From Taihang to Starship: A 59sqm Home Transformation You Won’t Believe!

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Alright, strap in and imagine you’re stepping into the future, yet oddly, it’s rooted in today’s world. And remember, you’re doing this in the heart of Hong Kong. 

Buckle up!

So, you’ve got this friend. 

Long-time mate. 

You know the type: a guy with an artsy-fartsy side, wears mismatched socks, loves art, fashion, and architecture, and probably drinks kale smoothies. One day, he tells you, “Mate, I’m buying an apartment in Taihang!” Now, Taihang isn’t a new vegan dish at that hipster cafe downtown. It’s a district in Hong Kong, a blend of the old and the new, sandwiched between towering mountains and Victoria Harbour.

The first time you visit, you’re convinced he’s had one kale smoothie too many. The apartment is a total jigsaw puzzle. Tiny, chopped-up rooms that made you wonder if the previous owner was preparing for a game of hide-and-seek.

Enter stage left: a team of architects with more ambition than your cousin Vinny’s dreams of becoming a rockstar. With the finesse of a magician, they wave their wand and BAM! Walls disappear, and a futuristic, art-gallery-like space takes form. They managed to keep the soul, minus the partitions. The place is now open, breezy, and reeks of sophistication (probably the kale).

Your pal wanted a house where, when he walks in, he forgets he’s in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Mission achieved. The front door opens to an ultra-mod kitchen. Then there’s this wavy, sculptural door leading to the living room, kind of like the portal to Narnia, but without the wardrobe. One moment, you’re making coffee; the next, you’re lounging on a pop sofa. Oh, and that candy-colored coffee table? I’m convinced it’s edible (though, don’t quote me on that).

The place is bursting with fun features. 

It has this semi-transparent soap dining table (because who doesn’t want to dine on a bubbly platform?) and dawn lighting that mimics sunrise even when it’s midnight (perfect for those late-night existential crises). 

They even put the bed in the middle of the space, but it’s Hong Kong-style Feng Shui, or as I like to call it: “How to not get haunted by angry spirits while you sleep.”

Speaking of sleep, the bed is double-faced! A backdrop for dining on one side and a snuggly sleep haven on the other. And if you’re thinking, “Where do I work?” there’s a nifty workstation you can roll your dining chair over to. Efficiency, people! It’s the future.

But the pièce de résistance is the bathroom. 

Think Star Trek meets Gucci. A spaceship vibe with metallic walls that’d make any astronaut jealous. A custom metallic sink (because why not?) and a shower that’s essentially a metallic column in the middle. Privacy is overrated, anyway.

The place has some serious gadgetry, too. 

There’s a skylight from Coleus that throws in beams of sunshine. You’d never know you’re indoors. And the kitchen? You’d be mistaken for thinking it’s the control panel of the USS Enterprise. Even the hood is tucked underneath the counter, just in case the aliens decide to invade and you need a quick getaway.

In essence, this apartment isn’t just a living space; it’s a futuristic marvel. It screams individuality while being so rooted in function. It proves that in the urban jungle, with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of ambition, you can craft a nest that’s both an artwork and a home.

So, to anyone reading:

  1. Throw out your rulebooks.
  2. Get experimental.
  3. Live in a space that reflects you, even if it means turning your house into a hybrid of a spaceship and an art gallery.

And always remember, in the fast-paced world of Hong Kong or wherever you may be, with the right vision, any space can become a home—a bold, stylish, out-of-the-box home.

Written by Simpson

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