12 Improvement Ideas for a Neutral Bedroom

Many homeowners might shy away from a neutral bedroom, thinking it would be too dull or boring. That is far from the truth– a neutral color palette can be the perfect base for a richly designed room!

Paying close attention to textures and finishing touches will give your room the right amount of contrast without sacrificing a neutral and minimalist aesthetic. Take a tour with us around these neutral bedrooms, and see for yourself how an understated room can make a big impression!

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🔊12 Improvement Ideas for a Neutral Bedroom:

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12. The Center of Attention

12. The Center of Attention by simphome.comThe bedroom is a great place to experiment with a few statement pieces, and a personalized headboard can be the perfect choice!

This piece can make a significant impact on the overall personality of your room. Consider a headframe that effectively adds depth and contrast to an otherwise dull bedroom.

You can choose to go with a sleek and modern headboard, or you can go a little crazy by choosing unexpected patterns! Whatever your choice of material, this piece can undoubtedly add instant style and character to your bedroom. Turn your bed into an absolute stunner with your choice of sheets, pillows, and small furniture such as side tables and lamps! Minding these small details is what will ultimately complete an elegant room.

11. Tactile Styling

11. Tactile Styling by simphome.comWhen decorating a neutral space, textures are your best bet to add character and depth

Add nuance to a flat room by choosing various textures such as ceramics, wool, knits, linens, the list goes on–use your imagination! Remember to keep the textures in neutral tones so as not to overwhelm the senses.

Add in a textured rug or cozy knit blanket. Watch the space come alive with just a few tactile pieces!

10. Cozy and Accommodating

10. Cozy and Accommodating by simphome.comKeep the color palette cozy and neutral to make your room feel warm and inviting. A palette of white, cream, black, and grey will help create a rich and calming environment. If you’re looking to elevate your bedroom look, consider adding in bold black and white accent pieces like an area rug or side tables. For a more modern look, mix in some gold and silver hardware pieces.

9. A Pop of Color

9. A Pop of Color by simphome.comA neutral bedroom doesn’t have to mean monochromatic colors all-throughout! You’ll be surprised what a single burst of color could do to add instant life into the room.

Add a pop of color by accenting an area or two. Pick a bold and contrasting color that goes against your wall or fabric choices. Choose a unique piece of art or a colorful bouquet as decor. Spice up your room by adding colorful blankets or throw pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match different prints, patterns, and colors.

8. Bedroom Buddy

8. Bedroom Buddy by

To (literally) add life and warmth to your space, consider adding in a plant or two! Choose greenery that can thrive in indoor and low-light conditions. Potted plants are the perfect roommates!

For a subtle pop of color, liven up the room with natural colors such as green, blue, and brown. Plants, rattan, and wood fixtures to add a homey and natural feel to a minimalist space.

7. Dressing in Layers

7. Dressing in Layers by simphome.comLayering can be challenging; there is a fine line between creating a richly cohesive space and a cluttered mess. You need to create varying layers of color and material to give your room dimension and personality.

Don’t just stick with the same boring monochromatic colors. Mix up light, dark, and natural or metallic tones. Choose to layer different materials, like textured pillows and throws over your bed or a rug on your hardwood floor. This seating area elegantly combines cozy textures for a luxurious and dreamy corner space: a furry stool, a soft blanket, and a textured pillow.

6. Under the Perfect Lighting

6. Under the Perfect Lighting by simphome.comWhen we talk about layers, we don’t just mean colors and texture. We’re talking about lighting as well!

Lighting might be the most important element to improve your bedroom– it makes a space functional, multidimensional, and sets the overall mood.

You must find the right balance between ambient lighting (overhead lights and daylight), task lighting (cabinet lights, floor, and table lamps), and mood lighting. A simple way to add mood lighting and warmth to a room is by adding a candle or two. The general rule of thumb for lighting is that a small room should have at least two light sources, while a larger room should have at least three. One of these light sources should be situated near the bedside.

5. Natural Elements

5. Natural Elements by simphome.comAn easy way to add a layer of color and texture is by adding some natural elements to your space. Choose between plants, rattan, wicker, and wood to add dimension to your bedroom.

Wood elements can easily add warmth and coziness to a space. A good rule of thumb is to add at least one large wood-toned item to a room. This adds instant nuance and is the perfect juxtaposition to a neutral background.
Remember not to add too many wood tones as this might not appear seamless and cohesive.

4. Small and Functional Furniture

4. Small and Functional Furniture by simphome.comOnce you have chosen your main pieces of furniture, adding in smaller yet meaningful and functional pieces will definitely add texture and personality to your bedroom.

Consider adding in bedside tables or an ottoman. A small antique chest or cabinet is a great investment to keep clutter in check. Remember to mix things up by incorporating different colors and materials.
As the saying goes, it’s all in the details.

3. Accessorize!

3. Accessorize by simphome.comNow comes the fun part, accessorizing! Use accessories thoughtfully and with purpose. Use them to add color, dimension, and personality.

The best accessories are those that combine beauty and functionality. Choose lamps that are uniquely designed and textured, or you can choose to add a beautiful ceramic pot to hold your valuables on your bedside table.
Consider putting up a chalkboard as unique and functional decor.

2. Off-the-wall Wall art

2. Off the wall Wall art by simphome.comTo add personality to an otherwise boring neutral room, consider adding unique and off-the-wall (yes, we do think we’re quite clever) wall art. This can be the perfect conversation piece!

Anything between a photo, artwork, antiques, or maybe even your favorite instrument can effectively be a statement piece on your wall. This is the perfect avenue to show-off your creative side. A single large piece can make a huge impact by introducing nuanced hues and shapes to the area. You can get the same effect by carefully grouping framed photos with bright matting and frames.

Meaningful decor not only tells a believable story, but also gives you joy–and that should be the most important thing to keep in your bedroom.
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Lastly, Number 1. Time to Grow-Up, Time for the talk.

1. Time to Grow Up Time for the talk by simphome.comAs a kid, you probably didn’t get much say about how to decorate your bedroom. Now that you have full rein, you’re planning on designing a minimalist bedroom–the true mark of a responsible adult, we should say.

Creating a grown-up neutral bedroom doesn’t have to mean that it should be boring or expensive. Contrary to what you may think, you actually have more freedom now to express yourself and to invest in pieces that spark joy!

Remember to invest in pieces that are meaningful and timeless. Following trends that will most likely die in the next few years will cost you a lot for remodels. What should be on the top of your list? A high-quality mattress, of course! As much as we’d like to escape this reality, passing a certain age means that your bones and joints will start to ache. A quality mattress is the best investment you can make for yourself–reward yourself with proper rest and relaxation.

Remember to invest in furniture that will be functional and useful in the years to come. A bedside table to hold your lamp, glasses, and reading materials should be on the top of your list. On that note, a bedside table isn’t complete without a good bedside lamp or a lighting sconce. Growing-up doesn’t mean that you let go of fun and personality. Invest in artwork that is meaningful to you and gives life to your space. These can be anything from large artwork to a statement headboard or small collectible. You might even want to hang up photography, memorabilia from your adventures, illustrations, and prints–let your inner child run wild!

This wacky yet elegant room made the most out of the uncentered window by adding an unconventional wall sconce. Make your room work by learning to accentuate interesting and weird architectural features rather than ignoring them.


Choosing to go with a neutral bedroom is in no way boring, dull, or uninviting! The key is to make smart choices that will find the right balance for a cohesive and seamless space.

The most important thing to remember about improving your neutral space is to concentrate on layers: mix up colors, textures, and lighting to create dimension and character. Again, you must find the right balance so as not to make the place too cluttered and overwhelming. Keep decor to a minimum, and stick to neutral and cozy tones.

To add personality and character to your neutral bedroom, invest in pieces that are functional yet meaningful. Choose decor that adds warmth and depth to your bedroom. Remember to have fun and go with what makes you smile–it is your space, after all!

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