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10 Narrow Closet Choices

(Include design, makeover ideas, and how to organize them)

A well-thought-out design is essential for a small walk-in closet to function effectively. Create a functional small closet layout by discarding unused stuff. Next, evaluate what’s still there and think about how it may be best organized to use the remaining space. Finally, conduct some homework to discover hangers, rods, shelves, boxes, and do-it-yourself storage alternatives for your clothing. Innovative little walk-in closet design ideas with unique details, space-saving floor plans, and useful storage hacks are on display here. Eventually, incorporate these suggestions into your mini-walk-in closet layout and bedroom organization strategy.

Even if your living quarters are large, you may occasionally need more storage space. That fact feels even more stressful when your house is small and you have to live with an even smaller closet than you used to have.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to understanding the tedious task. Helpfully, we have compiled ten narrow closet choices (include with design, makeover ideas, and how to organize them).

We make it a three-in-one package by design, so your work will be something other than a kettle of fish. With some luck, they will make your thing run at full throttle. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Narrow Closet Choices

10 Narrow Closet Choices Poster


10. A small walk-in Custom System

A dresser or compact wardrobe fits neatly within a hallway closet. Drawers and flat surfaces on each piece add a lot of space for stowing things. A chest of drawers is integrated into the built-in framework of this compact walk-in closet, along with glass shelves (a reflective material that keeps light bouncing around to illuminate gloomy closets) and two hanging rods. In the back, there is a single rod ideal for hanging garments. You can hang shirts and jackets from double rods in the other drawer. A wall of shelves extends above, providing ample space to store seasonal apparel and other items you rarely choose.

9. A Creative DIY to add new storage to your drawer

Created-in shelves and drawers are practical in a compact walk-in closet, but a pipe hanging rack built at home adds style and functionality. The homeowner can hang their newly ironed shirts in a way that prevents wrinkles with this ingenious closet storage solution. The same holds for beloved pants, which you can hang from hooks on the lower bar.

8. A DIY Narrow coat closet idea

Took everything out, including the carpet square at the bottom of the closet, the closet rod, and the shelf. Then you may begin creating your stencil when you’ve finished filling the nail holes and painting the walls white. Nail down some 3/4″ particleboard to make the closet floor flush with the rest of the floor. Our first step is to create a SketchUp drawing of our coat closet, complete with all the shelves and cubbies we’ll need.

The most inconveniently located three shelves are best for shoes. Instead of your regular footwear, use the area for your hiking boots, lawnmower shoes, or flip-flops.
CENTER: Create a left and right section of the room by placing a deep shelf at the bottom with a coat rack low enough for youngsters to reach located on the left side.

The right side features four similar-to-mini lockers, each tall and narrow. You can store bins for headwear and handwear in the right side’s large yet shallow compartments.

7. From A Narrow Niche Into A New Closet

If your master bedroom has only one closet, you may make do with three times as much space by converting a 12-inch deep narrow niche.

In the first phase, you’ll frame and drywall a compact closet.
A hole had to be hacked out of the hardwood floor to make room for the closet frame’s footing.

Since you will put identical bi-fold doors later, it is necessary to rough the door opening and header for the new closet to match the present closet. To allow for the thickness of the drywall, set back the frame by half an inch, put up the drywall, tape the edges, and use drywall compound to fill up the screw holes.

Phase 2: Wallboard Painting Preparation
Apply paint, set up the molding and bi-fold doors, and set up the movable shelves.

You will construct the shelving from white 12″ × 8″ melamine sheets that you need to shred on a table saw to a depth of 10 inches to accommodate the width of the closet.

6. A cheap Entryway closet makeover from Dear Lillie Studio

First, remove the wire rack and rod before patching the walls. After sanding, they are ready for wallpaper. Target is where you’ll find the wallpaper for your home. Next, install the shelves. The task can be braced with very cheap 1-by-2s. To ensure a solid foundation, drill directly into the studs.

After the bracing, lay a one-by-12 board appropriate for your closet on the top. Finished off the front with a one-by-three board. To mount the rod, drive the dowel into the wall and insert the pole sockets into the wood. For this, once again, you need to drill through a stud to ensure that the rod can support the weight of whatever you intend to hang from it. After the bracing is in place, lay the one-by-12s on top. Last, trim the front with a one-by-3 using a nail gun to make it look like a solid piece of wood.

Related to closet improvement choices,
We present our current twelve built-in storage ideas for a small bedroom in Simphome. Access it, and you’ll have a unique idea of utilizing the most underutilized space in the bedroom, which is the floor. Be there because we cannot ruin the surprise with spoilers.

With that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. How to turn a narrow closet more reliable?

When it comes to mess and disarray, a spacious walk-in closet may be just as challenging as a more compact one. The most noticeable distinction is how much longer it often takes to clean up the mess after it has reached a critical mass. Kevin and Amanda have quite the collection stuffed inside the walk-in closet of their master bedroom. It was past due for a revamp of the cloakroom.

Kevin and Amanda removed the fragile wire shelves as part of their major closet overhaul, and sturdy cupboards and racks took their place. The teeming piles of footwear on the floor were relegated to the depths of the melamine closets.

4. Utilize the crate to get a new functional wardrobe for cheap

Finish the drawer column before fastening any columns to the wall, so the hub can be relocated if necessary. If you give your closet a depth of 18 inches, you’ll be in luck because you’ll be able to purchase a crate from Home Depot that is just the right size.

Utilizing the containers was not only practical but also time and money-saving, as they cost only $11 each and came with ball-bearing slides for the drawers.

Columns of the Wardrobe’s floor designs were important in locating the closet rods in the two showcase apartments. Place four shoe half-shelves in the closet’s single-rod portion to improve accessibility and visibility of footwear while stacked.

Stain the shelves a warm walnut hue, then paint the exterior and columns the same muted gray as the rest of the room to help the final closet fit in. Finally, fasten the whole thing to the rear wall, the floor, and the ceiling. The kickboard is made of 1×6 planks.


If you find yourself in the same position as the writer, after tearing them down, make sure to restore the walls and give them a new coat of paint. Also, remove the old, inefficient light fixture and put in a can light, then nail two PAX picture frames to the wall, planning to fill the remaining space with two coat racks and a mirror.

  • Next, add a closet shelf (pre-primed) to the top and brace it with 1x2s at each corner. Then, attach a closet rod to the PAX and the wall; add a second shelf and rod below the first.
  • Add a new door, trim, and baseboards to complete the revamped cloakroom.
  • Completed the final PAX system assembly after nail holes were patched and painted.

It’s impossible to get deeper than 14 inches when it comes to PAX wardrobes because of the attic access. For that reason, you need to look at the compact closet with its three KOMPLEMENT drawers and two KOMPLEMENT shelves.

Because of its limited depth, a standard clothes pole won’t fit. The standard IKEA fare includes a hanging pole that you can easily withdraw when not in use.

2. Shake-up Periodically

The seasons cycle regularly. Make use of them as a timeline to organize your stuff. You should keep seasonal items in an accessible location until their time to be used arrives, and vice versa. You can also get rid of your out-of-season clothing by putting it in bags and putting them beneath your bed. With additional room, you may go through your closet at the change of each season, weeding out the stuff you don’t use anymore or donating them.

In this case, there’s additional space for your belongings above the wardrobe. It’s not practical for regular use but works great for storing extra luggage, winter coats, and the like.

Consider putting in a task light to prevent working in a confined space. If you need a little shirt, you don’t want to spend hours rummaging through racks of them.

1. From folded pieces to lose

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First, remove everything. Part-by-part
Pull out tops, sweaters, jackets, etc., in different sections.

It’s less overwhelming than pouring everything out. It showed how many things were in each category.

Once your style and lifestyle are clear, pull the trigger. Find a place in your room to review everything, such as a bed. Tops, sweaters, jackets, dresses, slacks, and skirts go first. Athletic/athleisure, sleepwear, swim, underwear, bras, socks. Then bag, accessories, and shoes.

Don’t empty your closet all at once, and start editing.

Check how many empty hangers are on the floor after editing all categories. Next, keep and donate unneeded items.
Create retrieval zones for your categories. Your capsule should be easily accessible. You should hang blouses (white first) opposite coats and outerwear. Dresses, shirts, formal jackets, and special event attire hang in the closet’s rear. The dresser held athletic apparel, socks, underwear, and bras. Boots are lined up in the closet, and you pack drop-front shoe boxes under the dresses. Display purses, belts, and accessories in open boxes. Create a hanging zone for “outfits to photograph” to remind you what’s next.

Keeping your most-used goods accessible (and quick to put away) is crucial to a neat closet. You shouldn’t over-contain your stuff, either. Simplify confinement. If you have to open a box top to get shoes or a sweater, you’ll have a lot of shoes on the floor and unfolded sweaters.

We like clear sweaters and pant dividers, open boxes for small purses and accessories, and “S” hooks for larger purses. If you lack shelves, buy drop-front sweater boxes to maximize storage.



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