10 Ways How to Max Your Clothes Storage with ClosetMaids and Other Improvements

Life would be easier if you lived in a big house with spacious space. It will save you from the never-ending task of tidying your clothes, right?
But with these ideas on how to max your clothes storage with Closetmaids, you don’t have to own a big house for that. These 10 ideas won’t specifically review closet maid products, so keep watching and get yourself ready for something new that you can take later to update or upgrade your closet area. As always, follow the source link inside the reference area to learn more

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10. Put only the Clothes You Wear

10. Put only the Clothes You Wear by
The most efficient way to make the most of your closet space is by throwing things you don’t wear. Imagine they stay in there, but you barely recognize them as you don’t even touch them.
This happens when your body is changing, and you just don’t want to do anything about it. You gain weight over time as you don’t exercise much.

By removing them, it will let you have some more space to put in something new instead.
It means cluttered clothes in other rooms will get reduced, and it will pretty much make your room tidy as you bring them here.
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9. Put Things on Their Place

9. Put Things on Their Place by

Doesn’t it look pretty to have anything according to your plan? Everything is just in its place, and it looks elegant. You would get lots of advantages by arranging things based on their shapes, colors, or sizes. You could find anything in it easily because you know and remember what’s inside it.

An organized item is pretty, and it could reduce your stress too. You spend less time when looking for a dress or wardrobe to wear. They would stay there like when you haven’t touched them. It spreads happiness just by looking at it.
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8. Make Use of the Space Above

8. Make Use of the Space Above by simphome.comLooking for any space left in the closet is a must. There are still some rooms commonly found in the closet, such as above and under the clothes.
If there’s a chance you can add a basket to it, it would be good additional storage for keeping small stuff such as accessories.
Tidying rooms is a tiring job as it’s a part of your daily life. Imagine you have to do that every time you open the closet. It would be a waste of time.

7. Bring in new Dividers

7. Bring in new Dividers by simphome.comAs you would have different kinds of clothes at once in the closet, you might want to add dividers in it. This would make your daily task less stressful. What are those dividers do, anyway?
The main purpose is to divide your problem when trying to maximize space. Yes, it is. Dividers separate one item from another.

They help prevent things from getting tangled or mixed every time you open or look for something in the closet. Create dividers based on the size of the objects you want to store to fit perfectly. They can, as well, turn the closet to have a nice decoration, don’t you think?

6. Make Use the Space Under

6. Make Use the Space Under by

After you go for any possible place in the closet, what is left would be the floor or space under the clothes. This one would be perfect for storing things like boots or shoes or anything that you can put down on the floor.

It would also be the easiest place for finding things in it. If it’s possible, you can install a shoe rack.
Shoes wouldn’t go anywhere when you put them in the rack unless somebody moves them. They would also look nice in terms of appearance for sure.

5. Use Hooks Combined with your Closetmaids

5. Use Hooks Combined with your Closetmaids by simphome.comHooks are versatile when it comes to maximizing space in the closet. They help organize your clothes or towels to avoid getting mixed with other stuff. These tiny things have saved or would save your lives countlessly.

They work when you want to take a piece of clothing without messing with others. You can just swipe clothes in the closet and pick one as simple as that. You can install an iron rod first if there are lots of clothes or dresses you need to hang.

4. And get your closet Door a new shoe hanger bag

4. And get your closet Door a new shoe hanger bag by simphome.comThe door has quite a large panel for storage. You can simply add hooks or pockets, as you see here. These shoes are pretty much in a safe place and are not scattered all over the place.
It’s a brilliant idea to really squeeze out the closet, making use of something unoccupied. It becomes an alternative to store shoes when the floor is already filled with other shoes.
Not only shoes, but you can also make good use of storing other things as well. The wide board is pretty much a life savior for additional storage.

3. Monitor Stand from Wire Shelving

3. Monitor Stand from Wire Shelving by simphome.comIf you wonder what kind of material is good enough for a monitor stand, a magazine holder, or a DVD rack, you can use this ClosetMaid wire shelving. It’s cheap and durable.
The steps are quite easy, and it won’t take you a long time to finish. Measure the wire shelving as you need it, and cut it with a hacksaw.

Bend it up. There may be some sharp edges, and you need to file them. Now, you can flip it over and put it somewhere you want to use it as a holder. You can add some modifications if you think it’s necessary.
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2. Let Clothing Rack, Rail, or Rod Help You

2. Let Clothing Rack Help You by
Due to the number of clothes you bring in through time, you won’t realize that you need a clothing rack to sort things out.
Imagine you love the new or beautiful dress you see somewhere at stores or online shops, which will lead you to stack anything in the closet.

Therefore, getting a clothing rack is the solution. It’s even simpler than using a closet as you can just pick anything on it. you can see everything there, and you don’t have to open or close the door
Be sure that having a clothing rack doesn’t make your room look crowded because it can be a mess. It can soon become a spot for piling up something when you don’t organize things properly.
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Lastly number 1. Left some Space Free

1. Left some Space Free by simphome.comThere are seasons during which you wear certain clothes around those months. It means you’re not going to put them on soon, and they would stand there while looking at you and say, “aren’t you going to try me?”

Therefore, it would be wise if you can just put them in the back or anywhere to let clothes you’re going to wear every day in the front line. This would produce some new space, which is good.
You might want to buy some new clothes, and there’s some room for them. You don’t have to remove some things inside the closet first because you already anticipate it in advance.
Hopefully, our ideas on how to MAX your clothes storage with ClosetMaid’s can be useful for you. It’s our happiness if you do feel so.

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