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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

181. Mason Jar Sink Soap Dispenser

181 Mason jar dispenser via simphome

This idea might be small even for your small kitchen, but it is guaranteed to make your kitchen look rustic and elegant. To make one, first of all you need to cut off a neck of a dispenser bottle. Then, you need to hole a Mason jar lid big enough for the bottle neck to be secured on the lid by using hot glue. Simply attach the lid back onto the jar and insert the pump onto the bottle neck. Courtesy pinterest  and instructables.

182. How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

182 How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers via simphome
Give your kitchen some personal style with a new Mason Jar Soap Dispensers! They’re easy to build obviously and it brings a perfect vintage touch to your kitchen space. Follow link to grab easy step-by-step instructions on how to make them: If you’re just tuning in, get excited because I am still going to give you view dozens kitchen optimization ideas you can take home.

183. Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer

183 Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer via simphome
Do you have old pallet but you have no idea what to do with it? The answer is simple; what you need to do is to rip one side of the pallet, clean it, and then repaint it with your desired color. Also, attach a hanger on top corner of the pallet for a place to hang the apron. When it is done just hang it on your kitchen wall and use it to organize your plates. Source: 99Pallets & Pinterest

184. Kitchen Organization: Top 15 Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas

184 Kitchen Organization this is Top 15 Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas via simphome
Utensil rail systems are a big help in limited kitchens with limited counter space or shelving system. The infamous Ikea’s Grundtal is one of the best-known rail systems and I have more ideas behind hyperlink. You’ll find it if you’re lucky.

185. Cutleries Can Organizer

185 tin cutlery storage wall caddy via simphome
Cutleries are essential tools to be in the kitchen, but how if they are messy? It won’t be too convenient especially if you have small kitchen. If you wonder of what you should do with the cutleries, then making your own cutleries organizer would be great. Simply cover your unused food cans with decorative paper then just simply put your cutleries into the can. You also can install them on a wooden board to be put on the wall. It is quick, it is easy, and it brings your kitchen more harmony!

Or Take some food cans and repaint them. Next, take a wooden board and paint it with the same color as the cans. Attach the cans onto the wood and put name tags on each can to distinguish the cutleries. Additional source

186. Convert a basket and clean aluminum cans

into a sorted organizer for your bathroom, kitchen, or craft room.
186 Turn a basket and clean aluminum cans into a sorted organizer for your kitchen or bathroom via simphome

187. Repaint the Faucets

187 Repaint your Faucets via simphome
You want to improve the kitchen but you want to do it on a low budget? You can always repaint the faucet on your kitchen sink. It doesn’t have to be replaced and cost you more. Before priming, make sure you don’t take off the faucets; you can paint it without having to take it off. Cover the other area but the faucet, drainage, and the tabs with brown paper. Make sure to prime it first before using the main paint. After the prime is dried, then you can start painting them. Or Cover the sink area so the paint won’t drop on the sink. The paint has to be waterproof so it won’t be diluted whenever there is water splashed on it.

188. Upgrade Your kitchen area

by Spray Painting your faucets.
188 Upgrade Your Furniture Using Spray Paint via simphome

189. Pallet Wood Sink Shelf

189 Pallet Wood Sink Shelf via simphome
If you have some pallet wood and it is unused, you can make it into a sink shelf. Simply take 2 pallets; cut one into 2. One pallet is for the shelf while the 2 halves are for the holders. Next thing you should do is just put them together, whether you nails it or glue it with hot glue it doesn’t matter. Spray the shelf with water-proof sealant to make it is safe from mold or mildew. It is being put above the faucet on your kitchen sink and you can put your soap dispenser, scrub, sponge, tissue roll or even small decorations like plant pots. Saved by Design Rulz.

Or take 2 wood planks from the pallet and put liquid nails on the edge of each plank and clamp it with the other one. Take 2 more but cut these planks into 2 and attach them together. They will be the mount while the long one is for the shelf. Drill holes on each end of the long one to attach it on the mount by using screws. Use wood stain to make it darker. Detail

190. Over the Sink Shelf

via (Website only accessible from US)
190 1 Over the Sink Shelf from Through the Country Door via simphome

Bonus: Different storage solutions can be made from a pallet wood, all you need to make them is your creativity, time, and the passion to make something with your personal signature.
190 2 Kitchen storage idea using pallet wood via simphome

191-200: How to upgrade your small kitchen interior design

191. Bright Classic

191 Bright Classic via simphome
This is for those who would like to enjoy the old comfort. Pick specific tone for the cabinets, which are mounted to the wall, taking up the horizontal line. Pair it up with two tone lighter back splash. For the floor, pick brick color and install the tile diagonally. In the dining area, put two tall chairs with classic pattern seating and low back. Light up the room with candle pendant light and a flower vase on the table.

192.2018 Trend Update: Green Kitchens BECKI OWENS

192 2018 Trend Update Green Kitchens BECKI OWENS via Simphome
Green kitchens produces a modern, sophisticated edge. in 2018, we’ve seen beautiful new kitchens that cling on the trend. From deep forest green to pretty blue-green, the rich paint color works as a bold accent in a fresh white space.

193. Peeking Through the Glass

193 Peeking Through the Glass via simphome com
This is an idea that will allow you to display your kitchen utensils. Cut off the center square of your cabinet door. Don’t forget to remove it from the body first. Measure plexiglass and cut it. Attach the cut glass on the cabinet door by using silicone gel. Allow the glass to dry. Cut the trim molding to fit glass’ size. Glue it on the sides to hide the raw edges.

194. Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Makeover

194 Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Makeover via simphome
These space savers for pots and pans and kitchen utensils are just 2 possibilities you get when you install custom cabinets produced by Thomasville. Visit Home Depot to create your dream kitchen.

195. Open Shelving Pantry

195 Open Shelving Pantry via simphome com
Fixing your cooking cannot wait for another minute only to grab spices from the fridge. Make things work simply and effectively by building open pantry. You will need planked wood, L bracket, and oak stain. Mount the L bracket on the wall, setting the place for the wood. Stain the wood with oak color and let it dry before installing them on the bracket. Arrange your spices on the wood. It would be better if you give labels, too.

I’ll repeat what I just said. When cooking sometimes, you may need to go all the way to the fridge just to get the spices. You can fix this by building an open pantry. All you need is planked wood, oak stain, and L bracket. Start by mounting the L bracket on the wall, to set the place for the wood. Then stain the wood with oak color and let it dry before installing it on the L bracket. You can now arrange your spices on the pantry. You may label the spices to make them easy to locate.

196. Kitchen organization idea: Open Shelf Storage Roundup

196 Kitchen organization idea Open Shelf Storage Roundup via simphome
The key to open-shelved pantries lies in the collection of storage vessels; the trick is neatly arranged rows of glass jars add a uniform note to open shelving displays and see what happen

197. Cozy and Preppy

197 Cozy and Preppy via simphome com
Make things impressive and fancy in your kitchen by installing new lighting and hardware. For example, the pendant lamp could replace the current lamp and the faucet could be slightly chopper then shining silver. You might also need to replace some cabinets if they look awkward. Replace it with a cupboard instead. You will get extra space for storage. Expand your window area close to the ceiling to get more natural lighting.

198. Here are seven Kitchen Spots You ussually Forget To Decorate

198 7 Kitchen Spots Youre Forgetting To Decorate via simphome
Give those often-ignored areas above cabinet attention for a cooler cooking space.

199. Warm Lighting

199 Warm Lighting via simphome com
This idea takes up to three set of lighting, with a promising result. First, you need to install the lighting inside the cabinet with glass frame. Add bright colored lights above the sink and counter tops, shot directly to the center. Don’t forget to give the decorative lighting, hanging from the ceiling. Paint warm orange on the lower cabinet and install black tiles for your flooring. Enjoy the finished setting from your seat.

200. Some said it is a Best Pantry Organizing Ideas

200 The Best Pantry Organizing Ideas via Simphome
Explore the best pantry organizing suggestion and initiative we snagged from around the web. Follow link to get stunning pantries and get the vision on the best ideas how to store your kitchen and cooking essentials. For extra kitchen organizing ideas and tricks, stick with this list and browse next idea.

201-210: Small Kitchen Renovation ideas

If it is not important, there shouldn’t be less than dozens Small kitchen renovation ideas. The concerns for cooking area are piling up tools, stacking up the equipment, storing the raw materials, and providing enough space to move around. Pick the proper trick to fix the flaws in your limited kitchen.

201. Fix the Upper Board

201 Fix the upperboard Via SImphome com
How to make your kitchen as gracious as an unbreakable arch? By fixing the upper stone. For instance, you can change it to solid and glossy black counter top. Leave at least three inches wings on each side. Paint the bottom drawer with bright white. If you already install medium height back splash, cut half of it. This action will increase the height of your kitchen. Pendant lighting with unique shape would be the perfect decoration.

202. It is a perfect Scandinavian style home

with an inspiring Nordic apartment design.
202 Kitchen inspiration via Simphome

203. Mount the Table

203 Mount the table Via Simphome
You cannot compare the sensation of having meal on the table and on the sofa. In sleep over day, it could be an exception to enjoy the meal while holding the plate or using your thighs as the table. In normal day, you may miss the dining table. Transform your hallway to a simple dining area by mounting a folding table to the wall. After the meal time, you can tidy up and clear up the way.

204. Inspiring DIY First Apartment Storage Ideas on A Budget.

204 Simple DIY First Apartment Storage Ideas on A Budget via simphome
Making shelves in our tiny apartment is demanded when we see that there is no space left for any stands, cabinets, hidden storage or storage boxes. Hanging shelves on the wall can steal the entire stuffs of one room. Follow link to get 47 more ideas.

205. Add Rolling Island

205 Add Rolling Island Via Simphome
Kitchen island could be a blessing or a curse. Its permanent built provides eternal spot for you to prepare the vegetables and dine. However, sometimes you wish to get rid of the island for more space to hang around. What about having both of them? Go to the store and buy simple rolling island. If you are quite on a budget, simply install the wheel to your old table. Put it close to the wall if you want all the guests to gather together. For simple dinner for two, set the table as the romantic dish carrier.

206. Here’s some of the finest Kitchen Carts and Island Ideas.

206 Finest Kitchen Carts and Island Ideas 25 ideas via simphome
You can have both a kitchen island or a kitchen cart for your kitchen, however when none of them presents in your kitchen right now, I suggest you install a kitchen cart instead of buying or crafting a new kitchen island. A Kitchen cart is more flexible because it is movable. Follow link to get 24 more inspiration

207. Buy Smart Cutting Board

207 Buy Smart Cutting Board via simphome
If you don’t have any space left, then create one. How to do it? You can do it by adding layer or board on top of the available items. Sink in your kitchen has fixed size. Ordering customized sink will dry up your wallet in an instant. Instead of grieving, cut a wooden board to make a cutting board. Calculate the size, so the final product could cover one third of the sink. You can do both cleaning and cutting in one spot, without reducing the space to put your dishes.

208. a Kitchen Sinks for finest gig on the Planet: The Transformer of Sinks.

208 Coolest Kitchen Sinks on the Planet The Transformer of Sinks via simphome
if you follow link, information there will help you visualize how different types of sinks look. Plus comparison of pros and cons of each kitchen sink design.

209. Expand With Pattern

209 Expand with Pattern via Simphome
Let the eyes set on your table with this unique tray made by you. Take out an old photo frame, the There is this tip shared by one of famous interior designers. It aims for exotic, spacious, and elegant look. First of all, install tiger stripes wallpaper. Do it vertically, if you want higher impression and horizontally, if you want bigger look. Pair it up with solid color on the counter top or shelves. Another advantage of this concept is you can keep the other things simple. There is no need to hang additional decoration anywhere. All you need to do is to clean thoroughly after cooking and having meal.

210. Unique pattern kitchen

210 Unique retro theme kitchen via simphome

No.211 – No.250 Small Kitchen Improvement Ideas and DIY ideas to store spices

Hopefully there aren’t many issues with your kitchen, but, if yours is on the small side there might be plenty of problems that arise. Things like utensils piling up on the counter stacking your pots and pans storing your raw foods and making sure you still have enough space to move around. Take a look at your kitchen figure out what you’d like to change and get ready for this next countdown that will hopefully help you fix them all! First 20 post of this page, we are going to talk about small kitchen improvement ideas.

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