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  • 10 Ideas to Rebuild Eco Friendly Kitchen via

    10 Ideas to Rebuild Eco-Friendly Kitchen

    People admire the idea of protecting nature by reducing the carbon footprint. With buildings accounting for almost half of the world’s energy, they try to present more sustainable spaces, particularly in the kitchen. You need to consider supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle as the best solution for this plight. And thus, take a look at these […] More

  • 10 Clever Ideas to Trick Petite Kitchenette VIA Simphome.comThumbnail

    10 Clever Ideas to Trick Petite Kitchenette

    If you only have limited space for your kitchen, you need some tricks to bring its best function. Having a small kitchen means that you have to be creative with the decoration and utensils. One of them may be just a simple thing like changing the lighting or color scheme. Even the tiniest space can […] More

  • 12 Minimalist Kitchen DIY ideas via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    12 Minimalist Kitchen DIY ideas

    You might be planning on spicing up your kitchen with loud and bold colors, jumbo appliances, and countless knickknacks here and there. But who are we kidding? Do we really need all that distraction from the real star of the show? We’re talking about your cooking, of course! A minimalist kitchen goes by the holy […] More

  • 10 Small kitchen styling ideas via Simphome.comThumbnail

    10 Small Kitchen Styling Ideas

    Most women dream of having a spacious kitchen. Unfortunately, some of them can’t afford one. Instead, they have to be satisfied with the space available. Don’t worry if you have a small, oddly shaped kitchen. With some ideas we have collected, you can make your kitchen look stylish. Whether you want to build your kitchen […] More

  • 12 Minimalist Kitchen Optimization and Organizations via Yt Thumbnail
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    12 Minimalist Kitchen Optimization and Organizations

    As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” The same applies to clutter. We all want our kitchen to be clutter-free, especially our countertops. For that reason, many homeowners opt for a minimalist kitchen design. To achieve that look, we need to optimize our kitchen and come up with more organized storage. […] More

  • 10 Frugal Kitchen Remodels That Can Save BIG via Simphome.comThumbnail

    10 Frugal Kitchen Remodels That Can Save you BIG

    Kitchen remodeling, generally, is quite an expensive project. However, there are ways to create a bright and cheery kitchen without shelling out big bucks. With a reasonably limited budget, you can still make significant impacts. There are some specific things to prepare before starting the project. First, make a budget plan. After that, choose the […] More

  • 10 Kitchen Cleanout to Declutter your Mind via Simphome.comThumbnail

    10 Kitchen Cleanout to Declutter your Mind

    Every so often, your kitchen can be a focal point for your dwelling. So, it is normal that you want it to be the space you adore. One of the ways to get it is to have a clean one. Even if you feel that it is pretty clean, simple things may surprise you in […] More

  • 10 Kitchen Extension Ideas via Simphome.comThumbnail
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    10 Kitchen Extension Ideas

    As the family number increases, you may consider extending your house, including the kitchen or dining area. Since the kitchen is the hub of a home, its extension is a significant improvement project. Therefore, you have to plan, budget, and execute carefully. You can start looking around your kitchen and consider what to do to […] More

  • 10 Small Kitchen Nook Ideas via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail
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    10 Small Kitchen Nook Ideas

    A small kitchen nook idea shares a causal and friendly kind of place, while a dining room offers a formal ambiance. A relaxed conversation would sound much better to listen to while you’re having a meal in an informal setting room. A kitchen nook is a perfect spot for having a cup of coffee, breakfast, […] More

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