10 Kitchen Hutch Makeovers

When it’s time to turn an old unit into new stylish storage, try one of our hand-selected 10 kitchen hutch makeover ideas that are going to spring your interior up later! Whether it is a new gift from your friend or even an unused one lying dormant for years, you can always pick up the following remodel ideas. Now let’s have a quick look at them in the following list video. For complete information, we suggest you follow the link provided inside the reference area.

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10. Mid Century Style Kitchen

10. Mid Century Style Kitchen by simphome.comCreating a Mid-century style kitchen hutch is just one of the most super exciting projects that everyone will ever experience. Believe it or not, the finishing unit will gain much interest among the homeowners.
So, firstly prepare all the materials and tools needed to make it real. You will need zip lock bags, 120 and 240 grit sandpaper, masking tape, old newspaper, Zinser smart prime, and Taubmans Sheffield grey as well as Dulux Casper white.
The tools usually needed are a screwdriver, orbital sander, W610 Wegner Fine Spray Paint Sprayer, and the paintbrush.
Later, start the makeover by taking off the doors and give the unit light sand using the sandpaper. Put an old newspaper as an undercoat and start painting by applying Wegner Fine Spray and Taubmans Sheffield Gray over the hutch.
10. Mid Century Style Kitchen by .
For the stain and finish, remove the newspaper from the hutch and wipe the benchtop using the damp cloth. Leave it to dry for about two hours and apply the second coat before completely wipe it clean.
Last, carefully install the doors and the drawers back onto the hutch along with the knob you have chosen.

9. Painted Hutch Makeover Idea

9. Painted Hutch Makeover by simphome.comIf you have an old-style hutch like the picture in the video, play on decorating it using the color trend palette to update your kitchen. Start with wiping down the entire piece of the unit and sanding it. 9. Painted Hutch Makeover by .Paint it creamy white and seal it off with the light coats using polyacrylic for protection.

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch Makeover

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch Makeover by

Just because you have a house with a farmhouse hutch doesn’t mean that you cannot turn it into a more stylish unit. So fit it into your kitchen by adding a little elbow grease and fresh paint. Remove all the things out of the cabinet and give a little sanding and cleaning. Take off the doors, too.
8. Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch Makeover by .
Later, paint the hutch in your desired color and put the doors back onto the cabinet once the painting is done. See how your kitchen hutch turns out great to display your brown betty teapot and vintage pieces.

7. Recreated Kitchen Hutch

7. Recreated Kitchen Hutch by simphome.comRecreating a kitchen hutch packs lots of fun. The unit may be cracked due to the specific breaks and rotten because of the water damage. So adding a twist can be one of the perfect ideas to opt for.
For framing, you may use Bondo and paint stir sticks. Remember to remove all the hardware after you clean the hutch. In this case, use three coats of white chalk paint and the acrylic sealer for the sealing.
Paint the drawers in and out to avoid water damage. If there is any broken on the glassy top, you can simply make a new shelf from plywood. Spray it with the coats of oil bronze spray paint, and look how it turns out fantastic.

6. Corner Hutch Furniture Makeover

6. Corner Hutch Furniture Makeover by simphome.comSo you have a corner hutch in the kitchen, yet it looks so outdated, worries no more! You can always redo it and make it look as you wish. In any makeover ideas, there are two essential things to keep in mind. Those are sanding, and follow the instructions thoroughly and carefully shown on the label of the paint you purchase. This way, you need two hours of dry time between the coats.
6. Corner Hutch Furniture Makeover by .
Next, sand and coat it again, then wait two hours for drying. Coat secondly only when the unit is completely dry.

5. From A Thrifted Wall Unit to A Kitchen Hutch

5. From A Thrifted Wall Unit to A Kitchen Hutch by simphome.comBelieve it or not, applying a good coat would be just excellent for an old piece of furniture. Think of providing your weekend time for a kitchen hutch makeover to turn your thrift wall unit into stunning cabinetry.
This idea is available for DIY projects. Now make sure you are ready to remove all the hardware and start sanding. 5. From A Thrifted Wall Unit to A Kitchen Hutch by .Prime it with white paint and attach the legs. Apply the wrapping paper, and yeah, you have it.

4. Gray Painted Hutch That Makes You Cry

4. Gray Painted Hutch That Makes You Cry by simphome.comIt sounds funny to call that a gray painted hutch will make you cry. It is true. It is one of the DIY projects that require you to repaint the new-bought furniture that initially looks outdated.
Simply paint the unit inside and outside and bring it into your lovely home when it gets dried. Before the painting process, wiping, scrubbing, and rereading the cleaning directions are the primary things you need to accomplish.
You may experience the primer’s fault during the process, yet there is nothing to worry about. 4. Gray Painted Hutch That Makes You Cry by .Though it takes time for painting, clearing, waxing, etc., the final result will take you to a Cinderella moment.

gray painted buffet
Gray painted buffet

3. Stunning Kitchen Hutch

3. Stunning Kitchen Hutch by simphome.comIf you dream of having a stunning kitchen hutch, this is the right path to go. Feel thrilled with how it would turn everything out by transforming the hutch into a gorgeous furniture unit.
For the projects, make sure you prepare all the supplies, including a primer, Rustoleum Colonial red spray paint, painter’s tape, newspapers, sanding block, and cleaning cloth.
To start the transformation, remove all the things out of the hutch and clean it thoroughly. Next, lightly sand the unit and prime it using two coats of brown primer. Start spray the Rustoleum Colonial red spray paint to the entire hutch. 3. Stunning Kitchen Hutch by simphome.comDo about three full coats of red and let it dry. Replace the doors and drawers. To add decorative detail, use the glaze.

2. Turn An Old Hutch Into A Dropzone for a Mudroom

2. Turn An Old Hutch Into A Dropzone for a Mudroom by simphome.comIf you are worry enough that a mudroom makes you unable to store a kitchen hutch, why don’t you try our unique ideas to turn the hutch into a dropzone?
This one is a makeover idea that requires you to use only the top half of the furniture. So get the two pieces apart and remove the doors, as you see in the picture. Fill the holes with the wood putty, followed by sanding and painting the unit. Later, you can attach two D rings to hang it from the wall with.2. Turn An Old Hutch Into A Dropzone for a Mudroom by
For the hanger, purchase some affordable enamel numbers. That’s it!

Lastly, Number 1. Remodeling A Built-in Kitchen Hutch

1. Remodeling A Built in Kitchen Hutch by simphome.comIt is okay if you already possess a built-in kitchen cabinet. You can redo it with our remodeling built-in kitchen hutch idea by painting it white. If the hutch was made of maple wood, then sanding is not necessarily required.
If you want a rustic fall look, you can put some decorations, including the lighting. Soon it becomes something to add coziness to your kitchen space.1. Remodeling A Built in Kitchen Hutch by
Overall, in most makeover projects listed in our 10 kitchen hutch makeover ideas, sanding and painting the furniture are the two main points underline in the note. Do them well, and you will get the most desired hutch to provide you with the storage for stuff in the kitchen and awesome furniture set to complete your home interior.


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