendipityrefined via simphomeFirst, turn the dresser upside down then use scrap piece of 1 x 6 to fill the toe kick space. Built the frame in 2 x 4 set 3/8 inch. Paint it with gel paint and attaché the screen molding when it dried. More detail!
Wait, if you almost give up already and If you can’t take more words and images, a relevant video in the video is ready to help you. Play and you’ll hear nice voice over that will transfer raw knowledge of this post in your brain.

4. Patriotic Dresser Rast Hack

4 Patriotic Dresser Rast makeover via simphomeStart the work by making American shield and measure it on the drawers. You can mimic the gate by making a corner template and route it around. Trace the stars onto the shield. Some paints you may need are gold, black, red, blue, and white. More information!

5. A nice built in shelves from 3 IKEA Brimnes Dressers

5 A nice built in shelves from 3 IKEA Brimnes Dressers via simphomeRegarding the 3 IKEA brimnes dressers, it has frosted glass on the top. To have it well placed with your wallpaper, you might need to draw lines to be used as the guide. It is also important to avoid overlaps between your wallpaper as well as any other furniture. Source!

6. IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet

6 IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet via simphome

To makeover it, first, you need to add plywood for the top and base. The size is about 13’’ x 8 ½ ‘’. Give the mop some legs then continue by painting it. Label the drawers then for the last, decoupage the top. Read more!

7. DIY Twin Storage Bed from two IKEA TROFAST 37 x 17 storage shelves

7 DIY Twin Storage Bed from two IKEA TROFAST 37 x 17 storage shelves via simphomeTo make it, first, you should build the IKEA trofast shelves by following the instruction given. After that, sand the edges of the plywood pieces. Continue by painting it, only in the inside and one outer side. Next, lay the pieces and drill 3 pocket holes and arrange the pieces layered. More detail!

8. IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser makeover

8 IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser makeover via simphomeIf you wonder to give a brand new look dresser by hacking it, paint is the key. For a recommendation, you can use glossy oil paint in Charcoal Gray. This paint will give you a metal like finishing. More information!
9. IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary.
9 Ikea Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary simphomeFirst, make the base and trim it out. Add the corner with trim pieces. Next, add the top then make the doors.attach the doors and give stain for the finishing. More info!
10. IKEA Cubby Hack.
10 Ikea Cubby Hack featured at www simphome comFirst, cut plywood in 1/4’’. If you want to make 1’’ lip on each shelf, you need to make the base board in 3’’ tall while the rest is 2’’ tall. For the paint, the Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Point will be the best choice. Source!

Part 2:

11. Warm and colorful Ikea Dressers

11 Warm and colorful Ikea Dressers via simphomeTo have ikea dressers in warm color, the tarva dressers is one best option you can choose. Stain the sides is one key to have it. Next, choose colors between Queen Anne’s Lace SW 6420, Celery SW 6421, Shagreen SW 6422, Ryegrass SW 6423, and Tansy Green SW 6424. Source!

12. Tarva IKEA dresser to TV Cabinet

12 Tarva IKEA dresser to TV Cabinets via simphomeIf you want to have a TV cabinet but think that it is too expensive, jut hack IKEA and turn it to be your TV cabinet. It only need inexpensive wood to bulk the top. Read more!

13. Build a Cheap and Easy Ikea Bucket Organizer

13 Build a Cheap and Easy Ikea Bucket Organizer via simphomeTo build it, you need to prepare many cuts. It includes 2 in 1x 2’’ @ 4 x ¼’’. 4 in 1 x 2’’ @ 14 x ¼’’, and 2 boards @ 5 ¾ x 5’’. After you cut it, you can start to assemble it by using wood glue on every joint then reinforce it with 16 gauge of 1.5’’ nails. More detail!

14. IKEA Expedite $10 shelf doors

14 Ikea Expedite 10 shelf doors featured at www simphome comFirst, you need to measure 1 inch of the edges on the top of the canvas then screw it in the eye hooks. Repeat it for as many as canvas you prepared then hold it. Last, screw it into bookcase. More information!

15. Suitcases dresser IKEA rast hack

15 Suitcases dresser IKEA rast hack via simphomeWhat you need to make a cool hack includes leather scraps, upholstery tacks, sharpie, as well as cotton rags. After assembling your drawers, stain it, then paint the drawers front with the one you want. More info!

16. IKEA Rast Hack by Confession of a Serial Diyer

16 IKEA Rast Hack by Confession of a Serial Diyer via simphomeA cool of rast hack actually only need simple thing. First, add a new top. Then trim it to hide the gap. Add fabric to the drawer fronts then mold the frame out of the drawers. Do it carefully, and voila… a new cool rast is done. Source!

17. IKEA SEKTION Hack: TV Console

17 IKEA SEKTION makeover TV Console via simphomeTo begin with, get two SEKTONI wall cabinets. Assemble them together. Secure it with fibreboard shelves. Add suspensions rails if you want to have it float on the wall. On the other hand, you can also have the legs if you want to make it looks like a furniture piece. Read more!

18. Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser – IKEA Rast Hack

18 Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser IKEA makeover via simphomeFor other IKEA rast makeover, you can also give a different touch of Pittsburgh Paints’ new door, trim & furniture paint. One main reason is that it can give you rich and deep finishing. It will still give you the same result even if you apply it on canvas. More detail!

19. IKEA Hacked Garage Storage idea

19 Ikea makeover as a new Garage Storage idea via simphomeOne hack you can try is by purchasing unfinished lower kitchen cabinets. Then, add a countertop on it. However, this way may cost you a little much money. For other option, you can also have some graph paper then ,arch it out to the garage. More information!

20. $15 Ikea Pax Door Hack

20 Fifeteen dollar Ikea Pax Door makeover via simphomeTo have this trick, first you need to recreate the panel in the same look. However, if you have difficulties in it, you can also turn it to be foyer door. It does not have much different actually, as it will give you the same function. More info!

Part 3:

21. IKEA billy bookcase coverted as a pantry storage

21 IKEA billy bookcase coverted as a pantry storage via simphomeIf you have shelf, which is wider than the one you prefer to be you can make a hack of it as follows. Measure the highest food you will store and install hinges for the doors. It may takes long time, but after this, you will have a cool pantry storage you can match with your needs. Source!

22. DIY Doors for IKEA Expedit Cubby Shelf

22 DIY Doors for IKEA Expedit Cubby Shelf via simphomeFirst, cut 10 doors. Then attach it by using concealed euro cabinet hinges full half inset overlay face frame frameless. Then use 1/4 ‘’ poplar craft in 1 ½’’ wide. Sand and prime the edges for the next step. Then coat it with paint. Read more!

23. Two Toned IKEA Rast Dresser Hack

23 Two Toned IKEA Rast Dresser Hack featured at www simphome comTo add dimension of the rast you wantto hack, trim them out with wood lattice strips. On the other hand, the finishing needs wood lattice before you nail it. For the staining, you can use Rustoleum Dark Walmut. More detail!

24. IKEA Rast dresser hack- dresser into dog bed

24 IKEA Rast dresser hack dresser into dog bed via simphomeFirst, remove the front piece of the dresser. Put additional boards then drill some holes on it. Put the drawer sides up against the front dresser and use brackets to secure it. More information!

25. IKEA Rast Hack Trash and Recycling Center

25 IKEA Rast Hack Trash and Recycling Center via simphomeTo hack your recycling center, you will need two similar pieces of wood. Scrap wood is fine. Prepare tape measure, drill, as well as wood screw. Do not forget the two 10 inch of wide trash bins, drawer hardware as well as PPG. To ease the painting, use the paint folks tint the the primer in one shade lighter. More info!
26. IKEA Dresser Makeover by the make your own zone.
26 Ikea Dresser Makeover by the make your own zone via simphomeFirst, lay out all the pieces you got then assembly it. To make it looks like foyer table, you need to eliminate the bottom part then make a shelf instead. Source!

27. Potato and vegetable bin IKEA rast hack

27 Potato and vegetable bin IKEA rast makeover via simphomeYou can also remake your IKEA rast hack to be potato as well as vegetable bin. All you need to prepare are just trimming the door, staining the color, drill it, put some hickory hardware knobs as well as drawer pulls. Read more!

28. (Anthropologie Inspired) IKEA Rast Dresser Hack by sincerelysarad

28 Anthropologie Inspired IKEA Rast Dresser Hack by sincerelysarad via simphomeIf you want to have the Mirelle Three Drawer Dresser from Anthropologie but you have no enough money, you can just make a hack with your IKEA rast dresser. Just add it with KOK woodgoods, colonial elegance scrap wood and mirror. More detail!

29. Double Dresser Window Seat Built-In with Ikea Hemnes

29 Double Dresser Window Seat Built In with Ikea Hemnes via simphomeIn making hacks of it, you can cut a notch in the baseboard if you want to fill the gaps you find between the legs of the dresser. More information!

30. Sheet music table IKEA makeover

30 Sheet music table via simphomeAnother hack of it can take the inspiration of Brown Paper Bag. This hack takes old sheet music then crumple it up. this effect will also give a leathery texture on the surface.

Part 4:

31. Ikea rast hack by canarystreetcraft

31 Ikea rast hack by canarystreetcraft via simphomeThis hack needs you to use Pittsburgh Paint & stains “Trim Door and Furniture Paint”. It is an oil base paint with strong odor. Read more!

32. IKEA Rast Dresser Hack by bliss ranch

32 IKEA Rast Dresser Hack by bliss ranch via simphomeThis hacking needs Pittburgh paints with the new trim, door, as well as furniture paint. Besides, it also need hickory hardware as other supplies. More information!
That’s it and thank you for reading half part of this list – not literally. Take a deep breath and continue with our second part of this list.

INTRO: If you want to do a makeover of your house, you may try following 20 cheap home makeover solutions from IKEA (From number 33-52).

IKEA is known as the most popular furniture retailer. So, no doubt that IKEA knows what best for your home. You can remodel your home by doing makeover in every room at your house. So, here are the home makeover ideas from IKEA that you can try.

33. Make-up Station

33 Make up station via simphomeMake-up station does not require a large space. Thus, you can do the makeover for the make-up station easily. First, you can put laptop tables because it is compact and it fits well in small area. In IKEA, Vittjso Laptop Tables cost around $39.99. It is made of tempered glass and steel which are very durable.

Then, you can have a Lennart Drawer to keep some of your beauty tools. It costs around $14.99. As the main part of make-up station, mirror is necessary. Karmsund Table Mirror from IKEA is priced $17.99, offering excellent décor and flexibility.

34. Extend the Home Outdoors

34 Extend the Home Outdoors via simphome comYou can extend your house outdoors when doing the home makeover. You may decorate it with plants so that it will be more attractive. IKEA offers many kinds of plotted plants such as Succulent ($3.49), Phalaenopsis ($7.99), Dracaena Margirata ($9.99), Ananas ($12.99), and many more. You can choose your favorite plants. Then, you can have IKEA Solrosfro Plant Stand by spending $12.99 so that you can place those plants nicely.

35. Room Dividing Wardrobe

35 Room Dividing Wardrobe via simphome comRoom dividing wardrobe needs a clothes rail and IKEA has Elvarli Clothes Rail which is priced $5.00. By using ELVARLI clothes rail, you can assemble it in two ways either with or without Elvarli shelf at the top. Then, you can also buy a Bumerang hanger that costs $4.99 each for the clothes.

36. Balcony: Chill Time!

36 Balcony Chill Time via simphome comIf you have a balcony at your house, you may try this idea. You can purchase an IKEA product, Falster Table and Two Benches which are priced $325.00. Although it is quite expensive, it is worth it because that furniture piece is sturdy. Then, you can add Ramso Umbrella to prevent from the rain and sunlight. By only spending $9.99 you can get Ramso Umbrella. It is easy to attach and move.

37. Let’s gardening in the rooftop

37 Let’s gardening in the rooftop via simphome comYou may use rooftop for gardening. Make sure that you choose the correct foundation for the flooring so that it will be easier for the water drainage. You can choose IKEA Runnen Floor Decking Outdoor which is priced for about $2.29/square feet. Then, IKEA Frakta Shopping Bag can help you in composting. You just need to spend around $0.79 for getting the shopping bag in medium size. To complete the makeover, you can put IKEA Ps Vago Chair in the rooftop. The price of IKEA Ps Vago chair is $29.99.

38. Indoor Gardening

38 Indoor Gardening via simphomeFirst of all, choose a place that is passed by the natural sunlight. Then, set the plant from the corner vertically. You can use plant stand to put the plant on it. IKEA sells Satsumas Plant Stand and the price is $44.99. Then, you can keep the gardening tools in the shelf. IKEA Hindo Shelf Unit can be a good choice.

Although the price is $50.00, Hindo Shelf Unit is durable and easy to clean because it is made of powder-coated steel. To make it more beautiful, IKEA Socker Greenhouse can be chosen as the decoration. The greenhouse is priced $19.99.

39. Bathroom design idea inspired by IKEA

39 Bathroom organizing solutions from IKEA via simphomeIf you want to hang a lot of things, you should have extra S-hooks so that you can hang it easily. Thus, you need a shower curtain rod to hang the S-hooks. The Hornen Shower Curtain Rod is priced $13.99 in IKEA. Then, make use the wall. You can put the storage in the wall cabinet.

You can purchase the wall cabinet from IKEA by spending around $49.99. IKEA also offers Brickan Mirror with storage unit. So, not only having a mirror but you can also put your bath tools in the storage unit. However, you should spend $42.49 to have Brickan Mirror with storage unit.

40. Outdoor Kitchen

40 Outdoor Kitchen via simphome comOutdoor kitchen is identical with a grill. You have to spend around $50.00 for buying the Klasen Charcoal Grill in IKEA. Then, make it complete with IKEA Grundtal Kitchen Cart so that you can put the food on it. Despite the fact that the price is $149.00, you can have extra storage which is strong, durable, and made by stainless steel in your outdoor kitchen. Don’t forget to put the trash bin. One of the options is IKEA Knod bin which costs $14.99.

Part 5:

41. Indoor Kitchen

41 Indoor Kitchen idea from IKEA via simphome comFor doing the makeover of the indoor kitchen, you can change the old faucet into the new one. The price of Elverdam Kitchen Faucet in IKEA is about $149.00. By using this faucet, you can save water and energy because it has a mechanism which reduces the water flow while maintaining the pressure.

Then, you can combine it with IKEA Besta Storage. IKEA Besta Storage Combination between doors and drawers is priced $190.00. You can choose your own favorite colors. You can also add new stuffs such as Droppar Jar and Gubbrora Ruber Spatula. The prices for those stuffs are $5.99 and $0.99.

42. Dining Room inspired IKEA

42 Dining Room IKEA inspiration via simphomeYou can do the makeover in the dining room by replacing the plate. IKEA Fargrik Plate is good choice because the design is simple and the price is low, around $2.49. Then you can complete it with IKEA Ivrig Red Wine Glass that costs $2.99. Pay attention also to the tablecloths. One of the options, tablecloth from IKEA is priced around $24.99. The point is doing makeover to your dining room will not spend much money as long as you keep it simple.

43. Space-Saving Dining Table

43 A Space Saving Dining Table idea via simphome comIf there is only small space for the dining table, you can put NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf tables from IKEA. The price is $39.00. To complete your brand new space-saving dining table, you can add IKEA Terje Folding Chair that is priced $19.99.

44. Outdoor Living Room

44 Outdoor Living Room via simphome comYou can use more space for the outdoor living room. Outdoor living room is a good choice if you want to spend more of your time with your family. It will be a complete set with the addition of armchair. You can buy IKEA Mastholmen armchair by spending $100.00 or IKEA Kungsholmen which is cheaper than Mastholmen, IKEA Kungsholmen costs $74.00. Complete your outdoor living room with IKEA Hindo cabinet that is priced $69.00.

45. Living room and Bedroom Combination

45 Living room and Bedroom Combination via simphome comYou may use one room for both living room and bed room. Choose a sofa that can be changed into a bed. That kind of sofa is available in IKEA but you have to spend around $360.00 to get the IKEA Vallentuna Sleeper Seat Section. There is a cheaper version named Vallentuna Storage Seat Section that costs $157.25.

Then you can decorate your room with shelf or vintage. You can choose IKEA Besta Shelf that costs $150.00 or $63.00. If you want to keep small stuffs you can choose IKEA Knallbagae Hanging Organizer rather than shelf because the price is $5.99 or cheaper than Besta Shelf.

46. Living Room Inspired IKEA

46 Living Room sofa via simphomeTo redesign the living room, you can put new things in the living room. First, you can choose fabric sofas, leather fabric sofas, or sleeper sofas. The cheapest fabric sofa is IKEA Ektrop Sofa which is priced $322.15. The simplest leather fabric sofa is IKEA Skogaby Loveseat but it costs $577.15. The costs of those two sofas are quite high. Then, the sleeper sofas from IKEA are priced more than $500.00.

47. Teenager Bedroom

47 IKEAs Teenage Bedroom idea via simphome comYou can start the makeover by preparing smart stationery storage. IKEA Lack Wall Shelf is one of smart stationery storage that you can buy. The price is also affordable, only around $14.99. It becomes one with the wall. If you want to have a shelf that does not stick with the wall, you can choose IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit by spending $109.00. Complete your makeover with IKEA Gregor Swivel Chair which costs $99.00.

48. Bedroom inspired by IKEA

48 IKEAs Bedroom makeover idea via simphome comChoose the most comfortable bed that you want to have. Buying bed does not require high cost and you can choose the most affordable one for perfect bed. If you have an IKEA membership, you can buy the Gjora Bed Frame by spending $199.20 only. Then you can customize the style of the bed frame.

Besides, it is also durable and warm. Cover your pillow with IKEA Puderviva Duvet Cover and Pillowcase. The price is $89.99. Furthermore, IKEA Nordli Modular 2-drawer Chest can be placed in the bedroom as the relaxing spot in the bedroom. It costs $80.00.

49. Children’s Bedroom

49 Children’s Bedroom via simphome comDoing makeover for children’s bedroom is a fun thing to do. IKEA offers a Busunge Extendable Bed that is very suitable for children because it can be pulled out as the children grow. You just need to spend around $199.00. Then, complete the room with IKEA Hemmahos Rug so that the children can play on the floor.

It costs $29.99 only. Don’t forget to put storage because children want to keep a lot of stuffs. You can choose IKEA Stuva Storage Bench because it is simple and the cheapest among others. It is priced $64.99.

50. Work Room

50 Work Room in a small space IKEA inspiration via simphomeYou can place wall-mounted drop-leaf table in the work room. In IKEA, the price of wall-mounted drop-leaf table is $39.00. It is covered with melamine so that it is durable and easy to be cleaned.
50 Work Room ikea inspiration via simphomeThen, add the Knuff Magazine File to keep your magazine so that you can enjoy it during your free time. It costs $9.99. Moreover, complete your work room with IKEA Svirvel Floor Lamp with 2 shades that costs $39.99.

Part 6:

51. Family Room

51 Family Room inspired by IKEA via simphome comActually, you can have a living room as the family room too. You can spend time with your children here. So, put some toys or bunk bed frame. Bunk bed frame is a bed that has two levels (upper and lower) that children like. The price is $119.00.

The options of the toys are Lillabo Toy Car ($3.99), Lillabo Toy Figure ($4.99/ 5 pack), Busa Children’s Tent ($9.99), and many more. You can buy those things in IKEA.

52. Have a Room for Yourself

52 Have a Room for Yourself via simphome comPeople have different hobbies. Some like music, some others like painting, etc. Thus, you can add an additional room for spending your time doing your hobbies. If you like reading, you can put shelving unit to keep your entire book. IKEA Ivar Shelving Unit is priced $69.00. Place IKEA Vedbo Chair to make it more comfortable by spending $199.00 for it. Then, place wall shelf if it is necessary. IKEA Ekby Osten Wall Shelf is only priced $13.99.

Have a passage in your house that is beautifully wide but isn’t serving any purpose? I’ll repeat that question with the answer if you stick with me. I promise you. Unless the world suddenly collapse in the next few seconds, I’ll make my word. Anyway, from 53-57, I am going to give you a list 5 IKEA Storage Makeover Ideas and DIY Projects for every Home owners finding and reading this post. Btw I have DIY Projects for anyone living in a boring place too.

53. TRONES Headboard Storage

53 TRONES Headboard Storage via simphome comThe TRONES unit goes well with a BRIMNES bed. Attaching the TRONES unit to the BRIMNES bed requires a little bit of drilling and tightening bolts. However, before you bolt the TRONES unit, measure up the size of the unit with the bed and attach a hard wood piece for the remaining area onto the head board.

This way, the finish will look more elegant and you can have some space on the head board for random storage. With multiple designs from IKEA, you can utilize every single inch of space in your home. An IKEA TRONES cabin can also be used as a side table depending on your convenience. Source

54. Convenient Side Table from IKEA Trones

54 Convenient Side Table from IKEA Trones via simphome comInstall 2 IKEA Trones and lay a poplar board on top to assemble your own side table for your night lamp, phone etc. Source

55. Everything under one mattress with SEKTION Storage Bed

55 Everything under one mattress with SEKTION Storage Bed via simphome comWant more space to move around and more space for storage? This closet free idea from IKEA can help you get rid of all closets and dressers in your bedroom, leaving just your bed. Use IKEA’s SEKTION base cabinets to make an excellent storage space below your bed.
You can also opt for a couple of railings from IKEA’s FINTORP series that will be useful for shoes. However, if you can get a hold of the METOD bed from IKEA, then opt for it as it has more neatly tucked in cabins.

56. Transform Dead Space into Shoe Storage with Lack Table Shoe Shelves

56 Transform Dead Space into Shoe Storage with Lack Table Shoe Shelves via simphomeThis is a brilliant hack that lets you take advantage of any corner in your house. For this, you need a LACK table and you need to cut it in half. When cut as a half, it is the perfect for shelving racks. Simple drill them into a wall corner to make for a shelf that can hold your shoes or your indoor plants. Source

57. Entryway colourful storage area

57 Entryway colourful storage area via simphome comHave a passage in your house that is beautifully wide but isn’t serving any purpose? Opt for a couple of IVAR cabinets and attach them to the wall. You can paint them in vibrant colours giving your house a bohemian feel while the shelves can house miscellaneous objects depending on where they are placed in the house. You can place old newspapers and magazines, tool kits or shoes to utilise this vibrant pathway. Source

58. IKEA Table makeovers

Marble and copper IKEA RISSNA table makeover.

In this list, we going to specifically talk about dozens IKEA table makeovers and improvements that people have tried. Some of them are IKEA fans – I assume- and some other are people who can’t just stay any longer with conventional IKEA table designs. Check them out and share your thought. And click here for Side-table makeovers

59. IKEA Chair Makeovers
Fetured IKEA Chair makeover - DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA makeover via simphomeStill relevant with our topic and this time we are going to focus on IKEA chair products available in many IKEA stores around the globe. Once you check them out try to drown yourself under vast amount of inspirations so that you can contribute your own later.

60. 45 IKEA Makeover PRODUCTS
ikea product makeover
This time of course we are expanding our research not only IKEA chair and table but also other IKEA products you probably not familiar with. If you’re one of them easily who are provoked by creative persons with their creative contributions to the society, sneak peak this list and prove yourself how far can you go.

61. 32 IKEA FURNITURE Hauls include furniture outside IKEA

IKEA Furniture Hauls 1
Still diving inside IKEA creative minds, this time, we invite other furniture merchant with their furniture products. This list is always long and linked to relevant resources. Get yourself to this list and contemplate yourself with ideas you probably can transfer to your reality. Of course with your elbow and grease sacrifices.

62. 37 IKEA furniture upgrades

IKEA furnitures upgrade
These upgrades will cost your weekend, your old and faded IKEA and perhaps your new but boring IKEA pieces too. If you are heavy fan of IKEA and had been experimented with different kind of IKEA hacking, perhaps you’ll find new surprise here. And for that privilege my friend, I hope you don’t mind to share our list to anyone close to you in your Social Media. Friends or foes.

This is our 25 IKEA Storage and Furniture Hack Video:

The video feature 25 ideas included in this post include a professional voice over production, rigorous editing process, and other video production elements that I could not tell or share in detail here.

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