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10 Bedroom without Bed Ideas

Floor beds and mattresses in modern style have become popular to substitute traditional ones that tend to be bulky. You can usually find them in houses, studios, or apartments with small spaces.
Diminishing the bed is not always bad. In fact, your tiny sleeping space will be more clutter-free and more spacious when space is managed properly. Moreover, you will be able to clean and rearrange the room easier. Do you not believe it? Check out the following 10 bedrooms without bed ideas just for you. As always, Simphome present you the list

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10. A Traditional Asian Bedroom Idea

10. Traditional Asian Bedroom by simphome.comAsian style, especially Japanese, is getting popular in modern design. It usually keeps the furniture down to a minimum while maintaining a simple and sophisticated look. If you want to gain this atmosphere for your bedroom, follow these simple tips.
First, use low furniture. Remove your big bed frame and place a platform bed. Laying a mattress on the floor will also do.
Second, select a color scheme for the room. Asians commonly decorate their room with neutral earthy tones with a splash of accent color through paintings, linens, or accessories.
Third, let your room free from unnecessary items. Keep what you need most only and make the space clutter-free by hiding your wardrobe behind sliding doors. Finally, allow natural light to come in as much as possible to make the room feel open and airy.

9. The Floor Cushion Bed idea

9. Floor Cushion Bed by simphome.comFor a small spaced bedroom, floor cushions can make a cozy place for sleeping. You can stack them during the day and arrange them to be a bed for the night if necessary.
You can find many sizes and shapes of floor cushions available to purchase if you haven’t find time and resources to DIY it. Then, you can assemble them in many variations to create cozy seating or bed. Decorating it with pillows, throws, or rugs will infuse your character and personality and make the space feel more welcoming.

8. Add Net Canopy

8. Add Net Canopy by simphome.comUsing a net canopy for your floor bed will definitely give you extra privacy at least from the mosquitos. You stylized it according to your personal preference and you can get it for cheap on amazon. Even if you don’t have any bed, a canopy like this is one trick you can try to improve the look of your bedroom space.
You do not have to install the canopy with posts, though. As long as you can suspend it from the ceiling, just like the one in the picture, you are good to go.
Accessories like hooks, ties, or rings are optional as long as you can routinely clean it from dust or spider web or maybe hanging dead insects

7. Plush Your Surrounding

7. Plush Surrounding by simphome.comA plush bed may not be as comfy as a regular bed, but with the right treatment, you can take this alternative idea as a permanent decision. It comes in a variety of different colors or styles, generally cheap, easier to move, treat, or clean compare to the regular one, and you can DIY it by simply combining different pillows stuffed with old shirts, blankets, towels, foam, microfiber, with a sewing machine.
A plush bed like this one not only expands your sleeping space choice but also provides comfortable seating to enjoy a book or nurturing the kids. To upgrade it, you can get some Foam Mat Floor Tiles or futons

6. Sofa by Day, Bed by Night

6. Sofa by Day Bed by Night by

Though a daybed is often underrated, it is an excellent option for those of you who want to have extra resting space while doing activity in the main room during the day. It is an intelligent space-saving solution, especially if you live in a studio apartment where you have to double use your living room as a sleeping area too.
The pretty white daybed in the picture for example has turned the room comfier without choking the space. It is DIY-friendly if you have woodworking experience, the concept is adjustable and you can easily upgrade it later.

You only need to add some pillows or a blanket. One thing, learn more about a Futon sleeper or sofa bed if you want to know alternative options of how to get other bed alternatives that you can occupy even outside the bedroom

5. A Solid Timber for The Bedroom Mattress

5. Solid Timber for Base by simphome.comUnless you have a sleep disorder, sleeping on a mattress without a bedframe is okay. Everything is still fine and good until winter started. The cold has become hazardous and learn from history, one of the best ways to repel it is by using the wooden board. The ticker, the better. Just like in the picture.
Here, you can see a solid timber bed base that the room look gorgeous and impressive. The platform adds some height to the bed but still maintains the look of the floor bed design. Moreover, elevating your mattress a bit higher with a frame will keep dirty stuff away from it. It isn’t just keeping those away, but it also increases airflow that makes your mattress more breathable.
One thing,
Making it yourself through a DIY project is definitely challenging and arduous although it won’t demand you complicated measurement and cutting. As an alternative, you can get stacked plywood boards or wooden crates with a dedicated plan and selection of materials of course.

4. A Double Duty Bed

4. Double Duty Bed by simphome.comThis idea is perfect for a tiny bedroom owner. The mattress acts as a puzzle that serves as a shelf when not in use and a sleeping mattress after deployment.
The mattress is relatively easy to be a DIY project. Just prepare foam, fabric, and your sewing ability. Cut the foam to your room size. Then draw a line in the middle where you want to create a hole for the shelves. After you cut the foam in half, place it on top of the fabric. Cut the fabric according to the foam and leave several inches for sewing. Then assemble the fabric. Don’t forget to add a zipper so you can stuff the foam or take it out easily.

3. A Hidden Bed under the Table

3. Hidden Bed by simphome.comThis one is another solution if you are living in a small studio or an apartment space without a dedicated bedroom. Simply get a platform table if you haven’t had it already and advantage space under the platform for A DIY trundle bed. To build it,

Once the materials and tools are ready, you can begin with making the frame. Assemble the wood for the sides and the top. Then build the frame for the bed.
Later, Don’t forget to add wheels so you can pull the bed out with ease. Then install the bed under the platform you have made earlier. Next, set and screw the cover.
Use two-piece of wood, one the size of the bed and another to cover the upper part. The last step is painting it according to your room’s color scheme.

2. Lift Up Your Mattress

2. Go Up by simphome.comIf you have limited floor space with a higher ceiling, you can just go up. Building a platform over a kitchen is a common thing in a studio apartment.
However, building a bed over another room can be risky. Therefore, you need some protection that prevents you from falling and getting injured.
First, install the railing, and Instead of baluster, opt for the plexiglass.
It will not only prevent you from rolling out of bed, but it will also turn your space more stylish while making the sleeping space feel open and airy at the same time.

Lastly Number 1. The Bedroom Office Combo Idea

1. Bedroom Office Combo by simphome.comCreating a level in a bedroom for an office is our last fabulous idea to optimize every space of your property. In the picture, you can find a functional platform solution that can be expanded to accommodate a portable working space perfect for WFH. When you get tired of doing your job, you can easily pull out your bed and take a nap.
To copy the idea, you’ll only need a complete measurement of your room, your current office set up, and some sturdy supports made of metal adopted from your new office plan. Buying a new furniture office is optional if you have the DIY skill. And for more info related to this topic, forward to the next Simphome reference links.

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So, A floor bed can be the solution to your small sleeping space and from these 10 bedrooms without bed ideas, you have seen that you can still enjoy a nice resting moment even when forgoing the bed frames. With an appropriate layout, your wit, and your decorations skill, it is almost guaranteed that you can craft a comfortable place to sleep despite the absence of a headboard too.



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