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10 Small Bedroom Ideas for Women (Renovation and Improvement)

For some women, the bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is also a sanctuary for them to express themselves. As a result, it becomes the most comfortable space for them to work, dress up, laugh, and even cry.
As a sanctuary, it has to be impressive.

No wonder ladies are eager to embellish it. And if you are struggling with it, don’t worry! We have summed up 10 small bedroom ideas for women (Renovation and Improvement) that will amaze you. They are not only beautiful to see but also practical to execute. So, let’s check them out! And continue with Simphome’s source link inside the reference section near the post end.

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10. Pretty Light up Sign

You need lights for every room in your house. But what kinds of lamps will be suitable and unique for your bedroom?. If you haven’t tried it already, Consider making a pretty light-up sign. It may not illuminate the entire space well, but it can create a beautiful ambiance.

First, use a marker to write the word you will display on a large piece of paper. Next, bend a 16-gauge steel wire to form the word. For this job, you can use needle-nose pliers to do that and your writing as the guide.
Next, apply heavy-duty glue to the wire. After that, attach a battery-operated neon electroluminescent wire to it without the battery pack. Remember to begin with the end.
Hold the neon wire in place with binder clips until the glue is completely dry. Repeat the steps until the neon wire completely covers the entire steel wire.
And finally, remove the clips and hang the light.

9. A Burlap Closet Door Idea

9. Burlap Closet Door by simphome.comAfter the lamp, you may also want to dress up your closet doors to make them as pretty as what is inside. However, since purchasing new closet doors can be a bit pricey, you may need to try building burlap closet doors instead. They are easy to craft and will add a bit of vintage look to your bedroom.

To start, begin with making the panels from 9x2x2’s. You can also use 18 1″x2″s, depending on the size of your closet. You can choose to stain them or not first before installation if necessary.
Next, get your burlap fabric and use a stapler to attach it to the panels. Install hinges and handles to the boards. And finally, install the doors to the closet.

8. A Modern Geometric Shelf Idea

8. Modern Geometric Shelf by simphome.comA small bedroom tends to lack space and spice. For this reason, this modern geometric shelf will come in handy. Besides, it is a super cute décor piece you probably haven’t had in your life before.

To make this shelf, you will need two 16″ embroidery hoops. Place one of the inner circles on a flat surface. Next, build a frame around it using four identical pieces of wood. Do not forget to cut the end of each trim at inverted 45-degree angles.

Next, assemble the four pieces using glue and a stapler. It would be better if you used a 90-degree corner clamp to do it. After that, slide the first inner circle of an embroidery hoop inside the frame. Then, use the same steps to make another identical frame for the other hoop.
Now, you need to make the shelf base by cutting a piece of 4” plank. After that, attach the frames on each side with glue. Use clamps to hold them together.
Next, cut another two small pieces. Assemble them to the upper part of the frames. And once the glue is dry, you can hang the shelf on the wall using two saw-tooth hangers.

7. Face-lift your bedroom with The Touch of Pink fabric

7. Add the Touch of Pink by simphome.comLadies are often synonymous with pink. Well, not all women love this cute and sweet color, though. But if you are a big fan of it, you can just bring it to your space.
Pink is indeed cute. However, an all-pink bedroom can be overwhelming. To minimize it, first, you can try mixing your bedroom decor pieces and fabrics up with muted gray accessories for mid-winter vibes. Toss a few hints of muted pink hues in the pillows and throw to add a bit of romantic ambiance.
This combination is excellent for a Scandinavian-style bedroom and will be perfect if you can combine with it ship-lap walls like the one in the picture. For the cheaper version, you can consider experimenting with some Peel and Stick Wood Wallpaper Shiplap available on Amazon.

6. Dress up your Mirror

6. Dress up the Mirror by

What is a girl’s bedroom look like without a mirror? It is hard to imagine! Every woman obviously needs a mirror to put on makeup and check whether they are ready to be fabulous. It is a woman’s inseparable partner and sometimes it has to be impressive, too.
There are many ways to dress up the mirror in your bedroom. For instance, You can make a new frame, cover the edges with faux flowers, or let string lights dangle over it.
This mirror on the video, for example, creates a bewitching look with string lights twining around the edges. For a more glamorous and mesmeric effect, try using yellow string lights.

5. Display Your Jewelry

5. Display Your Jewelry by simphome.comJewelry is another material you can re-use to decor a woman’s bedroom. However, this time you cannot just take your pieces of jewelry out of their boxes. Turn those as the new centerpiece of a new portable gallery in your bedroom made out of a Wooden Door with a Ventilation Grille or an old window shutter.
You just need to get an old window shutter (not too big, too fragile, or small) and then sand it down if you want to apply any finish or paint on it. Once it is ready, you can just hang the new platform on the wall to display your earrings without nailing the new art gallery to the wall first. For the cheaper version, simply get wooden planks, hook, and ring sets

4. Or get Flower Lampshade

4. Flower Lampshade by simphome.comEvery bedroom requires at least a table lamp. But for a woman’s bedroom, it can require more. A flower lampshade for example. Have you experimented with this kind of idea before?
To make it, you just need to attach faux flowers onto a lampshade. Do it until you cover the entire surface of the lampshade. If you prefer the real flower, you can try using Instant Hydrating Treatment to keep it fresher for longer while decorating your lamp and taking no water consumption.

3. The Mid-Century Side Table Idea

3. Mid Century Side Table by simphome.comWhy do you have to buy an expensive side table if you can make a stylish one by yourself?
Building this one, like that in the picture, is merely a breeze. First, get three tapper legs, sand them down, and apply any finish you like.
After that, grab a cake pan and place it upside down. Get angle plates and lay them on the position where the legs will go. Mark them with a pen. Next, drill holes so that you can attach the plates with nuts and bolts.
Now, apply the finish by spray painting the pan and plates. Once it is dry, install the tapered legs. Finally, top the pan with a round wooden circle.

2. Feed your Ceiling with New accent

2. Embrace the Ceiling by simphome.comIf you think that sleeping in the attic is a bummer, think again! It can be a blessing in disguise because you can take advantage of optimizing the sloped ceiling.
First, you need to make your bedroom look more spacious by painting the whole thing white. Add extra mirror if possible, large windows or roof glass panels. Additionally, add a gold polka dot-like that in the picture if necessary to accentuate feminine touch to the room.

Lastly, Number 1. The PVC Accent Wall Idea

1. PVC Accent Wall by simphome.comDo not underestimate the power of an accent wall. When done right, It can steal anyone’s attention and trick your guest to ignore the size of the room. First, You just need to get some 4” PVC and rip it down the center lengthwise. Sand them down and wipe them with acetone.
Attach the PVC onto a plywood board afterward and once the glue is dry, install the panel on the wall. As a final touch, paint it the color of your choice.

So, Those are 10 small bedroom ideas for women that you should try. Most of the ideas are easy to follow, simple to replicate, or copy and upgrade. You may need to spend a couple of hours or even days to finish the projects and then to enjoy the results that will not disappoint you or any guest you invite to the room later.



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