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10 Small Box Room Bedroom Design Ideas

A large-sized bedroom is everyone’s dream because you can fit anything you want in it. However, a small bedroom is not as bad as you think it is. There are lots of tips and tricks that you can find in the internet or in my posts that you can take to deal with that situation. Next, I am going to give you 10 small box room bedroom design ideas that will make your bedroom appear wider and more comfortable.

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10. All-White Bedroom idea
10 All White Bedroom via SimphomeIt’s not a secret that a white color wall gives a huge impact to a small room. It creates an optical illusion that makes a room appear larger, just like this bedroom. Not only the walls but also the bed and the furniture are dominated by white.
The floor-to-ceiling window provides a wonderful panorama outside the house. It allows natural lights to come in, making the room brighter. It is perfected with accessible wide windows that makes the room airy during warm season.
With this idea, you can have a mini corner library for your favorite novels or biography books. Put a table along with the chair in front of the bed and you’ll enjoy learning experiences unlike anything public library can provide. Elle Decor

9. Create a Gap Between your Bed and Window
9 Create a Gap Between the Bed and Window via SimphomeLight is precious for a small room, so the floor-to-ceiling window may be the only option you can take to maximize it. But what if the precious light is blocked by the bed? Sometimes layout like this is just unavoidable.
First, Try squeezing a little gap between your bed and your window.
Add a slight table to keep away the strange look of your empty gap.
Second, avoid using a pair curtain because it will close the window partly when opened.
Use a single panel curtain instead, and make sure it is out of the way of the window when it’s pulled open. House & Garden

8. A Bedroom for Nature Lover idea
8 A Bedroom for Nature Lover via SimphomeIf you want to bring the feel of nature into your bedroom, this design will suit you the most. Complemented with wood furnishings, pallets, and wood floor, you invite “sleeping in a tree house experiences” on a daily basis. Place a cutting log near your bed as a side table for your phone or Alarm clock and you’re good to go.
Greeneries and plants are optional if you’re allergy to bug bites. Unless they are Marigolds, Citronella, Lavender, Basil, catnip or lemon balm. Check description to find DIY idea how to make indoor and outdoor sofa from pallet woods. Harp Post
DIY How to Make Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor

7. Raise your Bed
7 Raise the Bed via SimphomeThis is another creative idea for your small bedroom. Built and finished with a white paint and a window next to the bedroom, the room welcomes natural light and fresh morning oxygen every time it is opened.
Multifunctional cabinetry is placed on the corner curving the L-shaped. It functions as a storage, decoration, supports, and also raising the bed couple inches off the ground to save more floor space. In harmony with it, the wooden floor gives a classic ambiance and prestige to the room. Lastly, it perked with a rug. But that’s only in my imagination. It will divinity makes the room cozier in the winter. Essa Houz

6. Nest-Like Loft Bedroom idea
6 Nest Like Loft Bedroom via SimphomeKids would love to have a cozy bedroom, so consider applying this nested-like bedroom design to their loft bedrooms. It arrives with a peachy-bird wallpaper that gives a realistic view as well as beautifying the wall, while the furry rug comforts and keeping the feet warm. Unused corner of the room is functioned as a storage space or kid’s playhouse.
The bed also comes with exposed legs that gives extra floorspace underneath, making the room feel larger and allowing anyone to use it as an extra storage space. Alyssa Rosenhack | Elledecor

5. Incorporate Floating Shelves
5 Incorporate Floating Shelves via SimphomeA drawer helps our home organization and more often than not we have we have never have enough of them. Well, What about floating shelf? It occupies useless space on the wall and makes the wall itself sleeker and more attractive.
Install floating shelves above the drawer’s wall. Give some space between them for your accessories. Bring in a multi-functional ladder that you can use to reach the things on the floating shelves or as a chair, Persian rug, pillows and blanket.

Three items I mentioned will makes your room fancier and they are items you don’t have to collect in one go. Harp Post

4. White Bedroom with Mirrors via Pinterest
4 White Bedroom with Mirrors via SimphomeThis room looks attractive with a bed in the corner and two rectangular mirrors on each side of the wall that anchor the bed in place.
A mirror is a low-cost accessory that can give big impact to your small bedroom. It creates illusion that expand the space of your room. And it sticks our ladies stay in the room a little bit longer.
Two nightstands on each side of the bed are functioned for small stuff or accessories. The room is decorated with a chic night lamp and exposed white brick wall that adds texture and rustic touch to the bedroom.

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3. Grey Bedroom with a Rustic Touch style
3 Grey Bedroom with a Little bit of Rustic Touch via SimphomeThis design allows you to enjoy the rustic and fashionable look at once. The rustic touch of the brick wall serves warm look to the room while few pieces of arts on the wall offers a modern representation.
To trick limited space of the bedroom, a nightstand fills empty space of the corner and it works as a storage for an indoor planter, centerpiece, and decoration. Along with two hanging lamps on the ceiling and double windows on the corner of the room. Sorting With Style

2. A Soft touch Bedroom style
2 A Feminine Small Bedroom via SimphomeThe idea is completed with to long window drape, unique branch-like lamp, a simple framed wall décor, soft grey wall, and white brick wall on the different side of the bedroom wall. This design is simple, neat and it comes with amenities that didn’t cost tons of cash. A single small bed place becomes centerpiece of the room. It is enough to accommodate a student, a single person, or a starting beauty Vlogger with few inspirations about fashion, room, and home decorations. Detail <-

Lastly number 1, Corner Loft Bed
1 Corner Loft Bed via SimphomeHaving a small loft bedroom is not always gives you unfortunate situation. Instead, It gives you a positive challenge and sensation of minimalism. Your job is to make a comfortable room with fewer things as possible.

Remember to get the wall painted in white to make the room appear wider.
Put the bed at the edge and leave some space for a nightstand where you can put a table light or night lamp. Appreciate a roof window over your head because night show is always presented for you when the sky is clear and your light is off. Lastly the door comes with a hanger.
Use it for a target board and prove it to yourself that minimalism doesn’t always have to be boring and sad.
Credit to Sorting With Style

So, we finally come to a conclusion that maximizing and designing a small bedroom can be enjoyable and fun. Share your thought about these ideas in comment area and see you again later on a same channel with more video like this in an upcoming week.

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