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10 Retro Interior Home Transformations

A retro home style is a great choice for anyone looking for a chic, sophisticated and leisurely home. Retro houses have many different characteristics that set them apart from modern houses. They are often more rooms, have more corners and fewer sharp angles, and are typically simpler in their design. They also come in several shapes with unusual layouts or configurations that give them unique interests.

When you combine these factors with the right furniture pieces and the right style of interior design, you will get a retro interior home transformation. A result that may be just what you need to make your house feel like a much-needed oasis of calm away from the busy world.

In short, here are several reasons that make retro interior home appealing and will probably increase your house value:

  • It’s classic; it’s beautiful, and it is what the market is looking for. People want to feel comfortable. Your house will be a home that people love to spend time in.
  • It’s cozy and comfortable, allowing you to relax comfortably. Some people don’t have time to relax anymore; they don’t set aside time for themselves, but in this house, that’s not a problem because interior design is stylishly uncomplicated without sacrificing comfort or appeal.
  • It has great curb appeal and even greater interior appeal when crafted carefully. What people like is what you want to focus on- make it look cozy and inviting with the right interior design style.
  • It’s stylishly simple, though fashionable at the same time. You won’t have to concern yourself with clutter or rooms decked out with too much decoration. This house is simple, clean, and easy to furnish with the right decor style in mind. It’s also timeless, making it easy for you to create a home that will be just as captivating and beautiful in ten years as it is today.
  • It has extra curb appeal no matter where you live because it looks great inside and out. You can focus on creating a look right for you and your lifestyle. You can also enjoy a peaceful, comfortable home that doesn’t have to be filled with over-the-top styles but instead feels classic, elegant, and fashionable.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain, giving you more time to enjoy it! This house is accessible to its interiors and outer shell, so it won’t take long, even if something needs repair or cleaning. Your home will always look new if you are willing to maintain it properly.
  • Its classic design and style allow you to make changes without starting over again. With a retro interior home, you don’t have to worry about completely redecorating to change the vibe of one room or another. Instead, you can make small changes in how furniture is arranged or the colors used, and it will all work together beautifully because it’s all based on a similar style.
  • It works for everything from small to big spaces because of its variety in design and layout. You can choose from simple styles that are more open or more complicated designs that are smaller but still effective at making your home feel elegant and spacious.
  • It’s not just for people who love vintage homes and want a bit of that look in their own home. This stylish home you can create with modern ideas but is familiar and easy to live in. It’s also affordable, making it possible for many people to have the kind of house they’ve dreamed of without going into debt or spending money they don’t have.
  • It’s more versatile than most homes because its simple design makes it relatively easy to transform the way it looks simply by changing the furniture arrangement and color scheme. You can change your style on a dime without completely remodeling your home.

More on that later

Retro style is not a new thing in the realm of interior design. It has always managed to pay tribute to the past. Therefore, people who love bringing the old-day vibes adore this style immensely.

However, you need to be thoughtful if you want to adopt the retro design, especially if you want to mix it with another style.
Here are 10 retro interior home transformations you can copy to bring the good old-time vibes back into your house. As always, follow the Simphome link in the reference area to catch the details relevant to the compilation.

10 Retro Interior Home Transformations from Simphome
10 Retro Interior Home Transformations poster

10. A Striking-Shaped Furniture

The first thing to mind when looking at the retro furniture design would be its unusual shape that catches people’s attention. The whimsical furniture is the hallmark of this style. It is also an excellent way to impress anyone who sees it.

Unlike the furniture you usually find in a minimalist or modern interior that focuses on functions, retro furniture emphasizes forms. As many become increasingly attracted to modern or futuristic design, something like retro and other old styles, in particular, will be forever a favorite for some people.

Relevant ideas on how to choose furniture and other sets to complete your retro home’s transformations:

  1. Choose furniture with a signature design, and make sure they are made with high-quality materials.
  2. Have a theme in mind when furnishing your house, and go with a furniture design that matches the theme
  3. Make sure your furniture can stand the test of time and changes in taste. Invest in solid wood furniture for the best results.
  4. Choose comfortable sofas around your living room or bedroom to provide an inviting atmosphere to anyone visiting you at home.
  5. Use unique lighting fixtures such as lamps or hanging lights to bring out the best look of your retro home decor theme.
  6. Add wall decors such as pictures, posters, or paintings to match and support the theme.
  7. Choose furniture with a classic look that will blend with any stylish theme and create a cohesive look in your living room.
  8. Accent your home with retro-themed collectibles such as retro lamps, accessories, or vintage clocks.
  9. Make your furniture work harder by adding storage space to them; this will help keep the living area neat.
  10. Use modern technology like flat screen TVs to enhance the overall look of your home, and mix classic pieces with industrial elements to get the best retro-look home when possible.

9. Complete it with Muted Colors

A sense of bold, muted tones is obviously in the air when you walk into a retro-styled house because it is another hallmark of this interior design. Although the colors are bold, they would not so intense that it dominates the others. Instead, they will appear equal and round out the existing furniture and walls.

This bedroom, for example, comes in turquoise, which is not as bright and bold as blue.
You may even see the same tones in a different pattern, such as stripes or even more colorful ones, without leaving the soul of the retro style itself.

Basic instruction on how to transform your interior with muted colors:

  1. Pay attention first to your furniture.
    You should choose furniture that is the right shade of muted colors. It will balance the existing one in your home, which might be brighter in color. Moreover, choose furniture with retro designs like this chaise lounge chair if you want bolder colors but do not want to walk out of retro style.
  2. Include a bolder color with other accessories like curtains, wall art, and pillows.
  3. Choose a paint color for the walls and ceilings that complements each other and is within a scale of unequal proportions to give your space an elegant feel without losing its retro appeal.
  4. When shopping for furniture, choose pieces with a similar color scheme as you already have in your home. This will make the design cohesive and enhance the overall harmony of the rooms.
  5. Do not forget about accessories like bedroom sets, decorative pillows, and other accents that you can easily add to your existing one to give it more of a retro flair.
  6. Look for furniture with a similar color shade to your room’s walls or ceiling shades so that it complements perfectly with your existing furniture and gives the room a unified feel without losing its retro appeal.
  7. If you want to enhance the look of your room, use a color tone with different brightness levels.
  8. When choosing a paint color for your walls and ceilings, choose a tone that is not too bright since brighter colors will be bolder than subdued, while they are also easier to spot than muted colors.
    For example, you can use the same muted blue tones in your bedroom as the walls of your living room through contrasting colors like stripes on pillows and blankets or by using round objects such as accessories or decorative pieces.
  9. It is preferable to use a color palette that complements the existing colors of your home for a cohesive look and to give it the right balance.
  10. If you do not have enough muted colors in your home, add some accessories or accent pieces with similar tones and color shades, such as blankets or other textiles.

8. Transform the Floor

Do you want to carve out the retro style in your cooking space? It is not impossible. You only need to shop around your house or neighborhood to collect items that have gone through different eras.

Another crucial thing is the flooring.
If the floor already has a retro-designed theme, that would be great. But if not, you can simply use a rug or carpet that imitates retro design. It would help you to transform your home just like what you want.

Instruction on how to transform your floor without risking your whole surface area or blowing up your budget:

  1. Without destroying your current floor, you can cover your floor and transform it into more vintage by using a rug with a retro pattern.
  2. If you have to replace your floor, you can use an alternative flooring that imitates the retro theme. You can try reclaimed wood or bamboo flooring, for example. This one is ideal because it would not be too noticeable and still gives off a retro look and feel.
  3. Retro-style rugs are another option when transforming your home into a retro area or theme. You can buy them from a store or find them from different sources; these rugs are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you will surely find one that matches your taste and space.
  4. Use a matching pattern to the one you want to apply in your space, but in a lighter tint of the same color.
  5. If you do not have anything hanging on the wall in your kitchen, choose some throw pillows, table umbrellas, or curtain accessories with a similar color tone as the existing ones. The more vintage touches you add here, the better it would be.
  6. You should adjust the lighting to highlight different kitchen elements, such as appliances and utensils.
  7. When tearing off your old flooring, keep the same pattern.
  8. If you want your flooring to have a similar color to your walls, use a more subtle tone like beige or white instead of bright colors so that they do not lose out on the general look of your house.
  9. If you want to spruce up the whole kitchen, simply add vintage accessories.
  10. To save cost, you can use an old piece of furniture in your home instead.
  11. If you want to create a retro-styled floor, pay attention to the size and shape of the room. Ensure that your appliances and items are arranged in a way that will not be too overwhelming or cluttered. And you are not applying too much weight to other areas.
  12. Transform the Walls too
    If you have some paintings hanging on the walls of your kitchen, it will do well if you choose some vintage-inspired ones for the restoration. Paint them in a muted tone again so that the house does not look like it is filled with bright colors.

As extra: Pick up items for your kitchen or dining room table, such as plates, cups, and other utensils with retro designs.

7. A Modern Aesthetic Retro Style

When you want to add a specific retro tone, you may use furniture like chairs, lamps, and electronic equipment. Of course, they should have the characteristic of the style.

The floor looked astonishingly beautiful with the popular cubicle pattern decades ago. Wallpapers are always a great help when it comes to turning the wall into a certain style, as they are ubiquitous and can easily be applied. To make an aesthetic look, keep everything less crowded. And bring some modern stuff to create a contemporary appearance.

6. Consider The Floral Patterns Wall

Some say floral patterns are dull and outdated. On the other hand, they are a treasure that can complete the look of the retro interior. For example, the wallpaper and blanket in this bedroom portray the look of the past trend with floral patterns.

You can add bold pictures or other items to accentuate the retro design.
The radio sitting on the nightstand is just a perfect addition to complete the look because it can bring the old-time vibes instantly.

5. Enhance Your Bathroom with Hexagonal Tile

Changing the bathroom’s look with this hexagonal tile is one of the many ways you can try to create a retro environment. The walls show a sense of old and traditional way, which goes well with the floor.

But it is not surprising that some prefer to paint the walls instead. The floor itself has a glamorous look with such unique tiles. You may also try another floor style like zellige tile.
A vintage vanity would be a great addition to the bathroom. As always, vintage and retro are excellent partners but do not get confused above them.

Relevant ideas on how to turn your current bathroom more retro style:

  • Start with the floor. Choose materials and textures that would give off a vintage vibe.
  • Choose and add fixtures of your choice. If you want to complete your retro design, consider a retro vanity or retro-styled mirror.
  • Make sure to include accessories such as shower curtains, mosaics, and towels of the same style.
  • You may also change the style of your shower curtain by choosing one that imitates a certain trend of the past, for example, a pentagram pattern, stars, etcetera.
  • Accentuate the walls with stylish floral wallpaper or paint a plain color like white or beige.
  • Add vintage items such as fixtures, sinks, faucets, old-style mirrors, or lamps inspired by the retro style.
  • Accentuate your bathtub with hexagonal tile that matches the flooring. You might want to put in sink tiles with multicolored patterns to keep it modern and create an aesthetic theme in the bathroom.

4. The Pendant Light with Checkered Tablecloth

This kitchen is another perfect combination of a retro and vintage design. The tablecloth would be something you would often see in many American movies set in the 70s or so. It has a beautiful vintage style with unusual chairs around it.

Yes, you’re right. This whimsical lamp is the heart of retro furniture. Look how simple it is to decorate your house in a popular style back in the day.

3. Change the Curtains

The window is one of the interiors that need a touch of transformation. If your house still has a vintage-inspired window, perfect it with these colorful curtains.

However, if your windows come in a modern look, you can simply hang retro-styled curtains to create the vibes. You do not have to rip off your existing windows because it may cost you a fortune. Besides, it is too much trouble. Then, finish it with retro-inspired furniture, such as a bold-colored sofa, nostalgic decor, and heavily-patterned flooring.

Basic ideas on how to treat your window and curtain to look more retro:

  1. Observe your window. Is it too modern for your liking? Look for vintage-inspired curtains or pick a retro-styled window. But you may also paint it the color you want to enhance your room’s appeal.
  2. Do not forget to change the curtain rods and curtains as well. You can hang them at different heights as well to add more beauty.
  3. Ensure that your paint job is in line with the other items in your kitchen, such as the table, cabinets, and others.
  4. Use bold and bright colors. Vintage-styled furniture would be a good example to follow.
  5.  A window-style retro is marked with simple and traditional elements. For that reason, match your curtain to suit the pattern.
  6. Retro-styled furniture is always available in bold and bright colors. If you prefer neutral tones, you can choose white or beige.

2. Turn Your Ceiling More Retro

Pendant lights would bring the retro style you are looking for instantly. They look stunning on a fairly high ceiling.

Yes, the height of the ceiling can determine how high the pendant lights would be. It will not look that pretty if the ceiling is too low. You may add something on the walls that would bring back old memories to create a retro sense.
You may also find a house with neon lights on the walls. It is an element of retro design that will surely be a good decoration. Besides, they are functional because they can illuminate the space.

Other ideas you can experiment with to treat your ceiling more retro are by hanging mirrors, panels, or grids to make it look more vintage. You might want to keep the ceiling in its original look in order not to draw too much attention.

Some tips you need to know:

  • Be mindful of your wall surfaces since they may contrast with the ceiling paint.
  • Retro-styled furniture will be a good idea as well since they come in bold colors and patterns that can match the ceiling paint.
  • If your ceiling is high, you might want to choose a material that can highlight its structure, such as wood or metal. Or you may opt for rustic wainscoting complete with medallions and crowns.

Lastly, Number 1. Toss your interior with Much more color

Image Credit

As the center of a house, the living room deserves an impressive look. And retro style full of lots of vivid stuff like in this picture will come to play.

This living room is a perfect combination of retro and industrial styles. You can tell it from the exposed whitewashed walls and metal windows that are the hallmark of the industrial interior. Then, toss some muted-colored furniture and bold patterns to add a bit of a retro look.

Recommended ideas on color matching your current interior more “retro-style.”

  • Choose neutral colors as the base color for your room. White will be a good idea if you want to keep it modern and add a pop of color.
  • Add some furniture in black or brown tones to make it look more retro.
  • You might also add a bit of gold to imbue your room with elegance.
  • For an extra touch, choose brightly colored accessories like cabinets and couches.
  • You can add a rug or vintage-inspired artwork to tie the whole look together.
  • Consider adding a television if you want to make your room more retro and vintage. Retro TVs look like old-fashioned designs, but they are updated.

In the end, we hope although both styles come from different eras, they still look good together inside your house. So, those are ten retro interior home transformations you can adopt. We hope you get some inspiration on how to transform your house with our tips and ideas.



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