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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

251. Line the Shelves

251 Line your shelf via simphome

For this tip, you probably need to take out all products or items inside the fridge first. Covering your shelves with cling film or plastic wrap will ease you in doing the routine cleaning in your fridge. Whenever spills happen, you can simply toss it and peel it off. Choose any theme that you like for the lining and cover the shelves. Make sure the plastic wrap is sticky so it will look tidier. More info

252. Remove any Unnecessary Shelves

252 Remove any Unnecessary Shelves via simphome com
If you need more space in your fridge while there are too much shelves inside it, then simply remove them. Even though it still depends on how many foods or products you are going to store inside the fridge, removing all unnecessary shelves will give you more space to store more foods. Move any shelves if you think they are not really used. Give more space for the food or product instead and rearrange the storing. More info!

253. Use Bottle Opener

253 Use Bottle Opener via simphome com
Move to the outside of the fridge, you also need to take care of it. If you do not like your fridge look plain, you can apply a bottle opener on it. You can place it alongside any colorful magnets in all shapes and sizes. Add a bottle opener on your fridge door to ease you in opening bottles without doing it with two hands. Maximize all the blank spaces on your fridge door.
More info!

254. Use Dry Erase Marker

254 Use Dry Erase Marker via simphome com
Using dry erase marker on your fridge door will help you remembering what you need to buy or to do with the fridge. Always write anything you will or you have done with your fridge. Make sure that you use non-permanent marker so that you can also erase it anytime. More info!
More info!

255. Take a Photo of Your Fridge

255 Take a Photo of Your Fridge via simphome com
Last but not least, this tip sounds simple and ordinary but it can be the most important thing you always need to do. Always take a photo of your fridge before you go to buy something or grocery shopping to avoid buying the things you already have. Open the fridge door widely and capture the main part of the fridge. Make sure that you get all areas clearly. If you need to, capture the veggies and meat shelves separately. When you are done, continue with capturing the shelves on the fridge door. More info!

256. Plastic Wraps for Meat

256 Plastic Wraps for Meat via simphome com

You cannot just store meat in the fridge without any layer. Therefore, you will need some plastic wraps if you want to store some meat inside your fridge. The plastic wraps will not only keep the meat hygienic but also prevent the meat to mess other foods. Add a label as usual to classify what meat you store in the fridge. Avoid any direct contact of meat with another product. Try to always keep the meat sterile. More info!

257. Maximize the Bottom Shelf

257 Maximize the Bottom Shelf via simphome com
Since most of fridges have more than one shelf, it’s better for you if you really use all space provided in the fridge. For the bottom shelf, maximize its space for storing any raw meat or fruit. If you do not finish eating any fruit or meat, it is better to freeze them by storing them in the bottom shelf. Chopped meat, fruit or vegetables will spoil faster once it is already consumed. Provide more space in the bottom shelf to half-consumed food. Make sure you will separate the half-consumed food with the new ones. More info!

258. Keep Milk Out of the Door

258 Keep Milk Out of the Door via simphome com
Still involving the use of the doors, this time you need to know that it is better for you to keep your milk out of the side door. Not only in a form of bottles but also milk in other packaging. It is not because the milk may spill when the door is opened, but it is because the difference of temperature level. If you store the milk in the door side, your milk has more possibility to go bad faster, since the temperature is fluctuated too much in the side door. More info!

259. Maximize the Fridge Wall

259 Maximize the Fridge Wall via simphome com
When it seem there is no space left inside the fridge, try to use the fridge wall. You can maximize the wall when all the shelves or side doors are full. Use anything you can use to hold something on the wall, but don’t be too heavy. Maximize the use of bathroom basket or some other things that can hold enough foods or products.More info!

260. Label Your Foods

260 Label Your Foods via simphome
It is almost the same with the previous one. After classifying all your foods and placing it in the proper space, you need to decide which food you are going to consume as soon as possible by labeling it. Labeling some particular foods that you will eat soon will ease you not only in prioritizing what you will eat first, but also in giving enough space for other foods. Always label all foods that already opened or half-consumed. Provide some space to any food that you will put afterward. More info!

261. Clean Your Fridge

261 Clean Your Fridge via simphome com
After you have done with all stuffs inside or outside the fridge, it is time for you to do the finishing. Make sure that your fridge is not only looks good but also smells good. Both factors are needed to keep all products in your fridge healthy and keep it also from any kinds of bacteria. Make sure that either outside or inside your fridge is hygienic and free from any germs. Create your own formula or combining any existing source like lemon and rosemary to keep your fridge looks and smells like new. More info!

262. Use Magazine Holders

262 Use Magazine Holders via simphome com
If your fridge seems have wide enough space. This time you can maximize the use of magazine holders. You can store any meals or other food products in it. Store several in one holder laid or standing on its side. Again, add a laminated not card as a label on the outside of the magazine holders, to let you remember what is being stored in each holder. Apply magazine holders vertically. Arrange them properly in the fridge to get the tidy looks. More info!

263. Label the Side Doors

263 Label the Side Doors via simphome com
Since labeling is helpful and effective in helping you organizing your refrigerator, this time you need to label the door. Although every door of refrigerators has various styles, it is all designed to put any meal or food that is packed in jars, bottles or cans. Labeling the door will ease you in classifying the types of meal you put on the door. Label your products like sauce, ketchup, jam, salt include pepper. Place them separately to avoid any confusion. More info!

264. Make Expiration Date

264 Make Expiration Date via simphome com
This tip is aimed for all food with no wrap like eggs, vegetables or any other meal. Even when we put any food with expiration date on the wrap, sometimes you forget to consume it until it is expired. That is why it is necessary to write the expiration date yourself as a reminder. Keep track of your food freshness to avoid any wasted food or meal. Always remember all food that you place in the fridge and note all the possible expiration date of your food. More info!

265. Use Magnetic Tins

265 Use Magnetic Tins via simphome com
If you like to use any magnetic things on your fridge door, then use the most of it. You can install magnet on your jar or any other food holders. Find some unused snack box and apply any magnets under it. Make sure the magnets stick strongly then apply the tins horizontally to ease you in taking the snack. More info!

266. Classify the Types of Food

266 Classify the Types of Food via simphome com
Classifying the types of food, you have in the refrigerator is important to make you easier whenever you want to take or consume some particular food. Classifying them will also help you in organizing the placement inside your refrigerator, so it will look tidy whenever you open the door. Use either basket or plastic in classifying the food; it all depends on how big your refrigerator is. Place your food in the basket if you have enough space in your fridge. Prepare some plastics if you think you do not have enogh space in the fridge. More info!

267. Store Seasonal Greens in Jars

267 Store Seasonal Greens in Jars via simphome
Keep your salads stay fresh by storing them in jars. Not only keeping them fresh, it will also make your door looks organized. It is also better to store your salad or any other vegetables in jars than plastics. It will give them more space for the vegetables. Do not forget to add a little water to keep them alive. Store the jars in the side door the fridge and also do not forget to change the water a few times a week. Make a schedule about the watering to ease you organizing attempt. More info!

268. Use Egg Holders

268 Use egg holder via simphome
Although most of modern refrigerators already have egg holders, it is still proper to remind you about it since some people do not use the egg holders properly. Putting eggs not in the place where it should be will make your refrigerator looks messy. Simply add another egg holder to keep them safe from another food or product. Arrange the egg holders properly to avoid the eggs from being cracked if you have a lot of products inside the fridge. More info!

269. Defrost the Fridge

269 Defrost the Fridge via simphome com
One thing you always need to remember is monitoring the freezer inside your fridge. Do not wait until there is an ice buildup inside the freezer. Defrosting the fridge need to be done on a regular basis to prevent any ice buildup in the freezer. Unplug the fridge to avoid any problems while defrosting. Do it regularly to keep your freezer clean. More info!

270. Use Binder Clips for Bagged Foods

270 Use Binder Clips for Bagged Foods via simphome com
When you consume any food product but sees you cannot finish eating it, it is 100% sure that you will put the food in refrigerator. It will make food stay longer once the bag is opened. This tip allows you to maximize the function of your binder clips. Apply the binder clips on the dead space. Keep the bag closed so the food will last longer. Maximize the down side of the shelves using the binder clips. More info!
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DIY wood project for more organized kitchen

A beautifully organized kitchen makes cooking activity become more fun and entertaining. Maybe you don’t have a spacious kitchen and right now all your kitchenware, spices, herbs and cooking accouterments are scattered to the four winds. It takes a bit of effort but maximize every inch of your kitchen with these.

271. Pine is Fine

271 Pine is Fine via simphome com
Organize your serving platters, colanders, and pans in a rack you can make out of pine boards. Use plain pine boards in 1×4 and 1×3’s and figure out the right measurements of the space you will place the rack in. Use a nail gun to attach the shelves then you can polish it with a color of your choice. This DIY wood project idea for more organized kitchen won’t take long to make and will totally solve your dilemma! More info!

272. Open shelving coffee pegs kitchen cabinet

272 open shelving coffee pegs via simphome

273. Inspiration for small kitchens

273 Inspiration for small kitchens with ikea via simphome
Proven tips for making a mini kitchen for a dream kitchen.

274. Ross Wallace kitchen.

saved by Nina Leung
274 Ross Wallace kitchen via simphome

275. Nice Open Shelving Ideas with Minimalist Interior

275 Nice Open Shelving Ideas for Minimalist Interior via simphome
Lifting the hooks from the cable tie loops alter you to require out the gate. you’ll conjointly place confidence in putting in some small recessed shelves. Open shelving is a lot of convenient since you do not ought to open doors or drawers to get what you are finding out. Clear containers provide the distinct profit to being during a position to envision what type of food is being keep within. Acrylic jewelry trays have numerous levels and compartments. you are able to search out these pretty low cost at the native general merchandise look. You’ll conjointly want to contemplate the sort of flooring. with regard to toilet shelves, you have got a massive vary of choices. Toilet shelving contains four chief materials. (Follow link to get 27 more ideas)


Essentials items before you

Go for Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

276 Essentials to Go for Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas via simphome
Looking at the Pinterest image of house room concepts may bring you self-proclaim to the charming import. However adopting them into trendy house should want a lot of efforts. In contrast to transfer the recent house completed with the recent rustic room, adopting the thought of rustic room into trendy house wants you to be ready to choose the foremost appropriate piece of furniture and style so. Ten necessities to adopt for Rustic house room concepts transforming a home into rustic house vogue is pretty intimidating. There square measure legion expensive picket piece of furniture to chase for. Once you opt to try to to this, make sure you have already calculated all material sacrifices..

277. Two-Tier Drawer Spice Rack

277 Two Tier Drawer Spice Rack via simphome com
Spice jars are tiny things but they could give a sore sight when all are jammed shambolically in an open space. Get a little more organized by building a two-tier drawer for your spices and herbs. You only need a ¾ inches x 8 inches x 4 feet hardwood board and a 6 inches x 6 ½ inches piece of ¼ inches hardwood plywood to match. Cut off a 10 inches length of the board and set it aside. Rip the remaining 38 inches to 6 inches wide and cut 5 evenly spaced saw kerf 5/8 inches deep along one face. Crosscut the slotted board into four 9 inch pieces and glue them into a block. Saw a 15 degree angle on one end and screw the piece under the angled end of the block. Cut the 6- ½ inch x 3 inch lid from the leftover board and slice the rest into ¼ inch thick pieces for the sides and end. Glue them around the plywood floor. Drill a 5/8 inch hole for the pull then add a finish. More info!

278. This is Elsie Larson’s Bold And Colorful Nashville Kitchen area

278 Elsie Larsons Bold And Colorful Nashville Home via Simphome

279. Creative jar organization idea

279 Creative multi jar shelving idea via simphome

280. Small kitchen improvement, and organizing

idea by Nadine
280 small kitchen improvement by Nadin via simphome

281. Clever kitchen storage solutions

everybody can copy.
281 Creative kitchen storage solutions ideas by domino via simphome


See & Keep By transferring bulk items into clear and hermetically sealed containers, you’ll hold the freshness as well as more space for anything else. Detail here
282 Kitchen Refresh for anyone Pantry via simphome

283. Nifty Rack

283 Nifty Rack via simphome com
Add a nifty rack made out of a plywood to your drawer so your spices won’t roll against each other. Make it with scraps of ¼ inch and ½ inch plywood. Glue it to the sides of the drawer so that it will be secured. Hiding your spices inside a drawer will make your tiny kitchen seems less cramped instead of displaying them on top of the counter. Courtesy: FamilyHandyman

284. Artistic Organization Ideas

284 Gorgeous Organization Ideas via simphome
This DIY organization ideas creatively use ordinary things or recycle material that is easy to find or cost low to buy

285. A DIY Farmhouse Shelves Idea

and nine others that you can find if you follow hyperlink.
285 Top ten Diy Farmhouse Shelves Ideas via simphome

286. IKEA Kitchen makeover

and nine more ideas.
286 IKEA Kitchen Hacks via simphome
Follow link to get challenging IKEA kitchen makeover that are the perfect alternative if you desire to spend less money on redecorating your kitchen. These IKEA kitchen hacks are easy to DIY on a small budget!

287. A Stylist’s Small kitchen Space in Southeast London

287 A Stylists tiny kitchen Space in Southeast London via simphome

288. Spring cleaning pantry

288 Organizing the Pantry via simphome
Spring cleaning works fully here. That started in the bathroom with shampoo bottles that had been forgotten and the bottles of aspirin were private in the kitchen. As this work seemed very difficult, I decided to break it down at times.

289.Make Use of Your Old Pallets

289 Make Use of Your Old Pallets via simphome
If your cabinets are already full but you still need place to store your pots and pans then make your own storage out of pallets. Just add hooks! It will turn out as a useful shelf too to set your pots on. You can also cut them into smaller sections and add a bottom and they will transform into shelves to stash your cooking utensils. via Pinterest

290. Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style

290 Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style via simphome
This idea looks appealing and inexpensive.

291. Twenty Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades

291 Some of the Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades you can find via simphome
Research approved that a kitchen is one place where updates will be recognized and will incentives you-it can sell your home easily or help your daily work. Unfortunately, the whole kitchen repair can be very ugly business



Space Saving Ideas and Smart Kitchen Storage

alternatives (and 29 other ideas).
292 Space Saving Ideas and clever Kitchen Storage idea via Simphome

293. DIY: 49+ DIY Recommended Kitchen Spices Organization initiatives
293 DIY Recomended Kitchen Spices Organization initiatives via simphome
If the space you have is constrained that means you should check this. In that case, here are some reliable and practical tips that are useful and beneficial for you to use


This idea allows cutting board stays close at hand without taking up all counter space.
294 Kitchen without counterspace via simphome
Saved by: Min O-Schneider|

295. Petite Shelves

295 Petite Shelves via simphome com
A single hardwood board can make a great shelf to store your kitchen wares. Cut off a 21 inch long board for the shelves. Rip in the middle to make two shelves and cut 45 degree bevels on the two long front edges with a table saw. Bevel the ends, cut dadoes which are grooves cut into the wood with a table saw with a dado blade. Cross-wise and cut it into four narrower boards. Assemble with brass screws and finish washers. Courtesy;FamilyHandyman

296. A Cutting board creative Storage Ideas

296 Kitchen cutting board Storage Ideas via simphome

297. Some of the BEST Cutting Board Designs

That Will Improve Your Cooking habit
297 Some of the BEST Cutting Board Designs That Will Improve Your Cooking habit via Simphome
With nine more ideas you can follow!

298. The Ideal Kitchen:

The Brilliant, Space-Saving Way To Dry Dishes
298 The Ideal Kitchen it is Brilliant and Space Saving Way To Dry Dishes via simphome
If you could build a perfect kitchen from scratch, what would it look like? What would you put inside your kitchen storage? and what would it looked like? Let’s have yourselves bring you little daydream to a real life…this time is a dish drying DIY

299. A Unique Kitchen Countertop

and twenty more relevant ideas.
299 More than dozens Unique Kitchen Countertops via Simphome
Visually, lit countertops and interactively brilliant smart kitchen optimization ideas.

300. Toronto Designers cutting board solutions

300 Toronto Designers cutting board solutions via simphome
Follow link to find inspiring kitchen space or storage solution you can share with your friends.

No.301 – No.333 Kitchen knives organization, DIY Projects for cluttered kitchen, and Rustic kitchen organizations

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