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18 Projects to Turn the Small Bedroom Roomier

10. A DIY IKEA HACK: Transforming BILLY Bookcases Into a Sleek Hallway Wardrobe!

Are you bored with messy hallways and cluttered coats? Turn two IKEA BILLY bookcases (80×202 & 40×202) into a chic, closed cabinet.

All you need: underlayment plates (60×202), white satin gloss paint, easy-on hinges, black leather handles, and some screws. Want it movable? Add a 120×28 plate with four castors! Add side hooks for wet coats. Questions on crafting this space-saver? Reach out at [email protected].

9. A DIY Floating Wood Shelving Idea + Clothing Bar

Want a sleek storage upgrade?
Here’s your guide!


  • 2x12x8 Pine board
  • Stain (I love OSMO clear satin hard wax oil!)
  • 1 ¼ in, 6ft poplar rod
  • Closet rod supports (I went copper after spray painting!)
  • 8in floating shelf brackets (I used 7 for my 8ft shelf)
  • Tools: Power drill, sander (80 to 120 grit), circular/miter saw, 5/8in drill bit, level, stud finder.


  1. Mark shelf height (Mine’s 68in up!)
  2. Set up temporary support using scrap wood.
  3. Cut and fit the pine board.
  4. Mark studs on the wall and shelf.
  5. Attach floating brackets to studs.
  6. Drill holes in the shelf, sand, and stain.
  7. Set the shelf and attach the closet rod.
  8. Finish the rod with OSMO and mount brackets; you finally get it done!

Side Shelves:

Materials include 2x10x8 Pine boards, wood glue, and essential tools. Combine boards, mark, and drill for studs, sand, finish, and secure.

Chic, simple, and stylish!
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8. IKEA Hack: Transform Your Kallax on a Budget!

Are you tired of a messy apartment but balking at IKEA’s door prices (€160-320)? Get creative! Adapt an existing tutorial, measure meticulously, and make precise cuts at Leroy Merlin. Need specifics?

Your doors should be 39cm x 79.5cm on cabinet edges and 34.5cm x 79.5cm in the center. Remember that Expedit shelves are hollow, so drill 35mm holes for opening—or add knobs. Don’t forget to varnish your doors for future cleanliness. Total cost? About €80 and 4 hours of your time. Heads-up: A dash of carpentry skill is essential. Result? It’s not perfect, but your space will look neater!
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7. DIY: Sleek Cupboard Wall with Study Nooks!

Transform Ikea’s Ivar units into a smart cupboard wall with hidden study spots! Perfect for schools, these “acquaintances” open to reveal a niche for focused study sessions.

Key materials: Ivar side panels (30 x 179cm), cabinets (80 x 30 x 83 cm), shelves, L-hooks, screws, and linoleum or 3mm sheet (80 x 58cm). Assemble, measure, cut, and anchor cabinets. Finish by adding a sleek linoleum work surface. No photos, but trust the process and get crafting!
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6. A DIY Dream Closet’s Transformation on a Budget

Have you ever considered building your own chic closet? Start with some inspiration from this journey! While the Ikea Pax system might lure you in at around $1,000, imagine creating your very own luxury wardrobe for half that. Using a combination of 2x4s, 3/4″ plywood, and MDF, you can craft dividers, a sturdy base, and elegant floors.

With a bit of persistence (and maybe some brownie breaks and episodes of The Bachelor), watch your design come to life. Picture the final reveal: a transformed space painted in Benjamin Moore’s ‘Simply White with sleek hardwood flooring. Add drawers, stylish rods, and repurposed kitchen hardware for the perfect finish. A pro tip for you? Always measure twice, and patience will be your best tool. Ready to take the plunge? Follow along and get inspired on Instagram at
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