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12 Clever Built-in Bathroom Storage Choices

You are trying to develop a strong and confident character from your humble bathroom. Can you see a mundane mirror inside it? It witnesses countless failed attempts and remains so in the next foreseeable future. Your bathroom is your friend, and it accepts you whatever you are. Your good side, your flaw, and your clutter. For the latter, you better do something about it. Or allow us to help you with that.

The lack of storage can be one of the most common problems for many rooms, including the bathroom. You can solve it by adding more cabinets and shelves. However, they may not be the best option, as they protrude from the wall and may take up more space.

Therefore, you need to consider investing in built-in storage in your bathroom since it will help you cut clutter without consuming more space. Focus on that help; or helps; next, we are going to discuss twelve ingenious built-in bathroom storage ideas. As always, these summaries are presented for you by Simphome.

12 Clever Built-in Bathroom Storage Choices Video:

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12. A Low-Profile Built-In Shower Shelf transformation

Some built-in shower shelves come in bewitching designs, making them an instant appeal to anyone. You can try this low-profile shelving unit if you want to add a built-in shower shelf without drawing too much attention.

This shower shelf comes in the same design and color as the tiles, making it an inseparable part of the shower chamber. Besides, the unsophisticated finish gives this small bathroom a touch of luxury. More importantly, this shower shelf can help you house your shower essentials, like shampoo and soap so that you can grab them quickly.

11. How to articulately Conceal your shelf

Sixteen inches is eminently precious when it comes to a small bathroom. Therefore, you should consider making a built-in cabinet nesting between studs. This way, you can solve your storage problem without cramming more furniture into the bathroom.

  • First, check for plumbing lines and electrical before knocking out a small area of your drywall.
  • Afterward, affix a shelf or cubby that fits snugly with the opening.
  • You can also turn it into adjustable shelves by drilling some small holes. This way, you can simply insert dowels or brackets to support each shelf.
  • Then, install a mirrored door that conceals the cabinet while allowing you to check your look.
  • Another brilliant alternative is using a pictured frame to stash away the storage while jazzing up the bathroom.

10. Built-in Cabinets Alternative for a Contemporary Bathroom

Soaking yourself in the bathtub is one of the best ways to relax. Sometimes, you feel so immersed that you are reluctant to leave the warm water and bubbles to grab shampoo or scented candles.

You could thus need to bring plastic storage containers or, even better, make replicas of built-in cabinets based on the image you see. These built-in cabinets are ideal for a regular small bathroom or those with a modern or contemporary style. The drawback of the idea is that you will need a major renovation and precise measurements to give the cabinet some doors that stay flush with your building plan.

You can install flat or shaker doors with euro hinges to accentuate your desired contemporary look.

9. A Hidden Built-in Shelf Idea Ideal for a Compact Bathroom

When you have a compact bathroom, and it is almost impossible to add more wall-mounted shelves because you may bump into them, this built-in shelf plan would be your top-notch choice.

Previously, this tiny bathroom barely had space. It was not an excellent option to install wall-mounted shelves or other storage installations that would make the room more cramped. Fortunately, the owner came up with these ingenious built-in shelves to overcome the problem.

The shelves nest in the wall, meaning you will not bump into them. The door is the most exciting because it comes in the same design as the paneling, making it camouflage perfectly. You may not notice that the shelves exist if the door is closed.

Suppose the average distance between your bathroom wall studs is 16 inches. You are welcome to use those extra inches to stay dormant or functional. The ideal option is to build a tiny recessed cabinet like the one in the picture.

8. A Recessed Make-Up Box Storage idea

If you are keen on the modern style, these built-in cabinets will be your favorite.
The recessed cabinets stay flush with the mirror hanging on the vanity wall, which complements this bathroom’s modern style.

To be strictly honest, the main storage of the idea is nothing more than a medicine cabinet crafted inside a contemporary interior plan. It won’t remind you of the first aid cabinet inside your Grandma’s bathroom. The built-in cabinets offer ample space for grooming essentials and clutter, usually taking over-the-counter space on the vanity when not in use.

7. Tap Your Awkward Corner Area

The corner often becomes an awkward space. Therefore, many people leave it untapped. However, you will not do the same thing this time. This time you are going to build new custom built-in cabinetry on it.

  • First, you need to know what lies behind your wall to ensure your plan won’t bring you new problems during the reconstruction process.
  • Second, find your measurement and your deconstruction plan. It is the most challenging part of the plan and will require more than baseboards, white paint, or any other paint you desire to finish the job as beautifully as you desire.

For that reason, you can build a custom pegboard storage solution in the same place. It will cost you less headache even when your pegboard is not beautifully finished like a pro.

How to Make a Decorative Pegboard Shelf @HGTV

6. A DIY Built-in Shelving Unit Idea

Some people have a recessed nook to store toiletries and towels in their bathrooms. Unfortunately, the ugly wire shelving often makes this idea less appealing. Thus, you need to do other things with it.

Instead of using a wire-shelving unit, you can try making wooden shelves for a more finished look like that in the picture.

  • First, create the frame by screwing the side pieces to the wall. Make sure you drill through the wall studs to make the shelves sturdy.
  • Then, attach the bottom and top shelves.
  • Next, attach the remaining shelves.
  • Once all the shelves are up, cut a 1×8 size to trim the top.
  • Then, cut a 1×6 to trim out the bottom. You will also need to trim the sides and shelves to create a finished look.
  • Next, caulk the seams and gaps and fill the visible nail holes.
  • Finally, paint the built-in shelves the same color as the wall and install the baseboard.
Related to the pegboard idea you heard on the previous point,
We have Ten Storage Solutions & Organization Ideas using Pegboards published a few months ago on Simphome. Although the list won’t be ideal for all space in your house, it will offer you a new storage perception and may be fresh ideas on how to utilize your vertical area that can work beyond artwork. Try it, and who knows, it will spark a light bulb inside your head.

5. A Pull-Out Hamper Drawer idea

Placing a laundry hamper in the bathroom enables you to access it quickly. Unfortunately, it can eat up more floor space, especially if you lack it. Therefore, stashing away your hamper in the wall is your greatest bet.

This pull-out hamper drawer allows you to stay organized without compromising floor space. The drawer features curved sides that prevent the hamper from relocating and add a subtle interest to the design.

With this idea, you may not want to have a heavy drawer unless you cannot find a clothes hamper that fits your current drawer. You could construct a drawer as tall as the front drawer to prevent the “tipping” of that “taller in the front” drawer. The curving side design is optional only if you have sufficient woodworking experience and tools. Otherwise, a straight diagonal line from the back to the front will be enough.

4. Ingenious niches for the awkward corner

One wall can hold a lot of storage, which makes it a clever design choice for a small bathroom with limited space. Instead of the typical little niche found in many shower rooms, you can go large by creating built-in shelves that extend to the ceiling. To accommodate more things of various heights, make sure to alter the dimensions of each shelf.

Another floor-to-ceiling shelving unit conquers the area behind the door, allowing you to use every inch efficiently. Lay the same tiles you installed for the shower chamber into the shelves. This way, you create continuity and a cohesive appearance that will not disrupt the look. Furthermore, the grayish pattern of the tiles makes the bathroom look elegant.

3. Keep Your Furniture Flushed to Save More Space

This bathroom is so tiny that it only leaves 16 to 20 inches of floor space. The space is premium. Therefore, you must be thoughtful about the storage if your situation is similar. This idea requires heavy renovation and creative space management.

One idea you can consider is changing the layout of your bathroom door. Either way, your measurement is crucial, leaving the opaque glass door adaptation that enables you to see through the inside of your storage as nothing but an option you can uncheck from your plan. (You’ll find a clever alternative for it on the next point)

2. Simply, Install New Doors

Installing built-in shelves next to the vanity has always been a good idea because you can grab grooming essentials and towels in no time. However, it also bears a drawback. The splash from the sink may damage several products and wet your dry-and-clean towels.

To overcome this problem, you can install doors to the shelving unit. The installation job is a no-brainer. And if you want to give it unique touch for cheap, you can cover the front area of your shelf with A Plastic Vinyl Replacement Strip Curtain-Door.
Get the link inside the description.

Lastly, No 1. Storage behind a Mirror

This mirror serves you double duty. It can make a great cabinet door that conceals everything in the cabinetry. Most importantly, it is a functional full-length mirror that helps you check your look from head to toe more clearly.

Your basic instruction:

  • Choose your location.
  • Decide on the size and type of your storage and the challenge you will take.
  • After choosing your style, your next job is to build a niche wall and set the mirror door hinges.
  • After ensuring everything is sturdy, blending in with your space, and ready to use. Stick a plan to regularly clean the mirror and periodically check the hinges to avoid corrosion and make a replacement if you see any.

Here, you are working on glass and wet surfaces. An ugly combination and even sometimes lethal when not treated properly. Keep that in mind.

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