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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

No.31 – No.60 Small Kitchen makeover initiatives, cheap updates, and DIY organizations
Our second page is opened with ten small kitchen makeover initiatives that covers a topic about chippy table, patterned countertop, kitchen island and many more.

31. Chippy Table.

31 Chippy Table via simphome com

It is not a coincidence if you happen to notice a chippy pedestals. Your dining table needs something fancy, so work it up! Take the pedestals to replace your table legs. Work with half sized table if you enjoy a private dinner. Pair the farmhouse look with several wall shelves on top of the table. Fill it with spices, and delicious decoration!
31 221 Chippy Table for kitchen via simphome
I stressed it again. If you happen to notice that your dining table pedestals are chippy, you can as well take the opportunity to make the dining table fancier. Replace the legs with fancy ones. Use a half sized table if you prefer a private dinner. Give it a farmhouse look with several wall shelves on top of the table.

32. DIY Chippy Painted Table.

32 DIY Chippy Painted Table via simphome
If you love the look of chippy painted furniture and would like a chippy painted table, click over to see how easy it is to do yourself to save yourself a lot of money.

33. Pattern Countertop.

33 Pattern Countertop via simphome com
Simple makeover could start from the counter tops. Again, you have to block the colors and pattern: having two colors or two patterns in a single item will ruin the whole set. To solve the problem, you could stain the counter top with granite color.
33 222 Pattern Countertop 1 via simphome
Since the counter top would be the main focus, give dark paint on the upper and lower cabinets. Pick tone from the nearby hue for the floor. For the tap, it is suggested to pick silver hardware.
33 222 Pattern Countertop 2 via simphome

More inspiration..
33 222 Pattern Countertop 3 via simphome

34. The Pluses and Minuses of Kitchen With Granite Countertops.

34 The Pluses and Minuses of a Kitchen With Granite Countertops simphome
Granite countertops are attractive. These all-natural rock surfaces can be found in a variety of shades as well as patterns, are incredibly long lasting, and also include a deluxe “really feel” to your residence, while also improving resale value. If you’re considering purchasing a residence with granite countertops

35. Working Table to Kitchen Island.

35 Working Table to Kitchen Island via simphome com
Create your own kitchen island instead of purchasing one for some high price. Take your old desk and pair it up with cedar wood plank and paint. Since you need to coordinate the whole look, attach wallpaper of similar tone on the bottom board. Tear up the top board and replace it with cedar plank as the countertop. Stain it and protect the color with sealer.
35 223 Working Table to Kitchen Island Beadboard kitchen island with open shelves and plank wood top by 2Perfection Decor featured on @Remodelaholic and @Simphome
Attach a hook on one side to hang mitten and other equipment. Install casters to help you move it easily.

36.Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating.

36 Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating Simphome
The kitchen island is the ideal location to stabilize congregation and splitting up, Find and save ideas about kitchen island design Ideas on

37. Expand your Kitchen Island.

37 Expand the Island via simphome com
After a while, you might notice that your current kitchen island is not big enough for you to do all cooking preparation. If this is the case, expand your island by copying the concept of a table. You will get additional space on both sides. Pull out the countertops and drawers; you need to build the frame.
37 224 Expand your kitchen island via simphome
Lastly, Make sure it adds equal size on both wings and has one wide board on the top. Support the wings with fancy legs and the board with chic trimming.

38. Mobile kitchen island.

38 Repurpose an old window for kitchen separation and mobile kitchen island

39. Space for Oven.

39 Space for Oven via simphome com
When things in the kitchen are already arranged, you got an oven as a gift. Now it is time to find a new home for the oven. Make use of the space under your protruding kitchen island to put it. You need to build or purchase a shelf that fits under the island. Make two rows on the shelf: one is for the oven and another one is for the cook book or baking equipment. Connect the new shelf to the old shelf and paint it with the same color.

40. Kitchen storage idea for large island.

40 Kitchen cabinets with presidential doors via simphome
This remarkable kitchen has maple cabinets with presidential doors. A wall was removed to make way for the large island. The island seats 12 or more and features a hibachi cooktop and range hood.


Updating a kitchen is challenging and could leave you a large hole in your pocket. Before you thinking to give up your hope, browse one of these next ten affordable kitchen update ideas.

41. Apply Round Table.

41 One Table for Two Simphome
This idea is still discussing about maximize the space in your kitchen. This time you have to deal with your table. You can start using rounded tables to replace the old rectangle table one. Rounded tables will allow you to invite more friends in your kitchen. Save as much as possible space in your kitchen by using this rounded and multi-function table. Place the tables properly so that you can move yourself freely while enjoying your meal in the kitchen.

42. Breakfast nook idea.

42 Breakfast Nook Ideas Simphome
Large or small, breakfast nooks are a perfect way to make the most of extra space in or near your kitchen. Get breakfast nook design ideas, see how to add a breakfast nook with storage, and how to tuck a breakfast nook just about anywhere

43. Combining Rustic and Stylish Idea.

43 Rustic and Stylish kitchen Idea Simphome
It is no secret that rustic concept will always look good for kitchen. This tip will offer you to combine between rustic and stylish idea. As you will combine a rustic concept, make sure that you have enough wooden materials. For the main thing, place a classic rectangle wooden table in the middle of your kitchen. Prepare enough space for four wooden chairs around the table. To complete the rustic concept, put some flowers in a yellow-colored vase on the center of the table to make the atmosphere cozier. Source

44. Classic and modern kitchen combination.

44 Classic and modern kitchen combo via simphome

45. Black and White Combination.

45 black and white kitchen combo simphome
You can always count on black and white combination when it comes to a decorating idea. If you already have white painted wall, then use the black theme for the rest of your kitchen set. You can start by painting your kitchen cabinets black. To add the dramatic point, you honed black granite for your countertops too. Both cabinets and countertops will make your kitchen look more dramatic. Then hang some dark-colored artworks on your white-painted wall to complete the combination.

46.Black White and Warm Kitchen.

46 1 Black White and Warm Kitchen via simphome
The textiles and fabrics in this space make it feel cozy and inviting. I love how the family room and kitchen have colorful ethnic rugs for color and personality. This space is the product of a mix master. It’s a beautiful black, white and warm kitchen. I hope you have enjoyed this kitchen inspiration today.

46.2. Modern Mountain Home Tour:

Great Room, Kitchen, Dining.
46 2 Modern Mountain Home Tour Great Room Kitchen Dining via simphome

46.3. Three black and white interiors

that ooze class
46 3 Three black and white interiors that ooze class via simphome

46.4. Ohio Ikea kitchen.

46 4 Ohio IKEA Kitchen via simphome

46.5. Seven {To Die For} White Kitchens.

46 5 7 Die kitchen for via simphome

47. Install Some New Small Shelves.

47 Install Some New Small Shelves via Simphome
When your cabinets are full of all kitchen stuff, you can always maximize all the unused space. Maximizing the space on your kitchen wall is really necessary. Use any wood or steels as the main materials of your shelves. Cut them into a proper size before you install them to the wall. Make sure that you place each shelf with some distance to provide the space. Then put any kitchen stuff on the added shelves to save more space in your cabinets.

48. Add sleek and shine stainless steel kitchen shelves.

48 Install Some New Small Shelves via Simphome

49. Add Some Lids Storage.

49 Add Some Lids Storage via simphome
Maximizing space in your kitchen does not always come from the visible areas. You can also use any space from the invisible areas. Put any additional lids storage inside your cabinet. Store the additional lids on your cabinet door to maximize the space inside the cabinets. Make your cabinets more functional by storing these additional lids and put your cookware on it.

50. Here are some helpful tips to help you organize your pots and pans in your cabinets.

50 ideas to organizing pans and pots via simphome
It helps saves space and makes them easier to pull out by Jamonkey.


Here you’ll learn how to be a trickster for your limited cooking area. If you look closely, you’ll find organization ideas include decor that will your small kitchen to a new level. This is ten DIY organizing tricks for you small kitchen

51. View Kitchen backsplash ideas

that are NOT subway tile By Bailey
by Bailey Swilley All kitchens have a backsplash.
51 Kitchen backsplash ideas that are NOT subway tile via simphome com
Follow link to learn another nineteen ideas related to our topic.

52. Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

to Fuel your Kitchen Remodel
52 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas to Fuel your Remodel via simphome
A kitchen is a place where everyone collect to cook, eat and also chat, so it’s typically the heart of your home, and also creating it in country farmhouse design is a great decision! From reclaimed wood to antiques, there are countless ways to amp up your kitchen’s country style. Obtain our best ideas for creating a sophisticated, rustic, vintage, modern and small farmhouse kitchen decor.

53. Cardboard Word Decoration.

53 Cardboard Word Decoration eat simphome
Have you ever made a cardboard into a word decoration? It is cheap and easy. To make it, you need to have a large sheet of cardboard, scissors, ruler, glue, and spray paint. Simply cut the letters; cut the same letter twice then glue and put them together. After the glue dried, paint the cardboard and it is ready to be hanged. Source

54. DIY With Bookhou: Plaster Letters Project.

54 DIY With Bookhou Plaster Letters Project via Simphome
Cardboard letters. You can bend it and shape it as you please. PLUS you could plaster it and make a firm shape, either way a wonderful letter formation.

55. Kitchen Command Center.

55 Kitchen Command Center via simphome com
Got empty space on the side of our fridge? Get organized with a few items from Homegoods, Staples, and Goodwill. That’s it, a kitchen command center was born!

56. Clever kitchen organization initiative.

56 Clever magazine holder for limited space kitchen simphome
New home? Update? make over? These 20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas will get you going with lots if brilliant ways to stay organized!

57. Fruit Organizer.

57 Fruit Organizer via simphome com
Do you want to organize your fruits? Try make a fruit organizer then. What you need to have is a wooden plank, mail basket, and needle-nose pliers. First, you may decorate the plank first with transferable paper ink |see number 12. Then, measure where you will drill the holes to install the pliers by placing the baskets on top of the plank. When it’s measured already, install the pliers and hang the baskets. Finally, put the plank on the wall.

58. Twenty DIY Kitchen Organization Projects to Get a Better Kitchen.

58 Wooden Vegetable and Fruit Organizer via Simphome
I have picked up this DIY kitchen organization “fruit storage” ideas that will all left you with a super functional and perfectly user-oriented kitchen!

59. Clever Storage Closets.

59 1 Built in Closet idea via simphome
Built-in closets are the ultimate storage solution, but why not take things to the next level by creating a functional room within the hidden space?

59. The perfect pantry.

59 2 The perfect pantry via simphome

60. Utensil Closet Door Organizer.

60 Utensil Closet Door Organizer via simphome com
There are many organizers already shown above, but this one can hold many things at once. Simply take off a door from your closet |if it’s not needed anymore and clean it. The door itself is great, but if it is painted then it will be amazing. You don’t have to paint the entire door, just paint half of it. Use a paper to make the tidy line. When it’s done, you can install hooks, nails, or anything you need to store your kitchen needs.
No.61 – No.90 Small Kitchen upgrade ideas, and cheap update ideas
After you learn how to craft new storage for your utensil, Here you’ll get ten small kitchen upgrade ideas with twenty relevant ideas that you can test and try soon after you read this post.

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