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10 Frugal Kitchen Remodels That Can Save you BIG

Kitchen remodeling, generally, is quite an expensive project. However, there are ways to create a bright and cheery kitchen without shelling out big bucks. With a reasonably limited budget, you can still make significant impacts.
There are some specific things to prepare before starting the project. First, make a budget plan. After that, choose the best materials according to your budget. If you think that you can DIY it, just do it. Here are 10 ways to do cheap and easy frugal kitchen remodels that can save BIG. To save yourself from future unnecessary technical difficulties, check out the link pasted inside the reference area if necessary.

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10. Change the Color

10. Change the Color by simphome.comWhen you remodel a kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to change appliances or rip out the cabinets. There are many ways to do a makeover with small changes. The easiest way to remodel a kitchen is by changing the color.
If you try this idea, consider the following tips. Do some trimmings to the windows or cabinets if needed. You can also update the cabinets door handle and replace the dirty stove hood. When they are ready, you can start painting.
Consider priming the cabinets and walls before painting to make the colors stick better. Then apply new paints based on your plan. Single color is nice, but it will be better to combine it with other hues.
You can add several coats of polycrylic for a glossy finish. Do not forget to let each coat of paint dry before adding new layers.

9. Stay with Current Layout

9. Stay with Current Layout by simphome.comStaying with the current layout can save a lot of money during kitchen remodeling. It is similar to the previous idea, but it entails some trimming and painting. In this case, when you preserve the existing layout, you will not worry about the cost of plumbing or electricity installation.
Changing cabinet doors with updated ones is a great choice. Or, you can replace the countertops with something more durable like ceramics or concrete.

8. Add Pattern

8. Add Pattern by simphome.comPatterns for the kitchen? Why not?
A rug below your feet not only prevents you from slipping but also adds some visual appeal to the floor. Wallpaper can also transform the room and make it look more attractive.
However, you should thoroughly select an appropriate wallpaper for the kitchen since this room is prone to humidity. Avoid using fabric-based and textured ones.
The recommended wallpapers for the kitchen are vinyl, Novamura, and washable types. Besides materials, choose color and design that could infuse your personality to the kitchen. Make sure that your choice matches cabinetry, countertops, and other appliances.

7. Add Wooden Seats

7. Add Wooden Seats by simphome.comSeveral houses have the luxury of having a separate dining room. However, many designs include a built-in dining area, just like this one.
The kitchen in the picture uses a half wall to separate the space with a breakfast nook. The table is foldable, allowing you to save the limited space.

Try topping the partition with wooden shelves and mounting a wooden board on it to get this look. You can also install hinges to make it easier for you to fold the table when you are not using it.
Opt for a walnut table since it is hard and has various colors, from white to dark brown. Maple can give more hues to the kitchen. If you want to bring in warm tones to space, mahogany is your safe bet.

6. Dress Up the Cabinets

6. Dress Up the Cabinets by

Cabinets take most of the kitchen space and budget when it comes to remodeling. Especially when you rip them out to replace them with new ones; however, dressing them up can help you add a significant impact to the kitchen while having a nest egg.
Simple fixes, such as replacing the pulls with a more beautiful or classic design, will achieve the look you are after. On the other side, repainting the cabinets is another preferable option you can consider if necessary.
You can first apply a coat of primer before painting or use chalk and milk paint that gives an upscale finish. For a more custom feel, try adding counter posts and molding.

5. Free Standing Stove and Hood

5. Free Standing Stove and Hood by simphome.comOne of the appliances that need replacement is the stove. The easiest installation option is a freestanding stove. It already has finished sides so that it can stand on its own without cabinetry on each side. It also has an oven and burners, which is handy because you don’t need to purchase them separately.
Although freestanding types look outdated, they are popular because of the straightforward installation and low price. Moreover, you can easily switch the stove with a more updated one in the future. The size is relatively small that makes it easy to slip between the cabinets.

4. Kitchen and Home Office Combo

4. Kitchen and Home Office Combo by simphome.comFor busy people, a kitchen office combo can save space and valuable time. You can cook a simple meal or just warm it up in the microwave while doing your work nearby.
To gain the look, the desk and chair for working should match the cabinets and countertops. You can put the microwave below the cabinets and use open shelving for document storage. Highlight the workspace with push pins, artwork, and plants.
Make it more comfortable by investing in an upholstered chair or stool. Declutter the space by keeping the countertop free from any appliances, and store them in the cabinets.

3. Brick Backsplash

3. Brick Backsplash by simphome.comExpose the brick for the backsplash to add interest and character to the kitchen, especially when matched with the cabinets and countertops. The best material is solid brick because it is strong and durable. If you want to have a nest egg, try synthetic brick or decorative paneling.
Installing a bricklayer involves laying brick over an existing masonry foundation, except for a brick veneer installed over metal, concrete, or wood backing.
Brick veneer is relatively cheaper, but it can’t defeat solid brick that offers water protection. To keep air and moisture out, coat the brick with a clear polyurethane sealant. It will prevent the backsplash from staining and preserve the color.

2. Be Brighter

2. Be Brighter by simphome.comLights can bring dramatic appeal to the kitchen, especially when added with dimmers control. If your budget is tight, use stick-on lights. They are handy and easy to install beneath the cabinets to brighten up the workspace or the corners.
Another type of light you can install is string lights. It is great to add dimension to the kitchen by illuminating the cabinets.
If you like a more modern approach, an adjustable model allows you to lighten the spot you need. Or, you can mount a plug-in wall sconce. It is useful and decorative while pouring a gentle, pleasant glow to the room. The sconce adds subtle shine but still eye-catching. You can also opt for a pendant light.

Lastly, number 1.Storage Customization

1.Storage Customization by simphome.com1.Storage Customization by .One of the prevalent problems in the kitchen is storage. To make the most of it, insert additional racks, pull-out trays, or dividers to organize the utensil.
With suitable hacks, you can multiply the storage space for more kitchenware. Moreover, you will find things you need at ease.

Kitchen makeover doesn’t necessarily make you drain your savings. You can take one project at a time to break down the budget. It takes time but eventually, you’ll get the new kitchen outlook you desire. In the end, We hope one or some of these 10 frugal kitchens remodel ideas not only present you new inspiration but also cost-saving improvement too.


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