From Vague to Vogue: Transforming 35sqm into a Ligurian Dream!

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So, picture this: 

You’ve won a vacation (whoop whoop!)

But it’s not any vacation, oh no. You’re heading to an apartment on the Ligura Riviera. Yes, the same Ligura sandwiched between some mountains and the vast sea, renowned for its sailor tales and fishing legends.

Imagine you’re two hours from Milan. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t that the place known for the Cinque Terre?” You’re on the money! You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. 

This tiny jewel you’re heading to? 

It’s a summer escape for a 60s-something couple and their two, presumably grateful, daughters. Now, here’s the kicker: this place is only 35 square meters. If you’re American, that might not sound like a lot. And you’d be right! Because it isn’t!

The setting is Deva Marina, a delightful mash-up of ancient Ligurian architecture and some (let’s say) interesting choices from the 60s and 70s. Picture that period’s fashion but in building form. Yep, bell-bottomed buildings.

The apartment, as it was once known, was a big, vague room – the architectural equivalent of a shrug. Like if rooms had personalities, this one would be saying, “I dunno, do what you want.”

But you know how we humans love a challenge? 

The architects did a complete overhaul! 

The entrance to the bathroom? 

Completely flipped. 

Want two sleeping rooms stacked like a bunk bed? “No problem!” said no sane architect ever. 

But these folks did it!

Now, boats. If you’ve ever thought, “I want to live like I’m on a boat but without the seasickness,” this apartment is your jam! These architects legit visited a nautical fair (because who doesn’t on weekends?) to measure how folks live on sailing boats. 

Talk about dedication! 

Step into the apartment and get hit with this snazzy wood line on the multifunctional wall. It leads you like a pied piper’s tune straight to the living area, mimicking the water line of a boat. As you breeze through the ‘hallway,’ you’d swear you’re on a yacht, but with less risk of falling overboard.

The living room is imagined as an open space. It’s bright and airy, giving your lungs a mini vacation. It’s here you realize the architects’ obsession with light is real, like moth-to-a-flame real.

Slide over to the kitchen, which is small but punches above its weight. It’s like the Danny DeVito of kitchens. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the master bedroom awaits, whispering, “Enter if you dare.” Step in and find yourself inside what feels like the ribs of a whale. Think Jonah and the Whale, but more chic, less biblical.

Climb up some alarmingly steep stairs, and you’re in what feels like a fisherman’s attic. Small, snug, and oh-so-cozy.

Let’s talk bathrooms, shall we? 

Picture blue tiles, wooden diagonal shelves, and floors that scream, “I’m the deck of a ship!” Minus the seagulls. Oh, and don’t forget the balcony. You’ll be dining and relaxing while gazing at the Ligurian hills, and honestly? It’s the Instagram post you’ve been waiting for.

The thing is, small spaces have their magic. 

They’re like Swiss army knives: multifunctional, compact, but full of surprises. And just like that, every corner of this apartment tells you a story – of imagination, of innovation, and of how, sometimes, less really is more.

Remember, tiny apartments aren’t about having less. 

It’s about doing more, living fully, and making every nook and cranny count. And if you’ve learned anything today, it’s that there’s no place too small for big dreams.

So, the next time you feel life’s given you “too small” of something, whether it’s an apartment, an opportunity, or a slice of cake, remember the Ligura Riviera apartment and think: How can I make this “epic”?

Remember to always live large, no matter how small the space! And hey, if all else fails, just get an architect, right?

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