Instant Tankless Hot Water Systems

Heated water plays a crucial role in Australian households, especially considering the country’s unique weather and climatic conditions. This importance is particularly felt by residents in the colder regions of the country.

The amount of energy dedicated to heating water proves how important it is. A reliable source reported that around a quarter of household consumed power goes into this.  For more on this report, you can visit

In light of this, it is only reasonable that the right heater choice is made. Speaking of the right choice, some experts and consumers have reported that tankless hot water systems are better than traditional heater tanks.

How true is this claim? Continue reading to find out.

Understanding the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Judging by many standards, it is better to use tankless water heaters. Some of the reasons for this stance, as noticed by experts and experienced consumers, include the following:

They Are More Energy-Efficient

How both kinds of water heaters work proves why the tankless option is more energy efficient. With tanks, you have to store what is heated before it is used. What is stored up can be more or less than needed.

Having to store more or less than required is not energy-efficient. When it is more, energy is wasted, producing more than is required. Additionally, the fact that the excess heated water will eventually cool off does not make it any better.

When less than is required is stored, you may need to reheat, which significantly increases energy usage. Either way, it is not energy efficient.

Things are a lot better in this regard with the tankless option. This is because you only get to use the desired amount, no more or less. The reason is that nothing is stored anywhere as what is heated is heated instantly and as demanded.

Its impressiveness in terms of energy efficiency leads to a significant reduction in operating costs. Furthermore, it means that it leaves less carbon footprint, making it more environmentally friendly.


Tankless heaters are one of the best hot water solutions in terms of durability. They can be used for 20 years, at the very least. This is as opposed to heater tanks that offer around 15 years at most.
Some heater tanks cannot even offer any more than 10 years. On the other hand, you can even get up to 25 years of warranty by getting the right tankless heater product and with proper maintenance practices.

Unlimited Supply

The amount of hot water that you can get with heater tanks is reliant on the size of the product’s tank. This means that you cannot get enough if the tank is small.

You might have to settle for using cold water more often or using up more energy reheating in such cases. This can be a huge problem in large households where a lot of hot water is needed.
Fortunately, you do not have this worry with tankless options. This is because they supply you as much as you need, provided you have enough water and energy for heating. As mentioned earlier, you get the right amount, no more or less.


You can free up more space in your home with tankless heaters. This is because they have a way more compact design than tank heaters. Their compact size also makes it easier to transport them, as well as mount them on walls and install them.

This makes them exceptionally suited for homes and buildings where space is a luxury. Additionally, they are also considered better for aesthetic reasons.

Customizable Temperature

Heater tanks are typically more rigid in how they operate. The fact that the temperature of most of them cannot be adjusted to suit consumers’ preferences is proof of this.

Well, tankless options typically have more customization features. For example, you can set them to a desired temperature. By and large, they are a more technologically advanced solution.

Enhanced Safety

Tankless heaters are way safer. Heater tanks can explode and burst open. This can be caused by the prolonged pressure of heated water, massive sediment buildup, and below-par anode rod, among other things. You can click here for more information about this.

Consumers who use the tankless option have very little or even nothing to worry about in terms of safety. So, this is a good enough reason to seriously consider them.

Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

Tankless heaters require two things to operate – water and energy source. Speaking of the energy source, there are several options, and Gas Hot Water Systems are one of them. As the name suggests, they rely on gas as their energy source.

So, you should be certain that access to gas would not be a problem before you consider them. Besides this, here are a few other things to know about them:

Installation in Line with Local Code

There are local codes that have to be adhered to during installation. By and large, these codes are meant to ensure safety, and so they should be adhered to.

Higher Upfront Cost

The operational costs of using them are certainly lower than the operational cost of using heater tanks. However, they come at a higher upfront cost in terms of equipment purchase. The installation cost is also higher as gas work conforming to safety standards has to be installed.

This can even mean spending about three times what it would cost to buy and install a heater tank. However, its significantly reduced operating cost makes it worth it.

Proper Ventilation

The need for proper ventilation and/or using equipment with carbon monoxide detection features is important. This is given how harmful gasses can be produced by this water heater. This is why gas system installation has to be in line with local codes.


Tankless heaters are better than water heater tanks, judging by several standards. However, the right one has to be purchased, properly installed, and maintained to get the best of them.

We have shown more interest in gas systems here, but these rules are general. It is also important that the right plumbing service providers are engaged when you need to buy, install, maintain, repair, and replace tankless water heaters.