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Not everyone could afford large and spacious bathroom and laundry room. Most of us have a small bathroom and laundry with lots of messy stuff. Even worse, scattered items narrow every inch of space to bathe and wash.
Next, I am going to share clever 10 DIY storage ideas for small bathroom and laundry room by Simphome.com. Most of ideas I presented are going to optimize storage pieces available in most bathroom and laundry.
And, you can use comment area if you disagree with any ideas that I am about to share with you soon.

Let’s start the countdown.

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10 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom and Laundry Poster

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10. Hidden Toothbrushes and Toothpastes Organizer
10 Toothbrushes and Toothpastes Organizer via SimphomeToothbrushes and toothpastes which are usually kept in a cup on the bathroom counter have the risk of tipped over and cluttered up the counter, especially if you have kids around.

Organize your toothbrushes and toothpastes out of sight with these DIY toothbrush holders – and say goodbye to tipping over and messy bathroom counter.
Start out with some plastic cups and label them with permanent marker or printable marker – write the names of your family members, firmly attach the plastic cups to the inside of the bathroom cabinet door using Velcro tape and done– easy enough. Via Living Well Mom

9. Hair Tool Organizer idea
9 Hair Tool Organizer via SimphomeThis hair tool organizer will be a useful and practical solution for many hair treatment lovers. With this solution, you will not have to store your hair dryer in the drawer anymore and in normal situation, you can grab your dryer in no time.

get a board and do the measurement and cutting. Make sure it fits with your space. Second, Hang it on your wall. Then, attach a sheet of aluminum onto the board with upholstery tacks. Next, make holders using two-hole metal fasteners and screw the holder so that you can attach them into the wood behind the metal firmly. Now accessorize your organizer by covering the bare wood with duct tape or stickers. If you want to paint them, do it after first step of this idea. Via Nellie Bellie

8. Wall-Mounted Wire Rack
8 Wall Mounted Wire Rack via SimphomeShelving is one of the easiest ways to get organized and decorative laundry room construction. It is DIY friendly, mostly affordable, and comes with dozens well-known brand names. Wall mounted wire racks in this idea are going vertical and they can house your cleaning supplies for months. All you need to prepare to complete this idea is basic power tools and screws.

Pay attention to your wall color when choosing basket, fabric drawers, or bins, and you can move to our next idea.
Via : One Little Project

7. Over-the-Door Rack idea for laundry room
7 Over the Door Rack via Simphome comThis is another wire rack hack to keep things neat and orderly in a laundry room. However, if you never use door rack to access your laundry room, this idea is useless.

Otherwise, installing wire racks over the door is breeze. They give you new space on an area that isn’t normally used for storage. All you need to get and use to make them secure and safe is screws and drill or screwdriver. And done.
If you can find adjustable wire racks and install them, that would be an upgrade.
Via : DIY Network

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6. Rustic Bathroom Shelf idea
6 Rustic Bathroom Shelf via SimphomeTo decorate and organize your bathroom with this nifty rustic shelf, you will be required to provide 3 21″x 8″ boards, 6 4″ dowels, 130″ rope, 1 strong hook, and 2 brackets.
First, drill a hole on each side of the board, and make sure it matches with your rope’s diameter.
Next step, stain them with rustic color and let dry.
Pass the rope through the board holes, then tied a big knot at each bottom end of the third board. Adjust the desired height of each shelf, secure it with dowels – and your rustic shelf is ready.
Last, choose best location for your shelf. Drill the hook and hang your shelf. To make it strong and sturdy, screw two brackets at the bottom of the third board. At the Walker House

5. A slim shelving idea for an Awkward Space
5 Smart Shelf for Awkward Space via Simphome comIf you have a little awkward space between your washer and dryer or in the corner of your laundry area, you can craft a pull-out shelf to hold plenty of things there.
First, as always, measurement.

Then, you will need wood, wood screws, dowels, and casters. Cut the boards as needed. Decide height and spacing of each shelves and mark holes on the boards for screws and dowels. Assemble all the components using screws or nail gun. Pop in the dowels, and last, screw casters to the bottom of the shelf. One Little Project

4. Bath Toy Storage Basket idea
4 Bath Toy Storage Baskets via SimphomeParents with toddler usually have one common problem in their bathroom: Messy bath toys. Don’t worry! This easy brilliant idea is the best thing for your bathroom toy collection.
First and foremost, you need a tension shower rod, plastic baskets with holes, and S-type metal hooks. Install the rod along the back wall of your tub. Adjust the height so your kids don’t bonk it. Hang the plastic baskets up the rod using the S-type hooks and organize the toys as you please. The Inspired Home

3. Put on Labels
3 Put on Labels via SimphomeBathroom and laundry store lots of things such as toiletries, make up necessities, towel, toys, detergent… you name it. That’s why it is important to make them clutter-free and well-organized.

Unlike the picture, this idea is actually suitable for non-transparent plastic boxes too. To upgrade it, you can use a FLUORESCENT paint marker instead of regular one. You can have more fun with your kids with it and if you only have adults in your house, I think they would also find labeling fun activity too. Cute DIY Projects

2. Use Pegboard Wall idea
2 Use Pegboard Wall via SimphomeLevel up your bathroom and laundry wall by accent it with new pegboard. Pegboard is commercialized in many home improvement stores and some of them could be near you already. A pegboard wall is multi-functional storage racks and with S-hooks, you can double your storage capacity.

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With this solution – you can finally use separate laundry baskets for your white and colored clothes, or type of clothes that need different treatments – foldable drying rack that can be folded back when not in use – or, plastic baskets to store towels or toiletries. Via Harp Times

Lastly number 1. Rolling Bathroom Storage idea

1 Rolling Bathroom Storage via SimphomeYou can make this rolling organizer yourself and customize its size and shape according to dimension of your space.
Main supplies you need for this idea are wooden crates and plywood.
First, start with sanding your wooden crates and stain them.
Once they dry, secure your crates together by first drill a pilot hole and then follow with a screw.

Next, add the base.

Drill some screws on each of four base-corners to attach your plywood. Drill four corners of the plywood for the casters and Last, twist in and secure your casters.
Store your bathroom supplies there and enjoy your mess-free bathroom.
Decorate it with some plants or candles if you want and that lead us to our final paragraph. Home Depot

So, give your small Bathroom and laundry room a chance to shine once again with one or two ideas I already presented.
I hope small inspirations I share give you fun activity idea too and until we meet again soon.
Thanks for your attention.

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