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30 Smart Ideas How to Make Backyard Batting Cages

When it comes to making a backyard batting cage, you might need to purchase the commercial nets in the first place. Commercial nets and frames provide high-quality materials that will accommodate your baseball and softball hobbies at home. If you have a spacious backyard to practice, you need to make your batting cage so you do not need to rent a field every time you need to practice.

Here, we have the list of what we think the best nets for the baseball batting cage. Include with recommendations for the frame.
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Intro: Playing a certain sports game like baseball is not only good for your body but also mind because you can blow off steam. Unfortunately, playing baseball entails a spacious area and several equipment, such as the balls, bats, a pitching machine, and a batting cage. The batting cage plays an important role in bettering your baseball skills. It allows you to practice your skills without worrying about picking up the scattered balls. Next, play our next video to get better understanding
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How to Build Awesome DIY Batting Cage For Backyard Ideas

Baseball is America’s pastime. Even in the age of social media, Americans’ love for outdoor sports like baseball hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s no surprise in many towns, cities, and suburbs throughout the United States, batting cages do brisk businesses. If you are thinking of holding a party in your backyard or you just want to have your buddies over more often, what better way to add a little excitement as well as build a steady draw for weekly gatherings that putting up your backyard batting cage.
Understandably, a lot of homeowners would think twice about a DIY batting cage. It seems like a big project that involves a lot of parts and advanced planning. If you are a serious baseball player and you know what the right batting cage would look like because of your personal preferences, it’s a pretty straightforward project. You just need enough space, and pretty much everything else comes down to your imagination. There are many ways to set up a batting cage so you can get enough clearance for the ball without hitting the ball to somewhere that it doesn’t belong.

Whether you are a baseball rookie or somebody who is gung-ho about baseball, you know full well that practice makes perfect. You want to work on your pitch. You’d also want to work on your swing. Luckily, you don’t have to go to a place in your part of town that charges you a fee to practice. You can set this up in your home with your DIY batting cage.
The best part, you can spend as much time practicing. You can take as many swings as you want, or throw some balls. You can’t say the same for commercial batting cages. You have to pay for every hour that you spend throwing around a ball or swinging a bat. This activity can quickly burn a hole through your pocket.
When you set up a batting cage in your backyard, you can save quite a bit of money, especially if you go to batting cage practice on a reasonably regular basis. Even if you are a fairly or casual player, you can make your money back in terms of batting cage fees in almost no time flat.

What do you need to set up a DIY Backyard Batting Cage.

The first thing that you need to do is to find a flat area in your backyard where you can set up your batting cage. The batting cage in and of itself doesn’t take up much square footage because you can move it around thanks to its portable design. You can easily fold it up when you’re done. The problem with this portability is that it may not be all that sturdy. It can topple over, or it can even be blown over by strong winds or any force. Maybe if somebody swung too hard and just slammed against the batting cage and enough to knock it down.
To make sure that this doesn’t happen, pick out a large enough area where you can hold it down using sticks or sandbags at the bottom. You have to make sure you have enough space to secure the bottom of the unit at several points. Don’t just hold it down at the front or the back or on 2 points. It has to be held down at several points to ensure that the batting cage will stay up and can take quite a bit of punishment. Ideally, you should have a tree behind it so you can tie it to the cage for additional support.

Secure your Nets.

It’s essential to make sure that you have nets all-around your practice area. The last thing that you want is for an angry neighbor to call you and tell you off or call the cops on you. The key here is to make sure you have proper netting around the area where your baseball can go. You can purchase commercial type netting from official batting cage providers. There are many available online, just make sure that they are of standard quality.
If for whatever reason you don’t have access to such netting or you want to save some money, you might want to use fishing nets. If you live near a coastline, you can get these reasonably cheap from fishing boats at nearby fish ports or marinas.
The good news is that the design of fishing nets is such that it can handle a lot of strain. Just remember, fishers use these nets to haul up tons of fish from the water. Even if you are a power baseball hitter, your batting cage net would probably be only subjected to minimum strain. So, for the most part, commercial fishing nets would do an excellent job as batting cage netting.
Ideally, you should get netting that is specially made for batting cages because they are weather-proof. They can handle a lot of UV rays, especially if you leave them out for an extended period. They also don’t rot.

Make sure you pick the Right Frame.

If you’re putting up a batting cage, you need something light yet durable. This requirement pretty much rules out any kind of stainless steel or heavy-metal construction. The good news is if you use readily available PVC pipes to construct the frame, it all depends on the dimensions you want. The larger your sizes, the thicker your PVC pipes have to be. Another restriction to this, of course, is the amount of backyard space you have available.
Frames come in different shapes. You can look at arched, rectangular, squarish, or trapezoidal designs. Again, the form of your batting cage frame should follow the amount of space you have available, as well as the shape of that space. The great thing about PVC pipes is that they are easy to connect. You can snugly fit them into slots in other PVC pieces.

Make sure you have Complete Equipment.

This tip goes without saying but if you’re going to be putting up your batting cage, make sure you have everything you need. This advice means you should get a pitching machine. You also have to make sure it’s stocked adequately with balls. They can be plastic balls for basic training, but you can also stock them with real baseballs.
To minimize any risk of injury, you should get a helmet. Not just for yourself, but for any guest or family members that would be using your backyard batting cage.

Finally, you should get a home plate. This base should be sturdy and slip-proof so that when you take a swing with your bat on the home plate, you’re not going to slip.

Additional Considerations.

A lot of backyard batting cage owners actually would like to use that outdoor space for other purposes. Maybe they’re going to hold a picnic one week, and then the next week they’re going to throw a party, and then the next week, they’re going to set up a temporary pool. In this case, if you are one of these types of homeowners, you might want to consider a collapsible design. In other words, you can easily unscrew the frame of your batting cage, disassemble specific parts so that everything will have a small footprint. At the very least, when you remove everything, you can pack fairly neatly and move them from point A to point B.
You don’t necessarily have to store them away and keep them in a dry, dark place for long-term storage. Still, the subassemblies or even the wholly disassembled pieces should be relatively easy to transport and move around.

The final word on DIY Backyard Batting Cages.

You save quite a bit of money on your home batting cage, no one can argue about this. But you have to plan it right because if you design your batting cage wrong or you buy the wrong accessories, this solution might cost more than if you have just gone to your nearby commercial batting cage. A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way to make sure that you have a good time with your DIY project but at the same time saving quite a bit of money.

Or you can find ready-made batting cages in a store, but it will always great to make one yourself. If you choose the latter, check out these next 10 ideas on how to build fantastic DIY batting cages. Completing dozens backyard improvement list published earlier in this blog, this next list is also compiled for you by simphome.

1st 10 Alternative Ideas How to Build Fantastic DIY Batting Cages:

10 ideas how to build fantastic DIY batting cages via
10 Ideas How to Build Fantastic DIY Batting Cages Poster

10. Basic DIY Batting Cage idea

10.Basic DIY Batting Cage idea via Simphome.comIf you are blessed with spacious backyard, you can have your very own personal batting cage. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Most importantly, it has to have everything you ─ or your kids ─ need to play baseball.
The first thing you need to do is find the best place for your batting cage. Once you decide the place, you can begin setting the posts. Drill holes 36 inches deep then tamp pea gravel in the bottom of the hole. Now you can set the post in. Fill it with the mixture of concrete and water. Use support post to make the posts level. Install the knee brace and concrete flooring, then keep working on with the structure.
Once the structure is up, you can install the artificial turf. Since the turf is extremely heavy, you’re gonna need a big dump trailer to lift and plop it over the concrete flooring. Finally, you can hang the net.

9. Indoor Batting Cage idea

9.Indoor Batting Cage idea By Simphome.comPlaying baseball outdoor is fascinating. But when the weather is not nice, you can try playing it indoor. You might gasp when imagining breaking the windows and several glasses.
Well, you won’t wreak havoc with your indoor batting cage if you have high-quality net in your hand. You still need to consider the space inside your house, though. Make sure that the space is more than 15’x40’, and the netting is away from the power line. The best places to host a batting cage are garage and basement.

8. All-Black Batting Cage idea

8.All Black Batting Cage idea via Simphome.comMaking a batting cage in the backyard can be the best birthday gift for your son. But you will be reluctant doing it when thinking about the installation process that you will go through.
Well, it doesn’t have to be hard, though. Just imagine your son’s joyful smile when seeing the cage. You can build the structure of the cage from wood, metal, or pipe.
Here you can see a 55-feet-long cage metal frame that was built using pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. The frame and large cargo net are painted black to bring in bold look to the space. Unlike traditional pipe, the fittings a set screw so that the cage can be dissembled and reassembled easily.

7. Homemade Batting Cage on the Cheap Idea

7.Homemade Batting Cage on the Cheap Idea via

If you think that making a batting cage can cost an arm and a leg, think again! There are many materials and designs that you can choose from to meet your budget.
If you are short on budget, you can try making the cage from any net. You can buy fish netting from a local shipyard or marine-supply dealer. Just make sure that the net is in a good condition. Laying artificial turf can be somewhat expensive. Opt for green carpet, instead.
Although it is a cheap batting cage, you’re not supposed to ignore safety. Make sure the net is not too close to any cable line.

6. PVC Batting Cage idea

6.PVC Batting Cage idea via Simphome.comPVC pipe is extremely versatile. You can even make a batting cage out of it. First, using a hacksaw or a miter box, cut four pieces at 72 inches long, two pieces at 3 inches long, and another four pieces at 12 inches long to construct the batting frame.
Next, check whether the PVC pieces fit each other before assembling them using the fittings and glue. But if you opt for a screen that can be stored easily, avoid gluing the joints between the legs and upper frame.
Once the frame is up, you can attach the netting by zip tying the rope-reinforced border to the PVC pipe every 4 inches. Do it around the edge of the frame.

5. Retractable Batting Cage idea

5.Retractable Batting Cage idea via Simphome.comRetractable batting cage is suitable for indoor. Unlike the common batting cages whose frames are installed in the ground, gobbling up lots of space, the frame of a retractable batting cage floats. The frame is suspended from the ceiling, making it look as if it were floating.
The netting is attached to the frame and can be retracted when not used, which makes it a top-notch choice for a multi-purpose room.

4. Permanent Backyard Batting Cage idea

4.Batting Cage Poster by
Installing a permanent backyard batting cage can be the best option if you look for a durable one. However, it can be quite pricey as the frame is made of galvanized steel while the net is made of Dupont type 66-728 nylon, which is renowned for its durability.
Once the frame is up, you can choose whether you need artificial turf or not. Artificial turf can be quite expensive as it gives a polished finish. If you have limited budget, dirt floor would be acceptable. But you have to be ready with the drawbacks like the dust can be everywhere, not to mention the mud occuring after the rain.

3. Portable Batting Cage idea

3.Portable Batting Cage idea via Simphome.comLimited space can be the most common problem for this project. If that’s the case, why don’t you try a portable batting cage?
This portable batting cage allows you to set up the cage effortlessly. When purchasing the kit, you will also get a pitching machine along with the cage. Don’t worry! It won’t cost you a fortune and take up lots of your space and valuable time.

2. Inflatable Batting Cage

2.Inflatable Batting Cage via Simphome.comIf you want to make a batting cage in your backyard instantly, you can try purchasing inflatable batting cage. As the name suggests, this cage needs to be blown up for about 10 minutes. Since ot can be flat, it is portable and even fits in a car trunk. Now you can bring your batting cage wherever you want.

1. Barn Batting Cage idea

1.Batting Cage Ideas via SImphome.comTurning an old barn into a batting cage is not a bad idea. You won’t need to construct the frame anymore. Just attach the netting and install concrete floor, if necessary, and you’re good to go. You can also add artificial turf for an attractive finish.
Practice makes perfect. Therefore, making a batting cage will allow you to better your skills. It doesn’t have to be fancy if you are short on budget. These 10 ideas on how to build fantastic DIY batting cages can be your inspiration to build the one that meets your budget. Continue reading this post to find additional batting cage ideas I uploaded earlier.

2nd 10 Inspiring Ideas of How to Makeover Batting Cages:

10 Smart Ideas How to Make Backyard Batting Cage Ideas via SIMPHOME.COM Featured Image
2nd Group of 10 Ideas How to Make Backyard Batting Cages

This second group of list is coming without video, so if you find this list link from Youtube, it should be a new group of ideas for you. Congratulations

1. Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage

1. SIMPHOME.COM Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting CageThe batting cage on the picture is produced by Fortress. Its trapezoid size just makes anything so comfortable and unique. If you purchase the set, you will get nets, four-way corner connectors for galvanized steel poles, ground anchors, and three-way connectors. The steel poles are covered with black powder coat so it will not get rusted. The netting is shaped ins square meshes so it will hang so straightly.

Since the netting is made with UV stabilization technology, it lasts longer than other nets without the UV protectors.

2. Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage

2.Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage via SIMPHOME.COMAnother idea to make a simple batting cage without doing much effort is by using this batting cage. This one is another product made by Fortress. If your backyard could accommodate at least 20 feet of length for the cage then you should try this one. The product comes with a series of solid steel poles, nets, and built-in ground spikes to support simple assemble. Again, the net is UV stabilized, rot proof, and weatherproof. With overlocked and knotted borders, the assembly will last longer.

3. ProQuality Baseball Batting Cage

3.ProQuality Baseball Batting Cage via SIMPHOME.COM

ProQuality produced batting cages for baseball that will be another interesting idea to make a backyard batting cage. It comes with a set of galvanizes steel poles that will stand steadily on any ground surface. The net has been made by the combination of UV coated materials and overlocked finished edges along with shrink and rot-resistant. Since the materials are not recycled, these make a more durable netting series. Since the shape is a trapezoid, you will have more room to move.

4. Cimarron 55’ Standalone Batting Cage

4.Cimarron 55’ Standalone Batting Cage via SIMPHOME.COM

If you want to make a strong batting cage for a heavy-duty practice include batting cage for home or residential, you should consider this batting cage from Cimarron. It comes with steel frames and polyethylene twist-net. You do not need to prepare things to assemble the batting. Other than that, you can choose the options to secure the batting cage. The options include anchor plates, ground sleeves, and ground stakes. Other than the durable net, it also comes with a stronger cage. The center rope also supports the cage’s ceiling. Those make an excellent backyard batting cage.

5. Xtender 24’-72’ Home Batting Cage

5.Xtender 24’ 72’ Home Batting Cage via SIMPHOME.COmThe picture above just shows how different this batting cage is. However, it still provides an excellent show of durability. Its arch shape allows you to make free swingers more flexible. It comes with steel frames and fiberglass rod that is flexible enough to make a flexible ceiling. Since the frame would stake into the ground surface, the batting net would not move. The frame is equipped with some paddings so the injury can be minimized. If you want to build a batting cage for your kids, this one might be one of the most suitable ones.
Good read:

6. BATCO Foldable Batting Cage

6.BATCO Foldable Batting Cage via SIMPHOME.COM

On the other hand, if permanent space is not what you have, you should try the batting cage from BATCO. The arched frame allows you to get more pitching and batting room. The square mesh is made of nylon and knotted so it will provide a stronger batting cage. For the entrance, the door is zippered and you do not concrete surfaces to hold the cage down. However, you need to prepare some eye bolts to tie down the batting edge ends.

7. 21 Knotted Nylon Batting Cages

7.21 Knotted Nylon Batting Cages via SIMPHOME.COM

Anything inside the package is just what you need when it comes to a backyard batting cage. The net comes with knotted nylon and the mesh is great to hold the strength you put in it. The net is UV resistant so you do not need it got damaged by the sun in the afternoon. Also, the net is water-resistant as well. The good news is that you can install the batting both for indoor and outdoor uses. Just keep in mind that this batting cage is trapezoidal.

8. Power Net Cage

8.Power Net Cage via SIMPHOME.COM

Power Net also manufactures batting nets for batting cages. This has a trapezoid shape that will be suitable and ideal for training sessions for both softball and baseball. If you purchase this product, it comes with excellent netting frame and net connectors. Even new players would love to use this batting net for their backyard batting cage. Its trapezoid shape allows you to get more room to move and hit. However, you may need a wide backyard so you can use the net more freely.

9. Outroad Batting Nets

9.Outroad Batting Nets via SIMPHOME.COM

If you need another reference for batting cage’s net, this product might accommodate your obsession on building a backyard batting cage. The structure is square and it is easy to use. In case you do not have a wide backyard to install a full-sized batting cage, this net may help you with that. The good things about this net include portable net, durable materials, and waterproof property. It makes an ideal net for practice and training.

10. Jones Sports Baseball Frame

10.Jones Sports Baseball Frame via SIMPHOME.COM

You will need a high-quality set of frames to make a batting cage in your backyard. Jones sports have the ones you need to make your obsession into a reality. The frame is 1-foot in height and it makes the cage got a high resistance level towards the wind. On the other hand, it will help to manage the ball to not getting out of the cage. If you want to practice baseball or softball at your backyard, this frameset is highly recommended.
So, this is “yet” anything you need to know and consider when it comes to making a batting cage in the backyard.
Next, you are going to find relevant information and more pictures related to our discussion.

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