10 Walk-in Closet Ideas

Some people do not have the privilege to grab a walk-in closet. It is one of the features that anyone dreams about.
Hence, when you seize one, you probably want to embellish or even revamp it. If you need some inspiration to go, then this is your correct destination.

Well, it doesn’t matter the size or shape; we have ten walk-in closet ideas to better your chamber. Let’s get going, and later, follow the link inside the reference area!

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10. A Paneled Mirror

10. Paneled Mirror by simphome.comLet’s start with mirrors. An accepted choice in dressing rooms for its flexibility, it combines any designs aptly. After all, it is a must-have item for any walk-in closet.

The idea benefits you in several ways. First, you can observe your clothes from every angle. Second, the closet reflects light and spread it around the room. Thus, you get a more spacious feeling when you access the space.

Here, three-paneled mirrors are also combined with an open and closed walk-in closet. With the idea, you can use the former to showcase your frequently used items. Then, you can secure your precious ones inside to protect them from dust.

9. Stencilled Wall

9. Stencilled Wall by simphome.comWe want to save our bucks for a reason. When your budget is limited, let’s say you want to revamp your wallpapers, you may need to copy this transformation idea.

First, take a stencil and paint, then replicate the look of a pricey wallpaper pattern. Embrace your creativity, and this project will cost you less than $30.

Look at the wire shelving. You can customize it to meet your need. How about the price? It cost less than $10.

In the end, it turns the walk-in closet softer, calmer, and more adorable. You can even hang out in there. To wrap it up, install a full-sized mirror if necessary.

8. Prolonged Your Bedroom

8. Prolonged Bedroom by simphome.comDon’t you have a particular room for a walk-in closet? No worries; just extend your bedroom, and snatch it.

Like this one, for example, paint the walls blue to distinguish them from the main area. It feels more refreshed and soothing.

Next, apply wood shelves to bring natural elements into play.

Organize your outfits in order. You may start to choose from their colors, dark to bright, or size, short to long, vice versa.

If it is possible, leave the space above the shelf vacant. You don’t want a chaotic view, do you?

7. A Stylish Boutique

7. Stylish Boutique by simphome.comWhat a dazzling look! It is a luxurious closet with a dedicated seating area that offers the best position to get ready and enjoy your shoe collection.

Next, it comes with a floor-mount design that leaves no space and provides clean air. Keep in mind; if you adopt the idea, you need to keep everything in order. Filling drawers with purses is a big no. Alternatively, set them out in an open area instead.

Next, classify them by categories and colors, just like you see in a boutique.

Forget digging deep to find clothes and footwear; it is not going to happen. I bet

6. A Chic Make-over Idea

6. Chic Make over by

If this idea appeals to you, first, go all-white to get an airy feeling. Down under, pick wooden flooring to counteract all of the elements.

Next, combine rods, shelves, and drawers to craft an utterly luxurious closet with handy storage. Once again, it would be best if you completed the idea with one or some mirrors. Specific for that item, opt for oval ones rather than rectangles.

The right lighting choice is a long and bright one. It does not only shine your space but also instantly helps you find your outfit or collectible t-shirts. Who says small entries cannot be modish?

5. Manly Elegance Idea

5. Manly Elegance by simphome.comWe leave girly for manly. In short, a masculine style focuses on its functionality rather than its decorations.

Although the style can be mixed from different kinds of materials, colors, light, and ingenuity, there is one thing in common; the masculine style does not require complex color matching and accessories.

From this picture, for example, you’ll get more detail. First, it comes in grey tones and monotone solid colors. Although it is not amazingly captivating, indeed, it streamlines your attention. Most of the accessories stay inside the drawers, while frequent outfits remain outside. With this concept, you can get what you need in a jiffy, and then immediately, you can better use your valuable time to get the job done.

4. Get the Right Furniture

4. Employ Furniture by simphome.comIf you want to earn extra storage, simply slide in a dresser, a small wardrobe, or even an ottoman. They offer additional stash, inside and on top.

For example, there is a chest of drawers with several glass shelves in this tiny walk-in closet. It is a savvy feature to keep the space accessible at any time. Then, it provides two hanging slots for different outfit categories. It also comes with view shelves close to the ceiling to serve hardly used items and a reflective backdrop that trick the eyes into thinking the tiny closet looks more spacious than it originally is.

3. A Crafty Display Idea

3. Crafty Display by simphome.comDo you want to get a shiny closet space without losing its beauty? Keep it simple and create an open space like this example. The trick is to save less and to spare more space for legroom. You don’t need a large walk-in closet to copy this idea.

Here are some little tips for you:

First, pile similar items in one section. Then, arrange your things based on color and size. Feel free to mix and match them but try to keep it limited.

Have a personal touch by placing your favorite photos, books, or artworks if necessary. It is optional. Finally, make the most of the lighting. Ensure you put vivid lamps to lighten up your closet.

2. Built-in Closet on the Wall

2. Built in Thing by simphome.comIt is a neat closet concept that you can adopt even with a single blank wall. It is modern, minimalist, and you can copy this idea by simply going to Ikea or Target.

Alternatively, you can also reuse library cabinet or stackable plastic storage you can get cheaply on amazon. One thing, sketch your closet idea first before you execute your plan. Inventory the numbers of fashion items you should manage and the upcoming purchasing plan you would make in the next 365 days (such as new shoes, hats, shirts, pants, or jeans) if any. For the rest, box and donate it to those in need.

Lastly, Number 1. Double Walk-in Concept

1. Double Walk in by simphome.comLet’s finish this off with this gorgeous double walk-in closet. It is the best for the master bedroom because it occupies every space available include the near-to-ceiling area.

If you are a loyal fashion collector, this idea would be the solution not only for your shoes or clothes but also for your suitcases, sneakers, long dresses, and include your folded pants, t-shirt, or cardigans.

If the picture makes you think the bedroom has become more cluttered and suffocated, trick your closet door with a tall mirror and sliding mechanism. For a cheaper version, get a curtain or sliding curtain. Leaving the closet open is also an option you can experiment with.

If your clothes and accessories are so essential, simply pick one of those to appreciate them. Put them on show aptly, and you will make others envy.



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