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When it comes to a bedroom with limited space, investing in wall-mounted furniture will be your greatest bet, including wall-mounted bedroom cabinets.
Bedroom cabinets can accommodate your need to stay organize without taking up a lot of space. Besides, they are DIY friendly. And if you are looking for wall-mounted cabinets that are brilliant, practical, and affordable, you’ve stumbled upon a right post as I have listed 10 wall-mounted bedroom cabinet upcycling ideas by Simphome.com.

Put your thinking cap on and let’s start the count down.

10. Upcycle an Old Suitcase idea
10 Upcycle an Old Suitcase via SimphomeUpcycling things is a good way to get what you need without burning a hole in your pocket. And if you happen to find an old suitcase in your storage room, do not throw it away as you can make a pretty good cabinet in your bedroom by tweaking it a little bit.
All you need to do is just adding two boards inside the suitcase to make three compartments. Before adding the boards, you can attach any wallpaper of your choice to make the cabinet look prettier. Once the boards are already installed, screw the suitcase on the wall, and you’ve got a new cabinet to incorporate additional storage space.

9. A Stackable Wooden Cabinet idea
9 Stackable Wooden Cabinets via Simphome
One thing that you have to keep in your mind – always store your leftover supplies somewhere because you might need them again someday. And they can be a potential treasure for your next DIY project too, just like these cabinets.
These cabinets are constructed from simple wooden cabinet structures and if you prefer to purchase them, you can get them almost from any furniture stores. Next, attach them together with view screws or wall screws if you want to secure them with your wall. My last advice is optional and you’re free to decorate them with any art pieces you like after you acquire them in your bedroom.

8. Ikea Besta Storage Hack idea
8 Ikea Besta Storage Hack via SimphomeIkea has many wonderful products that you can hack to meet your desire and creative genius. One of them is Ikea Besta storage.
Ikea Besta storage usually comes with four small legs that allow you to put it on the floor. But this time, the legs have been removed, and Ikea Besta storage has turned into practical wall-mounted cabinets that will maximize your space.
The homeowner of this bedroom has meticulously designed the storage space to get things organized without compromising his own comfort. He placed two bigger cabinets on both sides of the bed, and hang Ikea Besta above the bed. The larger cabinets look as if the owner have anchored the Ikea Besta in place.

7. How to turn Old Drawers into floating Shelves
7 Old Drawers Have Turned into Shelves via Simphome 17 Old Drawers Have Turned into Shelves via Simphome 2This is another brilliant idea to give a second life to old stuff. Who would have guessed old drawers can be. First pick your wall. Second, scrap some old drawers or unused storage or wardrobe cabinet and clean them thoroughly from dust or insects. Next, paint (which is optional) and screw or nail them on your wall.

6. Wooden Crate Cabinet ideas
6 Wooden Crate Cabinets via SimphomeWooden crates are versatile. If you happen to have plenty of wooden crates in your storage room, don’t throw them away as you can make lots of new furniture or decorative piece by upcycling them. You can even make a custom DIY wardrobe or a new storage solution too from them which is super easy and cheap.
To make this wardrobe, all you need to do is just sanding down the crates and apply some paint to make it look more appealing and up to date. Then, you can stack them together. To make the wardrobe sturdier, you can screw the crates to your wall. And, don’t forget to have some space in the centre (just like seen in the picture), so you can install a rod to hang your clothes.

5. A Wall-Mounted Industrial Shoe Rack idea
5 Wall Mounted Industrial Shoe Rack via SimphomeIf you are interested in a rustic look of steampunk style, this wall-mounted shoe rack is for you. Steampunk style is all about how you bring the industrial look in your space. Therefore, it usually entails furniture that is made of distressed wood and industrial pipes, just like this one.
For this idea. You need to provide some pipes, connectors, flanges, screws, wooden boards and of course locations and dimensions of your new rack shoe rack.

Before installation started, you may also need to use some spray paint to make your rack look more attractive. And some stain or polyacrylic to make wooden structures of your rack last for a longer period of time.

4. Stylish Wooden Crate Shelve ideas
4 Stylish Wooden Crate Shelves via SimphomeThis is another brilliant idea of repurposing wooden crates and turning it into practical storage space in your bedroom. Just like old drawer makeover idea I already discussed, wooden crates can be transformed into open shelves that can host smaller items like gloves, scarves, or even your jewellery.
All you need to have to craft one of this idea is of course some old wooden crates, stain or paint, your weekend, a little bit of elbow grease, and a little bit of creativity.
The first thing you need to do is sand the surface of your crates thoroughly, so you will be able to apply your stain or paint, easier and smoother. Once the stain or paint is done and dry, screw your crates to the wall, and you’re done! If you want your shelves to hold your necklaces, you can add some screw hooks first.

3. Jewelry Cabinet structured from Old Barn Door idea
3 Jewelry Cabinet from Old Barn Door via SimphomeGive a little bit touch of farmhouse style in your bedroom by making this jewellery cabinet. You will need to implement your carpentry skills when making this cabinet since you have to cut the boards and dowels, and then assemble them using nails. Next, screw them on the wall, and install the old barn door as the cabinet door. Last, use wrought iron hinges and handle bar to accentuate the rustic look of your new cabinet.

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2. Repurpose Medical Cabinet idea
2 Repurpose Medical Cabinet via SimphomeMedical cabinets are supposed to be used to accommodate first aid kit. However, it can make a great jewellery box, too. You will only need to add a twist in your medical cabinet like adding some hooks for the necklaces or bracelets and a ring tray sponge or ring holders. Finally, you’re good to go!

Lastly Number 1. Old Washboard Cabinet Door idea
1 Old Washboard Cabinet Door via SimphomeDid you know that with an old washboard you can craft a nice wall-mounted cabinet? Besides, the washboard can add textural element to your bedroom.
To make this wall-mounted cabinet, you will only need to make a wooden box from the leftover you find in your storage room. After that, install the washboard as the door of your cabinet using hinges. To attach it on your wall, you can use your reliable drill and regular screws. Done

10 Wall Mounted Bedroom Cabinet Upcycling Ideas via Simphome com Pinterest featured ImageSo, Upcycling things is one of the best ways to cut down on waste and to get a custom furniture you want on the cheap.
These wall-mounted bedroom cabinet ideas I hope give your new upcycling perspective and until we meet again in next list, thanks for your attention.

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1.Old Washboard Cabinet Door | Hung Fu

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