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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

211. Fix the counter top

211 Fix the counter top before via Simphome 1

How can you make your kitchen look like it’s gotten a face lift? Fix up the counter top! For instance, you can replace it with one that’s solid black. Leave at least three inch wings on either side then paint the bottom drawers with bright white paint. If you already installed a medium height back splash, cut half of it. This will give the illusion of more space above the counter.
211 Fix the counter top before via Simphome 2
Lastly, Add in some pendant lighting with a unique shape an your kitchen will be looking perfect.

212. Mount a Table on the wall

212 Mount a Table on the wall via simphome
Eating a meal on the sofa just can’t compare to having one at a dining table. Sure when you’re having a party or entertaining guests, sitting on the sofa and using your thighs as a table might be fun but it’s just so nice to sit down to a dining table. If you don’t have the space for one why not try mounting a folding table to the wall in your kitchen or hallway wherever you have the space. Then when you’re done, just tidy up and fold the table away again.

213. Add a Rolling Island

213 Add a Rolling Island via simphome
Having a kitchen island can be a blessing or a curse. The permanent kinds can be great for preparing your meals or maybe even dine at but sometimes don’t you wish you could just push the island to the side so you have some more space to move around? Well, if you pick yourself up one of these rolling islands you can do just that! Bring it into the middle of your kitchen for preparing food then move it to the edge of the room when company is over.
And for a special dinner for two these rolling islands make for a great dinner caddy.

214. Be smart about buying your cutting boards

214 Be smart about buying your cutting boards via simphome
If you’re always looking for space to put your cutting boards when you need to chop things up, why not think outside the box. If you get cutting boards that are wider than your kitchen sink, you can place the board across the sink and do both your cleaning and cutting in one place! As a bonus, you’re still not losing space for your dishes.

215. Expand your kitchen with Patterns

215 Expand your kitchen with Patterns via simphome

This tip is shared by one of the world’s most famous interior designers. It helps you achieve an exotic and spacious, while still elegant look. First, try installing tiger stripe wallpaper horizontally to give the illusion of more space. Pair it with solid colors on the counter top or shelves.

215 Brilliant backsplash via simphome
A bonus of going with this idea is you can keep everything else pair up with decorations else where. Just keep it clean and the patterns will do the talking – Brilliant Backsplash.

216. Dig Up the Sink

216 Dig Up the Sink 1 via simphome
If you are a fan of mixing and matching, your biggest enemy would probably be the sink. Unlike the stove that can blend into almost all styles, the sink dictates how stylish your kitchen can be. If you still have the concave type, maybe it’s time to consider remodeling. The top mount and front sink model has the most flexible style compared to the others. Its gray silvery color fits well with most concepts.
216 Dig Up the Sink 2 via simphome

217. Mount Wavy Shelves

217 Mount Wavy Shelves to update your kitchen cabinets via simphome
Kitchen shelves usually have a monotonous shape.maybe that’s why almost all kitchens look the same.dominated by boxes. Give your kitchen some movement by mounting curvy boards to the wall. It works just like open shelves, but with style. Just be careful if you have an open stove. Make sure your boards are far enough away from heat or flames as to not cause a fire.

218. Get Glossy

218 Kitchen design ideas Get Glossy via simphome
Besides a mirror, another way to achieve a spacious impression is by giving your ceiling an upgrade.Lacquer finishing gives a blurred but glossy look to your ceiling’s surface, allowing it to reflect light randomly, creating the illusion of endless ceiling. When choosing your color remember not to stray too far from the color on the walls then you can complete the set with mosaic tiles of a similar color.

219. Splash Metallic Element

219 Splash Metallic Element via Simphome
One option to make the tiny space looks bigger is by adding a silvery shade. Take a look at the colors already on your wall then find pretty silver wallpaper with a similar background color. This eye trick works better in the light so make sure to turn them on at night. The morning sunshine could also be the perfect lighting to enjoy these metallic shades. Recommended colors include blue, beige and other soft colors.

220. Trim with Colors

220 trim the colors via simphome
If you decide to go with this idea, you are aiming for small but fun cooking corner. The equipment needed is also pretty easy to get. All you need is a can of your favorite color paint and a roll of painter’s tape. Design the blue print first.Trimming helps to add contour by adding shape. If your kitchen already has a back splash, then you can add-in some elements from it. This way, you have a more cohesive look to your kitchen. Another color with a similar hue is also possible.

221. Install Extra Storage

221 Install Extra Storage via simphome
Adding storage does not always mean expanding your kitchen. The area from the floor to the mid-section of the kitchen is usually occupied by kitchen equipment such as the stove and sink. However, the area above the cabinets and close to the ceiling is often forgotten.You can Install some cabinets on top, or store things above your existing cabinets, just make sure you have a step stool handy to reach them when you need. Also, this storage space is best used for equipment not needed often as it is up and out of the way.

222. Create a Rack Chandelier

222 Create a Rack Chandelier via simphome emily henderson modern deco blue kitchen cement tile lorey kitchen finals
When it comes to your cooking equipment, your pots and pans take up the most space. Instead of hanging them on your precious walls, make some space in the up in the air. The concept is similar to a chandelier. Set it above the dining table, and built a ring around the lights with some hooks. Alternate the pot colors and see how they turn into unique decorations. Measure the height and make sure your guests’ head will not bump the pots. Keep in mind that this trick is not suitable for catering properties. Especially for those who take cooking seriously, they must have several spices on the stock. Even when you are not too fond of cooking, you still need clear jars to store your oatmeal and snacks. Its original packages have different size and shape. To make things prettier, add decorative stickers, labeling each of their names. Utilize the jars on the counter top, close to your hand reach. It would be even better if you have mounted wall shelves.

223. Build yourself some open shelves out of Copper

223 Build yourself some open shelves out of Copper via simphome
Don’t let your limited cooking corner stops you from being fancy. If your kitchen is surrounded by windows on both sides, then this idea might work well for you. Built two stories of open shelves, using copper pipe.

Add one bar on the bottom to hang mugs and cups. Later on, this shelf will be attached to the counter tops. When calculating the size, don’t forget to match your height to the design. The first level should be within arm’s reach. The items on the second bar should be within reach without having to get on your tippy toes.
223 2 Build Copper Open Shelves Via Simphome com

224. Apply a Monochromatic Look II

224 Apply a Monochromatic Look via simphome
Black can hide stains and white had the power to brighten the atmosphere. What about the combination of both? You could go for what is called a monochromatic style. If you know how to plan out the tones, it will be a magnificent setting. Put black on the cooking area, so any stains can wait a while before cleaning time. Then use white for the preparation station, allowing you to cut cleanly. Adding in a checkered back splash and floor are also good complements for this combination.

225. Hang some Oversized Art

225 Hang some Oversized Art via simphome
If you arrange things effectively, there might be a case when you have an empty wall. Instead of letting it remain bare, Hang a piece of oversize art. It expands the visitors’ view, and as a result, you have what looks like a spacious kitchen, as well as chic focal point in the room. Keep in mind the effect will stand out only when you have a single color on the walls, floor an cabinets.

226. Organize your Spices

226 Organize your Spices via simphome
If you take cooking seriously, then you undoubtedly have a lot of spices in stock. Even if you’re not so fond of cooking, you still need clear jars to store your oatmeal and snacks. The original packages have different sizes and shapes so to make things prettier, add decorative stickers, labeling each of their names. Utilize the jars on the counter top, close to your reach. It’s even better if you have mounted wall shelves. Image:Pinterest

227. Use Molding to pull it all together

227 use molding for kitchen via simphome
How can you tell when a space is nice and large? One way to measure it is by looking for usable hanging space. For example, the embossed surface from the molding and drawer pull. This concept could be adapted to your kitchen. Add at least two inches of molding to your counter top edges. For the drawers, pick the pulls that are easy to grip, easy to clean, and have a simple yet stylish design.

228. Light up your Shelves

If it is not possible to use an entire wall for a display, find another way to spice up your kitchen. Ceiling shelves might just be your savior. The first option is to paint the inside with a bright color, more vivid than the outer frame. During the day, seeing your cutlery, plates and bowls stored inside a colored box will be like looking at a piece of art. This sight will fade during the night.which is a good reason to install some small lights in your ceiling to illuminate your shelves.

229. Split the Tone

229 Split the Tone before via simphome
There are reasons why your eyes cannot be used to accurately measure. An instant example is when you see a bright top paired with a dark bottom. The eyes will automatically decide if it is proportional. That is what happens when you apply a similar trick to your kitchen. The small space will look bigger than its real size.
229 Split the Tone after via simphome
The white top spreads from the counter top to the shelves. The Bottom shelves then adopt a dark color to give total contrast.

230. Mirror Back Splash

230 Mirror Back Splash via simphome
Nothing makes a room look larger better than a mirror. It reflects whatever placed in front of it, allowing your eyes catch a glimpse of an extended room. Since installing mirrors for each cabinet is too pricey, pick specific a spot for installation. The Back splash would be the most appropriate space. In addition, a mirror back splash also yells out elegance and contemporary style.

231-250 : DIY Spice Storages

Having your spices and herbs neatly stacked really makes your cooking way easier especially after a busy time in the kitchen where everything tends to be in a muddle. If you constantly find yourself reach for seasoning to jazz up your food then you need to store your spices and herbs neatly. BTW, before you scroll, I offer you a video related to our current topic.

231. Peeking Through new panel.

231 Peeking Through new panel via simphome
This allows you to display your kitchen utensils. Remove your cabinet door and cut off the center square of your cabinet door. Measure your panel and cut it. More info visit source link. More info!:

232. A Perfect open pantry.

232 A Perfect open pantry via simphome
If you disagree with my claim, follow link and you are allowed to judge.

233. Kitchen Freak: Build a Periodic Table of Spices Rack.

233 Build a Periodic Table of Spices Rack via simphome
According to the writer: “Organize your spices in a periodic table (by botanical taxonomy) to maximize potential for clear, scientific, delicious seasoning.

234. Magnetic Mason Jars

234 Magnetic Mason Jars via simphome com
Though spices don’t take up much room, they could if you got loads of them. One way you can save your spices without having to worry about needing more space is to make storage using magnetic mason jars! You literally only need some small mason jars, a metal bracket and some really strong magnets and voila! You got yourself a cool storage to stash your spices. More info!

235. Totally Awesome Sliding Rack

235 Totally Awesome Sliding Rack via Simphome
If you want a large spice storage but still want to be thrifty then you don’t need to worry! We have the perfect solution for you. This one uses the little gap between your oven and the cabinets. Make sure you take the right measurements that will fit the gap. Add two dowel sticks to each rack to keep the spices visible and safe and you can paint the wood parts any color you like!
Hung your sliding rack on the top of counter-top and leave a slight gap above the floor. You might want to add a handle too for easier access. This DIY spice storage idea probably needs the most work but it’s totally worth it! There is enough space for at least 40 standard size spice bottles! Fantastic. More info!.

236. Hang Your Jars!

236 Hang Your Jars via simphome com
Add a new look in your kitchen by hanging your spices and herbs on the wall. Nails and wire ropes are pretty much all you need for this. Simply wrap wire ropes on your jars and hang them on the nails you’ve set into the wall. You can also use adhesive wall hooks. If you happen to have a white wall, you can cover your jars in white wrappings to add an aesthetic element. Just remember to add a label on each jar so you can quickly find the flavor for your mac and cheese. More info!

237. Going Vintage with a Coke Crate

237 Going Vintage with a Coke Crate via simphome com
Re-purpose your old Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper crate as your spice storage. Simply turn it on its side and adhere it to a wall with brackets. What’s more interesting is that the bottle compartments are just the right size for your jars. It has enough space for about 24 jars for your spices and herbs. In addition, there’s still more space to place your jars on top of the crate. Don’t forget to label each lid so you can easily spot your oregano. More info!

238. A Handy Shower Caddy

238 Handy Shower Caddy via simphome com
Who says shower caddy is only useful to put your shampoos and soaps? If you are okay with stashing your shower items beside the bathtub, you can repurpose your shower caddy as your spice storage! Attach it to a wall or on the back of your pantry door with a bracket and there you go, you got yourself a new storage for your herbs and spices. Lastly, decorating your spice storage can add so much beauty and flair to your kitchen especially if you like having everything neat and organized. If you are feeling creative. More info!

239. Custom Spice Storage Drawers

239 Custom Spice Storage Drawers simphome
If you have a knack for woodwork then you will absolutely love this idea. One problem when keeping bottles in drawers is that they might roll against one another. So, with a few strips of wood trim and some glue this problem will be solved. Use the quarter round base board trim to cradle the neck and the ‘L’ shaped corner piece to hold the bottom of the jar. Glue the strips onto the bottom of the drawer. They need to be pressed down with a brick until they are completely dry. More info!

240. Magnetic Boards

240 Magnetic spice Boards via simphome
With the help of magnets you can stick your herb and spice jars or containers anywhere and save some space especially if you have a small kitchen. Your cabinets and drawers are already full? Stick your spice and herbs containers on the fridge door, on the back of your pantry door or under the shelf. Attach your board anywhere you want and arrange your containers however you like. More info!

241. Tic-Tac for Your Spice Rack

241 Tic Tac for Your Spice Rack via simphome com
This one is the easiest and simplest way for you to stash your spices. Don’t throw your tic-tac containers in the trash can. Collect them and use them to store your spices and herbs. Moreover, they are really convenient to bring along to camping. You have to admit this one is a really simple yet fun spice storage idea. More info!

242. Food Holders

242 Food Holders via simphome com
With cabinet clips you can re-purpose these little things here to store your spice and herb jars. Not only will this storage keep your jars neatly organized but also prevent them from being cluttered. Just attach them to the inside of your pantry door and you got yourself a new space-saving spice storage!. Unlike wooden shelves that need thorough cleaning at regular intervals, this one is way easier to clean. These are all really simple yet fun DIY spice storage ideas that don’t take a lot of your time and money. What are you waiting for? More info!

243. Economical Spice Racks

243 Economical Spice Racks via simphome com
There is no reason why you shouldn’t try to make a wire shelf. This one is extremely cheap (for $1 you can get this! That’s good news for people who tend to be thrifty) and you won’t have to clean it. Bend the little legs as flat as you can then bend up the one side at the 4th wire with needle nose pliers. You need to skip one wire and bend the other side up. If you want larger spice storage then skip 2 wires to make them wider at the bottom. Bend up the other side like before. Hung these racks with screws that have a large head on them anywhere you want. Choose a convenient spot that is within your reach when cooking! More info!

244. DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack

saved by Karyn Child, Aric Brothers, Siobhan, and Patricia Carrier.
244 DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack 1 via Simphome

244 DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack 2 via Simphome

244 DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack 3 via Simphome

244 DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack 4 via Simphome

245. View clever steps How to Make a Built-In Spice Rack

245 How to Make a Built In Spice Rack after via simphome
Here you’ll have a chance to have a fantastic built-in spice rack you can customize and you can use to optimize your small kitchen space. Follow link to grab simple steps to create one in your home.
245 How to Make a Built In Spice Rack via simphome

246. Do it yourself sliding pots and pans rack idea

246 DIY sliding pots and pans rack via simphome

247.How to Build a Sliding Spice Rack

247 How to Build a Sliding Spice Rack via simphome
Using unused space between your fridge and the wall, follow link and you’ll know how to build a sliding spice rack in your kitchen, freeing up your pantry space and cabinets.

248. How to Alter Kitchen Cabinets according to Cherishedbliss

248 How to Alter Kitchen Cabinets via simphome
With her tutorial you will find answers how to cut down your current cabinet and alter the look so you can get a new appearance you want, without major kitchen renovations of-course!

249. Magnetic Spice Rack ala instructables

249 Magnetic Spice Rack ala instructables
For those fancy with cooking, your spice collection require a special space. About a year ago the author got tired of having to dig through pile of spice jars to find one he desired, so he decided to take a clever action with his creativity and now you can enjoy and copy his labor

250. Clever spice organization ideas

from countryliving list (24 more ideas there)
250 Home Hacks That Changed Our Lives in 2019 2030 via simphome
You’ll probably never cook, clean, decorate, or organize your spices the same way again.


Lazy Susan kitchen cabinet hack.

250 Bonus Lazy susan kitchen cabinet hack via simphome
The BIG, massive news initial, as a result of i can not stand to not tell you right away–my room redo goes to be featured in a very higher Homes & Gardens magazine! Their Real-Life Kitchens & Baths magazine comes out seasonally, associated one among their editors contacted ME concerning as well as my room in an forthcoming issue! when I got up off the ground, I united straightaway as a result of, let’s face it, this type of factor does not happen on a daily basis. I will, of course, be the instance of the ‘shoestring’ budget renovation, however as additional people have tiny budgets than giant ones.

No.251 – No.300 How to organize a refrigerator and DIY wood projects for more organized kitchen

The quality of your food depends on how clean and how organized your refrigerator is. We often forget what products that we put there until they become rotten and because our refrigerator is too messy. You need to keep it organized to minimize any wasted product. Next you are going to learn 20 ideas or solutions how to organize a refrigerator effectively. Start from 251 until 270.

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