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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

Many homeowners love their kitchen so much that they want it to function perfectly and look beautiful and luxurious. The kitchen is no longer a part of a house located far secluded in the back. In many modern houses, the kitchen is located right next to a living room. Decorating, upgrading, and improving a small kitchen in the right way is thus an important task to do if you want to improve the overall atmosphere of your house.

It should be simpler to get inspiration to turn your small kitchen into a true focal point and attention-getter of your home with the more than 225 small kitchen ideas, organization, kitchen designs, and kitchen makeovers that you will learn next.

This lengthy list is divided into ten sections, each having thirty, forty, or even fifty ideas. Some ideas may have three or more sub-ideas, while others may have fewer. Therefore, bear that in mind and have fun browsing. Near the page’s footer is a little navigation you can use to map this exhaustive list.

No.1 – No.30 Kitchen decorating, update, and optimization (Small size/Regular)

1. Function is a priority when planning your kitchen.

1 Function is a priority when planning your kitchenSimphome

You have to focus more on your kitchen’s function when planning your kitchen décor. Don’t merely think about whether to apply rustic or modern style or whether to use U-shaped or L-shaped formation in your kitchen.

The most important thing that you must consider is that your kitchen has all essential components that make it functional and that there is enough space for you to move easily in your kitchen. Make a list of essential components like fridge, stove and counters and make sure that you leave about 6 feet of empty space for easy movement. img: pinterest

2. Think about storage before anything else.

2 storage before anything else Simphome
Indeed you spend much time in your kitchen to cook and prepare your meal, but remember that you have to store much stuff in your kitchen, so make sure that you think about your kitchen storage before anything else. Think about the type of cabinet that your kitchen must have and how you will store your kitchen utensils.
2 storage before anything else 2 Simphome
If you have no problem with space, you can use cabinet to store your utensils, but if space is a problem, you can hang your utensils on the ceiling using ceiling-mounted pot rack or on the wall using pegboard. Source | Source 2

3. Light up your small kitchen.

3 Light up your kitchen Simphome
Cooking in the dark is never fun, so think about your kitchen’s lighting to make sure that every area in your kitchen is well illuminated. Don’t treat your kitchen like other parts of your house when it comes to lighting because overhead lighting doesn’t always work in your kitchen. Overhead cabinet may obstruct the light and cast shadow on the countertop where you do most of your kitchen tasks. Therefore, instead of relying solely on your ceiling light, install under-cabinet lights that effectively illuminate your work area. |Source

4. Supply your kitchen with needed power.

4 Kitchen power outlet Simphome
Admit it, your kitchen consumes a sufficiently large amount of power. Many kitchen appliances transform electricity to heat—a kind of energy transformation that consumes much power. Another thing that you need to understand is that your kitchen needs not only electricity, but also gas to power up some of its appliances. For this reason, check gas and electricity installation around your kitchen and position your kitchen appliances accordingly. |Source

5. Choose the right kitchen counter-top, if possible, choose minimalist

5 kitchen countertop ideas Simphome

You do most of your kitchen tasks on countertop, so you must make sure that your kitchen has the best possible countertop. Different countertops have their own pros and cons. Granite and marble are expensive, but they resist scratches excellently. Tiled countertop has hard surface that is relatively resistant to scratch, but its grout traps dirt and is difficult to clean. Understand the characteristics of every different type of countertop so that you can choose the best one for your kitchen. |Source

6. Understand what to keep and what to discard.

6 what to keep what to discard Simphome
When decorating your kitchen, you may arrive at a point where you have to economize. You have to decide whether to keep some items from your old kitchen or to replace them with new items. Some items, such as cabinets and utensils, can indeed be kept or refaced, but there is no doubt that appliances with poor condition are better discarded. They are not only unsafe to use, but they also adversely affect the atmosphere of your kitchen and are eventually not as cost-effective as you think. |Source

7. Safety assessment is always the most important regardless floor space you have.

7 Kitchen safety Simphome
There are many things in your kitchen that can potentially harm or even kill people, so make sure that your kitchen is safe enough not only for adults, but also for your children and pets. Choosing slip-resistant floor and placing oven and knives at a height only accessible to adults are some essential tips to make your kitchen safer for everyone. You can also look into choosing round countertop or installing fire detector to improve the overall safety of your kitchen. |Kitchen safety game

8. Ensure your small kitchen received proper ventilation.

8 Kitchen ventilation Simphome
With so many odors and gases produced in your kitchen, ventilation becomes an important matter. Ventilation plays an important role not only to keep your kitchen odor-free, but also to ensure its safety from fire and explosion. You can install a range hood above your stove, but make sure that your kitchen has enough windows to ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen. |Source

9. Also Keep an eye on your small kitchen sanitary all the time.

9 Kitchen sanitary system Simphome
You have to deal with garbage, slime and oily waste almost every time you work in your kitchen, so sanitation is always an important aspect of your kitchen. You have to make sure that your kitchen has a ready bin to store the waste; however, because an obvious trash bin is unsightly, you may want to conceal it behind a cabinet, inside it, or behind a door. Source.

10. Check the floor of your kitchen.

10 kitchen floor system Simphome
We have mentioned already how choosing slip-resistant flooring is important; however, there are many other things about kitchen floor that you need to know. Kitchen floor is wet more often than not because you have to deal with spills in your kitchen all the time. Therefore, choosing flooring made from non-porous material is important. If your kitchen floor is made from stone and other porous materials, be sure to have them resealed regularly. You may want to choose hardwood floor for your kitchen, but remember that fridge and stove are so heavy that they may wear out your floor faster, so choosing harder material is recommended. |Source


Start from 11 until 20, you’ll learn ten ideas how to update your kitchen without breaking your bank.

11. Maximize the Kitchen Space.

11 Maximize the Kitchen Space Simphome
If you have a plenty of kitchen space, you are going to need add some stuff to your kitchen. The most possible thing to be added is a table. Add a big and tall table in the middle of your kitchen as the central attention. Make sure that the table is big enough to hold a lot of family members. Therefore, use rounded chairs to minimize the use of space around the table. Save more space for other family members by applying rounded chairs.

12. Maximize kitchen shelf space.

12 max kitchen space simphome

13. Create a Wraparound Shelving.

13 Create Wraparound Shelving simphome
This idea will offer you the flexibility in your kitchen. Go find some woods for the main materials of the shelves. Shape the wood as beautiful as you like, but the point is make sure that the woods are strong enough to carry all of your cookware and kitchen stuff. After finish shaping the woods, install them to all sides of your kitchen. Make two or three levels for each side to allow you storing as many stuff as you can on the shelves. Put the big stuff on the top shelves and the small stuff on the down shelves.

14. Around Corners // Three shelves

wrap around the island in this kitchen to display decor and individualize the space.
14 Create Wraparound Shelving 2 simphome

15. Apply Charming and Neutral Concept.

15 kitchen neutral concept simphome
Applying charming and neutral concept can be done by adding a simple kitchen island and a fireplace. Provide any space in the middle of your kitchen and build the island. The island does not have to be big, as long as you match it with your kitchen style. Then provide any left space at one side of your kitchen to build the fireplace. Make sure that it can warm the whole kitchen. Do not give any additional touch to the island and the fireplace to keep it charming and neutral.

16. Twenty eight Neutral Kitchen Wood Cabinetry Design Ideas.

16 kitchen neutral concept 2 simphome
If you own a cabinet that’s worn out and you would like to change it, installing a new one could be a pricey choice for you. It is preferable to choose cabinets whose adhesive have minimum formaldehyde.

17. Customize the Lighting.

17 Customize the Lighting
One simple touch on your kitchen lighting can bring significant change to your kitchen. Decorate the main lighting in your kitchen by adding some simple touch on them. Make an antique milk-glass pendant lamps shield to cover your original lamps. Make sure that the lamps can illuminate the whole spot of your kitchen. Get your kitchen a living room elegance with this pendant lamps. Hang some artworks will be necessary.

18. The kitchen is outfitted with a granite countertop and custom casework

18 Customize the Lighting 2
The hardware is by Tom Kundig. Richard and his wife, Kristine, sourced the pendants from Craigslist, then had them plated in copper. The appliances are by Viking, and the bar stools are Real Good chairs by Blu Dot.

19. Provide a Food Spot for Your Pet.

19 Provide a Food Spot for Your Pet simphome
If you have a dog or cat in your house, this idea is worth trying for you. Provide some spaces on your bottom part of your kitchen island. You can simply feed them while you are doing the cooking. Create as many food spots as you need, depends on how many pets you have. Apply these food spots to avoid your pets messing around while they are eating. It will also ease you to do the dishes since the food spots are placed in your kitchen.

20. Here you’ll learn Fifteen Awesome Kitchen Built-Ins

for Your Pets
20 Food spot for pet simphome


So your kitchen floor disable you to be creative and organized at the same time? Study at least one of these next ideas. Here you’ll get ten small kitchen optimization ideas.

21. Pallet Wood Mug Rack.

21 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com
There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. No need to put them inside the cabinets, just take and hang them on the rack. What you need to do first is to cut a pallet into your designated shape, then install some hangers on the pallet. When it’s done, it is ready to be used. img Pinterest

22. Wooden Pallet Coffee Mug Rack.

22 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com
If you just love using the whole pallet boards for amazing functional purposes in home then this of DIY pallet coffee mug rack is sure to be much lovely for you.

23. 13x inspiration for your own coffee corner at home.

23 Pallet Wood Mug Rack via simphome com 2
Start your day always with a nice cup of coffee. Make it extra special with your own coffee bar at home. More than one spot on the counter for your coffee machine. Shed your prettiest cups on open shelves above them. A small countertop? Then look for a roller table or a sidetable.

24. Cup and Teaspoon Rack.

24 Cup and Teaspoon Rack via simphome com
The rack is installed on the inner side of your cabinet. You can put some small utensils like measuring cups and teaspoons on it. To make one, paint a long and flat wooden stick with chalkboard paint and drill some holes on it to install the screw-in hooks. Make sure the wood length fits your cabinet door so it can still be closed. Also, write the measure of each cups above each hook.

25.Unique measuring spoon rack.

25 unique measuring spoon rack simphome
Now the boys can’t get Tablespoon and Teaspoon mixed up!

26. DIY Transparent Jar Labels

26 DIY Transparent Jar Labels via simphome com
Use a label on your jar to make your kitchen looks more organized. Also, this way you can keep using the same jar when storing your ingredients. For example, if you put a transparent label on your sugar jar you will know that the jar is used only for sugar. To make the transparent label, just print the writing on regular paper and put clear tape on the paper. Press the tape so the ink can stick on it. After that, put it into water and peel the paper. When the label is clean from paper you can put it on any jar.

27. Packing Tape Image Transfer & DIY Clear Labels.

27 1
Make clear stickers using an easy packing tape image transfer method. Great for pantry labels, gift tags, custom designs on glass, wood or metal objects!

28. Pot Lid Storage.

28 Pot Lid Storage via simphome com
Do your pots make your kitchen look smaller? Then there is a way to store it without being so far away from the kitchen. If you have a set of adhesive hooks then this storage can be made in no time. simply attach the hooks on the inner side of your cabinet door and put the pot lid on it. The hooks act as the mounting so the pot lid won’t drop or fall |unless the adhesive property wears off. It is safe, fast, and easy. IMG by Pinterest

29. Nine Genius Ways to Finally Organize Pot Lids.

29 Pot Lid Storage via simphome com

30. Mason Jar Lamp

30 Mason Jar Lamp via simphome com 1
Do you know that a Mason jar can become a lamp? This idea is great for you who want an improvement on your kitchen. First of all you need to have a drill, some Mason jars, electrical cords, and bulbs. Draw round shape on the lid and drill it to make a hole. The hole must be big enough for the cord to get in. Glue the cord onto the lid with construction adhesive and start hanging it. Don’t forget to put on the bulb.

Try also similar idea here,

Mason Jar Chandelier

30 Mason Jar Lamp via simphome com 2
Learn more about the detail by following the source.
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