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It doesn’t leave you with many options when it comes to talking about picking the right furniture when you don’t have enough space. Every time you’re about to purchase new furniture set, you should consider how big the furniture is and how much space it will take.
The job is daunting, leave you small chance of error, and miss calculation can be your future disaster. However, the good thing is, they lead you to this list.
So, congratulations

This is 10 small bedroom furniture ideas listed by Simphome.com that will fit in with almost any small size bedroom. My apology in advance if my optimism is overrated and enjoy the list.

10. Thin Cupboard idea by Creativefan
10 Thin Cupboard via simphomeA Slim bed with extra storage is first option you better choose If you want your small bedroom feel comfortable although you have to cramp it with different other furniture pieces such as bed, table, and cupboard. Other complement is a window. It distracts your attention, it gives you more views, and last thing. Keep one side of your wall empty or occupied by a mirror or mirrors.

9. A Staircase Storage Idea
9 Genuine Staircase Storage Idea via simphomeFirst, it looks like any other wooden staircase until someone access the drawer pull. It did not cost little but compare to a cost to build an extra room, I have my bet on this idea.
Beyond traditional function as a staircase, it functions as a storage for the loft bedroom and decoration too.
You are welcomed to dedicate this idea or this extra space for your clothes, books, or any other important accessories you have that you can’t share with yourself on a regular basis or the world. This genuine idea will definitely make your bedroom design unique. Optional, you can add a handrail if you want, if you’re afraid of losing your balance when you’re going up or down the staircase.
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8. Twin Racks idea
8 Twin Racks via simphomeAfter making good use of the windows, this bedroom has become sufficient with natural lighting. The curtains are in black with monochromatic floral pattern. The bed is flanked in the middle between two racks and those racks are functioned as houses for decorations and some photos.
If your bedroom has low ceiling too like a bedroom in this image, move your attention to the bed. Search information about MALM storage bed and find advantages you can take from it. A cupboard adjacent to the bed is actually optional if you have a simple frameless mirror and MALM bed I just mentioned.
Credit: The Wow Decor | About Malm Dresser

7. A DIY Wall Partition idea
7 DIY Wall Partition via simphomeIf you want to split your room with other furniture pieces, without giving up your limited space, then a DIY Book rack is my recommendation. The design and construction are basic if you’re familiar with woodworking and you can always browse IKEA website or Walmart to get a similar product. Many of them are sold for less than $50.
More than a regular room divider, you can function this idea as a storage area. Not only for your books but also for your mini bar, too. Last, because it only covers half of your room height, use top area of the rack to store a lamp decoration of your favorite art pieces.

For a single adult, this idea is a favorite. No privacy restriction and direct access to a living room, who doesn’t like it.

6. A Bed with Headboard-Storage Design idea
6 The Bed with Ultimate Storage Design via simphomeWith woodworking and engineering, you can turn a conventional bed design to a multi-function furniture product as seen in this picture. The idea is merging a bed storage and sideboard into one functionality. It gives you at least dozen hidden spaces you can use for important or collectible items you own. If you can’t use the bed for yourself because of its size and dimension, ask your children and hear their response.

5. A DIY Mini Table idea
5 DIY Mini Table via simphomeA furniture will have more value if you made it yourself. And it doesn’t need to be complicated or costly – in fact, with a simple design, you can get a functional furniture piece that will make your space look more organized. This bedroom for example. Requirement to make it cozier are simply a simple table, chair, and hanging shelves.
First, take a wood plank as wide or long as you need. But not too long though. Before attach it, make sure they are strong enough to hold items you’re going to put on it. You can first treat or polish them with a special liquid to smooth the surface if you want to paint them. Or let it with their neutral wood colour if it will enrich your room visual appeal.

4. DIY Corner Desk ideas
4 DIY Corner Desk via simphomeA corner space can be a valuable asset for your bedroom. With this Shanty2chic Idea for example, your corner space will be more functional and decorative. With correct measurement and a link inside description, you’ll have opportunity to improve and maximize full potential of your bedroom’s space.
It will not cost you huge amount of money and you should not have to complete the project in a week. Or a month. If you are apathetic to take the project because it looks too easy and you love hard challenges, knows that staining and painting is optional and you can turn main material of this DIY as slim shelving units first before installation process.

3. Indoor planters for limited space bedroom
3 Adding Some Plants via simphome
Another furniture idea for small bedroom is plant containers. Although they will take your valuable space, the plants will give your room more air to breathe and accessories. The idea is not recommended for those with bad planting track record and I suggest you to skip this idea if you have in your mind right now plastic, synthetic, or artificial indoor plants for your planters.

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2. A Slim Storage and Wall Mounted Cabinet idea
2 Wall Mounted Cabinet via simphomeStunning in a bright color scheme, this bedroom comes with orange bed-sheets that stands out from the crowd. But A slim and tall cabinet of the bedroom is main subject of our discussion here. It uses a modern barn door mechanism completed with a lighting set that can replaced with recessed lighting for more space efficiency.

A wall-mounted cabinet above the bed is another clever way of making the good use of available space in a cramped room. With a bed that large, you won’t have any space left to put any furniture, extra shelving unit, or storage pieces. Unless it is a planter.

Lastly No 1. Unique Bedroom Furniture construction idea
1 Unique Bedroom Furniture via simphomeThe idea is compact and economic, but if your bed room is already filled with sizable amount of furniture, I suggest to stop watching this video. This idea is a modified Murphy bed idea with extra cupboard, wooden table, reading lamp, and hanging shelves.

This bed set is absolutely unique furniture piece with complete storage solutions and it is designed with amenities of “budget hotel room” furniture centerpiece. If you want to try this idea, prepare your deep pocket or stick with this channel for more affordable small bedroom solutions.

10 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas via Simphome com Pinterest Featured

So, I hope one of these small bedroom ideas will become part of your next bedroom renovations. Use comment area if you have suggestions to share and until we meet again in the future video, thank you for your time.

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