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18 Projects to Turn the Small Bedroom Roomier

5. A DIY Box Headboard Idea

No pro skills are needed for this stylish DIY Box Headboard that’s economical, easy, and highly satisfying! Start with a 244 x 122 cm, 18 mm thick medium plate from your DIY store; it’s smooth and perfect for painting. Have it cut into three pieces: the front (170 cm wide), the top, and two sides (103.2 x 9 cm). You’ll also need 30 mm chair brackets, large angle brackets, 12 mm chipboard screws, and a tube of smoothing compound.

Finish with a vitrifier for less porous edges, a special wood undercoat, and your choice of paint (like the serene Farrow & Ball’s ‘Dix Blue’). This headboard stands solidly without wall-fixing and even has room for a sneaky plinth cut!

4. How to DIY a Walk-In Closet on a Budget: Inspired by Ikea!

Fancy a walk-in closet that looks custom-built? Dive in, even if you’ve never held a hammer! It all began with Ikea’s “PAX” system. However, splurging $1000+ didn’t seem right. 🤔

Steps to Success:

  1. Start with inspiration from Ikea’s PAX. Use it as a base, but get crafty and make it your own.
  2. Do you have a wall space? Ideally, around 14’1” wide and 8’ tall will do.
  3. Keep dimensions accurate. For instance, Ikea’s frame is 29 1/2” wide by 22 7/8” deep by 93 1/8” high. Adjust to your taste.
  4. Buy materials. Example: 3/4” MDF board from Home Depot for the main frame. Choose between MDF and Plywood, depending on your budget and weight preference.
  5. Measure, then measure again. Ensure cuts are precise.
  6. Assemble the frames and add any desired Ikea components (like the pull-out pants hanger).
  7. Dress up the middle space! Consider a dresser or cube storage. Feel free to customize it.
  8. Add trim for a polished look. Trim does wonders, transforming your project from ‘okay’ to ‘wow’!
  9. Finish with caulk, paint, and optional LED lights for a touch of glam.

Golden Tips:

  • Dive into YouTube for tutorials (yes, even for caulk).
  • Break down your project. Step-by-step, it’s less daunting.
  • Always PLAN and measure… multiple times.
  • Pace yourself. Tired or frustrated? Pause, and come back refreshed.

Voilà! Your closet masterpiece awaits!

3. Repurposed the following Closet Wall for the boys’ Room plan into a new bedroom-office setup

Planning a makeover for a dull boy’s room or your own small bedroom?
Here’s how to ace it:

  1. Opt for a closet wall design.
  2. Paint the doors in a chic RAL6034 shade for a modern touch.
  3. Incorporate milled-in handles for a seamless look.
  4. Continue designing mirrored closet sections for individualized spaces, complete with hanging areas, shelves, and drawers.
  5. Dedicate a central space for files or books.
  6. Elevate the interior with a stylish backdrop: choose the easy-to-apply Greenery wallpaper from AS Création.
  7. Don’t forget a built-in desk for study, play, or entertainment when needed; your functional yet stylish boy’s or office room is ready!


2. Bedroom Oasis: Merging Worldly Inspirations and Urban Living

When you step into Juliette Von Hess’ petite 280-square-foot NYC studio, it’s like diving into a global diary of travel adventures and design revelations. Transporting you from the bustling streets of Nolita to the calming shores of faraway lands, her space is a masterclass in harnessing personal memories to create serenity.

The neutral palette whispers tales from sandy deserts, while her DIY floating branch curtain rods, reminiscent of woodland escapades, add an earthy touch. Harnessing the power of minimalist designs, hidden storage gems, and meticulously chosen decor, Juliette transforms a New York studio constraint into a boundless canvas of experiences and dreams. Dive in and let your senses wander. Detail:

1. Two DIY IKEA Bedroom Hacks Best for the Sporty Side of You

(1). DIY Surfer-Inspired Loft Bed with IKEA Kallax Shelves

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Kallax shelves
  • Resin-bonded chipboards (cut to size)
  • Mattress (1.4 by 2 meters)
  • Wooden ladder
  • Foldable mattress (for underneath seating)
  • Decorative surfboard and surf graphics


Setting Up the Base: Position the two Kallax shelves where you want the bed to be. The Kallax unit can act as a base for your loft bed and even a room divider.

Adding Stability: Attach the resin-bonded chipboards to the Kallax shelves. Secure a side panel to the back to ensure the structure doesn’t tilt.

Safety First: Affix the decorative surfboard to the front. This adds flair and ensures safety by preventing the person in the bed from falling out.

Finishing Touches: Complete your surfer room by adding surf graphics for added stability and design. For enhanced safety, consider a thinner mattress.

(2). Skater-themed platform Bed using IKEA Eket Cabinets

Materials Needed:

  • IKEA Eket cabinets
  • Resin-coated chipboard (for the bed’s platform)
  • Wooden board with a skateboard scene print
  • 2 IKEA wall lamps
  • Skateboard decks
  • Plywood boards (for platform cover)
  • Carpet (cut to size)
  • Makeup mirror with lamps
  • Double-sided carpet tape


Building the Base: Assemble the Eket cabinets in the desired formation. String them together, integrating 2x4s for structural support. These will also hold the bed’s slanted frames.

Creating the Bed Frame: Construct a frame using square timber. Attach the slanted frames to this substructure.

Style and Tech Fusion: Mount the printed skateboard scene on a wooden board. Add a lamp, Bluetooth speaker, charging station, and sockets.

Lighting: Fix two IKEA wall lamps onto old skateboard decks. This design provides light both upwards and downwards for a trendy look.

Final Touches: Cover the platform with plywood boards. Add a step for accessibility. Beautify the makeup mirror with necklace-like lamps. Convert another skateboard deck into a makeup table stool. Lastly, glue the cut carpet to the boards using double-sided tape.
Video source | DIYfloyd6447

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