How a 50sqm Paris Apartment Became the Dream Home for Five!

Project Name: Michelet | Designer: Latelier | Nevertoosmall | Web

Oh, you! 

Yes, you, sitting on that plush couch, sipping on a cuppa. Ever heard of Valve? No, it’s not that steamy video game company. Valve, the town on the edge of Paris! Sounds chic, right? Listen up because you, my friend, are about to embark on a wild interior design ride.

Imagine an apartment built in the roaring ’20s – a time of jazz, flapper dresses, and the Charleston. Not some ritzy joint with chandeliers and all, but rather, a humble abode meant for the hardworking masses. Yet, this wasn’t just any worker’s apartment; it was Pierre Escobar’s masterpiece! Yeah, that Pierre, the owner of the “Lately Nomadic” architecture studio. Ring a bell? 

Now, close those starry eyes and picture this. Sunlight dances across the floor, thanks to the building’s clever, not-so-deep design. It’s like Mother Nature herself is tossing glimmers of sunshine everywhere. But Pierre? He wasn’t content just letting the sun in. He decided to make that apartment stretch like a morning yoga session. We’re talking 50 square meters. Tight, right? But remember, it’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it!

Step into this place, and you’d be thinking, “How on Earth does a family of five – including a sulking teenager, a chirpy ten-year-old, and a five-year-old with inexplicable energy – even fit in here?!” 

But wait, there’s a twist! 

The family wanted flexibility, a home that evolves as they do. 

Pierre, being the genius that he is, pulled off an “extreme home makeover” – Parisian edition. Bye-bye to the one-bedroom, corridor-cluttered space. Hello to the fresh, free-flowing haven! He weaved in multifunctional spaces like an artist blending colors on a canvas. The kitchen got all cozy with the living room, corridors vanished, and space magically appeared!

Need storage? 

Pierre’s got you! 

Custom-made couch with secret storage compartments? 


Bookshelves that stretch like an acrobat? 


A bathroom hiding a bed on its ceiling? 


The man even squeezed into a fancy-schmancy floor-to-ceiling closet by the entrance. 


Wander into the kitchen, and you’ll be greeted by all the culinary gadgets lined up against a wall beneath custom-made facades that scream sophistication. The pièce de résistance? A dining table, sitting there all humble, ready to transform and accommodate your sudden dinner party plans.

Pierre also sprinkled a dash of cleverness for the parents – converting their older kid’s bedroom into a workspace once they flew the nest for university. And the kids? Elevated bunk beds, taking advantage of every inch of vertical space, like bunking in a treehouse, but chic-er.

The parent’s bedroom, on the other hand, basks in all that natural glow with a window for that precious Vitamin D. And did I mention? Every door in that apartment is on wheels! 

So, next time you feel boxed in, remember: with a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of light, and a good dose of Pierre Escobar’s genius, even the smallest spaces can blossom into something extraordinary.