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Life hack has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more enjoyable. Listed below are 30+ simple DIY furniture hacks which will cause you to need to hit the thrift shop! You won’t ever look at a classic piece of furniture exactly the same. These are so unique and smart.

The list is split to 3 sections and you’ll find 1 videos related to this list (Number 29), and if you have a destiny to see point 30th, you’ll find another list related to this topic. Hope you’ll like it and find it useful.


1. Part 1

1. Vintage Feed Sack Chair

VINTAGE FEED SACK CHAIR 1 simphome com pRemove the current skin of the chair, paint its frame and give it a white wash. Stitch sack together and cover the old chair skin with it.

2. Up-cycled Beverage Station
Upcycled Beverage Station 2 simphome com pLevel the location for bracket then, attach with screw to the door. Attach shelf, add glue clamp and relax, then attach a metal wine glass rack to its other side before gluing the upper shelf. It can be secured to a brick wall using a cement screw.

3. Night Stand Makeover
Night Stand Makeover 3 simphome com pBuild a box from scrap pieces of plywood and pry off the bottom trim. Cut the top pieces to size, glue and screw on the bottom of the stand. For the drawer face, apply glue to the drawer front, put in place as desired and nail. 4 pieces scrap piece of flooring is required to cover the night stand. Attach them together with glue and nails, nail some scraps to the bottom and add bead board using nails and glue.

4. Farmhouse Table makeover with Home Right Sprayer
Farmhouse Table Makeover with HomeRight Sprayer 4 simphome com pSand table, spray and add 4 coasts of poly to it.

5. Bathroom Magazine Rack (DIY)
Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack 5 simphome com pMeasure out the height of your required rack, cut wood to desired length and be sure to level and straighten the rack. Nail the top and bottom measure out your desired width and place a wood at the other side. Add one 1 by 3 piece so that the top and bottom can rest on. Ensure your board is straight, then nail.

6. How to Make your own Side Table
Making a Side Table ikea hack 6 simphome com pGet a piece of wood that fits frame, apply two coast of stain on top. Let stain dry, then spray with favorite color. Drill holes and fasten screws to the wood frame.

7. Reupholstering Chair Without sewing
How to DIY Reupholstering Chair without Sewing it 7 simphome com pCut fabrics secure it into creases area using staple gun. Design air compression and construct staples. Cut pieces facing front on both sides, staple where visible and cover the inside of the arm chair hiding staple beneath arm.

Cut rectangular shapes leaving fabric to fold inwards, pull tight and staple each corner, do the same for top side piece.

8. Cork Board Office Wall
DIY Corkboard Office wall 8 Simphome com pThis can be found in almost all home improvement stores and they can be placed on any flat surface. Let the cork board cover wall, a floating shelf can be added to the wall so as to show picture frames.


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9. Card File Drawer
IKEA CARD FILE DRAWERS HACK 9 Simphome com pApply 2 coasts of timber stain to the drawer, also add soft luster to enhance the quality of stain then apply 3 coasts of Danish oil. Let oil dry, then attach pulls. Ensure the nail hold the pulls is poked through the drawer front’s rear, then design simple antique for card holders.

10. Feast Watson Near Table Transformer
Feast Watson Bedside Table Transformation 10 Simphome com pCut claddings from sheets of pine ply (it has to include all required parts for the drawer) and sand all. Apply 2 coasts of dilute color reducer Feast Watson Prooftint. Apply cladding to the tables and use square pine timber for the feet.

Attach to base using 3 screws and liquid nail, be sure to pint before applying the cladding. Each piece should be laid carefully on top of the drawer and clamped.

Let me try different perspective:

Measure bedside tables accurately by cutting all of the cladding from large sheets of pine ply. This included the faux drawer fronts (30 pieces in total), the shaker-style side trim (20 pieces in total) and the tops and bases (four pieces in total).

Stock up on Feast Watson Prooftint (Teak), Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil and Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer beforehand. For the hardware, you can put some plain label holders flanked by small brass knobs. As a finishing touch you can line the drawers and use geometric patterned wrapping paper

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