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39 Clever Ways How to Improve Backyard Movie Party Ideas

SIMPHOME.COM 20 Ways How to Improve Backyard Movie Party Ideas

When we are talking about home decoration, then you should not ignore talking about the backyard movie party ideas. Your backyard is the out part side of your home decoration which can be a good material to be redecorated. The backyard ideas allow you to find out the right approach to improve the whole look.
This is very essential to redecorate the backyard. Some people are trying to make their backyards as the gathering spot with their loved ones, such as the backyard movie party ideas.

These ideas will allow you to redecorate your backyard into a fantastic space to gather with your family in your home. As always, this list is compiled for you by and Tavernierspa – our sister website.

10 Ideas How to Improve Movie Backyard Party via Pinterest Image
First 10 Ideas How to Improve Movie Backyard Party Poster

Spending a night watching a movie with friends or other family members in the backyard is much better than watching it alone in the bedroom. This idea is definitely a good way to welcome a summer night while enjoying a small movie party.
There are plenty of ways on how to improve movie backyard parties and that’s our main discussion in this article. Apart from that, the weather will also play a big role as it will be one of the most important reason of the success or failure of our outdoor party
As always, this next list (include a video) is presented for you by and visit link to find more backyard party ideas you probably haven’t heard of before

10 Ideas How to Improve Movie Backyard Parties Video:

This next video contain relevant materials and view different things that I cannot present in a text format such as professional voice over, footage, and other things that you usually find inside your favorite movie screen. Enjoy the list, visit reference links, and if you buy anything via links available in the post, I have to tell you that I will get small amount of commission. Law forced me to say that.

List Entries:

10. Start from the easiest one, Get Some Drinks

10.Get Some Drinks First
While waiting for the movie to start, you can serve drinks to the guests. A movie can take 90 – 120 minutes. It would be great to make them stay hydrated. A variety of drinks should be available as people have their own favorite drinks.
Some fruits would even make it better. Who on earth could resist fresh, and delicious fruits? Those will keep the guests or friends stay comfy during the night.

9. Serve Popcorn Cupcakes

9.Popcorn Cupcakes Ideas via Simphome,com
Popcorn is a very iconic snack that’s often served or consumed while watching a movie. How about popcorn cupcakes? If you want to please your invited friends with something sweet, this idea is definitely worth the try!
This can be alternative when you see your guests are just kind of bored of being served with the same menu. So, it’s really clever move to come up with the idea. The look will keep the movie vibe staying still as its real appearance.
To make these cupcakes, you will need to make some vanilla cupcakes first. Then, make the creamy frosting from unsalted sweet cream butter that has been softened previously, powdered sugar, pure vanilla extract, and heavy whipping cream.
Apply the frosting onto the cupcakes by using a piping bag. Stick the small marshmallow onto it. That’s it! It’s easy, isn’t it?

8. DIY Drive-in Theme Movie Party Idea

8.DIY Drive in Theme via
This drive-in notion should enlighten your kid’s birthday party. The materials used here are and can make them yourself. You’ll need boxes as many as the kids who are going to celebrate the birthday party.
Glue two paper plates on each side of the box. Then, attach a car poster or template on the front side. Write your kid’s name on the back of the box that functions like a plate number. Don’t forget to include a basket in which you’ll be serving the snack.

7. Decorate Your Party with Balloons

7.Decorate with Balloons in backyard party via
Decorating needs some skills even though it looks easy. If you just decorate without planning it first, it’s highly likely that you’re going to make a mess in here and there. Balloons pretty much have beautiful colors with different shapes.
7.Decorate with Balloons in backyard party include with glass frame via

They can work to give a highlight of a decoration. You can add balloons to your concession stand as seen in the picture. They are easy to find and are affordable. and more importantly, they make the stand looks lively.

6. Build Teepee Tents

6.Build Teepee Tents via
Another fun idea you should try for an outdoor movie party is to build a teepee tent. Kids would love a camping vibe as they are fond of adventurous activities. This idea should fit for a smaller number of kids as you might not have tons of tents. ‘
Then include a table, some pillows and mattresses or anything that can make you or your kids get cozy with. For the decoration you can give some strings lights along with string flags would be nice. Check Amazon Selection For Ready to use Teepee Tents!

5. Set the Lighting

5.Set the Lighting via
You’re going to need some lighting set when it comes to decorating outdoor movie party. This will help you light the area around the movie screen. Not to mention, the sky will look pretty when the lighting is properly arranged.
With so many lighting ideas to choose from, you can have lanterns to bright up the night.
5.Backyard Lighting Alternative via
Lanterns also have so many forms and colors that you can organize to fit your taste. They can be an alternative lighting other than string lights. Check Amazon for products

4. DIY Flexible Movie Seating

4.DIY Flexible Movie Seating via
Don’t let your leftover pallets get wasted or end up as firewood because you can create a comfortable movie seating out of them. Why bother spending lots of money on something you can make out of previous project materials?
It can help you save some money. Besides, this chair is also adjustable which can be set to a cozy position.
The chair consists of three pallets that are joined with bolts. To do the job, make two holes on the front part of the pallet and two notches at the end of the pallet.
4.DIY Flexible Movie Seating From Pallet Wood via
Then use a rope through the chair to hold and adjust it.

3. Make Yourself Comfortable

3.Simple Backyard Movie Set up via
When you get everything set, then you can think of a place where you can find yourself comfy. If you’re planning on staying awake all night long, get a right position on your seat. By doing so, you can avoid hurting your back with a bad position while lying down on the seat during the movie.
3.Make Yourself Comfortable via
You should consider the distance where you would set your seating as well. It should be tot too close or far either or your neck will get hurt. You may bring a blanket in case the night is getting colder as it’s getting late.

2. Set the Projector

A projector is one of the main parts of your movie party set that should be included. You should also provide a video source from which the video is played. The theater will look much more interesting if you can bring a good sound otherwise it will feel off.
Therefore, good speakers are a must. Audio can dramatize a moving visualization which is why it’s important. The rest would be to pick a movie that can safely be watched for the entire squad, including the kids if they are joining the party.

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2. And: Epson Home Cinema 3000 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector. Check Item!

Lastly number 1. Get Yourself DIY Movie Screen

1.DIY Movie Screen ideas via
Before you get everything ready, you should first set up a movie screen. You can craft your own movie screen as it’s not so complicated to make.
First, you will need (4) 1 1/2in X10FT PVC Pipes, (6) 1 1/2 in Tees, (2) 1 1/2in Elbows, (4) 1 1/2in Caps, and a King Size King Sheet.


Fold the sheet in half. Measure the width of the screen you’re going to make and cut pipes according to the fixed size. Glue both left and right sides. Attach all the cut pipes with connector, tees, elbows, and caps if necessary.
When all sets up, make it stand. And finally put the sheet on it. There are many interesting activities you can do in the backyard in summer. Hosting a movie party is one of them.
So, now you should be able to decorate your own party decoration with our how to improve movie backyard party ideas. Hopefully you could spend a great night during this summer while following social distancing rules and until we meet again later with our new video, stay safe and have a good night.


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Second Part of This List:

This second part of the list will bring you back to a new count down but this time, it is started with number 1 and sorry to say because this time I cannot provide a video presentation to complete your learning experience. Anyway, I hope you could feel please with every bit materials you find in the post, and until we meet again sometime in the future, Good luck with your special event.

SIMPHOME.COM 10 How to Improve Backyard Movie Party Ideas Featured Image
25+ Ways How to Improve Backyard Movie Party Ideas Poster

List Entries:

1. Beautiful Daybed | Theproperblog.

1.SIMPHOME.COM Beautiful daybed ideaThis is no secret anymore that the comfortable seating is very important for your successful outdoor movie as well. Ensure that events in your backyard will start and end strongly by providing the daybed sofa which is very comfortable for attendees to sit back and they are completely relaxed. To make an instant daybed, place a mattress into the wooden platform and finish it with lavish pillows as well. Always considering your scatter seats or cushion around your backyard while the attendees grab the smaller blankets and pillows.

2. Magical Prints | Redtri.

2.SIMPHOME.COM Magical printsYour backyard transforms into the movie night-ready and thanks to the fun printable as you can see on its image above. There are signs to welcome your guests and DIY popcorn boxes – do not forget with your checklist to help you track the preparation. There is always detail for anything to make your movie night was fun all night long.

3. Popcorn Stand | BHG.

3.SIMPHOME.COM Popcorn StandMovie night will never complete without popcorn. You can check the delicious popcorn recipes to find out something perfect for your party. You can gather the concession service in your long table. For a more fun touch, you can bring out the wheel like the theater-style. You can look for online, or just rent one from your local area. The sparkling lights are a must for the lighting which never competes with the movie.

4. Make your space always Cozy | MomTrends.

4.SIMPHOME.COM Make your space always cozyYou need the decoration inspiration for your movie night – you will love this party complete with the low tables, fluffy pillows and draped lights.
You can transform your backyard into an open-space theater with the scattering of chairs, adorable tents and of course, blankets. Do not forget to prepare your snacks close to the screen for easy munching during the movie.

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5. Portable Bench ideas | Chalk Kids.

5.SIMPHOME.COM Portable Bench ideasInstead of providing the film, one of the biggest priorities is to make sure that your guests will feel comfortable. If your main seating is stools and benches, then you need to add throw pillows along with blankets for extra fun as well.

6. You can Kick back and Relax | Jokipic.

6.SIMPHOME.COM You can kick back and relaxThis is a very fun setup as you can see from the image above. The low seating area for children – of course, is accompanied by snacks, then higher chairs perfect for parents as well. You can check the image to learn on how to make your movie seats along with other ways to adjust your outdoor screen.

7. The Comfier space is always Better | Hotoimg.

7.SIMPHOME.COM The comfier space is always betterYour jaw will drop when seeing this outdoor space. although you may not have any poufs and beautiful rugs with Moroccan-Style, then you still use this idea as your inspiration. You can use your creativity for this setup and arrangement. There are many ways to make it based on the image.

8. Always be Beautiful and Bright.

8.SIMPHOME.COM Always be beautiful and bright
10 Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Movie Night Fresh American within 15 Genius Ways How to Improve Backyard Movie Party Ideas – Tavernierspa

You will love this arrangement from the designer which combines some floor pillows, area rugs, and the low chairs. These are helpful tips on how to start your movie night. So, this is a time to feel comfortable like oversize cushions and Papasan will make each best chair in a home.

Also read: 10 Cheap DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas.
10 Backyard Lighting ideas.

9. Do not forget to bring your Tickets.

9.SIMPHOME.COM Do not forget to bring your tickets
You can use this silver screen-inspired garland which is very easy, simple, fun and perfect to decorate your movie concession stand. So, how to make it? You need to rip off your ticket strips into the length that you want. You can use the four tickets in each strip. Just cut a piece of the jute rope based on its desired length. Fold the top part or two, hot glue in the secure sides. You can repeat this process and even space in your ticket strips.

10. The popcorn Toppers.

10.SIMPHOME.COM The popcorn toppersWe all know that the butter is so good, but your own homemade popcorn recipe is always better. You can try this combination using parmesan, basil, garlic salt, and red pepper. If you want something sweet, then you can sparkle the mix of sugar, cinnamon, and cocoa.

11. You can try Mix and Match.

11.SIMPHOME.COM .You can try mix and matchYou can let the kiddos and adults to make their own snack blends. Making the various movie theater candies, but you can swap out with some biscuits, nuts, and crackers as well. there are many things that you can do and try to make the best mix and match for you.
Credit same with number 3

12. Hang your Outdoor Lights | Find IMG.

12.SIMPHOME.COM Hang your outdoor lightsWhether you want to use the string lights or lanterns, or even both combinations – ensure that you keep your backyard starry bright. The fine glow will make your friends from slipping over one another or they may flash around to their foods or drinks.

13. Simplify Your Movie Screen.

13.SIMPHOME.COM .Simplify Your movie screenWhen the lights off, then it’s the Showtime. Stream the movie from your projector or laptop can be your best option. You can make this screen from the PVC pipes and spread your cloth.
Credit same with number 3

14. DIY Snacks with S’mores.

14.SIMPHOME.COM DIY Snacks with S’moresThe paper berry baskets will collect classic ingredients or snacks. You just need to let your movie attendees help themselves before they just entering the fire pit. This is something which is fun to do and you can check your supply now.
Credit same with number 3

15. Bring in the Hotdogs

15.SIMPHOME.COM Bring in the Hotdogs
These hotdogs are all about the toppings on top. There are so many creative ideas for your backyard favorite such as cheese dog, Reuben dog and so on.
Ensure that you holding an epic movie night with playful concession trays, comfy pillows, and lights.
If you do not know where to start, then you can check those ideas above.
Credit same with number 3
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