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10 Outstanding Loft Bedroom Ideas and Improvements

Living in a big city entails a lot of money. Therefore, it will be hard to get an outstanding home on the cheap. As a result, some people have to put up with limited space. It does not have to be complicated, though. For example, try adding a loft bed, and you will see an enormous change.
Having a loft bed means exploiting the non-optimized space close to the ceiling. It allows you to expand your home’s square footage and increase your home’s curb appeal. Doesn’t it sound great?

So, check out these 10 outstanding loft bedroom ideas and improvements (include a video and FAQs section+Answers)  to create a super comfy place to sleep and rejuvenate yourself. As always, follow the link inside the reference area to detail the list entries.

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Relevant FAQs and Answers:

A loft bed is a bed that has a desk or space underneath the mattress. It is popular with children and college students who need to study in bed. The cheapest way to get a loft bed is to build one yourself. You can buy wood, screws, and bedsprings cheaply at a hardware store or online and spend an afternoon making the bed. If you’d instead not do that but still save as much money as possible, you could go with second-hand wooden furniture from Craigslist or other classifieds sites. It will only be slightly less comfortable, and you won’t have that fabulous look to your study space as much, but it’ll do in a pinch if you don’t want to put in any effort.

A loft bed is straightforward to make, and all you need are a few tools and wood. You can use any type of wood, but thick slats will be more comfortable than thin boards. All the boards need to be cut a few inches longer than the mattress size for the room underneath for storage or to put another mattress on the floor if you want it for guests.

The best way to do this is with a circular saw or table saw, but you can also use your handsaw if you don’t have access to those tools. You’ll need two pairs of two boards that are at least 2 feet longer than your mattress so they can meet on one side – these will form the long edges on either side of your bed frame, which you will then attach to a center support board. The boards can be cut any distance apart, but the further apart they are, the less space your bed will take up.

The boards should also be cut at an angle on the short side so they can be attached to each other at both ends, forming a corner. If you want to store long objects underneath your loft bed, you can build supports for them that attach to the long edges of your bed frame and stick out under it a few inches. Otherwise, objects could fall off and destroy anything placed below them.

If you want a loft bed with stairs like in one example in the list, you’ll need to do some extra work.

Enhance Your Loft’s Living Space.
To enhance your loft’s space, you would have to highlight the features of the bed. The features that you would want to highlight are:

-The bed is a three-slat, 36-inch wide bed frame that is less than two inches from the wall allowing for more privacy by not having to share sleeping spaces with other people.
-It includes a rubberized mattress, center support bar, and foam mattress toppers with deep lugs for stability.
Also read 10 Ideas On How to Style your Bedroom Mattress if necessary

What is Loft in the bedroom?

There is usually an attic above the bedroom. Additionally, it is typically in a children’s or nursery room with small windows and often crosses over into another bed space ex: playroom, play-office, or reading room. Therefore, it is a kind of space in a bedroom that reduces presentation and offers certain boring but still has its own charm.

A Loft bedroom can be the best solution to make the attic more useful. The attic is not limited to be used as a sleeping room. By having the loft bed plans, you can convert it into a more functional space. The room’s space is also developed with many different functions such as using it for a play area for kids, storage space, or additional living spaces such as sitting up with friends and family members while taking snacks and beverages.

The bunk beds are common features in a loft bedroom. This is because children usually engage in different activities while there is empty space enough room for them to do so. If one of the beds is too small, you can make it bigger by adding another bed below it. You can also include storage spaces at the bottom of the bed by hiding spaces between each bunk.

You can include an additional feat in your loft bedroom ideas: having wooden storage shelves instead of conventional racks and shelves because they are rustic and warm while still staying fresh and modernized. In addition, these shelves are attractive to look at whether you have used up all your space on another structure or you just want to save more area on other features.

What is the difference between a loft bed and a bunk bed?

~A loft bed is a bed that has the central area of sleep in the upper part of the bed, higher than that of a bunk bed. A bunk bed is a single-level bed that separates into two levels to make room for sleeping and storing things.

The difference between these types of beds is how they are set up and where sleeping takes place. The space at the top level in a loft bed can vary depending on whether or not it has an attic or mezzanine floor, with a slanted roof above it, whereas in bunk beds, there is only one level that houses both sleeping and storage space.

~A bunk bed is a type of bed with two single-height beds, usually stacked on top of each other, one above the other. A loft bed is a type of bed that uses upper and lower “ladders” to create beds at different heights.

~ A loft bed can be made of either wood or metal and is constructed with a sloped roof to store things underneath. It can also have a ladder run along the length of the bed for access. A bunk bed does not have a roof since the top level is usually directly over the bottom level and usually has two levels.

How to accessorize a loft bedroom’s personality?

To accessorize a loft bedroom’s personality, the main thing you would have to do is mix textures and colors. For example, the softness of the browns can be mirrored by the creaminess of the luxurious white fabric, while the naturalness of wood can be amplified by both dark and light-colored kinds of wood. Some of the favorite colors for this room are green and shades of blue.

You would also need to consider pairing certain colors with each other since these two colors compliment each other so well it’s almost like they’re meant for each other.

How to style a new loft bedroom?

To style a new loft bedroom, you don’t need a special kind of skill and talent. You just need the right tools and some time.

Start with the floor- this is where your bed will be created in most cases. First, lay out the plywood panels on the floor, slide them into place and secure them together with screws (pre-drill holes first). Make sure that all edges are even. Fill any gaps between panels with wood filler to level out the finish.

Now that you’ve created the floor, it’s time to make a ceiling. You can do this by installing crown molding. Cut the molding to size and nail it in place.

To finish up, sand any rough edges in your ceiling and baseboards, then paint everything with a coat of white primer. This will give everything an even coat and help the final color stand out.

If your loft bed is large enough, consider adding storage space underneath it using reclaimed wood or metal shelving units. Storing things under a loft bed is an efficient way to take advantage of unused space while creating a cozy feel for your bedroom.

How much does it cost to convert the loft into the bedroom?

The cost of converting a room will depend on various factors such as:

– Size of the room to be converted.
– Size of the window, if any. Whether there is a wall to match the new bedroom and its shape, it will be (already straight, angled, corner, etc.). Whether external walls need additional insulation or not. How many windows are there? What type are they? Do you want to change the flooring too? If so, what type do you need?
– How much work needs doing (is it just preparing for plasterboard or does it involve removing ceilings etc.)
– Whether you have any specific requirements, e.g., height from ceiling to floor

How loft beds save space?

Loft beds save space because they are designed to be raised from the ground rather than being set on the floor or pushed up against a wall. For a loft bed to span beyond one room, space has to be open on all four sides for the bed to slide under and rise up and out of those spaces.

Are Loft Beds dangerous?

A loft bed is an elevated bed that is not supported by a footboard.
The dangers of the loft bed include the height of the bed and lack of support. When used, care should be taken to use a safety rail on one or both sides of the loft to prevent possible falls from the loft.
One of the most common claims about loft beds is that they are a fire hazard. They have been reported to pose several risks, including falling out of the bed and slipping on the ladder.

How to build a secure Loft Bed?

1. Once you have measured the space that your futon will have in your loft bed, cut the plywood to size and sand down any uneven surfaces on it. If you are going to use a second story for storage, measure your space to cut each piece of plywood at the correct size.
2. Lay one of the sheets of plywood down on a flat surface and drill holes approximately 1-inch apart into one side (if it is not already pre-drilled). Attach boards to this side with a nail gun or wood screws every 2 inches from top to bottom until you reach the other edge of what will be this loft bed’s first story.

How to decorate a loft bedroom?

1. Loft bedrooms are stylish and comfortable, but decorating them is often the most challenging part of owning one. Since lofts are small spaces, it is almost impossible to do everything you want to do for your kids’ rooms without compromising your design and style preferences. You have to start with what makes you feel pretty good about yourself and then delegate some of that luxury to your kids’ rooms.

2. Follow the following steps:
-Clean and vacuum the area.
-Choose a color scheme for the loft such as rustic, neutral, or mix.
-Place clean sheets on the bed or purchase a new duvet set.
-Hang up new curtains or shutters if you have them as well as any other decoration you may want to add.
-Buy decorations such as plants, candles, and paintings to enhance the style of your bedroom that you have chosen.

3. Also, to decorate a loft bedroom, start with the main furniture of the room. Then, add accessory pieces that blend in with the color scheme. A good combination for this room would be all-white bedding paired with some black accessories such as a black console and coffee table. Next, remember to mix textures to add interest to your space. Firmly saying no to fluffy throw pillows would be wise when approaching bedding and accessories for a loft bedroom.

4. Finally, add some color to the room by painting an accent wall with a neutral color. A light yellow would be a great way to make the room feel warmer and inviting. To really open up the room, you can install floor-to-ceiling windows on three of the walls or what is known as a dormer window. This will give you plenty of natural lighting in the space and help bring your loft bedroom alive. For furniture, opt for something sleek and modern with clean lines. Having only one piece in each corner will leave more empty space available for decorating.”

Does a loft conversion need a window?

Most of the time, when a loft conversion is done to an existing house it largely remains closed off from household circulation for privacy. Even in lofts with good access, once inside, there is still a general feeling of entering another space, because of the height and the narrow stairs.

Now we are going to share fantastic loft bedroom ideas with you. You may want to make your own design, but you can also simply pick and choose something from this list:

It’s also important to consider the width of doors or windows you’re going to have to reach any point within your loft without having to sit on a step. The doors and windows could be small but well spaced out to leave no wasted spaces where rooms go around corners.

If you can use skylights, then this is an ideal way of balancing the space.

How to paint a loft bed?

1. Paint roller and long handle, or putty knife
2. Paint tray and rollers or brushes (depending on the paint), latex paint in colors of your choice- some used black, white, and gray
3. Canvas drop cloths for the work surface, about 3 per person painting.
4. Newspaper to cover furniture or other surfaces you want to protect from paint splatters
5. Bucket for water with a clean sponge or rag
6. Sturdy ladder if you are working on stools that are high up off the ground; tall ladders, always!
7. Plastic food wrap around edges of the loft bed frame, so the paint doesn’t drip down/over the edge

How do you paint a loft bed frame without sanding it down first?

*Method Number 1:
This is a post for people who have been thinking about painting their mattress frames but are afraid of sanding them down first. In the next section, you will learn how you can use good ol’ spray paint and still have a beautiful finished product.

First, you’ll need Sandpaper or heavy-duty scraper, masking tape, painter’s tape (optional), newspapers (optional), painting supplies (brushes, rollers, etc.), an old tray, or a tarp for catching drips and overspray.

To prep your frame: Remove all hardware that might get in the way of the spray paint from any joints on the frame. This includes screws, brackets holding it together, etc. If there is any woodworm/insects or other rotting, replace the affected parts. You can buy cheap ones from your local hardware store, such as Bunnings, if you don’t want to splurge on some fancy woodworking joints, or you can try fixing it yourself – there are many tutorials on the internet for fixing damaged joints.

Sand down any rough patches you find, including the top edges of the frame (the part your mattress will eventually sit on). This will ensure a smoother finish later when painting. Remove all wires if possible, such as a bedside lamp (if you have one mounted), and set aside in an old tray or tarp to catch any drips or spills from spray paint.

*Method Number 2:
Here are 5 Ways To Paint Furniture Without Sanding:

*Method Number 3:
Sometimes, you may want to paint some furniture without thoroughly sanding it down first. This next section describes five ways to paint furniture without sanding!

These are easy to install and do not require any additional tools or materials. These are great for DIY’ers and handymen to do on your own. However, please take all appropriate precautions when installing. Read the instructions that come with the product, and use the proper tools to prevent an accident.

5 Awesome Ways To Paint Furniture Without Sanding:
1. Mark the locations of your windows before starting your painting project, especially if you live in a place with lots of sunlight or low light situations. This will ensure that paint dries evenly across your project area.

2. Use repositionable tape to mark the desired position of your windows so that you don’t miss any areas. You can also use masking tape or painter’s tape on the window sills if you are concerned about having perfectly straight painted lines on your windows.

3. Before starting painting, prepare the wood for painting by sanding off any rough edges. You can vacuum or wet sand with 150 grit sandpaper to remove any dust from the surfaces and ensure that all wood grains are sharp enough to catch the paint.

4. Apply a thin layer of primer and use it as a barrier between paint and wood. Primer’s primary function is to fix the wood surface and prevent it from absorbing a lot of paint. Sand off any areas that you think will be problematic.

5. After the primer has been applied, use a sponge brush to apply your desired color onto the walls. For best results, apply two thin coats rather than one thick coat of paint on your sample boards. Apply your finish coat after allowing the primer to dry completely and sand off any areas you may have missed during the first step.

How much does a loft apartment cost?

It depends on the location.
A loft apartment is an apartment that is built above a store or other structure and has only one room. The main difference between a loft apartment and a second-story apartment is that loft apartments are typically subterranean. This means the building must have a staircase connecting it to the ground floor, often only one story in height on buildings like these. Many loft apartments are situated above an elevator shaft or an air shaft, and these two are called “lofts.”

What should I put under my loft bed?

It is not recommended to put anything under a loft bed as it can cause the bed to break or the ladder not function properly. However, if you feel confident with the rigidity of the structure, you can store – a box of clothes, a working desk and chair, and simply a pile of books

Are loft beds good for small rooms?

Loft beds are suitable for small rooms because they can provide a lot of storage space.

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10. The All-White Loft Bedroom Idea

Countless studio apartment dwellers are struggling with bedroom organization or finding enough space to stretch out their legs comfortably. And if you are one of those unfortunate dwellers, you probably haven’t tried making a loft bedroom yet.
A loft bedroom is a simple bedroom concept that can you can embed or merge with other spaces like the kitchen or a living room’s space. Like the one in the picture.
Next, Simply choose a proper color scheme like white or other neutral colors and you can continue with other improvement tricks such as by adding the new railing or the wooden stair that you can acquire from simply stacking up wooden boxes that you can double function as storage solutions.
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9. The Loft Bed and Office Space Combo.

You might think that a bedroom in the attic is not cool. Well, think again! The truth is it can be fantastic and comfortable if you can choose or use the proper layout and furniture pieces.
Instead of laying a mattress right onto the floor, try raising it a few feet with a platform bed. This way, you can re-optimize the storage space underneath it.
Next, if possible.
Select drawers that you can use to only stash away your books but also your feet. Combine those with the platform bed featured with a pullout desk and you have a new space you can call a new office when your boss gives you new Work from home order.
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8. A Lot of Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in any room inside your house, including your loft bedroom. The more light it receives, the more positive vibes your soul will experience.
To make this idea tangible, like the one in the picture, you can first install large windows or dormers. They allow natural light to come into the bedroom and turn your loft area airier. From the new space, you can enjoy the beauty of the stars, even auroras, and you don’t have to turn on the light to enjoy it.
You can also opt for skylights that allow your room to obtain a lot of natural light not only during the night when the full moon fills the sky with its light show.

7. Embrace the Industrial Style

A loft bed is not only for kids. It can also be perfect for teenagers or adults as long as you can makeover it properly.
This loft bedroom, for example, embraces the elegance of the industrial flair. As you can see from the steel railings and lampshades that become the hallmark of the room.
To boost modernity, use a minimalist mattress resting on a clean-lined platform bed and geometric lampshades to enhance the modern look of your room. And if you have a bulky bedside table, try replacing it with the simpler one like a simple wooden bar stool and see what will happen.
In the end, garnish the bedroom with a large picture hanging over the headboard as the finishing touch and a spectacular focal point to distract your own attention from the limited space.

6. The Elegant Loft Bedroom Idea

Some loft bedrooms may look dull due to the plain decorations that the owner chose. If you get the feeling when you observe your own bedroom then it is a good time to touch your space with new elegance.
It doesn’t have to be expensive though.
For example, begin with covering the sloping wall and the ceiling with flat wooden boards. Next, install log cabin wood siding along the wall in front of the bed. This way, you can add a textural element to your space.
If you need a cheaper option, try getting some 4″ PVC. Rip it down the center lengthwise. After that, lay them onto the wall. Just make sure they come in the same color tone as the ceiling so that the room looks united. If it is possible, choose and use light brown hues with a sleek surface to boost the elegant vibes.
For the final touch, hang curtains or drapery over the windows. This way, you can alleviate the glare of the sun without compromising the elegant look that your room has achieved. Finally, suspend chandeliers from the ceiling over the bed to create a lavish appearance. Use Pinterest search to find the DIY versions.

5. Stay Your Loft Bed Low

A loft bedroom tends to have a low ceiling. Using a tall bed frame or even a bunk bed may not be a good idea, especially for a claustrophobic. If you have the same problem.
Instead of investing in a tall frame, opt for a platform bed. It will be a perfect place for your mattress to nest without being too close to the ceiling. Or go with Tatami’s bed for a more efficient and cheaper option.
The idea will turn your limited room appear more spacious and you can advantage the tall ceiling for the movie projector screen.

4. A Loft Bed with Awesome Accent Wall

A simple way to upgrade your loft bedroom is by creating a new accent wall. You can do various experiments to achieve it, such as by painting the wall behind the head of the bed, hanging a large macramé, wall art, or a Wall Hanging Bedding Tapestry. You name it!

3. Invest in a Custom Closet

You need a closet to store your outfit and other things in your loft bedroom. We all know that. However, if you plan to have the bulky one, cancel it and consider getting the custom one.
Like the one in the picture.
It features sliding doors that stay flush with the wall and it comes with glass doors that are also functioned as full-length mirrors. It is light reflective and could turn the room to appear airier and more spacious without extra elements or decors needed.

2. The Loft Bedroom combo with a Bathroom

An attic bathroom can increase the value of the house, which appeals to many future buyers. However, it can be quite costly due to plumbing issues. Therefore, building the attic bathroom close to the existing plumbing would be a safe bet.
This loft bedroom, for example, proves that it is possible to have a full bathroom in the attic despite the limited space. You just need to separate them with bookshelves and a DIY sliding door.

Lastly, Number 1. The Monochromatic Loft Bedroom

A black-and-white room is not always tedious. This bedroom, for instance, looks elegant with a monochromatic design choice.
The crisp white walls and flooring create a perfect canvas for a touch of modern style. You just need to add black beams, a black platform bed, black pendant lights, and a black swing for the bold accents that you can replace with lovesacs or bean bags. Balance the minimalist look with a few greenery if necessary or a smart standing lamp.
So, sleeping in a loft bedroom is not going to always give you a nightmare. With one or some of these 10 outstanding loft bedroom ideas and improvements, you can turn your room into a super comfy space or even better,  a new safe haven for your partner too.



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