10 Modular Home Makeovers

Modular homes have become more popular now. What makes people fall in love with these types of buildings is the time efficiency and affordable cost. Just like any other type of house, you can makeover them as you pleased.

You can do many things with your modular house to make it more comfortable and attractive. Luckily, we have listed 10 modular home makeovers to help you get some ideas on what you should do. TO clear all misinterpretations, follow the link inside the reference if necessary.

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10. Add Shiplap Walls

10. Add Shiplap Walls by simphome.comLet’s begin with the living room. Doing a makeover in this space is as easy as laying a rug, hanging a painting, or installing a shiplap onto the walls. More importantly, you can do it yourself in one afternoon.
First, you need to figure out how much shiplap you will need by measuring the walls. Next, remove any nails and outlet covers switch plates. Use a stud finder to mark the exact location of each stud. Now, you can try to install the first row.

Begin with the top edge of the first board. Ensure that it lies on the stud or overlaps it. Glue it down, and then nail it through the location where it crosses a stud. Continue the process until you cover the walls completely. Do not forget to stagger the cut ends, though. The idea is also acceptable to enrich the interior of farmhouse modular homes. This home style is still a favorite choice among people with a classical taste of property and wisdom.

9. Hardwood Flooring for Farmhouse Vibes

9. Hardwood Flooring for Farmhouse Vibes by simphome.comTo complete the farmhouse vibes in your living room, you can also install hardwood flooring. It would be the best companion for your shiplap walls.
Installing hardwood flooring is as easy as covering the walls with shiplap. First, you have to measure the floor to know how many boards you will need.
Next, check your subfloor. If you encounter any squeak, drive a long drywall screw into the joist and subfloor where it occurs. After that, roll out moisture barrier papers and secure them to the subfloor. Now, you can begin to install the tongue-and-groove boards.

8. Consider Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

8. Consider Peel and Stick Backsplash by simphome.comYou can do many things to refurbish your modular kitchen. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is by installing a new backsplash. Once it is on the wall, you will notice a significant change despite the itsy-bitsy effort and cost you’ve spent.
To make this project more manageable, you had better choose a peel-and-stick backsplash. Start from a corner with a straight edge. Cut one side of the tile to fit in with the straight line. Peel the backing, and simply attach the tiles. That’s it!

7. Do Some Magic with Paint

7. Do Some Magic with PaintPaint has always been your go-to makeover idea. By changing the color of the house, you will get a fresh and brand-new look. Let’s begin with the hub of activity – the kitchen.
If you think that the kitchen in your modular home is dull, you will only need to paint it. This two-toned kitchen has shown you that changing colors can make a significant impact. And the fresh crisp white with shaker cabinet doors will accentuate farmhouse style.
Additionally, You may also need to replace the hardware with the simpler one. This way, you can carve out modern farmhouse style.
If you are interested in refurbishing your kitchen by painting the cabinets, remove the hardware first. Sand the cabinets down, apply the primer, and you can begin to paint it. You can seal them with polyurethane for a long-lasting look if necessary.

6. Blend with Nature

6. Blend with Nature by

The exterior is what people will notice for the very first time. Therefore, it has to be impressive.
Unfortunately, some modular houses are not quite appealing. Consequently, you need to perk your home up.
In addition to painting the exterior, you can install siding to make it look more attractive. Even better, you can use pebble tiles to cover the walls.
Installing pebble tiles to your exterior can infuse an elegant look and in many cases, it fits in with any type of modular house, especially if you want to carve out modern flair.

5. Try an Indoor Garden

Try an Indoor GardenOne of the most effective ways to remodel your house is by incorporating an indoor garden. Nothing could beat the charm of nature. That is the reason why greenery is getting more popular now.
An indoor garden is flexible. It can be as simple as growing plants in containers or ripping off the floor to create a bed. The latter may sound terrific, which would add more value to your home. And the most common and best spot would be under the stairs.
Creating a small garden under the stairs is not that hard. You just need to make sure that your plants will get sufficient light to thrive.
If you do not have a green thumb, raising low-maintenance plants, such as bamboos, succulents, or orchids, will be your safe bet. You may also want to cover the soil with pebbles for a more dramatic look.

4. Be Minimalist

4. Be Minimalist by simphome.comIf your modular house features large windows, congratulations! You are one step closer to a jaw-dropping home makeover already.
Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to blend with nature. Therefore, you need to eradicate any unnecessary window treatments. Keeping everything down to a minimum is the key.
To accentuate the minimalist look, invest in simple furniture like floating cabinets and shelves with clean-lined edges.

3. Add a Simple Touch to your Bathtub

3. Add a Simple Touch to your Bathtub by simphome.comAlthough the bathroom is less popular than the living room and the bedroom, it still needs remodeling. You do not have to spend much money and time, though. Covering your bathtub with stone tiles would be enough. In fact, it would make a significant impact.
To get this look, you just need to get Airstone. Attach the stone tiles to the outer side of the bathtub with construction adhesive. That’s it! It is just a breeze, right?

2. Replace, Renew, Or rebrand your Furniture

2. Replace Or rebrand your Furniture by .What makes your home look tedious is probably the tired furniture. Just think about it!. When did the last time you replace your furniture? How long have your couch and rug live in your living room?
So, maybe this is the right time for you to swap it for the new one. You do not have to purchase some new pieces of furniture, though. Look what you have already got. Uninstall the tired curtains, and hang the ones that you store in the closet.

If a limited budget is an issue, you can reupholster your couch. Do not forget to wash your current rug and lay a new one. This way, you will give a brand new look to space.
For your new inspiration, check out DIY project idea on How to Makeover a mid-century chair in Simphome.
2. Replace Or rebrand your Furniture by

Lastly Number 1. Thunderstorm Lighting Project Idea

1. Thunderstorm Lighting
1. Thunderstorm Lighting via SImphome

Lighting plays an essential role in a home makeover project. Not only does it illuminate the space, but it also produces a nuance, just like this thunderstorm light.
You will need two 12cm Styrofoam balls, a white Chinese lantern, synthetic fiberfill, cable ties, glue gun, and screw hooks to get this look. First, install the screw hooks to the balls. After that, attach the balls to both sides of the lantern so that they flank the lamp.
Attach the fiberfill to the balls and lamp until they are completely covered. For the storm effect, you can install some LED string lights on the lantern. Now, enjoy your storm!
Just because your home is a modular house, it does not mean you cannot refurbish it. These 10 modular home makeovers have shown you that everything is possible. Now, it is your turn to carve out comfort and beauty in your home. Break a leg!



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