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10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom

If you’re looking for some creative ways to get the most out of your small bedroom space and turn it into a dreamy little oasis in the city, then stay tuned because we have more than 10 things that you can do with a paintbrush and some watercolors!

The bedroom is not only a room for calling a night and sleeping. It’s a private room used for relaxing, chilling out, even studying, so it is important to keep it comfortable and cozy no matter how the size is.
However, since small bedroom design requires plenty of consideration, some people might have lost their ideas in making it enchanting. Some may just think small space only suitable with plain decoration. Therefore, here I bring you 10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom.

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How to make wall painting for a small bedroom?


  • No 1. Stencil
    Choose the pattern you want to use, then buy paint for your wall (usually since white and light colors are more suitable for a small room). The patterns should be on a roll, then cut into squares. Paint them in different colors, and apply them to the wall.
  • No 2. Graphic texture wallpaper
    It’s easy to do by painting something like brick or rock towers using acrylic paint, then sticking it on the wall with double-sided tapes.
  • No 3. Painted wooden panels
    Frames are made of wood, then painted once again with a small color. The result is similar to the previous two methods, but it’s very simple and easy to handle.
  • No 4. Mosaic pattern Wallpaper
    You can make it by buying a mosaic pattern piece from the store, then do it on a plain wall with the same color that you choose for the wallpaper.
  • No 5. Cute brickwork
    It’s simple and beautiful, and you can change its color by using the paint with a different tone. Also, try to use the same color for the brick and wall surface to match the decoration.
  • No 6. Fairy tale Wallpaper
    This item is one of the most unique and gorgeous wall painting ideas for a small bedroom, it’s made by putting flowers, skulls, and swans on a plain wallpaper then decorate your room with a fairy tale atmosphere.
  • No 7. Stamp wall painting method
    This item is one of the most traditional techniques to decorate a small bedroom. However, it is still popular because of the beauty of simplicity and imagination for small things used as templates for stamps like hearts, stars, and flowers.
  • No 8. Wallpaper and paint
    This combination is a new idea in applying wall decoration, and you can apply many kinds of methods to create a bigger impression of wallpaper.
  • No 9. Sky mural
    It needs more than one person to help you if the bedroom is large. First, draw the sky in pencil the color, then start painting with acrylic or watercolor based on the drawing you’ve done. If you want to mix two colors to make a third one, add white paint instead of colors. The result is great and cheap!
  • No 10. Blackboard wallpaper
    The blackboard will bring a little bit of fun to your small bedroom design. To do it, you have to stick to the basic principle of putting the bed in the corner and use the lighter color as your main tone for the room. Don’t forget about accessories since it’s one of the best ways to decorate your room interestingly. Enjoy!
  • No 11. Graffiti pattern Wallpaper
    As you might imagine, this is like graffiti that can be drawn or written on paper then printed on wallpaper paper. It’s also similar to graphic texture wallpaper; you need to cut it into squares and apply its pieces separately on your wall.
  • No 12. Mirror wall (or ceiling)
    It’s recommended to use gold color paint rich in golden light, for the night lighting effect. You can try this technique in a big bedroom or particular area with an exposed ceiling as well.

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10. Show Your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall

10. Show Your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall via Simphome
Ombre is a look that you can apply almost everywhere on everything, let’s say clothes, shoes, hair, makeup even as a wall decoration. Although this trend has been known for ages it never stops mesmerizing our eyes.
As I’ve already mentioned, this aesthetic design can be applied to your bedroom walls to get a cozy look. To get this look, you will need at least two different colors that can be blended well, paint brushed, primed, and taped.
First, prime the wall with white primer and let it dry completely. This is to prepare a surface where paint can perfectly adhere to and seal out any discoloration from the wall. Next, divide the wall into three horizontal sections using tape then start coloring. You can make more horizontal sections to get more transition colors for gradual fade ombre, especially, if you use two different colors that contrast each other.

Start with painting the top and the bottom part of the sections with each color and let them dry. You can go either from dark to light or vice versa. Next, mix the two colors and splash them to the middle sections. Be sure the tape has been removed. Before the paint dries, quickly blend it to the color on the top using a dry paintbrush. Then with another clean brush, blend the middle to the bottom of the wall.
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9. Show off your Accent Wall

9. Show off the Accent Wall via Simphome
A small bedroom doesn’t have to be monochrome and leaves the walls plain. Sometimes adding accent walls will give different vibes to the room.
A room normally has four walls. If you find a wall with a different design from the others, it’s called an accent wall. By applying an accent wall, you have a chance to use a bolder color without overwhelming the room. Another good thing about an accent wall is it creates a focal point that will drag people’s attention instantly.
Although it has some advantages, using the wrong colors on the wall may create a look you didn’t expect. So, if you choose to paint your accent wall, go darker than the other walls. This is one of the safest choices you can go with. You can also just skip the painting and use patterned wallpaper instead.

What type of paint should I use?

Answer: To wall-paint your small bedroom, you can’t ignore the wall type. The garage room is the best choice because it has an open ceiling and more space to apply more painting. However, if there are no spots on the ceiling, you can choose a suitable paint for the ceilings. Just don’t forget about how much paint you need for direct application on your wall, especially if you have a low ceiling.

What part of the bedroom should I paint?

Answer: Since you are not supposed to paint the whole room, you can focus on a specific part. You can start painting with a wall frame and some accessories first. Make sure to use colors that will make your bedroom well-decorated and still under the total color of your room. Then, choose the most important part that should be decorated by adding or removing bed sheets or coverings.

When should I start painting?

Answer: You should start after having a concept for your bedroom design. The reason is, it’s not recommended to paint your room while you are planning to do some other things in the room. In addition, measuring the right size of painting paper may waste your time and money, which will make you frustrated with the result of too small or too big painting paper.

How can I create ideas if I don’t have any?

Answer: You can get inspiration from places like living room wall paintings specific to bedroom designs. You may want to use the same color for your bedroom walls as a decoration sense as well.

Should I hang my paintings above the bed or on the wall?

Answer: You can hang your paintings above the bed, where the ceiling is on the floor. However, you should use hooks to hang a mural directly on the wall, not on a picture frame. The reason is that some picture frames are not made as strong as a wall or ceiling.

How should I hang paintings?

Answer: You have to always prepare before hanging any painting on your wall because you will need to take off and remove paper backing first to make some space behind it. Since you are using acrylic or water-based paint for this purpose, you may create bubbles when applying it directly onto a room’s surface. Therefore, you have to fix these bubbles with extra thick double-sided sticky tape.

Can I hang pictures on my walls without ruining them?

Answer: It’s not recommended to hang paintings directly on your wall because it will cause some bubbles on the surface. You can use a simple and practical way by creating a picture frame out of Plexiglas that you can buy as an alternative for expensive wood frames. You may find it easy to fit your picture into its frame then hang it on your wall.

How should I decorate my room with paintings?

Answer: The decorations will depend on what types of paintings you have and where you choose to hang them. For example, if you have a large painting in the center of your wall, hanging more than one smaller painting next to it will be ideal.

Which is better for a bedroom, mirror or wallpaper?

Answer: It depends on what kind of painting and accessories you would like to display. For example, if you like to have a minimalist approach for your bedroom, it’s better to use a mirror instead of wallpaper or paintings. On the other hand, if you are a fan of painting and wallpapers, you can place the largest piece on the center of your wall first. Then, hang or place other pieces around it; this is one of the most popular ideas for those who want to have wallpaper and paintings as their bedroom wall decorations.

How do I hang pictures in my bedroom for evening lighting?


  • No 1. Whether you want to hang your pictures in the bedroom in the daytime, or you prefer to do it at night, follow these guidelines to avoid mistakes and get the desired effect. Ensure that when you hang pictures on the wall, there are no obstacles below, which might prevent the circular pattern of their picture frame from forming.
  • No 2. First of all, try to measure the distance between your light source and a corner of your wall. If it’s less than three feet and more than eight feet, you can arrange the picture frame with minimal additional space around it (a quarter-inch).
  • No 3. Before you start, make sure to give yourself enough space on the wall. It’s always recommended to leave plenty of room for possible mistakes. Use a tape measure or a partner if you need help in measuring your wall’s size.
  • No 4. If your ceiling is not flat, it may be helpful to purchase and install a picture hanging kit (also called picture hangers) that will help you reach over the top of the ceiling easily without worrying about wires and power cords.
  • No 5. Lightweight and sturdy, picture hangers are better adapted to hanging pictures than nails. Choose picture hangers made of pliable wire with a plastic coating and a hook on the other side.
  • No 6. Before you start hanging pictures, make sure that your light source is directed directly at the center of your wall (for it to give you the best effect). If possible, try to find just one strip of light in the room because lights coming from multiple directions will create shadows that ruin your picture.
  • No 7. Before putting your picture up, be careful about its edges (corners) where the frame may contact the wall. If you see that this area is uneven or rough, you can purchase a special corner hanger to ensure that your picture will not hang unevenly.
  • No 8. If you want the best results, allow enough space for future changes and additions in your bedroom decorating ideas. However, avoid using more than two layers of sticky tape on each of the corners of your pictures because it will cause some bubbles on the surface and ruin the look of your room.
  • No 9. Before hanging your picture, clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust and scratches.
  • No 10. When it’s time to hang your pictures, gently press the adhesive tape against one of the corners of your room’s wall using a flat-edged tool called a hammer. Make sure that you do not strike it too hard or make any marks on the wall because this could ruin its appearance and make your room look bare.
  • No 11. If you want to add some lighting effect to your pictures, all you need is a night-light plug-in power cord that will provide the needed brightness for an additional cost (some manufacturers offer this product at an additional cost).
  • No 12. There’s no need to fix your pictures on the wall before hanging them because this is not a necessary step for you to follow. Just make sure that your picture is securely attached to the wall, then get your hands on it. Then, you can start decorating your bedroom with photographs, paintings, portraits, or abstract works of art.
  • No 13. When you want to remove a picture from the wall, you can use a small screwdriver and be careful not to damage the surface or paintwork around it because there will be some residue on it afterward.
  • No 14. If you want to fix a picture on your wall, you should take it down then place it back into its frame. After that, use double-sided sticky tape and stick it to the back of the picture frame. Next, stick it into the wall the same way you used it before, and then use a screwdriver/hammer to ensure that everything is set securely in place.
  • No 15. If your picture has been used and enjoyed for several years, check if any of these options may be appropriate for you. You may choose to have it professionally framed with a glass-like material (a photo safe).

8. A Cabbage White Bedroom idea

8. Cabbage White Bedroom via Simphome
Bright color is always preferred when it comes to small bedrooms due to its airy-ness that keeps the room feel open and larger. One of many light colors you should try is Cabbage White. It is a subtle white with a slight bit of blue.
Combined with pale color furniture, Cabbage White gives a fresh ambiance to the room and it just looks so simple yet fresh and calm.
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7. “Love at The First Blush” Wall color idea

7. Love at The First Blush via Simphome
If you are a pink lover but afraid that your bedroom might look too much with pink, you should consider applying this shade of pink blush. White paint with pink undertones will bring warmth to the room that will make anybody in the bedroom feel so much comfortable.
Its bright color will also expand your bedroom visually. Combining it with a zebra-like rug and some gray furniture creates visual interest, so your small bedroom won’t look so much girly. More importantly, it still looks cozy.

6. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Ceiling

6. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Ceiling via Simphome

One painting trick that must be considered if you want a small bedroom to look bigger is painting the walls the same color as the ceiling. It can trick the eyes and make people think that the wall and the ceiling flow into one being. As the result, the room will appear larger.
This doesn’t mean you have to keep your walls boring with one plain color like the ceiling. Instead, try a big chevron pattern with two contrast colors, such as black and white. This pattern will bring a fun look to the room as well as expanding the room.
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What is a great way to decorate a bedroom without spending a lot of money?

Answer: If you have a little budget, you can invest in some inexpensive wall art pieces that are easy to use. If you follow some of these cheap ideas, you will not only save money and time, but you will still get the results that you want for your bedroom.

Which is better for a bedroom, carpet or hardwood?

Answer: For most people, it’s hard to choose between carpet or wood flooring. Because both are relatively inexpensive and each has its benefits. However, if you want your room to look elegant and sophisticated, it is best to use hardwood floors.

How do you decorate a bedroom with light colors?


  • No 1. For those who want to have an empty room filled with light hues, paint your walls a color that has at least three different shades of it. This way, you can create two different pieces of art inside the same room without changing its decor or border. These pieces of art could be either wall paintings or abstract paintings.
  • No 2. To provide a light effect to your bedding, you need to invest in decorative pillows that will add color to your room and add artistic designs to the area where you sleep (finally, if it’s bedroom decorating ideas). You do not need to spend a lot of money on these pillows because many online stores sell them at relatively low prices.
  • No 3. Another effective technique for having a light color and an airy look in your bedroom is using white floor rugs over black hardwood floors. The contrast between two different designs in the same room will make you feel very relaxed and comfortable.
  • No 4. For those who want an airy look in the bedroom, it is very important to invest in a high enough bed (so you can feel as if you’re flying). Ensure that the bed frame’s legs are close to your sleeping area.
  • No 5. To create a unique design in your bedroom that will help you get rid of the traditional design, choose small paintings of big flowers or other colorful designs from your favorite artists. Then hang them over the interior and exterior walls.
  • No 6. If you want an elegant and sophisticated look in your bedroom, place a decorative mirror to reflect light on the ceiling lights to help create such an effect.
  • No 7. Another bedroom decorating idea is to choose a carpet that will create a unique design in your bedroom. However, this idea is not as popular as the previous one.
  • No 8. For best results when decorating a bedroom with white colors, choose a bed with an appropriate design and mattress to fit with it (so that you can rest comfortably on it). Decorate your room using light colors and add some sophisticated furniture pieces to create balance among them.
  • No 9. Setting up accessories like decorative mirrors or colorful accent pillows is a great way to make your bedroom look elegant without spending too much money.
How to make my bedroom look bigger by creating a space illusion?

Answer: If you want to create your place, you must consider using the right furniture and fittings. With these two important details, your room will look more spacious than before. However, make sure that you choose furniture according to the size of your room and position them in a way that will help you create an illusion of a bigger bedroom.

What is the best way to make my bedroom look bigger?

Answer: You should invest in one or two storage closets for those who want to get rid of some clutter in their room. These kinds of rooms give a nice finishing touch to your style.

  • No 1. If you want to save some money and create the illusion of having a bigger room, place your bed on the floor. This step will make your furniture appear bigger than it is because there will be space between your bed and the other furniture.
  • No 2. If you do not own many items in your bedroom but think that you want to have more space in your room, try to prefer larger-sized memory foam mattresses for your mattress.
  • No 3. For those who do not have much storage space, an open-plan design might help them a lot because it creates an illusion of having more bedroom items (you don’t need to store everything in one place).
  • No 4. If you want to have a bigger bedroom with less furniture, you can try to invest in a wall unit to store your items. This idea will help you to own (temporarily) space of your own by dividing your room into separate portions.
  • No 5. If you want to make your room look bigger without spending money on anything, arrange some shelves on the ceiling of your bedroom. This finding is a great idea because many storage places are not normally seen but are suitable for storing all the items you could need (such as bedside tables, bookshelves, and more decorative pieces).
  • No 6. If you want to save some money and make your room look bigger than it is, chooses mattresses that have an appropriate size and height for your bed frame (it should not be too high).
  • No 7. If you have small-sized windows in your bedroom, do not invest in curtains that will only take up some space on your floor. Instead, get large-sized blinds with unique designs to cover the windows.
What color will help me to make my bedroom look bigger?


  • No 1. Choosing white furniture or white walls is important for those who want a fresh and airy look for the bedroom.
  • No 2. If you want to add some color to your bedroom, choose a bed that will go well with your colors.
  • No 3. If you want to create a soft and romantic bedroom, choose dark colors for your furniture (like black and brown).
  • No 4. If you want to have a chic look in your bedroom, it is important to use sophisticated color schemes there such as Medium Champagne (#F0E0A3), Magenta Haze (#9B466D), Dark Salmon (#E99F86), Middle Yellow Red (#EAB76E), and Electric Brown (#B5605C). Info by
  • No 5. To create a warm and sophisticated look by using warm colors, apply the Sunflower painting technique to your bedroom.
  • No 6. If you want a calm and soothing effect for your bedroom, use soft colors like light blue (this color will help you relax after a long day at work).
  • No 7. If you want to make your bedroom more comfortable, choose colors that will allow you to fall asleep on your bed quickly (but make sure that there is enough lighting in the room).
  • No 8. Those who want an elegant look in their room must buy expensive items for their bedroom furnishings because this will give them a more luxurious looking room (but it must be within their budget).
  • No 9. If you want to create a contemporary look in your bedroom, you must use vivid colors for your furniture items.
  • No 10. For those who want a modern and chic look in their room, choose dark-colored bedroom curtains.
  • No 11. If you want to create an illusion of a big bedroom, choose furniture in white or light colors for your bedroom items.
How can I make my bedroom look more modern?

Answer: If you are looking for a nice finishing touch for your bedroom, consider setting up a laptop computer table. This furniture has several advantages because you can easily move it around inside your room (and because it is also portable).

How to design my bedroom for a perfect sleeping condition?


  1. If you want to create a comfortable sleeping area, remember that your bed must have the right size and mattress.
  2. If you have a good mattress, make sure that it is well conditioned with proper cleaning products.
    Make sure that there are enough pillows for your head and back.
  3. To complete your bedroom design, consider moving some furniture around and placing them in the right positions to provide you with a good sleeping condition. For example, place this furniture in the corners of your room to be used as walls to contain noise (they will also stop a lot of light from entering your room).
How much should I spend on painting a room in my house?

Answer: This depends on the materials you use (the color of your walls and ceiling, how much work it will take to paint them, etc.). A good guide to help you paint a room is by using professional painters. For example, painting experts can do small projects in a very short period, and they also offer various types of advice (for example, they can help you choose colors that will suit your tastes).

Painting professionals often offer different packages that allow their customers to save money. Depending on which kit you chose, you will get a set number of square meters which professionals paint.

What are the latest modern designs in painting rooms in houses?

Answer: For years, people have been painting their walls the same color they use for the floor (this is often called “floor-to-ceiling” painting, and it looks elegant). But now there are other ways to paint your walls. For example, applying different shades of white colors will create a piece of abstract art.

These white colors are often called “lightings” since they resemble illumination from lights (which makes your room look bigger and brighter). Applying different shades of gray in your room is another modern design that is very successful. Grey will give you some variation to what you see every day. In addition to this, you can place some abstract art on your wall. If your room lacks this kind of item.

5. A DIY Geometric Wall idea

5. DIY Geometric Wall via Simphome
The geometric pattern comes as a great way to add life to your plain bedroom wall and will transform it into a striking focal point. Besides being easy to do, geometric patterns will save you money from unnecessary accessories.
To create your geometric walls, you have to prepare the paint, masking tape, and roller.
Begin with painting the whole wall with the color you want your geometric wall design to be, then let it dry. Next, create a geometric pattern as you wish on the wall with masking tape. Roll the wall paint onto the wall then leave dry completely. Once it’s dry, apply the second coat of the paint and let it dry. Peel the masking tape off carefully to expose your geometric pattern.

4. Add Mountain Mural idea

4. Add Mountain Mural via Simphome
Do you admire the beauty of mountains? If you do, I am sure you would like to wake up every morning at the foothill. You don’t need to make a bedroom in the mountains, though. You just need to bring the mountains to your bedroom.
To make the mountain mural, prepare 3 different colors of paint (base color, white, and dark), paintbrush, and pencil.
Start with making mountains sketch on the wall. You don’t have to be a professional drawer or sketcher to do this. Just have fun with this part and let your creativity flow.
After you get the sketch, start painting it with the darkest color at the bottom and base color at the second or third range. Next, carefully blend the remaining ranges to get gradual gradation. Simply mix the white or dark color to get the different shades and leave it dry.

3. Painting Striped Wall idea

3. Painting Striped Walls via Simphome
When it comes to a small room wall design, you need to pay attention to the pattern you choose. Large vertical or horizontal stripes are highly recommended to make a room visually larger. Vertical stripes will make a ceiling seem taller while horizontal stripes will widen a small room. Avoid using tiny patterns because they will be chaotic in a small space.

2. Try Using Pastel Color

2. Try Using Pastel Color via Simphome
Pastel color is well known for making a room look more spacious. Its bright color reflects light so the room will feel open. Not only that, its soft color has a calming effect that can help you relax.

Lastly Number 1. Let’s Go Bold

1. Let’s Go Bold via Simphome
The white color is not the only option you have for your small bedroom. Although it is true that white can make space feel larger, it doesn’t mean you can’t go bold. With a trick, get the splash of your favorite bold color on your bedroom wall.
If you’ve decided to go bold, you should balance it by making the other space as light as possible. You can go with an accent wall by having only one bold wall. This technique will recede visually, making the space feel larger.

How to paint a room in my house?


No 1. To start the painting process in your house, you must remove everything in your room (for example, any furniture that you use).

No 2. The next step for you to follow is to clean the walls with a good cleaning product (it must be something natural like vinegar or distilled water). To make this task easier for you, use a sponge and wipe these surfaces from top to bottom (to avoid dirty residue appearing on your walls).

No 3. After this procedure, you can take a paintbrush and apply several layers of primer on the surfaces of your walls. It can also be applied when it’s on its own.

No 4. Allow the primer to dry before proceeding to another step.

No 5. If you want to paint a large room:

  • Apply several coats of primer.
  • Apply a layer of white paint.
  • Follow the instructions about the color you choose for your walls (choose a light color since this will help you see things better).
  • After this, wait until your room dries completely, and then apply another layer of primer and/or white paint.
  • Wait for it to dry before proceeding to a new step (for example, another coat of white paint ). You can repeat these procedures as many times as you wish (until your room is painted).

No 6. For your cabinets, drawers, and doors, apply several coats of paint to give them a smooth texture. After they dry, remove any tape that you used to protect the edges. To clean them, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

No 7. While your room is drying, think about what furniture items you want to put in your room (for example, you can put some things in this room if it lacks tables or chairs).

No 8. You can also use your furniture to provide additional colors for your room (with the help of rugs, cushions, or curtains).

What colors should I use for painting a bedroom?

Answer: The most important thing to note about the colors used for painting a bedroom is that you must use them in harmony with each other. Also, we must mention that when you decide about the color, please also think about the light in your room (it can be very effective to use colors that are similar to the shades of light).
Even if you paint a dark room (for example, brown or black), be sure to add some light colors on your walls by using white paint. This idea will give it a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

How should I clean my painted walls?

1. Once your paint is dry, dust the walls with a feather duster or a soft brush since anything else will cause scratches.
2. To clean your walls, you can use water and soap (or dishwashing detergent). Apply the cleaning solution with a sponge and wipe it away from top to bottom.

Should I use paint on my wallpaper?

Answer: Yes, but not all types of paint are created for this purpose. For example, if you want to apply paint on your walls that have wallpaper, make sure that they are smooth and uncoated. Also, remember to ask your local paint store about the product that suits best for this particular task.

How to paint the walls and ceiling of a room?


  • No 1. To paint the walls of a room, you must also cover the ceiling since these kinds of surfaces are made of glass. In addition to this, your walls and ceiling must be bright.
  • No 2. You can use different paste types to make your paint stick on the walls (for example, fast-drying paste). Before applying it, always check that it is dry (if not, wait for a few minutes). You can also apply several layers to make sure that you have made everything dry correctly.
  • No 3. After it has dried, apply several coats of paint on all surfaces until they are covered completely in color.
  • No 4. After your walls are painted, you can use a textured material to change their appearance to make them look smoother. Use a sponge and apply it to the walls (for example, white). After a few minutes, you can wipe it with a sponge.
  • No 5. You can also apply a coat of primer to the walls before painting them.
  • No 6. Place the ceiling in your room first; then you can decide where to put your furniture and accessories (it’s better to see this area last).
  • No 7. All surfaces in your room must be clean and dry before proceeding to a new step. If you are painting the ceiling, paint it first (make sure that this surface is dry too). Also, remember that if you’re placing furniture or accessories on top of the floor, make sure that the floor is empty. Do not place anything on top of it
  • No 8. After you have completed the painting task, you can place your furniture and accessories in your room.
  • No 9. The next step you must follow is to put the finishing touches to the entire process by using detailed work (for example, putting a picture on the wall or applying a frame).
What is the best way to paint a room in my house?

Answer: The best way to paint a room in your house is to use professional painters. This step is the only method that will always give you professional results.
However, if this is not an option for you (if you do not have enough funds for this), we recommend using several different types of paints so that you can choose the colors that go with your décor.

How long does it take to paint a room?

Answer: To answer this question, we must mention how long it takes to paint a room (for example, whether it’s done quickly or slowly). In general, it takes about a week to paint a room (if you paint it slowly). Also, remember that you must only paint rooms the same size (in this case, no matter if we talk about a large or small room) since this will help you finish the task in a shorter time.

How much does it cost to paint a house?

Answer: To answer this question, we must mention two things. The first one is how much it costs to paint one wall, and the second is how much it costs to paint a house.

How do I go about painting my bedroom and wall?


  • No 1. The first thing that you must decide is what colors you want to use in your bedroom. To do this, we recommend that you check the colors with some furniture items (for example, a bed or night table). You can get inspiration from these to find the best color combination for your bedroom.
  • No 2. Your walls mustn’t be very dark (for example, dark brown, they need to be painted with white paint). In this case, it’s much better to paint them with light beige or white.
  • No 3. To determine how you should paint your bedroom walls, consider the room’s entire atmosphere (also think about the furniture and accessories).
What is the best decorating technique for small bedrooms?

Answer: To decorate small bedrooms, we recommend placing fewer furniture items (and if you do place them, they must be large).


  • No 1. Paint the walls in light colors to make your small bedroom seem brighter. You can have various shades for this kind of paint (for example, white or beige). You can also use several shades for the same room. For example, paint the walls in white and then add some decorative items that are bright pink. This trick will make your bedroom look very stylish.
  • No 2. Place simple furniture items in your small bedroom (for example, use night tables and a dresser).
  • No 3. Choose the right accessories that will add a lot to the decoration of your bedroom (for example, place a small lamp or some paintings on the walls).
  • No 4. You can also add some decorative items to make your bedroom look even better. For example, you can use beautiful bright curtains and soft-colored carpets.

For more bedroom decor ideas, you can access these:

How do I use wallpaper to make a room look bigger?


  • No 1. The first thing you must do is choose wallpaper in a color that goes with your room and the dĂ©cor of the furniture items (for example, if you have placed a dark blue sofa, choose a bright yellow wallpaper).
  • No 2. You can use different kinds of wallpaper (for example, vinyl paper or one with glue on it).
  • No 3. Measure the space where you will put your wallpaper and see how big it will be on each wall (it’s better to take measurements from other rooms in your home).
  • No 4. You can apply a small border to your wallpaper to make it look better.
  • No 5. Also, you can use several different types of wallpaper to decorate your room. In this way, you can make it look more interesting (for example, you can also use wallpaper with some pictures).
How do I remove old wallpaper?


  • No 1. The first thing you must do to remove old wallpaper is open the paper at the back and start removing it from there. Use very sharp scissors or a knife to remove it as well as possible.
  • No 2. You can paint over the area where the wallpaper was removed so that the walls become new.
  • No 3. To remove all the remains of the old wallpaper, you can use an adhesive remover.
How much will it cost to have a painter work on my home?

Answer: To give you an idea about how much it costs for a professional painter to work in your home, we have made a calculation (this is an approximate amount):
To do this task costs between $15 and $30 per hour. This fact means that if you want to have three rooms painted in your house, you will need between $300 and $600 for two painters (one working on each room).

How do I know if I need to paint my furniture?

Answer: If you want to know if you need to paint your furniture, we recommend consulting with professionals in this field. They will give you the best and most useful suggestions for this matter.

How do I determine the color of the interior design in my home?

Answer: To answer this question, we must mention two things:

  1. The first thing is to decide how much money you can spend on interior design (you should always think about the costs before making final decisions).
  2. The second thing is determining the colors of the rooms that need to be decorated. In some cases, it’s better to have a single color for all the rooms in a home (for example, if you want a living room with a blue tone, you may as well use blue on all the walls).
How can I do interior design with small rooms?

Some ideas:

  • No 1. The first thing you must do to decorate small rooms is not to put too many furniture items. For example, you should place only one cabinet or one bed in your bedroom. You can also use decorative accessories to make it look more interesting (for example, hang paintings and decorative mirrors).
  • No 2. To have a professional give you the most appropriate interior decoration, you need to consult and take up with the best solution for your house (they can come up with ideas that are very different from what you have in mind).
  • No 3. The prices can vary depending on where it’s located (for example, if we talk about an expensive city or a small town).
How can I make a space illusion in my small bedroom without painting the walls and ceilings?

Answer: Many people want to know how they can do things without painting the walls and ceilings. Here are several ideas that you can use:

  • You can place a beautiful large mirror over your bed (this will reflect all the ceiling corners and walls, making your room look bigger).
  • You can use curtains with many light colors (in this way, your bedroom will look larger).
  • You can choose a soft carpet with bright colors (for example, a red one).
  • You can also hang flowers on the walls. This idea will make your bedroom look more pleasant.
  • You can also hang an interesting ceiling light fixture. This trick will make your small bedroom look more interesting.
  • You can also use mirrors on the walls to make it look wider.

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How to paint my room in a way that will not look messy and will not cost me a lot of money?


  1. First thing first, you must choose a color for your walls. It must be bright enough to have an illusion of many lights (in this way, it will look bigger).
  2. Second, you should cover all the furniture and accessories in your room. If you have some paintings and mirrors on the walls, it’s good for you to protect them (for example, use plastic or newspapers).
  3. Then, paint over your ceiling. You can also paint the walls. In this case, do not forget to put some more paint in places that are harder to reach (for example, under furniture items).
  4. Next, let the paint dry for at least 24 hours (if you don’t, you can get all sorts of problems: sprays and bad smells).
  5. Finally, remove the clothes, furniture items, and accessories. Now you should have a wonderful room with a charming interior design.


So, decorating a small bedroom can be so much fun with an amazing result. You only need to choose which of the 10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom is your favorite and apply it to the room.


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