10 Before and After Wooden Chair Makeover Projects

Wooden chairs are so durable that it can be used for generations. However, they are often left unused because their designs are no longer relevant with latest interior design update. Furthermore, seeing the same furniture for ages is tedious.
No matter what the reason is, don’t be hurry throwing your old chairs away because with a little makeover and upcycling, you can upgrade them and use them to freshen up your house.

If you are curious with what kind of makeover you can take with your wooden chair, find out the answer by reading next 10 Before and After Wooden Chair Makeover Projects list.
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10. Facelift them with Paint| Homejelly.

10. SIMPHOME.COM Give Your Old Chairs a Facelift with PaintOld chairs usually lack design. They tend to be plain with one color which makes them look blah. If you have one with the same problem, consider giving it a facelift.
To do this project, you’ll need black latex paint, your favorite patterned fabric, artist’s medium, and paint brush. Begin with sanding the chair’s frame, then clean it out. Paint the chair with black and dry it overnight.
Next, trace the seat onto the fabric, then cut the fabric out. Apply the artist’s medium then lay the fabric on the seat, and smooth it down. Do the same steps to the back of the chair.

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9. Cross-Stitch your Antique Chair | Flamingotoes.

9. SIMPHOME.COM Cross Stitch Antique Chair
If you like flowers, beautiful vintage floral-patterned chair will be your next project. By tweaking your old chair, you can add some semblance of vintage style to the space. It will take time and creativity but it is worth trying. And if you are going to try this idea, first, you have to prepare white paint, floral cushion, and cotton yarn with some different colors.
Next, paint the chair frame white. If you want to keep its vintage look, distress the paint a little and let it dry. After that, take the yarn and start to stitch the chair following the flower sketch you want.
Stitch patiently till you get some nice flowers. Add floral cushion to accentuate more floral patterns.

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8. Geometric Pattern with Masking Tape Project idea | Delicious and DIY.

8. SIMPHOME.COM Geometric Pattern with Masking TapeHaving limited tools shouldn’t stop you from “make-overing” your old chair. With only some colors of paints, masking tape, and paint brush, you can renew the look of the chair with geometric pattern.
The first thing you need to do is to spray the chair in gold color and leave it dry. Once it is dry, make the geometric pattern on the seat using masking tape. It doesn’t need to be well-ordered, just pull the masking tape wherever you want. Next, have fun with the paint colors! Fill out each pattern with different shades of blue or your favorite color, then peel off the tape when the paint is dry.

7. An Old Chair into a Towel Rack project idea | Myrepurposedlife.

7. SIMPHOME.COM An Old Chair into a Towel RackWhat do you usually do with broken old chair at your home? If “throwing it out” is your answer, you should check this idea out.
The broken old chair is not really a junk.
There must be a part of it that can be repurposed, let’s say turning the back chair into a towel rack.
Yeah, you can make a towel rack from back chair by simply removing it from the chair with a saw. Attach a board on the top right where it was sewed, then add some pieces of board 45 degree angle to brace the rack.
Next, paint it with the color you like and dry it before installing it on the wall.

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6. A Vintage Planter Box project idea | Home BNC.

6. SIMPHOME.COM Vintage Planter Box

Do you want a different look in your garden? Try this vintage planter box! It is made of old chair, so it won’t cost you much, just take a little time to finish.
Start by cutting off the back part of an old chair, then use the seat to make the box planter. You can also use some boards instead, though. Don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom for drainage. Once you’ve done with the box planter, attach it to the back chair, and put it in your porch or deck.

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5. An Affordable Swing Makeover idea | This DIY Life | Husohem.

5. SIMPHOME.COM Affordable SwingWho says that a chair with broken legs is useless? With a little work, you can transform it into a swing that packs lots of joy. All you have to do is removing all the legs and drill some holes for the rope.
The number of holes you need depends on the kind of chair you have. If you use a chair with armrests, you can add two pieces of boards under the seat for the ropes, but make sure they are longer than the armrests. The last, paint it your kid’s favorite color to give a fresh look, then hang it on the tree.

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4. From Chairs into Bench project idea | Myrepurposedlife.

4. SIMPHOME.COM Chairs into BenchIf you don’t know what to do with some ancient chairs at your home, take a look at this brilliant idea. With three chair frames and a board, you can make a bench that can accommodate three or more people.
So, take the frames, and dismantle part of the middle chair by leaving only the back and its two legs.
Next, join them together with a little help from some cutting boards. Install a large piece of board on the top. Make sure to measure and cut them accurately. The last, paint it with your favorite color.

3. From an old Chair to a Wall-Mounted Shelf idea | Home Road.

3. SIMPHOME.COM A Chair Has Turned into a Wall Mounted ShelfAre you looking for a unique shelf to spruce your wall up? This antique chair shelf could be your next weekend project. First, choose an old chair you’d like to use. You only need the back of the chair anyway, so you have to cut it off. Next, add a shelf from a piece of board at the bottom, then paint it white.

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2. A Classic Side Table project idea | Myrepurposedlife.

2. SIMPHOME.COM Classic Side TableFeeling bored with your old chair, yet you don’t want to throw it away? Try repurposing it into a side table. It’s quite simple and easy to make. Just have the back and the seat removed, leaving out only the frame. Remake the seat using pallet board by following the shape of the original seat. Next attach it to the chair table and give a slight dark spray color.

Lastly number 1. Shabby-Chic Planters project idea | Pondered Primed Perfected.

1. SIMPHOME.COM Shabby Chic PlantersNo matter how strong and durable a wooden chair is, there will be a time where it looks tired and worn out that you no longer want to offer it to your guests. When this happens to your chair, instead of throwing it way, try to upcycle it into a unique planter for your garden.
First, beside chair, you have to prepare other supplies like a wire basket, green moss, and the plant.
Begin with removing the seat of the chair then secure the basket to the chair with screws.
Next, line the basket with some green moss then put the plant in.

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So, freshen up the look and decoration of your furniture don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Sometimes you can get them by simply doing a makeover project to the old furniture at home in a fun way, like what I have served for you in 10 Before and After Wooden Chair Makeover Projects you already read.

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