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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

No.151 – No.180 Creative wall storage ideas for small kitchen, How to maximize, and upgrade them

151.Hanging Pegboard

151 Hanging pegboard via simphome

Colanders and pans take a lot of space when stored inside a cabinet or drawer. That doesn’t help the fact when you have many kitchen appliances. One thing you can do is hang them on the wall and save space for other things! Get a pegboard with a reasonable size for your wall but one that will still be able to store more than 5 utensils. Use a level to mark the edges and correctly align the anchors (6 anchors in total and 3 for each 1×2 support). Note that it’s better to use semi-gloss paint for the finish for easy cleaning. This creative wall storage idea for your small kitchen is totally worth trying!

152. DIY Pegboard

152 DIY Pegboard via simphome
Here, we have step by step tutorial to make your a personal giant DIY Pegboard! It’s an easy Do it yourself project and is great for displaying personal items!

153. Repurpose Your Office Supply Organizers

153 Repurpose Your Office Supply Organizers via simphome
Everyone has one or two office supply organizers just lying around at home. Put them to good use by repurposing them to store your dish soap and sponge. Hang one on the wall near your kitchen sink for easier access when washing your dishes. This might be a small thing to do but it won’t hurt to make your sink area a little more organized, right?

154. A Bamboo Cable management box organizer

154 A Bamboo Cable management box organizer via Simphome
Bamboo Wooden Charge Cable Organizer iPad Cell Phone Charging Station Dock Holder Cable Cord Organizer CableBox Wire Storage Cable Management System Case

155.Wall Rack

155 Wall Rack idea via simphome
Instead of placing your platters inside a cabinet or on the counter, why don’t you display them on the wall? If you arrange them in a unique way it can add beauty to your kitchen. Use plain pine boards in 1×4 and 1×3’s and figure out the right measurements of the space you will place the rack in. Use a nail gun to attach the shelves then you can polish it with a color of your choice to make it look like it’s bought from IKEA.

156. DIY Wall Spice Rack

by Angela Marie Made.
156 DIY Wall Spice Rack by Angela Marie made via simphome

How to build a DIY spice rack that you can mount on a wall. This awesome wood spice rack will help your spice organization, it looks pretty, and save drawer and closet space since it hangs on the wall.

157.Double-Surfaced Shelves

157 Double Surfaced Shelves via simphome
Now is the time to think outside the box! Build a shelf on your wall to stash your cans and bins or any other kitchen appliances on top and stash your spice and herb jars underneath with magnets. Attach the board you will use as a shelf with brackets and simply screw on some glass jars under the shelf. You will only need to twist the jar and the lid will stay in place. A great way to assign function in a place anybody wouldn’t normally use!

158. Easy DIY Projects For a Better Kitchen

and follow link to get 14 more ideas.
158 an Easy DIY Project For a Better Kitchen via simphome
Given what proportion time we have a tendency to pay within a room, it’s completely essential to form certain yours is as aesthetically pleasing and useful as potential. cookery and baking, eating together with your family, discussing your day over sensible food becomes even additional gratifying once you are doing it during a pleasant setting. however as everybody WHO dabbles in cookery is aware of, it’s only too simple for a room to show into associate untidy mess coated in flour. If you are looking to feature barely of order, or perhaps, aesthetics to your room, you do not have to be compelled to communicate interior designers. In fact, there are lots of DIY ways in which to enhance your room. Take a glance at a number of these comes and begin organizing your utensils, functioning on the shelves, adding some wall art to your room and then way more.

159. Assign Your Backsplash

159 Assign Your Backsplash via simphome
Your wall and the back of your pantry door already run out of place for new storage so now you are wondering if you still have any space left to store your utensils. Take a look at the backsplash between your cabinets and countertop. That is a perfect place to build another shelf or two! If the blank space happens to be on top of your sink, you can opt to have glass shelves and make it your own wet bar to stow glass wares.

160. A Magnetic Spice rack idea

by Thehouseonstandford.
160 Magnetic Spice Racks via simphome
Over the past few months I’ve been CRINGING every time I have to dig through the spice cabinet for something.

Detail information for 151,153,155,157,159. Here , Here , and Here.

161-170: Ideas How to Makeover and Maximize a Small Kitchen potential

161. Change the Backsplash

161 Change the Backsplash via simphome
Backsplash is one of the common aspects in a kitchen and it might be pricey to change one. But you can always use things that you already have. For example if you have wood pallet, you can put and arrange it to be the backsplash on your kitchen. Also if you have so many garden stones and you want to reduce their numbers, you can turn it into your backsplash. But first you need to glue them altogether and put it on the wall to cover your old backsplash.

162. Ella™ marble quartz countertops

162 Ella™ marble quartz countertops via simphome
When you pair Ella™ marble quartz countertops, driftwood cabinetry, and aqua tones, the result is the perfectly balanced coastal kitchen by @JKathDesignBuild

163. Cleaner Organizer

163 Cleaner Organizer via simphome
To clean your kitchen you might need to take the cleaner set in another room and return to the kitchen. Now you don’t have to do that anymore. What you need to do is just to install a towel rack on the inside of the cabinet under the sink. The rack can be used to hang your soap sprays while the rest of the room can be used for the cloth and other cleaner tools.

164. A Kitchen Backsplash Shelf and Organizer

164 Kitchen Backsplash Shelf and Organizer via simphome
Clear your countertop clutter and access of your essential kitchen gadgets easier and faster. Follow link to get Free plans and tutorial how to build this DIY kitchen backsplash shelf and spice organizer.

165. Reusing Magazine Organizer

165 Reusing Magazine Organizer via simphome
Do you know that a magazine organizer can be placed in the kitchen to store your food cans and boxes? Simply install it on the empty side of your cabinet or on your wall and you can start using it. To match the look of your kitchen, you might need to install the one with white color because it always matches any color. This way you don’t have to buy expensive organizer to improve your kitchen.

166. A Small Kitchen Decor tips On a Budget

to Maximize your current Space (24 more ideas here)
166 A Small Kitchen Decor tips On a Budget via simphome
There are more than a single kitchen decor ideas come to mind when you are planning to improve your kitchen. As we know, a kitchen is not just a space for crafting recipes and eating. It’s more than that.

167. Fruit Organizer

167 Fruit Organizer via simphome
Do you have unused mail basket and you don’t use it? Simply install it on a wooden board and hang it on the wall. Now you can use it to organize your fruits. To make it tidier, add name labels of the fruits on each basket. Source |

168. Turn a Blanket Rack into a Farmhouse Vegetable Stand

168 Turn a Blanket Rack into a Farmhouse Vegetable Stand via Simphome

169. Foldable Mounted Dining Table

169 Foldable Mounted Dining Table via simphome
There is no practical dining table than a foldable mounted dining table. It can be made from an unused wooden board. First you need to have a wooden board as the frame and install it on the wall. Then just simply add hinges on the edges of the board and also on the mount and install them on the frame. Folding the mount when not in use will allow the table to be folded down. Now, you can eat in the kitchen and save the space in the dining room.

170. Trendy kitchen decor

you can try for your own kitchen (59 ideas here).
170 PULL OUT Table Island Desk via simphome
PULL-OUT Table OK~ include Island ~ and Desk

171-180: DIY ideas How To upgrade any Small Kitchen

There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. More on that later.

171. Add a Chalkboard

171 Add a Chalkboard via simphome com
Add a little bit of fun by adding a chalkboard into your kitchen to write your needs like grocery or recipe. Do you have any plywood? The chalkboard is made from it. If you already have one, cut the plywood into your desired shape and size then prime it with magnetic primer. As a result, your plywood has turned into a chalkboard. Now, you can write anything on it whether it is your groceries or a to-do list. A chalkboard can also bring warmth to your kitchen.

172. How to optimize your limited kitchen space.

172 Chalkboard kitchen wall via simphome
In all the houses there are walls that we do not know well how to decorate, they are walls that are empty, that have no furniture and that we do not know very well how to fill. Today we want to show you decorated walls so you can find ideas and inspiration to help you decorate the desired wall. Next you will find ideas for optimizing your kitchen space

173. Cardboard Lettering

173 Cardboard lettering via simphome
Do you want to improve your kitchen’s looks? Well you can always make your own decoration. One of it is word sign with size of a kitchen cabinet. You can make these from cardboard. Simply cut cardboard into your designated word. Make sure you cut two for a letter. Then, make the connecting pieces and glue them on the edge of each cut so it would look 3D. You can paint or cover it with decorative paper to make it more interesting. Also, make holes on the back letter so it can be hanged on the wall.

174. A Big Girl Room Doors makeover & DIY Magnet Board

174 Big Girl Room Doors DIY Magnet Board via simphome
I finally wrapped up Eleanor’s room. Since work her room, our living room got a bit of an improvement. I also renovated our bathroom, worked on an nursery because I need to welcome a brand new baby boy. Needless to say, I have left you all hanging.

175. Revamp the Cabinets

175 Revamp the Cabinets via Simphome
Other than decoration, you are also able to do little renovation by yourself; revamp your cabinet. It may cost you a lot of money but the budget can be pressed if you choose the right replacement. Or you can just repaint it to make it looks different. Simply uninstall the cabinet door so the door can be taken off. Then, you can repaint it. You can also repaint the carcass with the same color. make sure to tape the things you don’t want to get painted. Image: pinterest

176. DIY Countertop makeover ideas

– Twenty clear Tutorials to do the job.
176 DIY Countertop 20 Easy Tutorials to Revamp Your Kitchen via simphome
Looking for DIY countertops to revamp your kitchen? It’s a big home project and you need to get ready for it properly

177. Make Wall Art

177 1 Wall art in kitchen via simphome
A wall art that will be great for your small kitchen is a photo on wood board that can brighten your small kitchen. To make one, you need to prepare a wooden board, matte gel medium, and a printed photo on regular paper. Simply apply matte gel medium on the photo and put it on the wood. Flatten it and let it dry. Then rub the paper with wet cloth until the entire paper is scrubbed. Finally, the transferred photo will be on the wood.

177. Bright, White and Bold Kitchen Revamp

exposed Part 1.
177 2 Bright and White and Bold Kitchen Revamp via simphome
The expected day is here! Animation is usually a real euphemism when you describe it, however I feel after completing the site and browsing it on the web log, however, I believe this is often * the most * excited I’ve ever finished the project project! The center of our home has been renewed more than five weeks and the fourth day of Revelation is here! although it was quite a bit of breathing road …

Sometimes, not knowing if some of my items would come when or work would be complete. Let’s just say that my service provider came yesterday, removing small items that have unfortunately not been seen in the pictures I received during the weekends. It’s so low until the end of the yarn, however, we have a tendency to create and I can not be happy with the final result. The white room arranged in my dream was real.
Our Bright, White and Bold The Revamp Room is perfect and I can share all of this with you today, because last week of the year, a new Refresh Challenge was held by the Watkins Living House. I honestly can not believe this

178. Do you save a plan to re-construct and makeover your kitchen

according to current decor trends and in a modern style, if yes, calm yourself and follow this link for some stunning pallet kitchen furniture projects.
178 From pallet to functional kitchen cabinet via simphome
(99 more ideas waiting you on another site)

179. Mason Jar Organizer

179 a Hanging Herb Mason Jars via simphome
Do you know that you can still make your old Mason jar into jar organizers? To make it you need a wooden board, clamps, and some Mason jars. Just install the clamps on the wooden board; they are for tightening the jars so they won’t fall. The organizer will bring rustic yet elegant look to your kitchen. Also, it won’t be difficult anymore to store your spatulas, spoons, or whisks when you need it nearby. Anyway, Since I already talk about this idea in point 70th. I dedicated this point for an image below which is a Hanging Herb Mason Jars picture from Domestically-speaking.

180. DIY Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden

180 DIY Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden via simphome
If you are bored of your old kitchen design and are fighting with some cheap ways to simply add a fresh touch of color and liveliness to your kitchen, then you are in the right hyperlink! Follow link and uncover tricks behind image in this point. What you need is: Wooden Plaque with Mason Jars, Hand Made Modern Paint, paintbrush, screwdriver, soil, herbs and a chalkboard marker.

No.181 – No.210 Small kitchen renovation ideas, How to upgrade their interior, and renovate them

Next you are going to learn 10 small kitchen renovation ideas combined with related tricks how to optimize a small kitchen room. Do you have the thought to improve your small kitchen? or do you know want to know view tricks how to optimize a small kitchen room?. Well, you can always do some DIYs to make your small kitchen look better and more useful for daily uses.

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