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10 Small Bedroom Styling Ideas Like A Champ

As we know, even though a certain size bedroom always has the same sized closet and window widths, it’s how we put things in it that sets the tone for how spacious it feels. These 10 styling techniques are sure to make you want to rearrange your bedroom right away.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have carefully chosen your main furniture pieces. This fact means everything from the bed to the chairs and side tables, as well as dressers and bookcases. You will want all of these things to be of supreme quality because a poorly made bed or rocking chair can negate an otherwise successful arrangement. Continue the idea with a nice bed and then choose complimentary furniture around it.
Keep in mind that you should use big furniture when small rooms when possible, so it does not feel cramped. More about small bedroom styling ideas below

This poster will give you 10 Ideas How to Style A Bedroom Like A Cham
10 Ideas How to Style A Bedroom Like A Champ Poster

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To restyle your bedroom, regardless of its size, you can also consider the following ideas or these styling ideas:

1. Use Striped Patterns

A clean-lined stripe pattern can give your small bedroom a breezy, airy feel. Try painting one wall in your room a different color than the rest, or stenciling stripes onto the wall with an artsy mix of colors. For extra oomph, try adding some striped pillows for oversized seating arrangements on the floor or toss on a large woven throw blanket for quick decorating.

2. Add Accent Wall Pops of Color

A punch of color can add warmth and vibrancy to any space—and this idea is no exception! If it feels like there are too many neutrals going on in here, try painting an accent wall red or another bold color.
How to accent wall to pop more color you need:

  • 1. Buy good paint
  • 2. Use high-quality brushes for painting
  • 3. Supply more space for painting to ensure the most efficient work
  • 4. Work with an experienced painter who will ensure you get high-quality work.
  • 5. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on the painting or new styling accent
  • 6. Use contrast, like Stained Glass or Murals
    If you find yourself yearning for patterns in a small bedroom, consider adding pops of color or another element of contrast to provide visual interest. Upholstery and framed art can also add a sense of depth and vibrancy to an otherwise neutral space.
  • 7. Add More Storage
    If your bedroom lacks storage, here are a couple of tricks to help maximize space. A large armoire in an unused corner can be outfitted with shelves for more apparel storage and drawers to contain other accessories like jewelry and souvenirs. If you find that your bed isn’t big enough to hold all of your clothing and other items, consider adding a stylish wooden shelf above the head of your bed for extra closet space.
  • 8. Don’t Harshly Contrast Colors
    When it comes to small bedroom styling, soft fabrics and natural elements tend to make small rooms feel friendlier.
3. Try Placing Patterned Bed Spreads

Set the mood by painting your bedspread in a bold pattern that matches your bedding. This way, guests will see this throw from the start and won’t be surprised when they stay over. Pair with an accent pillow for a pop of color, and add throw blankets for extra warmth on chilly nights.
10 Small Bedroom Bedding and Blanket Ideas
10 Bedroom Bedding Ideas

4. Lighten Up Your Space With Pops of Color

Lightening up space by using pops of color is another way to make a small room feel like it has some personality. Try painting a chair in bright red. Another idea is to lay a faux fur throw with vivid colors on your bed and add some colorful candlesticks for extra lighting at night.
To do the job correctly, you should:

  • No 1. Try painting a chair in bright red or laying a faux fur throw with vivid colors on your bed. You could also add some colorful candlesticks to provide extra lighting at night.
  • No 2. Use a Monochromatic Look
    This design idea is designed to make a small room appear larger. While blues and oranges are the most popular choices for this hue, a monochromatic look can work with any palette in your home. Painted walls, furnishings, and accessories shouldn’t have any contrasting colors—instead, they should be all one color on varying surfaces.
  • No 3. Use Different Textures
    Check out these natural textures adding warmth to this space: natural burlap, wood planks, animal hides, and so much more! This room decorator uses all different kinds of textures to make their small bedroom feel cozy and warm.
  • No 4. Add Light and Airiness
    Lighting and artwork can do a great deal in taking away the feeling of smallness in a small room. Using a bold, bright color scheme will help, too—but don’t forget that adding artwork is just as important (if not more!). Hang up some of your favorite photos and prints to fill empty walls, or try adding a few framed mirrors to reflect more light into your space. Not only will this give your room some much-needed space for extra lighting, but it can add some extra color too!
5. Mix Metals and Textures With Wood

If you’re looking to make an eclectic statement, try combining different textures and metals with wood. While brass lamps can add another level of interest to your space, an interesting texture such as marble makes an excellent platter for a breakfast nook or as a side table next to the window.
Additionally, you can:

  • No 1. Add greenery in mixed metal pots for extra flair.
  • No 2. You should also try combining different textures and metals with wood if you’re looking to make an eclectic statement. This advice is a good idea because, while brass lamps can add another level of interest to your space, an interesting texture such as marble makes an excellent platter for a breakfast nook or as a side table next to the window!
  • No 3. Use an Artistic Frame
    Instead of displaying your photos in floral or cardboard frames that don’t allow much space for options, try hanging a custom artwork frame that will enable you to showcase multiple pieces of art. The look is sure to be innovative and eye-catching.
  • No 4. Add Metal Plant Pots
    If you’re looking for an artistic way to liven up a small room, try combining metal plant pots with bold, metallic accessories. For instance, use a bucket made out of iron as a side table with dangling copper lights for some added shine!
  • No 5. Use Metal Fixtures
    Metal fixtures give off a minimal yet trendy aesthetic and can easily be incorporated into any design scheme. If you’re looking for a bench with an industrial feel, try using metal tubing for legs. Additional metal accessories like mirrored frames, doorknobs, hooks, and mirrors can all be used to create an airy bedroom space that will appeal to the eye.
  • No 6. Utilize a Wood Pallet
    Small bedrooms are often home to many different items that take up a lot of space. Instead of improvising with the many things you have lying around, try using a wood pallet to display your books and other belongings artistically!
7. Arrange Furniture Accurately

If you’re looking for ways to make your small bedroom feel more spacious, try arranging your furniture correctly. It’s best to keep larger furniture like dressers along the walls so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the middle of the room. Also, use accessories like unusual storage boxes and baskets to add more variety and character to your design scheme.
Some of the essential ideas you need to pay attention to seriously when arranging your bedroom furniture are:

  • No 1. Arrange larger furniture like dressers along the walls, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the middle of the room.
  • No 2. Use a mix-and-match scheme to add more variety and character to your design scheme. This step is the principle you should apply when arranging your bedroom furniture to make it functional and attractive at the same time.
  • No 3. Try sticking with all one color on varying surfaces, such as blue or orange, to keep things cohesive and straightforward.
  • No 4. Use smaller furniture, such as a bedside table or side armchair, as part of a small grouping to keep it from looking too cluttered.
  • No 5. Use accessories like unusual storage boxes and baskets to add more variety and character to your design scheme
  • And if necessary, add accessories to make your space feel more open.
    Accent with an area rug or throw comforter for that extra touch of color and texture in your bedroom. A nice piece of artwork is another way to add variety and create a sense of space in a small room.
6. Add Accent Pillows That Match Your Home

Varying the size of your accent pillows is a great way to add some personality to your home. If your home features many light colors, try choosing smaller accent pillows for more dimension and contrast. If you have many dark colors in the space, try choosing large accent pillows for a more enormous impact. Or, go all-out and simply match the entire look of your room!

7. Mix Natural and Artistic Wall Decorations

Try using natural elements such as plants or accents such as animal mounts on the wall for a lively twist on a small space. This idea is a great way to give the walls some texture and interest without crowding your space.
To do this, pay attention to:

  • No 1. Choose a small space that needs some charm, like a bathroom makeover or an office redesign.
    It may help to talk to friends and family, as well as professionals, to find out what they like about your home. And when you are planning your small space home improvement project, think about making your life easier.
  • No 2. Be creative with pieces you have around the house or find at garage sales or thrift shops. Make sure the new artworks with the existing design in the room.
    Choose or create something that will make people stop and look when they walk into your room for the first time. It doesn’t all have to match, just coordinate well and keep it balanced.
  • No 3. Be sure that the colors you choose work together. Avoid mixing bright and dark shades and use complementary hues such as light blue and dark green or orange and yellow.
  • No 4. Easy to repaint whenever you need a change.
  • No 5. Choose pieces that will mix well with other items in the room, like art, lighting, furniture, fabrics, etc. You don’t want one big surprise when decorating your small space!
  • No 6. Please don’t overdo it on accessories. Please keep it simple with a few accents such as artwork or wall hangings while still having enough focus in one area to keep the eye moving around the room
  • No 7. Keep in mind that you will have to move things around or take them down when you have a visitor or entertain. You don’t want to be stuck with whatever decoration you put up and have to move it every time there is a change in your schedule.
  • No 8. Make sure furniture fits the space and that it is not cramped for any reason
  • No 9: Choose art that speaks to you. To do this, pay attention to the colors, shapes, patterns, and medium of the art piece. Choose something that appeals to you or one that reminds you of a favorite memory.
  • No 10. Make sure the lighting is not too bright or too dark. Choose something that makes it easy to see without being harsh on your eyes. It may be best to consult an interior designer for help with your decorating ideas as they are trained to understand color, design, and how things will work in a small room.
    Good luck with your small room decorating project!
8. Add a Sofa That Adds Color to Your Space

A sofa with color can really make a small room seem bigger. Not only does it make the room look brighter and more aesthetically pleasing, but you can also relax on the sofa after lying in bed for hours reading, watching TV or working on your laptop—plus, who wants to sit in a small room alone? The problem is that most sofas are quite small and don’t create much of an impression.

However, if you have an oversized couch that can be draped in bright colors, it will have the opposite effect of making your room seem bigger. Maybe you’re not in the market for a new couch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick it up a notch in your tiny bedroom!

9. Go Homey with an Accent Rug

A rug can be a great way to bring texture to any room, add comfort and instant color to any space. While bedding is obviously crucial in small bedrooms, rugs are also a great choice. Try adding some plaid into the mix or simply mix patterns and textures with light colors for a pop of brightness. Curl up with your favorite book on the rug while listening to your favorite tunes on the stereo!

10. Soften the Space With Pillows

Everyone knows that adding pillows to a small space makes it seem more spacious. While this is true, you should try using the right kind of pillows! Think of what your guests will use your bed for when they stay over. Placing a decorative pillow on the floor allows for quick seating arrangements for guests, while throw pillows are perfect for creating cozy lounges in your spaces. If you prefer, you can also use decorative pillows to transform any space into a lounge area!

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10. Build Storage around the Bed

Building wardrobes on either side of the mattress helps to create a frame that anchors it in place. More importantly, they will be the most effective way to maximize your bedroom storage.
It allows the remaining walls to be free of any obstructions that would take up valuable space.

You can implement this idea by making a built-in wardrobe around the Bed like the picture above. Be careful not to make the decor look old-fashioned or overcrowded with too many accessories.

This wardrobe, for example, looks simple yet elegant with a minimalist design. The absence of knobs and pulls makes it look sleek and stays flush with the wall. Besides adding Storage, it also makes a great headboard and accent wall.

9. A Small Bedroom idea with Gigantic Mirrors

Have you ever gone to a restroom or a gym whose walls are covered with mirrors? You might have thought it was eminently spacious. But, it turned out that the mirrors had done a great job.
You can adopt this brilliant idea by investing in a closet with mirrored doors. The reflective surface will create the optical illusion of continuous space.
This way, you can double up your small bedroom.
Besides a closet with mirrored doors, you can also use glossy wall coverings in your compact bedroom. They will also make space feel bigger than it is.

Using all of these elements is just fine. There’s no need to worry about using only one or the other. When you’re designing a small bedroom, think about where you should place the reflective surfaces.

8. Make an Illusion Wall Space with Brilliant Decorating

Paint is a perfect solution to so many decorating problems. A splash of color can instantly help freshen up space and make it feel more inviting.

You can also use it in ways that help combat broader aesthetic concerns, such as making a small space feel larger.

Take this small bedroom, for example. The color combinations have helped create boundaries and thus have made a new perspective for the walls.

The combination of cream and denim helps break up the room and lengthen the walls—an excellent paint solution for dealing with small space.

7. Go with Uplifting Color to Open Up Space

Using an uplifting color, like sunshine yellow, you can freshen up the mood of a small bedroom. Just pay attention to how you use it.

Painting bright colors up to the height of the bedroom will help anchor the color to the lower part of the room. Then, finish the whole painting in a bright white or similar neutral to help keep the design airy.
Allow additional splashes of color to define the color palette for bedding, accessories, and floor rugs to create a cohesive look.

6. Swap the Standard Bed for a Murphy Bed

When square footage is premium, consider investing in a murphy bed rather than a standard convertible.

It takes a standard mattress and offers greater comfort. You can even fold it to look like a wardrobe or cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for tables and chairs.

Make sure the surrounding furniture is lightweight so you can move it quickly to accommodate the murphy bed.

If you have adequate ceiling height, try bespoke options, such as a simple bunk bed that combines a sleeping area on a raised platform with a wardrobe or shelf underneath.

5. Put Storage in Place at New Heights

What makes a compact bedroom look horrible is the clutter. Therefore, you need to declutter it regularly. You can store seasonal and less-used items in some plastic boxes. Problem solved!

However, then you will come across a new problem. Where will you stash away the boxes? Well, it is easy. Look up, and you will find the answer.
You can install a simple shelving section there and dedicate it to keep your boxes. If you can’t find enough space for the idea, then try the following idea.

4. The Bed Storage and Bench Idea

A bedroom bench is a great way to unify your decor and show off your personality. In addition, it can add extra detail to a room, giving an interior designer polish without maxing out a credit card.

An accent bench at the foot of your Bed adds serious functionality that goes beyond Storage.
You can use it as a seating option to get dressed, a place to put your stuff, or even to work out.
If the bench has a comfortable back and seat cushion, this is also ideal for reading.

Place a sturdy shelving unit on its side to craft a simple bench with storage boxes to sit at the end of the Bed. It’s perfect for a basket full of shoes or spare pillows.

3. Pick a new Theme for Your Small Space

Everybody knows that the color scheme plays a crucial role in any small bedroom. It also determines the theme that you are trying to carve out.
White is renowned for making a small bedroom look bigger. Add some navy, teal, or turquoise splash to create a nautical or coastal theme as the finishing touch.

Combine the idea with neutral flooring plus crisp patterned white walls and minimal accessories for a chic and life-enhancing bedroom. This scheme is exemplary for using complementary colors to create a vivid room.

Keep furniture pale and light instead of dark and sturdy. And last, opt for metal beds and cafe-style bedside tables if this idea has disrupted your attention.

2. Make your bedroom space Minimal

If you adhere to a less-is-more view of life and believe that simple rooms are calming, you will love the minimalist decor style.

The minimalist decor style removes most of the knick-knacks, ornate embellishments, busy patterns, and wild color schemes to make room for design elements that are functional, uninterrupted, and relaxing.

Choose a pale color palette as a safe space enhancer. Or soft neutral hues to add the right amount of warmth. In the end, you’ll have a bedroom wall that draws attention only to the Bed and keeps it there.

Lastly, number 1. Push the Bed Up against the Wall or Corner

Most bedroom layouts have the Bed positioned in the center of a wall. However, narrow floor plans with limited space often need a different approach.

If you can, tuck your Bed into a corner so it’s out of the way. Doing this will create a lot of extra sleeping space that feels cozier.

If you want to give your bedroom a more sophisticated look, add a corner system to your Bed. This will create a sleek finish that is more like the look of a hotel bedroom.

The purpose of these 10 small bedroom styling ideas is to maximize the appearance of a small room by utilizing every corner of the existing space. This means, most of those small spaces do not have enough visual space to squeeze in all the necessary furniture.



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