28 Clever IKEA Chair hacks

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There are lots of ideas in using the Ikea chairs. Sure, the chairs can look different or even can have another function by getting some hacks. There are some ideas of the Ikea chair hacks which can be your inspirations in doing some hacks to your Ikea chairs.

And if you wish this list presented in a video format, find your wish near the bottom of this post. The video is relevant with 27 IKEA table makeover ideas and  25 IKEA storage solutions ideas that I already published in this very same website. Visit links I already served for you and see you there very soon!

List Section:

1. DIY Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair.1 DIY Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair 590x885 Simphome com

The Ikea office chair can be makeover by applying the fabric decoupage. You can simply use the light cotton fabric to cover the surface of the chair. You can place it there by applying glue on the surface. Mod Podge can be one of the ideas.

Then, just cover the surface neatly and trimming the excess of the fabric to let it neat. For the back of the chairs back, it can be repainted in attractive tone.


2 DIY MARBLED IKEA VILMAR CHAIR Simphome comYou can get the new look of your Ikea Vilmar chair by turning the surface of the chair into marble patterns as like in this hack. It can be obtained by applying the marble patterned paper onto the surface.

Besides the chair and the decorative paper, you will need Mod Podge furniture formula, razor blades, a small brush, Mod Podge Squeegee, and also spray polyurethane which is optional. The way is similar to the decoupage, since it only decorates the surface by gluing the decorative paper (in marble pattern) onto the chair surface.


3 IKEA POANG CHAIR RECOVER Simphome comYour Ikea Poang chair can get the better comfort and new look by recovering them. You can make your own cushion and covers to improve its comfort and look. Choose the fabric in attractive patterns and make the cushion. Make it detachable so that you can wash it anytime you need.

4. DIY: DALFRED IKEA Bar Stools Makeover | IKEA Hack.

4 DIY DALFRED IKEA Bar Stools Makeover IKEA Hack Simphome comGetting the better yet new look of Ikea Dalfred bar stool can be easily done by painting some parts of the stools. One of the ideas is repainting the tips of the stool’s legs, the ring, and the chair seat surface. For the seat surface, you need to apply sealer to give better protection.

5. Ikea LATT Hack.

5 Ikea LATT Hack simphome comThe next idea is about the hack for your Ikea Latt. One of the ideas of the hack is by making the cushion with attractive cover for the chairs. You can use patterned canvas fabric, foam, and cardboard. The duct tape will help to get better support. The spray adhesive can be used to secure the cushion onto the seat. Attaching plexiglass onto the table surface is also another inspiring hack idea.

6. DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA Hack.

6 DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA Hack simphome comIf you have the ikea sling chair or beach chair, you can do a bit hack for the new look. One of the ideas is to replace the sling of the chair to the leather sling. You can cut the leather based on the original sling shape. Then, sew it properly and make it as like the original one.

7. Ikea Hack: Leather Lounge Chair.

7 Ikea Hack Leather Lounge Chair simphome com

Ikea lounge chair can also get the proper makeover for the new better appearance. What you can do is to make the leather cover for the chair. You can also repaint the frame of the chair into the different colour, for example in the gold tone. Thus, it will look attractive.

8. Ikea Hack – Skruvsta Denim Chair Upcycle.

8 Ikea Hack – Skruvsta Denim Chair Upcycle simphome com
Ikea Skruvsta chair can be hacked into the stunning look of the denim office chair. You can simply utilize your old jeans. You will need about four pairs and then cut them up inside the seam of leg for getting the large pieces of fabric. Then, cut and sew them based on the pattern.

9. DIY project: IKEA bedside chair.

9 ikea bedside chair simphome com
Ikea bedside chair can be such the unique idea. You will need an Ikea ivar, ikea snodd knob, and also ikea tral sconce, wooden box, drawer slide in ten inches long, and wood screws. You need to attach the ikea tral sconce on the back of the chair. Then, install the drawer under the seat including the knob.

10. Recovering the IKEA Tullsta Chair.

10 Recovering the Ikea Tullsta Chair 382x576 simphome com
Your Ikea Tullsta Chair can get the new look by recovering it. You can prepare about 4.5 meter of fabric in your favourite patterns or colour. You can use any thick material as like canvas. Make the pattern of the cover first. Then cut and sew the fabric. Make it as neat as possible.

11. Twin IKEA poang hacks.

11 Twin IKEA poang hacks 639x928 Simphome com
Have two Ikea poang chairs will enable you to make the type of the twin poang chair. You can make them to be armless for one side per chair. Then, you also can apply shock absorber. As the result, it gives you the comfort of the twin chair from two Ikea poang chairs.


12 STOOLS IN SHADES OF MINT 700x827 Simphome com
Have Ikea Aalto and of course you can make it much more attractive by getting the new tone for your stools. You can simply repaint the seat surface of the stool into your favourite tone, as like mint. You can also let the legs of the stools in its original colour since they are natural yet neutral.

13. Old IKEA chair hack with some nice cushion.

13 Old IKEA chair hack with some nice cushion1067x1600 Simphome com
The simple yet effective way to get the fresh look and also better comfort is by reupholstering the chair. It can also be done to your Ikea poang chair. You can use the foam and patterned fabric as the cover. Then make the pattern based on the shape of the chair.

14. Poang Armrest Extension.

14 Poang Armrest Extension 960x1280 Simphome com
If you have an Ikea poang chair, you can add its feature for your comfort by adding the armrest extension which will be helpful for holding your gadget or even your breakfast. You will need timber, chisel, Fret G clamp, and also timber stain along with the poang chair. Just arrange them on the arm of the chair.

15. IKEA Poang Chair hack with Slipcover.

15 IKEA Poang Chair hack with Slipcover 683x1024 Simphome com
You can make your own slip cover for your Ikea poang chair which then will make your chair looks fresh and more comfortable. You will need about 4 meters of fabric as like canvas, sewing supplies, and Velcro. You can measure the cushion of chair and then make the pattern which is then turn the fabric into the slipcover.

16. IKEA Dining Chair hack Into a Fornasetti Work of Art.

16 IKEA Dining Chair hack Into a Fornasetti Work of Art 450x609 Simphome com
If you have the old Ikea dining chair, why don’t you do some makeover to make it look different, you can use the fornasetti work as the decoration of the chair. You can use the decoupage method for it but firstly you need to repaint your chair into black. Then do the decoration.

17. IKEA hack chair with some magazine papers.

17 IKEA hack chair with some magazine papers 640x964 simphome com
Your Ikea chairs which have been old can get its new look in some affordable yet simple way. You can use the old magazine papers or news papers to cover or decorate your chair. As usual you can simply use the decoupage method.

18. IKEA Hack: IKEA’s IVAR and IKEA’s INGO Get a Facelift.

18 IKEAs IVAR and IKEAs INGO Get a Facelift 500x735 Simphome com
A facelift for your Ikea Ivar and Ingo is a good idea. Simply, for your Ikea Ivar, you can repaint the frame in the stunning new colour, as like electric blue and add the cushions with the blue patterned cover. Then, for Ikea Ingo, you can stain the legs using the semi transparent stain. You can use Behr in the tone of pinto white.

19. IKEA Dining Room Table Makeover by the craftcrib.

19 IKEA Dining Room Table Makeover by the craftcrib 600x895 simphome com
Ikea dining room table and also the chairs can be turned into the different look. You can simply apply the stain for getting the dark tone onto the surface of the table and also the chairs’ seat surface. Then, for the legs and the rest area repaint them using the white tone.

20. IKEA Dining Room Table Makeover.

20 IKEA Dining Room Table Makeover 480x640 simphome com
Once again, you can use the decoupage method to decorate or to get the new look of your Ikea chair including the Ikea Nordmyra chair. You can use old map and apply it to the surface of the seat and back of the chair. Then, the result will be completely unique, chairs with map patterns.


21 MONGOLIAN LAMB STOOL 640x853 simphome com
The Ikea marius stool can be turned into a Mongolian lamp stool. You can detach the seat surface and use the seat as a template to make the circle of wooden board and also the foam. Then, you can attach the wood and foam together. Cover the Mongolian lamb cushion cover all over the foam and attach it to the stool leg or frame.

22. IKEA hack Pimp the poang.

22 IKEA hack Pimp the poang 480x640 simphome com
You can pimp your Ikea poang into the totally different look. you can simply repaint the frame of the chair and then you can make the back lower. Then, use the sling to make it look different. That will entirely fresh.


23 DIY Ikea hack GLAMMED UP GOLD STOOLS 625x940 simphome com
The Ikea stools or bar stools can be turned into the glamour look in the golden one. You can simply unscrew the back and seat so that you can easily paint the legs or frame of the chair properly in gold colour. Then, your old chairs will look new and glamorous.

24. IKEA Hack: Photo Frame Chair.

24 IKEA HACK Photo Frame Chair 600x2154 simphome com
You can combine your Ikea Nolmyra chair with the two photo frames which have the measurement of 20.25 inches x 24.25 inches for its outside. Then apply it to the sides of the chairs, detach the seat, and repaint the whole frames. Then attach the seat again and get the new look of the chair.

25. Personalized DIY Ottoman Using Jeans and a Wooden Crate.

25 Personalized DIY Ottoman Using Jeans and a Wooden Crate 735x1102 simphome com
You can get your unqiue ottoman from an Ikea Knagglig box. You can simply install the ikea Roll casters as the wheels of the box. You can also paint the box as you want. Then, make the cushions from the foam and also the old jeans as the cushion cover of the ottoman. Now you get the unique ottoman.

26. IKEA Granas Chair hack.

26 IKEA Granas Chair hack 448x640 simphome com
If you have three old Ikea Granas chairs, then you can turn them into the long bench. You can simply remove the wicker seats and use the metal frames, then, use the long boards to replace the seats so that the three chair frames are united into a bench. Screw and secure them properly.

27. From IKEA poang to Imac Table.

27 From IKEA poang to Imac Table 690x1014 simphome comHaving an old Ikea poang does not mean you are ready to throw it away. You can turn it into an iMac table. What you can do is to get only the wood frame of the chair and remove the others. Turn the front to be the base or surface of the table. Apply the wooden base as the surface of the table, and also the wheels, and the drawer rail. You also can repaint it to get a new look.
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28. DIY Ikea Hack Cream and Black Club Chairs.

28 DIY Ikea Hack Cream and Black Club Chairs 600x1145 simphome com
You can makeover your old Ikea club chairs into the unique cream and black tone. You can simply paint your cover of the chair properly to get the clean cream tone. Then, decorate the edge using the black paracord. You may need about 15 meters of paracord for two chairs. You can install it to the seam areas of the chair. You can sew it for secure. Then, your Ikea chair will look new in cream and black tone.
That’s it.

Video Section:

IKEA Chair Hack and Makeover Video:

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