Boat-inspired Beauty from A 24 Sq Mt Apartment That Keeps You Moving

Architect Barbara AppolloniFaircompanies | @Kirksten Dirksten

You, my friend, have stepped into the future. 

But let’s wind the clock back a bit, shall we? 

Picture yourself entering an apartment for the first time. You’re thinking, “Is this it?” as you traverse 100 steps to get to the door on the 5th floor. You’re probably panting a little, maybe having a slight existential crisis, wondering why elevators haven’t been invented yet. But the journey, as you’ll soon find out, is always worth it.

Upon entrance, it’s… dark. 

And oh, there’s an old mattress, looking a bit lonesome. 

It’s giving off those “been-here-for-decades” vibes. 

“What in the HGTV is going on here?!” you might think. 

And if you were with your mom, she would be clutching her pearls, gasping, “Oh my god, Christian, what did you do?”

But wait! 

Before you panic and consider bailing out from the nearest window, it’s not just an apartment. It’s an experience. Sure, it’s 24 square meters of mystery and magic. The walls? They hold secrets that even Dumbledore’s office would be envious of. 

Inspiration? Picture boats. 

Yes, those sleek water beauties with fold-out elements. Imagine living like you’re always on a luxury cruise (minus the seasickness). And it’s not just about aesthetics; functionality is key. 

What’s the bare minimum you need to live comfortably? 

A soft mattress, clean sheets, and perhaps somewhere to microwave those midnight snacks. Not to forget that life-saving shower when you’ve been out and about, mingling with the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Ah, the kitchen – the soul of the house. 

It rises like the sun, heralding a new dawn – quite literally, from the floor. You can’t even sneak a midnight snack without your fridge popping out like, “Need some milk with those cookies?” Everything’s within reach. 

Is the fridge too far while lounging? 

Fret not! Stretch out a hand, and it’s like magic. 

The butterbeer is right there.

And the closet? 

It’s a sanctuary, a temple for your clothes and gear. 

Full-length mirror? Check. 

Because every now and then, we all need that full view, even if we ate that extra cookie and are feeling a little rounder.

The bathroom? 

It’s a glass cube masterpiece. 

A tribute to modernity and efficiency. Your very own futuristic bathing pod, minus the teleportation feature. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance: the toilet, also known as the “cozy throne.” There, right in the midst of it all, lies a tiny nook from where you can pull out your favorite magazine. 

Luxury, right?

This apartment has a pulse, a rhythm of its own. 

Need a table? Build it. 

Want a bigger sofa? 

Pull it out. 

Need a workout? 

Heck, you don’t need a gym membership! 

Just try moving around some furniture. 

Need a quick calorie burn? 

Simply engage in the intricate dance of shifting tables and chairs. 

And speaking of parties, this place can surprise you. “How many guests have I had?” you might wonder. The answer? Around 40! And no, they weren’t hanging like bats from the ceiling – although that would’ve been epic.

Oh, and your bed? 

It’s under the balcony. 

Before you get any Harry Potter vibes, it’s not a cupboard but an ingenious space-saving technique. You’re basically a homeowner, architect, and magician all rolled into one.

So, the next time someone gives you that puzzled look and asks about your living space, just smirk and say, “I live in an action apartment.” After all, who needs calories when every day is a leg day? And with every click, pull, and turn, your space transforms, adapting to your needs.

With all its eccentricities, quirks, and surprises, there’s a lesson here: It’s not about how much space you have but how you use it. And sometimes, in the most unexpected places, we find comfort, just like that childhood nest you made with pillows.

So here’s to your apartment – where every day is a delightful discovery and every moment an adventure. 

Welcome home!

Written by Simpson

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