10 Budget-Friendly DIY to Renew Your Bathroom

How many times do you usually visit your bathroom in a day? Although you are unlikely to stay in it for a more extended period, don’t you feel bored with the same mirror, vanity, and walls? If you do, you may need to refurbish it.
However, refurbishing the shower room may require a lot of money. Fortunately, we have come up with these 10 budget-friendly DIY to renew your bathroom. Most of these ideas are easy to accomplish and will surely give a completely fresh look to space. To complete your learning experience, follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Tiled Mirror Frame

10. Tiled Mirror Frame by simphome.comLet’s begin with an easy yet fun project – the mirror frame.
The mirror is the thing that you tend to look at countless times. Furthermore, you do many things, such as shaving, brushing teeth, and applying skincare, in front of it. Therefore, it deserves a makeover to make it look more appealing.
You can find many kinds of mirror frames, but this one will instantly add a fresh look to your bathroom. To create this look, you will need a thin oak board for the base frame, white pearl shell tiles, or any peel-and-stick mosaic tiles of your choice, adhesive, and grout.
First, you need to make the wood frame. After that, attach the mosaic tiles to it. Next, apply grout if necessary. Finally, assemble the mirror to the frame. It will renew the look of your bathroom and help you salt away some money.

9. Turn a Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

9. Turn a Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity by simphome.comThe vanity plays a crucial role in your bathroom, especially in the grooming area. Replacing it with a new one when it looks outdated is a terrific idea. Unfortunately, your limited budget does not allow you to do it. Cheer up! You can still have a new vanity without draining your bank.
Do you have an unused dresser at home? Congratulations! You can turn it into a stylish bathroom vanity.
Besides a dresser, which is the primary material for this project, you will also need sinks, primers, semi-gloss latex paint, and polyurethane.

8. Trash Can Makeover Idea

8. Trash Can Makeover by simphome.comYou might have overlooked the trashcan in your bathroom since it is just a basket containing used paper towels and cotton. The truth is it can freshen up your space by adding textural elements and patterns.
If you think investing in a wicker basket can be the best solution, think again. You can get a better and cheaper trashcan that looks as stylish as it does in the picture.
First, get a common trashcan. Next, wrap jute rope around it and secure it with hot glue. That’s it! It is easy, isn’t it? Besides, it will jazz up your nautical or coastal bathroom immensely.

7. Rustic Shelves

7. Rustic Shelves by simphome.comYou can either add a touch of a rustic look to your existing shelves or simply make new ones. Anything will do because this idea is superb yet easy to accomplish.
If you are void of shelves in your bathroom, you can make them from scratch. You can just get some plywood board, cut them to size, and sand them down. Next, apply primer and white paint for a modern look.
Now, it is time for the fun part. Grab some tree branches, let them dry, and remove the bark. After that, sand them down. Stain them and add two coats of polyurethane. Finally, screw them to the shelves to incorporate rustic ambiance into your bathroom.

6. Pallet Shelves

6. Pallet Shelves by

These shelves will also incorporate additional storage solutions into your bathroom. Besides, they will not cost you the earth, especially if you make them yourself.
You just need to get some unused pallets, sand them down, and whitewash them to add a little bit of rustic flair. As a result, you finally get a stylish farmhouse bathroom. Do not forget to attach some mason jars to hold your brushes.

5. Stenciled Bathroom Floor

5. Stenciled Bathroom Floor by simphome.comBesides the walls, the flooring also plays an essential role in creating a brand new look instantly. Therefore, you should not miss this chance.
Relax! You will not need to invest in some new tiles, which can be pricey, and uninstall the old ones, which can be somewhat arduous. You just need to work with what you already have. Do not forget to grab some extras, like a stencil and flat white and black paints.
First, you have to clean the floor thoroughly and cover the trims, vanity, and toilet with painter’s tape. Next, paint it black. Once it is dry, lay your stencil, and apply white paint.

4. Gemstone Backsplash

4. Gemstone Backsplash by simphome.comThis backsplash has to be on your list because it is exquisite and cheap. You just need to get some bags of gemstone at The Dollar Store, tile adhesive, and grout.
Begin with applying a small amount of tile adhesive. Use a fine-tooth trowel to help the gemstones get a better grip. Once the stones are up, apply grout, and let it dry. Do not worry about the excess grout because you can sponge it off with warm water later.
For a better and seamless finish, apply chalk to the edges.

3. Reclaimed Wood Backsplash Idea

3. Reclaimed Wood Backsplash by simphome.comNatural wood has never failed to add an upscale look to any space. Nevertheless, it is always a daunting task to incorporate it into a room that is prone to wet and moisture, like the bathroom. Still, it does not mean it is an impossible mission to finish.
You can use natural wood as the flooring, siding, or even backsplash in your bathroom because it is versatile. However, you will need to apply more layers of oil-based polyurethane to protect it from moisture. You may also require using putty to fill the boards’ cracks so that water will not seep in.

2. Herringbone Accent Wall

2. Herringbone Accent Wall by simphome.comThis herringbone accent wall will add a little bit of contemporary touch to your bathroom. More importantly, you can create it yourself during the weekend.
To make this accent wall, you just need to create a herringbone pattern with painter’s tape. Next, paint the wall thoroughly. Once it is dry, remove the painter’s tape, and voila!

Lastly, Number 1. Classic Meets Modern

1. Classic Meets Modern by simphome.comIf you are not satisfied with the ideas mentioned previously and look for a total fresh look, you can try doing an extreme makeover. It does not have to cost you a fortune, though.
This bathroom used to be dull with old-fashioned brown vanity and trims. Therefore, the homeowner decided to paint them white and replace the hardware. He also painted the wall gray. As a result, he got a contemporary look.
For the finishing touch, the homeowner hung a mirror with a silver frame that complements the faucet and vanity hardware while adding a bit of classic ambiance.
Now, you know that you have a wide array of options to refurbish your bathroom. This 10 budget-friendly DIY to renew your bathroom can be a good starting point. Good luck with your new project and stay safe!

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