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12 DIY Projects to Make Your Small Kitchen More Functional and Stylish

Are you tired of a cluttered, cramped kitchen with little storage space?

Look no further! Simphome’s “12 Projects Best to Unlock A Small Kitchen’s Hidden Potential” (Totaling 17 ideas) will guide you through various creative and cost-effective projects to transform your tiny kitchen into a functional and stylish space. From building a cutting board storage hack to installing a drawer under your upper cabinets, these DIY projects will maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity while adding a personal flair.

12 DIY kitchen projects to help unlock your kitchen’s hidden potential poster

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or just starting, these projects are perfect for anyone looking to revamp their small kitchen without breaking the bank.

12. A Customized Slim Vertical Space Idea For the Awkward Corner

Make a custom shelving unit for a narrow wall to store olive oil bottles. Use 1 “x3” boards cut to length and screen molding for the front railing. Attach boards with screws, sand, and stain with outdoor semi-transparent stain. Use white nail polish to cover screw heads if desired. Secure to the wall with two small brackets using plastic wall anchors.

With minimal carpentry skills and basic space measurement, the only job left after the board construction is ensuring the new shelf fit snugly before attaching them to the wall. One thing, though. If you follow the lead, plastic wall anchors may not be the sturdiest option and could lead to the shelving unit coming loose over time.

Written by Simpson

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