Camden’s Hidden Gem: A Loft That’s Bigger on the Inside

– See it to Believe it!

54Sqm/581sqft Apartment design Camden Loft

Project Name: Camden Loft | Subscribe Never Too Small

So you’re in London, smack dab in the middle of the bustling Camden Town. 

You’ve just nabbed the perfect spot, an old family home previously subdivided into three quaint flats. One of those is a loft space perched like a whimsical birdhouse at the top. But don’t let its humble origins fool you; it’s here where your inner architectural virtuoso is about to shine brighter than a double-decker bus on Oxford Street at midnight.

Before the miraculous metamorphosis, the flat was a compact, 40-square-meter shell. Now, it’s not quite Buckingham Palace size-wise, but throw in a chic mezzanine, and bam! Suddenly, you’ve got a breezy 54 square meters of stylish living space. I guess we could say it’s more of a TARDIS situation than a loft. You walk in, and it’s bigger on the inside.

So, you may ask, what was the first move in this fabulous game of 3D chess? Well, you inflate the central volume. It’s not a secret balloon animal trick or anything, but a nifty design maneuver to carve out private spaces without chopping up the room like a Sunday roast. And voila! You get the dream of any Londoner – an open-plan living area, privacy included, at no extra cost!

Now, let’s waltz into the kitchen and dining area. The first thing that greets you is a sleek, linear unit – like the kitchen’s own red carpet – ready to house all the under-the-counter appliances. Think dishwasher, oven, cooker, and washbasin cozily snuggled together. Open shelves mean everything is just a stretch away. It’s like your kitchen utensils are waving hello every time you cook but without the arm.

Turn right, and you find a home for the taller appliances, storage, and the pièce de résistance, the ‘coffee temple’. No, it’s not a cryptic Da Vinci Code reference. It’s just an adorable niche with a coffee machine that even caffeine skeptics would worship.

The living room? Ah, it’s like a cozy artist’s loft with invisible stairways leading to the slumber sanctuary. There’s even a cutesy balcony overlooking a luscious green patch, offering the perfect view for your morning coffee ritual.

And speaking of sleeping, the bed is Japanese-style, sitting right on the floor. No, it’s not a budget-cutting move; it’s minimalistic chic, my friend. The room’s parapets hide the bed from view, creating a sleek silhouette. Plus, a foldable desk creates an impromptu workspace, with the entire apartment as your panoramic backdrop. 

Of course, we can’t forget the bathroom. Tucked inside the central cube like a precious gemstone, it’s the one spot in the flat splashed with a vivid color. With no natural light, it’s the design equivalent of that weird cousin everyone has – a little odd, but you love ’em anyway. Mirrored cabinetry makes the bathroom seem larger, so even in the smallest room, you can still practice your Broadway musical number.

Designing small spaces is like solving a Rubik’s cube in the dark – challenging but oh-so rewarding. It’s about creating flexible spaces that are like shape-shifting robots, transforming with every need. And let’s face it, in a city that’s seen its population grow by a million in just 10 years, we need more of these design magicians.

So remember, whether it’s a family home or a bachelor pad, tiny can be trendy, and a wee space can become a wonderland. And who knows? Maybe the next time you’re sipping coffee from your lofty kitchen, you might just spot the ghost of Amy Winehouse strolling down the vibrant streets of Camden Town. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?