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18 Projects to Turn the Small Bedroom Roomier

When space is at a premium, optimizing every square foot becomes a work of art. From the vibrant streets of Amsterdam to the bustling nooks of NYC, the quest for roomy interiors in compact spaces is universal. IKEA hacks have emerged as ingenious solutions, with their customizable designs tailored to individual tastes, whether it’s the oceanic allure of a surfer-themed loft bed or the urban cool of a skater-inspired platform.

Dive into these 18 projects that reimagine small bedrooms, merge functionality with style, and learn how to transform your cozy enclave into a spacious sanctuary.

18. An inspiring bespoke plywood wardrobe idea

In a Somerset loft lies a custom plywood wardrobe that defies expectations. Three top compartments sit above four drawer columns, an intriguing design choice that pleasantly interrupts its linear look.

In modern homes where storage is gold, this piece isn’t just a functional savior—it’s a tailored luxury. Boasting twelve sleek, oiled, soft-close drawers, this isn’t your average storage—it’s a statement piece that artfully marries design and practicality.
Detail: Themoderncarpenter

17. A DIY Hidden Bookcase Door: Your Gateway to Privacy!

Are you dreaming of a private space for reading or napping? Turn any room into a clandestine hideaway using a bookcase door! Dive into this project featuring a 2-door sliding bookcase that combines functionality with whimsy: books, storage, and a secret spot. 🤫


  • Maple Plywood and Boards
  • Hinges & Heavy Duty Slides
  • Shelf Brackets, Drill Bits, Paint, & Glue.


  • Drill, Sander, Saw, Tape.

Steps include reinforcing walls, prepping surfaces, utilizing heavy-duty hinges, fitting, and refining. Imagine your covert sanctuary; doors open smoothly, revealing your nook. 

Alternative idea:

DIY Deer Wall & Perforated Board: Showcase Pillars Like a Pro!


Are you eager to install a perforated board against a wall but want the pillars to stand out?
Navigate this DIY journey that brings style and function into your living space.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the Deer Wall and pillars, sourced from your local home center.
  2. Paint the back of the perforated board for a polished look.
  3. Process the pillars and secure them using the sun (wooden crosspieces).
  4. Erect the pillars with Deer Wall supports.
  5. Install horizontal suns for sturdiness and align your perforated board.
  6. Add a window for practical fusuma (sliding doors) operation.
  7. Decorate and enjoy! A mirror behind louvers? Genius and affordable!

This guide offers an amateur’s savvy solution with professional charm.
Whether you’re a DIY veteran or a beginner, transform your room with this engaging project!

16. Make Your Own Sliding Fabric Door on a Budget!

Want a chic sliding door for under $100?
Follow Mandi’s guide from Vintage Revivals and craft your frame.
Here’s a twist for you: Grab a shower curtain from Target for flair.
Find it too sheer? Back it with a twin-sized black sheet.

Staple them onto your frame, trim any excess, and beautify them with some extra wood. Paint your hardware for that sleek finish—this project merges style and savings, ideal for any room in your home. Dive into DIY and transform your space without breaking the bank!
Detail via

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