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Being stylish entails having a wide array of outfits for your OOTD – Outfit of The Day.
It means you’re going to need a bigger closet to store all your clothes.
But what if you only have a small one? You’re going to cram your clothes in it, aren’t you?

You don’t need to splurge out on a new closet that will just take up more space in your bedroom. Just apply one of these 10 clothes organizer ideas instead to make the most of the existing closet. So, check them out!. As always this list is compiled for you by simphome

10. Reorganize Your Seasonal Items
10 Reorganize Your Seasonal Items via simphomeWhen you open your closet, what do you see? Do you see an abundance of clothes crammed in the shelves?

If you feel cheesed off with this mess, you need to reorganize your closet soon. You can begin with take all your clothes out, and sort them by their purposes like in what seasons they are usually worn.

Store your winter outfits in several boxes when it is summer. You won’t go out with your scarf and neck jacket in the summer anyway.Do not forget to put on a label on each box so you can find the seasonal outfits you want easily. Then, put those boxes on the top shelf to keep the floor space clean. Now, you have more space for the outfits that you’re going to wear this season.

9. Plan Your OOTD by Momtrends
9 Plan Your OOTD via simphomeDo you often spend more time in thinking about what you’re gonna wear to work today Instead of spending your valuable time just to think about what to wear in a day, you can try planning your OOTD for a week. You need to get a hanging closet organizer that you can find on Amazon, ebay, and IKEA, or you can make your own out of some unused boxes.

Then, put on a label representing the name of the days on each compartment. Fill each compartment with the cool outfit that can make you look chic. You can also apply this idea to your kid’s closet so he can learn how to prepare himself for school.

8. Invest in Adjustable Shelving Kits
8 Invest in Adjustable Shelving Kits via simphomeInvesting in adjustable shelving kits is a great idea because it can save your money and time. The closet kits allow you to expand your creativity and build the racks just like what you need. The great thing of these shelving kits is you don’t need to cut them out. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to install. If you want to hang longer clothes like your coats, you can just adjust the rod. Adding more racks? No problem! Just add some wire racks and you’ll get more storage space.

7. Consider Transparent Boxes and Labels
7 Consider Transparent Boxes and Labels via simphomeIncorporating some boxes to host your daily used essentials and less used items is a smart choice. The boxes can make your closet look more organized and keep the clutter at bay.
Colored boxes can also jazz your closet up. But it would be better if you use the colored boxes to store your less-used items. Instead of using colored boxes, you can try using transparent boxes to host the items used on a regular basis. The transparent boxes enable you to see what’s inside it. You’re going to still need to put on a label on each box though.

6. Use Interesting Icon to Label the Boxes
6 Use Interesting Icon to Label the Boxes via simphomeInstead of written labels to provide the information about what is inside the box, you can try interesting icons to make it more appealing. This will work well for your kid’s closet especially if he can’t read well yet. The icons will help him know where to get his pajamas and pants easily, which is good for him. By doing this, you make his closet tidier and teach him to be more independent at the same time.

5. Try Multi-Purpose Furniture
5 Try Multi Purpose Furniture via simphomeIf you have a bedroom with limited space, multi-purpose furniture will be your safe bet. This bed, for instance, can be a comfortable place where to sleep. When you lift the bed, you’ll find plenty space to organize your clothes without gobbling up the remaining space in your bedroom. Besides an under-bed closet, this bed frame also features some open shelves that add storage space. This bed frame is actually DIY-friendly. But if you are a novice, you’d better have it made or ask some assistance from the experts.

4. PVC Drawer Organizers
4 PVC Drawer Organizers via simphomeDrawers are actually the space to hide small items like accessories away so they can be out of your sight. Ironically, drawers can be the messiest spot since you just throw your accessories in it without arranging them.

Now, let’s end these messy drawers with some PVCs. Cut a PVC into several pieces. Make sure that the cutting is shorter than the height of the drawers. Place your cutting inside the drawers. You can apply some glue to make them stay in place and bind together.
Now you can put your accessories or scarves in each PVC cutting.


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3. Use Up All The Available Space
3 Use Up All The Available Space via simphomeIt may be easy to just stash less-used items on the floor as you can get them easily.
Try harnessing the availability of the top shelf to host them. Keeping the floor clean will help you look at your closet with ease.

As a result, it will look more organized. To dispose the clutter, store the less-used fashion items in some boxes and put on labels. You can keep a small stair consisting of two or three steps that will help you reach the top shelf.

2. Can Pull Tabs to Hook Hangers Together
2 Can Pull Tabs to Hook Hangers Together via simphomeDo you need an extra space to hang more clothes in your wardrobe? Try using a can pull tab to hook two hangers together. Who would have guessed this itsy-bitsy thing can make a big improvement in your closet? By hooking two or three hangers together, you can store as many clothes as you want without investing in another wardrobe.

1. Upcycle Coke Crate to Store Ties
1 Upcycle Coke Crate to Store Ties via simphomeUnused coke crate is eminently versatile. It can be used to incorporate additional storage space for any room including your closet.

All you need to do is just sanding the crate down, install some dividers, and stain or paint the crate. For a more rustic look, you can just leave it that way. Then, hang the crate on the wall. Roll your ties and belts up, and put them in each of the compartment.

Now you know that there are many ways to optimize the space in your closet without buying a new one or compromising the limited space. Try out one of these ideas for a better closet. Next time, we are going to discuss bedroom organizing ideas that will probably fix your mood. Stick around, wish us lucks, and see you again later.

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